Sunday, April 24, 2005


Damn..I am so tired. After trying (in vain) to run and be inspired by one of my friends, who lost damn a lot of thighs could onlie take me so far. But I would say that it is a good improvement from last week when I could barely run one round. And that now, when I don't have a company like the last time, with my brother, it would have gotten a bit lonesome. But I kinda liked to breathe in the fresh air and just enjoy my exercise. Of course the disadvantage of walking and running around the park several times, was getting a tad bit boring..what with all the repeated sceneries (blue stairs rail, basketball court, fitness station, carpark...repeat after stairs rail, basketball....), and in my head, there is no song that I can recite..which is odd, if you ask me. So, i just stuck to counting..losing my count....counting again.....but it felt good just sweating it out. And I always had this phobia someone will just suddenly 'encourage' me to run faster so I spent time coming up with excuses in my head, everytime a jogger was about to pass me. I tot of...'i'm just can't exercise much..'my knees just undergone an operation..' & 'i shouldn't be doctor says so!'

Besides trying to do something with my physical being, I just started to strengthen my spiritual being. It's not a matter of strengthening actuallie..erm..let's just say, I have been neglecting for yonks...and it doesn't help that my current team mate, whose swearing, cleavage-baring, tight-fitting pants..still do not neglect her religion, and respect certain significant days of the Islamic calendar, I am thoroughly ashamed of myself. Me, the supposed more innocent one, who doesn't drink or visit clubs, wear revealing clothes......have to listen to her bantering about the world coming to an end. And how is she so scared of having her life end just like that even though she's still young and have yet to explore the world in depth.

So forget about trying to learn how to drive..(for now that is)....and get in touch with the most basic of my needs. Gawd, I sound so serious in this post. But I think I can do it. Everything's worth a try if it's good for you, rite? Well..maybe not all...Anyway, wanna say congrats to my friend angie for starting her blog. She writes well and do visit her at , u hear?!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Embarassing Moment"

eurgh..the agony of having someone opening the door when you are still in the toilet. my young brother and I shared the same toilet, which is the handicapped toilet that's more spacious and helps to curb his fear of going into the toilet alone. Long story. Anyway, my mum called halfway and after he's done, i told him to turn away to talk to my mum and well..u know...As I was pulling down my skirt (thank god i was done with the business), I looked at the door handle as if not closed properly. Then it happened. A guy swung open the door. Already expecting the unexpected, I acted 'cool' though it must have been weird for do i know? he stared for a good few seconds...PeRv! My brother kinda laughed and I was like...why you didn't close the door properly?! He said he did..but being kids..always in denial...would try to cover up their mistakes. Anyway, finished or not with the business, it was still darn embarassing..and it just HAD to be a guy opening the door, considering it's a unisex toilet. I mean, why can't he just go to the guys toilet. After all, he's ALONE..unlike me who has ten children, but onlie brought one brat inside.

So, ladies and germs, unless you want to perform for 'free', please ensure that all doors are properly locked before you do any business. Keep their nosy business away from your private one.

*no boring rating: too embarassed*

Saturday, April 16, 2005

"A walk in the park.."

A walk in the park is easy peasy...after a few good years since the last time I stepped foot in the park nearby my home, I was back again at around 8 plus. Everytime, I passed by that park in the bus, whenever I went to a neighbouring shopping mall, it brought a flashback to my mind how I tried to exercise there, by jogging and walking as part of my training for my 2.4km. It was the end, I onlie went there twice. But I had wanted to go back there and tried my luck again..even after I am no longer in school and therefore subjected to the torturing (at least in my terms) napfa test. Eurgh..the agony.
But my recent efforts to stay healthy, for the purpose of feeling good and losing some weight in the process, brought me back to the park. This time with some company; my brother. It helps to know that there is someone slower than me..wahahaha.....but nevertheless, it doesn't feel so lonesome anymore. Even my effort to go down to the gym (next thursday) is not without company either. Tiredness I can endure, as long as I have some company who is just like me, who simply will not try to compare and contrast with me. To each his own...(or hers..if u are referring to me).
I just realised that exercising naturally will give you 'feel good' endorphins in ur body. When I see someone of a bigger physical size than me, munching on some friend goodies, I am least I eat food from a certain foodplace (read: chicken wrap..yumz) only once a week and no longer eat cheap Mcdonald's burgers as part of my dinner. Bread and some good ol' biscuits can fill up along with some milk or soya milk. They're delicious and keeping urself busie at nite helps to make u forget that you're hungrie. I eat one major meal a day, during lunch, which keeps me quite full for the rest of the day.
Well, you know what? keeping healthy is not such a bad idea after all. YOu just need to practise self-control and lots of company who are in the same boat as you. wooh!!

