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My Strong by Zumba Routine & The Fight Against Diabetes

I've talked about Strong by Zumba workouts before. Nowadays I can do a Strong by Zumba workout without feeling like dying midway, lols. Those jumping jacks, burpees, push ups..*groans* but now they're awesome (ok, not so much the push ups) because after that, you feel so good, provided you follow through the movements and push the tiredness away. In between, there will be mini breaks so you recharge a bit before going into full swing again. Yesterday, for the first friend joined in because her yoga class was not organised due to not able to secure the venue. So yay, company for two weeks!

So now I have also been working out at home last couple of weeks by watching a few Strong by Zumba related videos. They can't post the whole thing but there are definitely videos that can make you work out bucket loads of sweat. So if you're shy but still want to work out, home workouts are actually good for you too in the privacy of your home.

Of course you can still consider …

Indie Music that Brought Out the Feels in You

I am still not over the power couple on Shadowhunters separating but well, they will eventually get back together. I just know it. Anyway, I shall not be too obsessed over it. I just loved how they tied the memories back to the present times in through flashbacks. We were given the summary how Alec, the always uptight one, began to slowly open up his heart to Magnus even though he was still wary and unsure, and eventually giving in to his feelings on his wedding day no less, despite their different backgrounds. Also, the flashbacks would also make you realise how they were just meant to be with each other like soul mates :) That's why we were not happy with the break up, though it was necessary at that point of time.

I mean come on, who wouldn't be attracted to the charming and powerful warlock. And then pair him with a pretty face....argh, come on! Alec had also received backlash from his mum but he had always stood firm against her. She eventually realised came to accept that…

When You Have to Make Difficult Decisions

Disclaimer: This is a written piece about the relationship of Magnus and Alec aka Malec in Shadowhunters Season 2B Episode 18. If you wish to read, please continue :)

So my heart just broke a million pieces today. I had been looking forward to the last few episodes of the Shadowhunters, and more so for today, because of the Malec heavy scenes. Unfortunately, my heart became heavy as well when I tuned in to Youtube for updates and the second update was about...their breakup..NOOOooOO!!

Technically, we are not too sure if they have broken up because the words were not uttered. Thanks to the manipulative nature of the Seelie Queen 😒, Magnus had to make the difficult decision over his love for a Shadowhunter because now it concerns his people, the group of Downworlders, who over centuries, could not get along with the Shadowhunters and especially the Clave, which is the like the government of the Shadowhunters. Because of a certain mortal instrument, they are now more at loggerheads espe…

Break ups

I love this couple from a tv show and I ship them hard. It's no secret on my blog at least that I love the Shadowhunters book series (The Mortal Instruments one) and now the TV show. But next two episodes won't be the easiest and probably the most challenging for them and the rest of the gang. Okay actually them getting together was already a challenge enough until the penultimate episode. It's just to show it's like any relationships, they go through ups and downs especially when trust is a major issue and they both come from different worlds and are highly respected in their own rights.

Actually I like their storyline in the show despite the rough start and multiple 'I'm pining for you but I can't coz it will mean losing everything' scenes. In the end the heart wants what it desires. In the book though, it gets pretty annoying. I guess it's just her childish writings at time although she's just trying to show his insecurities and this being his…

Dreadful Two Days at Work

The last two days haven't been so great at work finding a piece of damn document that some people have no inkling as to what it was about. But still was willing enough to rummage  go through their files for it. Some couldn't even bothered and just resigned to not having it at all without searching. Look, while only one was important, the rest was just for filing purpose and I've been tasked to ask one by one all the 'big shots' in my department. Only one was giving me some ramblings which basically went one ear in and one out as though this was my fault or my carelessness of not having this document. 

