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Total Control

Hear ye! Hear ye!

So once again, we are going into the new month and being financially a bit more secured this month, I am pretty much ok..just like everyday, trying to live. did you notice anything new to my layout...woohoo! new one! featuring jason mraz! woohoo! I didn't quite struggle doing this layout havin' gone through hell the other time..heh...and kinda used pretty much the same code with tweaks here and there. Im a GeeK..I can't help it! By the way, I also made use of new softwares 'freshly' installed into my laptop: Dreamweaver which I bothered to actually go to the library and read up on it like how I wrote a blog on it regarding my 'absence' on the net. K, so it was just a petty excuse. So my friend was pretty much right that dreamweaver is a bit more flexible than microsoft frontpage which I have sworn to always use compared to this beav..i mean..weaver thing. And oh, I didn't quite struggle with the graphic design thingey I did with jason m…

Me alone?

I like to just be by myself cruising along the aisles of the supermarkets or exploring among the racks of clothes in a department store while sipping on my favourite mcdonald's chocolate milkshake. Even though I have to run errands for my family everyday, and that it may feel like a burden at times, actually I do enjoy those quiet moments but as I look around, I do notice that it is very rare to find someone like me who is very much alone. I definitely don't categorise 'alone' as being lonely and single although..yah, I am single but im not gonna holler to the rest of the world about this singlehood of mine.

Maybe it wouldn't kill to have a companionship once in awhile like a good friend or even your girlfriend or boyfriend. You'd be sharing gossips, laughter, food and uhm..whatever you can think of coz's your life. I am not about to start a debate on whether one is happier being single or being in a relationship. Oh, and I am also not going to promo…

Im Gorgeous! that was some wake up call! me? gorgeous?!! awww...get out of here!!! no i didnt come back...come back!!!!

i know ive heard like so many times how different i looked recently that even the people considered rather 'hard core' or die die doesn't see any difference (which i dont bear a grudge against seriously..) then suddenly heaps praises on me on how i managed to lose so much weight. I cant even remember how i looked like in the past coz im so used to being just the way I am and i dont walk around with a mirror infront of myself to see any significant physical differences. And that kinda makes people think that im being too humble like denying that ive lost weight or when i comment that i kinda need to buy a new clothing item..they'd be like..yah, of coz you need one...which I have no idea if it was meant to be a sarcastic remark or what. whatever.

but what gave me a shock was my ex supervisor of whom when I was under his supervision, he seemed to notice the l…

Blame who?

So I was reading this book about Terri Hatcher which my friend just lent it to me surprisingly coz I didn't remember if I asked for it..hehe. But heck, she told me that it is a good autobiography book which kinda make me frown a slight bit coz Im not really into such books..or books for that matter unless you count the dreamweaver guide book. However, after flipping several more pages, I come to realise that it's not a bad read. She's just as human like you and me..minus the fats, calories-intake and the million dollars plus plus..I actually found it inspiring. You see, I've always thought that people with a long list of achievements or with those 'from rags to riches' life stories are worthy enough to pen a book for themselves. me? my greatest achievements so far will be hrm...*thinking for the longest time*..passing the A level miraculously judging from my extremely poor school records...getting out of depression...and oh, losing 20kg very recently. but come …

Pressure (Italy won!)

So the world cup for 2006 has just ended with Italy winning over France..and if you're wondering which side im on, definitely Italy, based on a last minute decision. France? So over-rated. Zidane? Much much much..over-rated, although he has my symphaties when he ended his professionalism as one of the world's greatest soccer players...with a red card *sniggers...* Heh..what can I say? I was rooting for Italy!

Okay, im not a BIG soccer fan..I cant even tell..okay, shall not embarass myself here. But I know I probably got the lamest reason why I was rooting for Italy. Coz after watching CSI:Miami, where David Caruso is half Italian by the way...I thought hey, why not give the Italy some credit (and David as well..hehe) and support them! I mean, think of it this way...sometimes, people screw up especially if they have been under tremendous pressure to win if they are the star players. But how much can one take? We're all humans after all...seriously, once we reach to almost t…


So! I have been missing for a few days and nope, I haven't gone out from Singapore or anything (coz Im still not allowed to make a passport..bummer!) and yes..AS IF i have plenty of money. Okay, the truth is..I have been studying and I can hear people laughing hysterically here and there like 'RAHAYU?! STUDYING?!! bwahahahahhahahha!!!' I mean, nope..I dont mean studying in a big big a new course or what. But, I am studying something that I have been putting aside all the time despite its usefulness in relation to my interest which is web design. But AS USUAL..something has to 'inspire' me and then, I'll pick up the pace from there. Since this is a new month, and also the beginning of the next half of the year, something ought to be done..such as learning a new skill. So, right now, I am learning Dreamweaver MX..the basics of it..going through chapter after..yawnz...chapter..after..zzzzzz....Oh sorry....where was I? Oh yeah, every freakin' chapter ac…

New Crush AleRt!

Rahayu got a new crush!!! Hehehe...and he seems to be A Okay for me. Here's why...

1)I like his calm voice when he speaks patiently to the patients' parents.

2)He's kinda cute..okay okay..very cute.

3)Due to the nature of his job, he wears the clean cut work shirt that I simply loves whenever guys wear it (but it still depends on THE guy..)

4)He has nice clean cut hair.

5)He is clean shaven. (no stray hairs!)

6)This guy got a respectable and well paying job (hopefully..) since he is working as an optometrist based at some research centre where his office is based. Furthermore, we have to work together coz after he checks the patients at the clinic during his attachment and my attachment, they will be sent to my room for some counselling. However, sighz..we have not spoken to each other except for that last bit last Tuesday..(more on that later!). OH! Did I mention the close proximity of our office buildings..heh heh..

7)I didn't know about it until my colleague told me that h…

Eating Disorder?!


aaaahhh....what a simple greeting can do to people. If it comes from me, it simply means sincerity, long time no see or 'im trying to be nice here so say hello back to me'...depending on how u get to see it. But u have to make the decisions fast coz any delay within mere seconds can cause suspicions to arise.

ANYWAY, there has been quite a lot of things that happened recently in the last four days since I last posted. Knowing me, probably, i'll either do a quick summary or talk rubbish to cover up the fact that I cant remember most of it..heh..

I actually am rather puzzled with myself sometimes in regards to my two paranoias. Nobody would have guessed that I am suffering from them coz i look and behave as normal as I can. Like I have this thing...which I guessed I have mentioned before...that I tend to view food with a discriminating eye. This paranoia happens when I am alone and feeling rather hungry whether during lunch time or dinner time or even anytime in between.…