*boring rating: 3*

Friday, April 15, 2005

"what a morning"

Eurgh..sometimes I am rather ashamed of myself of being so so lazy...sometimes, doing something that will onlie relatively take me a few seconds, if I am damn tired, I wouldn't do. Mundane things like switching off the switches of my pc, charging my hp, and adjusting the alarm. Then today, the consequence of me, of not doing all three before I go to bed, ended up with my bro and my mum waking up barely 15 minutes before the school bus comes. And, err....of course, me trying to 'protect' myself, said that I did adjust the alarm time as my handphone tends to do something funnie: either it beeps non-stop, beeps every 1 min even after I press the button to end the misery (and mine too..) or never beep. At all. The last one is the most frustrating which often led me being accused of not adjusting the alarm though at times, I swear I did.

I can't remember if I did adjust the time as for the latest incident but onlie remembered holding it before I just fell asleep on the dot. My body system works in a farnie way. Either I have trouble falling asleep, that can stretch to a few hours of tossing and turning (thinking of ryan seacrest to invoke a dream doesn't work either), or when I did fall asleep, I don't know how, I don't know where...all I know suddenly, i'm in this place that place...kicking the ass of some bad guy in my dream.

Oh man, let me be a bit more conscious of my surroundings...eurgh....the agony of being a lazy gal. I can bear the consequences myself but not when it involves my other family members. I may escape having to skip the bus and send him to school personally using public transport but that's for today. Dunno about the rest of the week. Thank God today is friday and subsequently the weekend. Wait a minute...did I say it's Fridae?!! YAY TOMORROW NO WORK!!! Oops..supposed to be feeling remorseful....haiz...i'm ashamed of myself..i'm ashamed of myself (yay..tomorrow is saturday..woohoo).
*boring rating: 7*

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happie Bdae to Nats the GreateSt..

Happie Bdae to You Nats...everyone's favourite times of need...and in times of some company...and in times of some good 'ol treat..(heh heh..)...wanna wish u a very happie...

24th Birthdae to YoU..!!!!!!

there can onlie be one natasha singh....and the onlie one deserved to be pampered on that very day..thanks for being my friend esp during my times of need like the chicken pox incident and the friendly loan...know wat? think we're better friends than before from back in school. Let's hope we keep in touch for a longer time.

Meanwhile..don't get naughty yah? And wear something prettie that day. For once, the diva wants to stay low profiled that day. happie bdae again!

Check out my little song to You!!

Happie Bdae!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"I worked out today!!"

you know what?!! I finallie went to the gym at work..woohoo! It brought back fresh memories from the time me and nats worked out together at the school gym when I was on the treadmill. This time the treadmill is a lot bigger (and more scarier, I mz add) and has a lot of functions, supposedly helping us to determine the kind of speed and slope inclination during our walk. I did for half an hour and though it was tiring, it was reallie cool to see my flushed face all over again..after a good workout. Instant radiant! It helps having a buddie who is also keen to lose weight. For now, my target is to lose 6 kg. I mean..that's mediocre, I know...but it's not THAT easie to lose that amount in a matter of one month onlie. Unless u enlisted help. EXPENSIVE help. I try to aim at that first, and then another 6 and another 6..that sort of thing.

I went to meet my friend, Rasool, after so long. I knew she was having tests and exams around the same timing and studying at a local community centre. So it was hard to call her...or when I called her, she is sleeping coz shes very tired. Although she has stopped working in February....I onlie found out recently..hehe..

She was telling me for a good one hour plus how she is willing to finance my studies. She knows I am having financial difficulties which makes it difficult for me to further my studies but she is willing to finance me like as in lend me the required money every year and then after that, I can pay her back, interest-free. This 'offer' is onlie for me as she wants me to continue my studies. I thought that's reallie bold and nice of her. But her onlie condition is that I go to australia to further my studies and get a PR status. Now THAT is a problem. I mean, it's not that I don't want to broaden my wateva u call that...but I can't afford to live my family behind. Though she said that I can send my money overseas to them...but being the eldest and the current 2nd breadwinner, I cant afford to leave them just like that. And it's gonna be difficult too persuading them to go overseas as we don't have any relatives in Australia, to begin with.