I've explained and also this document was in existence before my time was there so it wasn't so nice to give me 'crap'. And that this wasn't the first time I had a run in with this certain someone. Already her cluster is so 'extra' with documents that I don't even need but for their own filing and insistent that I keep the originals afte…

Being Broke AF, Phone Stopped Working & All Other Misery

So it hasn't been a great week last week. I was broke af and I was barely surviving although I managed to have some money I received from my online shop which helped me to stay afloat at least a day or two. And then the cycle starts again until Saturday where thankfully my brother got his salary earlier so he gave me my portion.

Honestly, I was so poor I couldn't buy the bread, which was already discounted by the way, because it would exceed the budget that I had. Did I feel good about it? Of course not. But I didn't let it go to my head because it would just amplify my misery. I just tell myself that I will get over it. 

Also, I don't want to be in this situation again because it's just not pleasant. But it does make me more  aware of what I should be doing to not be that broke again. I know that I could possibly be in that situation again which makes me more determined to not move backwards but look forward instead. 

Oh and to add on to my misery, my phone suddenly …

Half the Year Gone..& Not Feeling so Great

Hang tight, this is going to be a long post.

I didn't start off July 2017 well because I felt down and out because half the year is gone and what have I achieved so far. But it's starting to pick up slowly and while finance wise, it's still a disappointment no matter how much effort I have put in, I still didn't want to give up. Yes sh*t happens in life and then things go south again but it doesn't mean I should stop and then forever be in this state. I am determined to move forward and continue to do my best. I must have a sense of direction in life and the journey itself can't be all smooth sailing.

So what I did was to write a blog post, uploaded some new pictures in my online shops' galleries and then I got an order query next day, hehe. And some more too. Sometimes you just need to give yourself the push to get over the rut. It's not going to be a quick fix and may take awhile but the point is to keep moving and moving on from the past and create a b…

Ramadan Bazaar 2017 & Our Quiet Hari Raya Celebration

Hello!! Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslim readers. I know I should have said last Sunday since it was officially the first day and now it's been a week, oops. But it's not too late because the celebration is actually for a month. 

So this is one of the rare times that I managed to fast for one whole month. It's different this time because it was the first time that I fast at my new work place on weekdays. So basically I spent most of lunch time at my table. Sometimes I go out such as to the post office even I had to walk in the hot sun. I expected the post office to be crowded but it was not so that's a good thing. The distance, well..not so much, hehe. But I would say it was efficient when it comes to registered postage.

I also managed to go to the Ramadan Bazaar two times but the first time was to actually find a drinks stall. I actually went round twice and eventually found it..where I first entered the bazaar -_- It was to buy the Thai Milk Tea and it was sooo good.…

Leading an Honest Living..Even When Things Get Difficult Financially

My brother lectured me recently about how I'm so calculative and why after so many years, we are still poor. I can't answer him because I can't argue with him that we're still so poor with little savings to get by. Basically I don't like to lead a pay to pay type of lifestyle and I prefer getting a second income. I want to be able to spend without too much worries about how little I will have after I spend on this or that. He's right about the calculative part. I tend to use my phone calculator and do a check on how much balance I have left if it's able to last me until the next week or so. 

Honestly  I don't like this. What I like is earning money, even in small amounts me, a little goes a along way. Of course I don't mind having more but this is as much as I can do with what little capital I have which mostly come from my pay. 

Now I am not going to discuss about my financial situation as it can be a tad boring to talk about as it's mor…

My Zumba & The Total Cardio Blast Strong by Zumba Workout Experience

I don't know why I never write about this but I actually have been going for Zumba classes since April. Okay, now I am actually doing a variant of the Zumba which is Strong by Zumba but more on that later. I was inspired to go for the class because of a friend of mine who has been taking part in the Zumba workouts nearby her workplace location in the city area. And they're free and co organised by HPB which is a semi government healthy authority in Singapore..and where I used to work for 5 years as well. Anyway, I've always been fascinated, and honestly intimidated as well, by the vibrancy and energy of the participants in their outdoor workouts that when I found out, they are free, I am even more interested, lol.

