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Love Has Come

Do you believe in the one? Sometimes when we think that life cant get any lonelier than this, someone emerges or reemerges in our life that puts an end to our loneliness. I'm not talking about myself but rather this successful newspaper editor who has been writing the Sunday column on life's musings and also life as a single woman. Sorry to break your bubble on that..haha. I'm glad that she has found someone who will grow old with her and the interesting thing is that she knew this guy from way  back in her past who has since re-emerged in her life and brought her love and joy.

While it's good to be a single independent young woman, at times girls like us do wish for a male companion who is willing to care for us even during our crankiest days. Even if he doesn't turn out to be someone more than a friend later on, it doesn't matter actually. I know I will learn from the experience though it may be a painful process especially if the relationship turns sour and I…

Fun Photoshoot

My friends have been coming up with fun ideas to spend time with one another without spending too much money and few months back, we had a DIY spa session which turned out to be great though as usual I was sceptical coz Im not really a 'spa' person. I dunno..I just have this problem with people touching me or at very close range. I can't even hug properly for heaven's sake..haha.

So another brainwave came about again and we had this make up session cum photoshoot. I wanted to learn how to do smoky eyes so my friend later came out with another idea to just an entire makeover for us! Plus it's free...whee!! I wouldn't say it's professional but who cares, the important thing was that we had fun being dolled up and posing though as usual, I can't pose to save my life much like dancing and singing.

But thank God for my patient friends whose creativity are beyond words know how to pose and where to pose and taught me along the way. Though I like most…

Shopping and Shopping

Shopping and shopping. Yes I know I am not supposed to shop given my 'other' priority is to pay bills (to think that i have yet to settle even my phone bills :S) and that it will be such a tiring thing to re-budget and re-budget so that I don't end up with very little savings. No doubt bonus is less than a month away but still. Anyway, I met a friend last Friday after not seeing for some time and I thought it was just an ordinary meet up with coffee but we ended up spending at cotton on and mango since they were having sales and she just swooped in..haha. I know going out with her also mean having to spend on myself too because I find that whenever she buys something, I am compelled to buy something as well coz I dunno, even if I have not picked out anything to buy, she will pick it out for me. It always happens though so sometimes Im quite thankful that I don't go out with her often. Very dangerous for my pocket..haha..though I try to play smart and not be crazy over …

Char Kway Teow..not!

Talk about wanting to live life coz life is so short. After so long, I actually bought and ate char kway teow. But then I chickened out. What do I mean by that? I did eat and I don't deny jthat but it was like just a few mouthful that don't even add up to half a pack even. It didn't look as good as the ones on tv or on the internet. It was rather dry and I urh...felt like throwing up after eating a few mouthfuls. Maybe it wasn't a good choice of place to buy but it wasn't a matter of place. Perhaps the ones on tv are more mouthwatering because of added ingredients that a 'halal' char kway teow just can't live up to. Those original chinese char kway teow are most probably tastier. I don't know if I want to have a go at it again but for now, I'll pass since shortly after that I experienced rather acute stomach pains. I don't know if part of it is guilt induced or what..haha. Ok you are wondering what is the big freakin deal about eating char kw…

Count Your Blessings

Sometimes, we worry over so many things that we forget to count our blessings. We have to be aware of our surroundings that other people may be worse off than us and yet many of them still lead a fulfilling life. For myself, every day I am plagued with the worry that my money is running out very soon because at times, I have problems coping with my family's..or rather my mother's..extravagance needs. Haagen Daaz ice cream to 'cure' her of her tummy aches?! Give me a break! So I freakin' end up spending 23 over dollars. I think going to the doctor will be cheaper than that and it will cure her pronto. But you know what, it's tiring to think about this every single day and at times, every few hours. Such a big headache. For the last few days, I have been having fever at night which made me lethargic so I end up going to bed earlier. Then I got this revelation that I shouldn't worry so much and I should start counting my blessings. Im not penniless, for now, a…

Just Another Belt Tightening Day

You have no idea what I am doing right now. I am refreshing you tube every now and then because I am anticipating an upload of a very recent episode of Emmerdale. You know Im a soap fan though I selectively watch what I want to see only. Meanwhile, while waiting, I shall blog which is like the most logical next step. Anymore logical, I will be lying on my comfy sofa right now.