As good as it sounds, there will always be some kind of barriers. Oh well..we can onlie plan...and it's good to have some kind of goals...but how far we can carry it, depends a lot on existing factors or mindsets. Meanwhile, I'd like to do MY own goal setting. Wish me luck in this!

*boring rating: 4*

Monday, April 11, 2005

"'s from Clive Cussler..fav authoR!!"

Wow. They finallie made a movie..a big budget one at that...based on the book by my fav author..Clive CussleR...woo hoo!!! I mean it didn't occur to me that someone would take an interest in making a movie out of his book. I mean..okay...when I saw the trailor on a tv in the bus, it occured to me..hey, that word 'sahara' sound damn familiar. Then it struck it can't be....they probably onlie heard of tom clancy. But then on the radio, they were doing a promo and the deejay mentioned about the storyline..and gasp...she mentioned the name 'DIRK PITT'...AarrggGhh...!!!! That's..that's....the one from CLIVE CUSSLER!!!!! ARrrrggGh...of all the novels, why must it be THAT one?!!!

Okay..I AM a fan..but that sahara book is kinda's so out of the mode that Clive Cussler writes. Normally he writes about some sunken ancient ships that held secrets that the bad guys are dying to get their hands on to take over the world. But, I DID try to read that book, in 1997 rite after my 'o' level exams, with TWO attempts but failed coz he started to write about misadventures in Sahara...hence the the female aviator who crash landed in Sahara...and then NOT to be found. Okay, that story kinda hang in the air and u gotta read a few more chapters to find the conclusion. Oh, and about humans acting like savage beasts (suddenly I was thinking about...zombies..) and how the tourist guide, in bid to warn, the people about the remains of a city that is not the habitat of savage beasts. But he died in the scorching heat.

Err...okay, at least it kinda rekindled me to read Clive's books all over again. I have quite a collection of his books, you know. Some bought, some found, some not returned way past the date due from rental shops.......and yeah, I think that after bypassing that snoozy chapter, describing the details of the woman pilot's misadventure right from the sky until she crash landed into a billabong (no, not that popular brand..although I can't help but tink of the billabong wallet after reading that line), I am finallie ready to take on the book!

Almost all of Clive's books will trace back to the ancient past in the 1880s where ships are considered as majestic and the envy of all captains. So, err...u can find me almost on the verge of nodding...(though I cant resist sneaking in a few nods) until the part where Dirk's arrival was made to be so 'drama'. I mean, he will always describe dirk as having opaline green eyes....stout body..blah blah....but I have to admit heart will beat so as if he's approaching from some horizon and slowly coming into my view. That's when the story will always pick up speed and dirk comes in to save the day, along with his side kick, the short Italian guy Al Giordino.

Hrm....about the cast? Matthew McConahey..or however u spell his name....seems like a perfect candidate. But dirk is 40 plus..and matthew? Let's just say he's an updated version..wahaha...I like this guy anyway...but wat's with the..*GuLp* HAIR?!!!!! McGyver..or one of my popular phrases..'so eighties..' Which puzzles me reallie. Coz the setting is supposed to be in 1996. I mean, that's 7 yrs after the end of 80's? But wat's with that?!! I could have expected a neatly cropped hair...just like that of Indiana Jones. But's gotta be shaggy. But matthew put on *SluRps* biceps tat can put me to sleep anytime..with its pillow-like comfort. Al Giordino..his sidekick? Err....he looks so...errr......where was I about dirk pitt?

Okaylah, if u realise, I never mentioned about the female cast. I NEVER talk about female cast...coz I'm, coz they always get to 'snog' the guy!! Think: Mary Jane and Spider-man. Figures why I never watched the part 2..just because I hate to see them kiss....this time, in more passionate manner..eurgh...*ShiveRs..*

Anyway, this movie just opened in Singapore. If you are just dying to know what it's all about, catch it at the cinemas near you. Talk about free promo.

For me, I'm still not an adventure movie fan..dirk or arnie....

*boring rating: 4*

Sunday, April 10, 2005

"Sing Your Blues Away.."

my mum has been rather tensed..ever since my aunt's marriage is on the rocks and she agonizes over how my aunt kept giving her empty promises from the start as if playing a fool out of her. She promised her gold bangles, which I saw with my own eyes, she bringing her in, and then backing out saying maybe next time. Then when my father got his own contributions from the govt, she was the one making so much noise about it and my mum bought for her a piece of gold jewellery. Even the curtains, which she paid over 1000 to customise for her house, she promised to give to my mum and in the end, gave to another of her relative, supposedly already rich enough to afford their own.

