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Adam Who?

Geez..I dunno whats up with youtube but I actually wrote a small messsage regarding the youtube video I posted up of Adam Lambert warning that it would be removed soon as it violated A.I.'s copyright watch it while it last! Anyway, you can still catch the vidz or Adam Lambert's audio version of Tracks of My Tears on youtube. I have been an avid follower of the guy since his first audition round and not because Im gay adjacent..or whatever. I just thought he was good the type who would come through the doors and all eyes would be on him kind. And then when he said he wanted to sing Bohemian Rhapsody and then Paula recognised him as one of the cast members of the musical Wicked..Im like..' not assume not assume!'
Then the internet started speculating..blah blah blah...and then some website out to gain name for themselves..dug out photos of him kissing some dude. Though people predicted that it would ruin his…

Adam Lambert - Tracks Of My Tears (HQ VIDEO) - Top 10 - MOTOWN - American Idol Season 8 03/25/09

Pleasant Surprise

What an absolute great surprise!! When I read the circular last year on Performance Bonus, and based on experience from my previous work place at a semi govt board, I wouldnt expect one this March. I mean..of course...a little bit of cash is always good but because I am quite new still, I told myself..sigh..this would be the first year that I will have to go without it. I used to look forward to March ONLY because of this reason. What to do...I am very money minded. So I was really really happy when my colleague said that there is no such thing that because I was new last year, I wont get the PB. She worked for three months only at that time before the start of the next year and yet she still got it. The only thing was that they would pro-rate the amount. I thought..heck...I am okay with that..even if they gave me just $200, I will be damn happy as well!My decision to move out of the private sector after being in one briefly where I got a small paycut after my move was mainly coz of t…

Different Strokes

You know how people change over the years....but there are just some things that dont change. You may not have seen the person for years and he or she would have matured over the years, maybe looking sexier, more lovely, or hunky (heh..) or moving in the opposite direction, with no explanation given as to what that means. But really, there are some habits, style or quirks that make matter how much you have changed physically.As I recalled past times and then see the person now, whether on the internet, on the streets, or even on the tv, I cant help but to compare. Seriously, dont we all? For instance, I got an ex classmate from a secondary school (high school) whom I remember her as the petite looking girl who always had boyfriend problems and whose family members were not always in approval of them. But now she's happily married, with someone...well...'different' from her ex-es which could easily raise the issue that it was a match made one but hey, someti…

Where My Heart Is

Okay let me give you a piece of advice. I know I give the world's most boring advices but here goes..if the door of the train is closing..please do not..I repeat..DO NOT...attempt to board it. Do you know how many times my heart skipped a beat as if I am watching an horror movie in real time whenever I witnessed people trying to rush in when the train doors were halfway closing and then their bodies looked like they were going to be squashed or split into two. So not a fan of blood and gore!!
Sigh....pls dont do that. Even if you dont die, other people may when their heart stopped or something.Anyway, today I took leave to bring my dad back to the hospital for a medical counselling. But it was not meant to be when he found himself too weak to even walk outside let alone in the house. I mean..come on..he just got out of the hospital barely two days ago and he has to haul his ass back there after being stuck at his bedside at hospital for almost two weeks.Meanwhile, my mum kept lamen…

My Support Network

I have been tired recently shuttling back and forth from the hospital to visit my dad and then worrying over some things where I thought initially I had some control over. But now it feels like Im slipping and it's going to be a difficult battle yet again. I thought that I had settled part of the power supply bills only to have it come back and haunt me when I saw the revised amount which had some additions bringing me back to as though I had not paid anything yet. Sigh..I hate to have this sickening feeling over me that they are just going to come and cut off the power supply after repeated reminders. I've come to a point where I realise that what I am doing for the family is simply not good enough.Speaking of family, my father just got discharged and I heard the news that he doesnt need dialysis yet though they did tell me that one day, he eventually will because his kidneys are already failing and there may come a time that even medicine is of no use. Well, I shall worry a…

Daddy Dearest

Well, you have to bear with me while my blog undergoes a few changes here and there . Generally, I feel a bit better, space wise, since I have done some cleaning up of my room though there is still part 3, part 4 and so forth. At least it's a bit more comfy now. Other than that mundane piece of news, the mid half of last week had been a bit stressful for me coz my father was admitted to hospital. I brought him to poly and the doctor wrote a referral letter to send him to A&E because his kidneys were not functioning well so his body was retaining the water which made him looked bloated.Anyway, he is getting better as of last Sunday when I visited him because he was not as bloated as before and his hands showed the vein lines which meant that the water had been cleaned out. However, as much as I want him to get better but diabetes is an incurable disease. Things can get complicated and when complications set in, treatments like dialysis is a must and I dont want that to happen b…

Reality Tv

Well...a brand new month has just started and time really flies by so fast that it has officially been a year since I joined the education ministry and left my colleagues in search of new working experience. I would say the road has not been easy and it's still a long journey for me. However, having helpful colleagues is great without an air of arrogance like 'u watch your turf..I watch mine' kind of thing.

I still miss my colleagues and hope to have a mini gathering with them soon although I would say that I have been pretty 'bad' in the sense that I did not attend one last year. I would have really loved to come but..I dunno....I guess I was put off with having to pay a 15 dollar ticket. I mean..why cant we have like an unofficial free n easy gathering instead? So now the only way of keeping in touch with them is via short messaging (which stopped at end of last year...heh..) and via facebook.

But life goes just got to start living and not dwell too much o…