Sometimes, things work in mysterious ways. I was recently stuck in a dilemma as to how I was going to spend my half day leave in the afternoon going shopping with a friend of mine. There are several things running through my mind. For one, I do not have shopping money...or at least, money spared for shopping. I am quite particular about spending my money because I am currently in the midst of paying my outstanding bills and it's a hefty burden for me. Second, I kinda dislike going shopping with people especially those who seem to have an aversion to what I like and it sucks coz you really like it coz it's…

Disappointed with Hotmail

I am truly sad and disappointed because I have lost the email account that I have been using for more than ten years. I tried to ask hotmail for help and they asked me to provide info and twice I did that and twice too they refused to give me the link to reset my password. I don't know what else I can say. I can't provide some of the info because it's like ten donkey years ago and so I cannot remember what the heck I have provided under the personal info though I tried my best to recall some of the email addresses. 

Instead, they gave me the link to create another account instead. Why should I do that? If I were to do that, I won't even bother to ask help from them to give me back my old account. It will be such a complete waste of time including completing their neverending word recognition tests to prove that I am not a spam bot. 

So I gave this reply back to them when they did not give me the link for the password reset.

Thank you for your help but I refuse to sign up …

Payment Woes Again

Some idiot has hijacked my email and even though, I kinda knew it at first, I didn't know that idiot would go as far as to change my password and possibly the secret answers to the questions that they would ask to verify the account. This is so dumb! And even more dumb than this is that the hotmail staff is not able to verify, based on my info given, that this is truly my account. I had to send them my second email and I had to put my last words in by saying that I have used the email address for the last 10 years since 1999 and I will not allow it to be taken over by some idiot! No I didn't add that idiot part but I will if they still say that account is not mine! 

Sigh, anyway, back to my monotonous life. You know how Im still neck deep with my outstanding bill to town council? And then HDB is pressurizing me to give me an earliest date to make an appointment with them upon settling the damn bill. They called a few times and even though I gave them the timeline, they still ca…

My Beauty Essentials

Im not much of a beauty person though I think that as a young woman, I must take good care of my physical appearance which includes taking good care of my skin. Currently, Im on the lookout for a good body scrub that is affordable which preferably has to be less than 10 bucks..hee. Yes I know I should go for a better price than that coz it will be better obviously but I want it to be something that can be easily bought back once I have finished using it. Ok, Im trying not to be wasteful so what I have right now, I will fully utilize them first. I have another 3 types of body wash to make use of before I can even buy another one. I got them as gifts though my friend sniggered over such choice of gifts by my colleagues coz it can only meant to be a big HINT as to how I smell..haha. No offence taken though. They're not exactly cheap either.

I was at a website dedicated to teaching idiots people like me who are absolutely clueless when it comes to applying makeup though I must say at t…

Happy 15th Birthday Bro!

My brother has recently been rather addicted to Sims 3. Actually we bought it last year after I got the new laptop coz we were so into the game but I wasn't used to the new game play compared to Sims 2 so it kinda slipped my mind to play it all over again. Ok fine, it was getting rather difficult to play and erm..being someone who sucks at games and who thought that this simulation game is the ONLY game I can excel too, it was quite a downer for me. But anyway, all hope is not lost yet coz I shall learn to play it! Bring it on! But let me finish reading the manual first.

Speaking about my brother, he recently turned 15. Yay for the young man! As much as I think he is a good boy, I feel like I am being a bad sister. I haven't really taught him much about life lessons and bringing him up well with good moral values though I think he is pretty much a thinker himself. He knows he shouldn't get into unnecessary trouble by not mixing in with the wrong crowd. I do nag at him espec…

Distracting Bloated Weekend

Strange. Today I went to gym as per every Sunday morning (though today was a tad bit too early :S) and then at the end of the workout, I didn't feel as tired as I was and didn't sweat as much as I often do. So much so, I was this close to NOT bathing and washing my hair even like seriously contemplating on just wiping myself dry. And the fact that the water was super cold simply made me even more lazy but because Im such a considerate person who doesn't want people around me to faint when I step out of the gym, I turned on the heater and took the shower.

Anyway, I am bloated today due to water retention. It made me feel like I put on weight even though I just weighed myself last Sunday and it showed that I had lost a bit of it. Actually started since yesterday's the dreaded time of the month though based on previous experience, I have learnt to appreciate getting it because at one point of time, I quietly suffered a medical condition concerning its irregula…

Bleeding Ears

If anyone has a mum who has temperamental mood swings, I feel you. I mean I really feel bad for you. Everything you do or say is just wrong wrong wrong. It irritates the heck out of me like I don't know what she wants because she tends to go round and round the thorny mulberry bush and then expect me to catch up with her. I try my best to please her but at times, things just go down hill especially when I don't do what she wants me to do or I get the thing wrong blah blah blah...She just can't accept faults. If she wants something, YOU JOLLY WELL GO AND GET THE BLARDY THING.