Yesterday, she cried after my aunt told her a sobbing story of her life, living under little money now, after her husband suddenly tot he's a young man all over again. But the way she puts it, it's like my mum has never suffered before and my aunt onlie talks about getting rich, putting her money into this share that investment this insurance that bank.....but when my mum asked for financial help the other time for our power supplies..she called almost everyday saying that it's true she don't have money. So don't harbour bad tots about her on not having to help. When my mum finallie told her wat happened the other time last december, like how we managed to pay so fast, she said that a friend of mine helped after I plead on the internet. And then I paid with my own money the other half of the amount. No thanks to her.
So that's why when my aunt gave her empty promises...that if she sells her house after the divorce proceedings, she'll give her money. Then she'll give or buy for her jewellery. My mum wouldn't care less about it anymore.
Then, today for the first time after some time, she finallie laughed. She was trying to pull a singing some lines of a song from a famous singer. It was hilarious and she laughed till she almost couldn't..hahaha....
I guess sometimes you have to take a backseat and not be so caught up with other people's problems. They can promise us all their riches, but when the time comes when they finallie taste a bit of wealth on their hands, they can hardly remember what they say to us. LIke what my mum told her sister, your wealth is yours to keep.

Hey, meanwhile listen to a snippet I did on a song I have been singing throughout the day...hehe..prepare to be tortureD.

my version of 'if you're not the one'

*boring rating: 4*


I invested in a 6 dollar microfon for my pc. And after uploading a sound file from my handphone to my was so great..that i decided to upload to my main profile. check it out at the sidebar.

For now...let's come up with ingenius way of putting a new form of blogging: 'audioblogging' without paying a cent. Using that 6 dollar microfon instead..harhar...

*boring rating: 3*

"Me and My Big Fat Dream"

I had a horrible dream last nite. No, not reallie that horrible but I somehow dreamt I was in this room. FOrgot why I was there in the first place. I onlie remembered there was one of my colleagues there. Then we had to do the unspeakable. Someone was gonna take our weight. Err..u can scoff about that 'unspeakable' act but ever since school, I hated taking weights..for obvious reasons. THough in my dreams, the weight-taker seemed to put on an expressionless face when saying out the weight, wat troubled me more was the weighing machine. It has a display, just like that of a cash register, where it displays how much u have to pay. But this one looks like one of those alarm clocks that will flash the time in huge digi numbers. When it came to my turn, something happened. I walked up the weighing machine cautiously and guessed what? The machine displayed odd numbers, like u know how a calculater looked like when u dip in waters..something like that lah. Then the weight-taker tot that's odd. So asked me to go on the weighing machine again. Same thing. My worst nightmare (in a nightmare) had come true. The machine was unable to display my exact weight coz I am over the maximum weight it could display. Luckily, I woke up.

Usually, on a weekend I am compelled to just wake up and start using my pc until time to buy breakfast. Guess wat? I didn't feel like starting my day just sitting and adding jelly to my ass. So, I tot..hrm...maybe I should just go out and take a walk in the park. I mean, what's so bad about walking? It's just gonna be a start of my new exercise regime. But then, I remembered. Gosh, my sports shoes have not been worn for the longest time. And it has probably collected dust 'till beyond recognition. Then, made a pact, okay, i'll start off with a healthier diet first today and gonna dump my sports shoes in the washing machine later. Then, I am gonna open a new file, just like how the dietician has for my brother, during his consultation at a children's hospital.

My logic is simple. I am gonna be my own dietician and people pay a lot of money to slim down onlie to be offered the same diet plan. Eat more fruits and veggies, cut down on carbo and start exercising. My colleague, who recently err..lost 1 kg, paid over 200plus at a local hospital, onlie to do the same thing anyone could have told her to do like the above mentioned. Onli difference? The people over at the hospital was supportive. Hey, I don't have to count on those people. She, after all, is paying them...probably the fees include moral support too. Now, me and my team mate are planning to sign up for a gym membership card at our werkplace. And if there is time for us like when we come back for half day screening, we can use the extra time to go to the gym.

Can't wait. Wish me luck!!