But in the end, I thought argh, the locations not that convenient for me. But I got excited when HPB sent an email to us and then they had Zumba classes located around my working area. Yay! And this one was so near I just have to walk there. Still I had my doubts …

Our Walkabout in the NS50 Army Open House 2017

A few weeks ago, we attended the Army Open House 2017 and it was so surreal to see so many of their vehicles on full display and open for photo taking too, on top of the vehicles. But I didn't get to climb up but just take photos of them from the ground. We definitely had come a long way from the basic vehicles to what we have now, all high techie stuffs. 
There were long queues for photo taking and they were kind enough to let people come up for group taking. Of course they won't take them for a ride but I think that would provide a different kind of experience. So far, this was the closest that we can get to such war machines, besides seeing them on National Day parades.
It was also in conjunction of celebrating NS50 where 50 years ago, National Service was introduced. All Singaporean men are required to perform 2 years of National Service where they will go through basic military training to equip them with skills should one day *touch wood* Singapore has a war crisis. Even t…

I want to be More Intelligent. Learning to be More Questioning

I often read articles about the going ons in the world, both local and foreign and I actually also like to read the comments section. Yes I know that there are a lot of keyboard warriors out there and holier than thou people but honestly, there are those who are actually quite intelligent you can't help but question the objectives of the articles or the subjects being mentioned too. I do read and then do not always agree a 100% but that's about it like I would be thinking hmm..but never quite put these thoughts into words. Puzzled yes but not criticise. Like there was this article about this 20 year old girl who have to support, I think 13 family members on her income of $1500 per month. She was seeking public donation to help with her plight through a charity website.

Then I thought she's not the youngest and there are those who are older than her, what are they doing. But I kinda pushed that thought to the back of mind, not thinking much about it except how pitiful she is…

Should I lose faith in Humanity & the Midst of the Holy Month

Something's isn't right with this world. Correction. The world is fine, it's just the people are behaving out of the norms these days. Going on killing sprees, talking sh*t about other people, spreading lies and so on and so forth.

All these years and we learnt nothing about being a human being? It's like we lost all sense of compassion and we just end up being rude and obnoxious and bringing down other people like we just completely lose respect for humanity.

Honestly, reading through comments in the social media, both local and overseas, can be nauseating like you're here thinking about how selfish and hurtful they are. How would they feel if other people talk like that about the people they care about.

Anyway, life still goes on even though we still have a long way to learn about how to respect people and be compassionate instead of just thinking the world owes us a living.

On the other spectrum, I am also touched by the gestures of Singaporeans who would rally toge…

Star Wars Day at Gardens by the Bay 06 May 2017


I have been absent from my blog awhile mainly because my mind is blank on what to write. But let me try to update this blog regularly and will start off with this post where I went to Gardens by the Bay. For the first time, we celebrated Star Wars Day here and there was a huge turn out and initially it was scary. Why so?

First thing first, we had to cross the long bridge to get to the other side of the bay where the celebration was in full swing. It was so packed and it was the only way to go there. Packed was one thing. The other thing was that, there was crowd control so everyone packed on the bridge and at one point towards the middle, the bridge started to sway.

I had been on that bridge a few times and never knew the bridge could sway like that because I always felt it was rock solid. So when it started to do that, and movement was already slow because there were crowds of people moving in and another crowd from the other side moving out. At one point, the bridge was overlook…

My First Long Stay Overseas Trip in KL in 2017

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I had made plans to go KL from the 20th to 22nd of May. It wasn't something that we planned a long time ago. Rather, we did have it in  mind though to travel overseas though we never actually thought it would happen. It was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. The last trip we had was 5 years ago. Why I was nervous was due to the long bus trip. Also the money issues but I was determined that if I want to make bigger overseas plan the next time, I shouldn't be so hard up over this KL trip. Of course I have to do some mental calculations as to how much I would be left after paying for the lodging, transport and shopping but it seems to still be a comfortable figure to last until the next payday at least.

Also, I was nervous because..ok, I have this health problem with my bladder, where I can't hold pee very long. The long bus journey made me even more nervous but I just have to ensure I have very little liquid, which may or may no…