Sigh...why oh why, do I have to bear with this burden? Dear mum, Im only human. I know you had a difficult childhood especially when your mum treats you like an adult and then you were forced to grow up for survival or out of fear for your own mother who had to go out to work to support the family and then the burden of taking care of the family needs falls on you. I also know that as much as I try my b…

Branded Windfall

I heard two news of death in one day just a day after my father's one year death anniversary. It's shocking coz every time I hear of someone who has passed away, I can't help but to sympathize with the family because of their big loss.

Yesterday, my mum together with my aunt went to the muslim cemetery to see to the burial of my late aunt. After that, they took a cab down to my father's burial plot to visit his grave. When my mum was telling me how clean his grave looks because of the hard work of the caretakers there and that his grave was nicely decorated with blue bricks, I wish I was there to see it for myself. After a year of not seeing him, it was definitely a tearful reunion of sorts to finally see him again and speak of words in our heart even though he can't hear us anymore. If I were to go, I will be such a dripping mess because the sheer thought of it, makes me have runny tears.

I know this may seem strange but we never seem to address him as late dad sinc…

Make Up Wonders

I think I am not going to blog for the next two days or I don't end up writing rubbish like right now. You know, I've mentioned before how Im such a slob and a disgrace to all young women who take better care of their physical beauty than me like saying 'oi! do us proud leh! start slabbing on that moisturizer for gawd's sake!' 

Oklah, after having a series of break outs on my face, in particular my chin, and then looking more aged every single time even before turning 30 next year (chet..don't remind me), I decided to take care of my face at the very least since Im not good at multi tasking though I promise that in this brand new month, I shall start moisturizing my arms and legs again but especially my legs coz the funny weather makes my skin go on a dry spell. So currently, I've been using a facial scrub and a very moisturizing facial cleanser as well almost daily followed by facial moisturizer to maintain a youthful and blemish free lo…

Waste of Money to Waist Loss

Okay after a tearful blog post, I shall try to be back in business. *wipes tears and snot off*

My beloved french cop drama (I know, you got to get used to me talking about this..lest I break into speaking french next) is left hanging with one of my fav characters in a slight limbo when one of his clients took an interest in him. The thing is, he just got married and I suppose this will throw him a boomerang in the face or something? heh..but I want my hero to be able to get over the distraction because the thing is, he is married to someone who is more senior than him and has problems being committed at first until the big realization later. Then this wingbat of a distraction apparently is just as young as him, hot and comes from the same beach side town as his.

I just love how positive thinking some of the fans are like oh, Kevin is going to get distracted but along the way will go back to his one true love. Because of such a cliffhanger, honestly I would rather they discontinue the se…

A Year of Passing

Dear Dad,

it has been exactly a year since you last left us for a better place. I admit it was really hard to let you go and I was determined to see you get better. Alas, seeing you all wired up and going in and out of consciousness made me have a change of heart and sometimes it's better to let you go than to let you continue to suffer unwillingly.

I will always remember those last few moments spent with you as I could not help but to shed tears of sorrow knowing that you were slowly drifting away from me. I touched your hair, your hand...things that I was too scared to do when you were well. I never uttered any 'I love you's to you because you were not the modern dad who would say such things but actions speaks louder than words and you did things that spoke volumes of your love to me and the family even when you were already sick and fragile.

The only thing in your mind is your family and even though we didn't treat you right when you were ill, you bore no grudges agai…

When I Grow Up

Okay, Yann has nothing to do with the blog post. Im just currently obsessed with him so don't mind me.

Anyway, Im listening to the radio and they were laughing while reminiscing the past when they were 21. Then it got me thinking like how I was when I was 21. Well, I can tell ya, it was pretty great  because I finished school and was slowly embarking on a new job which was like my first official proper job. And then school ended :D yes I know I said that just now. No more P.E. lessons and though I would actually need it coz I kept putting on weight the next two three years..haha.

What I remembered back then was when the people at my new work place asked me how old I was and I said 21. They were shocked not because they thought I was that young but because I looked older than 21 :S what the hell..

My friend recently blogged and also told me how someone complimented her by saying that she looked 19. Like wow. That was shaving off 10 years off her age! Isn't that awesome?

Now now don…