*boring rating: 4*

Saturday, April 09, 2005

"Stupid Mirrored Room"


I'm finallie doing something about my yahoo auctions after realising that i..ahem..put on weight...and that having people getting thinner and thinner around me doesn't help. AT ALL. I'm selling my clothes. Oh, and u know what is more sickening? Them lamenting about how fat they are....then giving me this...'should i tell her she's fat too?' kinda look. OH bullz....anyway, I dont go around putting on a mop for a face and just relish on how fat I am becoming nowadays. Last time, I did a diet check, there's nothing drastic which I did, that involves stuffing myself. Even the good ' chang kee...I limit it to once a week. I mean, how CAN I manage to do that? Simple. It's the act of nature, I suppose. Everytime, I am tempted to buy my fav chicken fat..I mean, wrap, there's ALWAYS someone with a big butt standing there and about to buy. While I relish in buying onlie one pathetic chicken wrap, they seemed to buy more than that. Okay, at least I know how to control.

I don't know whether am I getting fatter or wat. I probably wouldn't care as long as I don't look all frumpy and stuffs. but I seemed to be given rooms for my vision screenings in schools that HAVE mirrors. Although I like looking at myself, but not how I look when I sit down. So err...jelly like!!! Then my new colleague, though she's not exactly thin either, she knows how to dress well. And it's like after a guy drops her ( I mean, they're jerks who cares), someone in line is always waiting for her. And her boyfriend is getting thinner and thinner...and get this...the last one was an army personnel. So he's gotta be slim. But can't help it too. She dresses well and looks good I'm so frumpy looking (guess I was depressed from looking at the mirror way too much) that I look years older than I actually am. But wearing clothes meant for my age...well, they make me look 'fatter'.

Maybe I'm just too conscious. It's not as if this is the first year I got fat. I have been like this all along. Oh hell. Let's hope the next school i go to doesn't have mirrors in the room. Or I have to write this bull again.

*boring rating: 7*

Thursday, April 07, 2005

"Me new StrateGy.."

How's working life so far? So far so good...hehe..I'm kinda in a good company now, one of my original good friends when I first started werk. She has a pleasant personality and it's a pleasure talking to her too..besides she's my age too so we understand each other's sentiments. But you know how it is sometimes....somehow one person can get along better than the other person, if let's say there's more than two person in the group. We had this 'floater'...someone who'll come in our team temporarily to help out if one of us is taking half day or is on medical leave. The way they communicated, it's like they have a thousand of things to talk about. On the day before, they had worked with each other before and so did I the last week with the same person. But it's like they had worked for days. But who am I compared to her..I am 'boring'..hahaha....both of them share the interests in watching indonesian so-called real life 'horror adventures' in vcd format. They were like comparing stories and the scare factor. I, err....I skip horror movies entirely. Except maybe the movie Samara: Ring 2 coz I participated in a movie trivia hoping to win free tickets..heh heh..Oh, and the one where my colleague cum team mate was talking about how some malay food stall, in the past, attracted people to come at their shop by...get this.....dumping an underwear in the broth. The state of underwear..e.g clean or unknown. It adds to the 'oomph' factor which made people often coming back for more. Interesting..but disgusting.

The onlie story I can share is how some people, true to this day, used black magic to attract people to come to their food stalls especially at where there is fierce competition. Like the one in hougang, which my mum warned me not to buy, apart from their unhiegienic cooking (smoke and cook at the same time), saying that once you buy, you have the tendency to buy again and again because they cast a spell on you..wat the?!!! But the one my colleague was saying was in regards to the famous satay place, the Lau Pa Sat where the whole stretch is manned by satay sellers, and obviously there's fierce competition. One of her friends, who supposedly has the 'third' eye, can see ghosts or otherwise. And he spotted two black figures, standing uprite at one of the stalls, like bodyguards, which got him rather horrified. It made him to immediately move away from there and kinda ruined their plans of eating there.

So, bottomline is, me being me, sometimes try to just throw in a topic for conversations' sake, and I guessed my topic on how some shops, people just keep coming back for more, does the trick. I guess u can't shut me out're talking about rahayupopz here, hello?

Anyway hopefully, things will kinda pick up some speed and I get to know more interesting topic to talk about.

*Boring Rating: 5*

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"Now..officially I start the blog..reallie this time!"

Can someone finallie tell me I can blog? Oh I can alreadi? Haiz after more than a year of trying to write in a relatively unknown journal site, it gave me a problem even though it provided a new feature previously reserved for those with a paid service: the ability to change the template or the layout of the site. However, to cut the story short...after a few times of having to write with lots of angst, lots of blood and tears and lots of bullshit, everytime i tried to 'submit', the whole thing went back to square..a.k.a....a blank space. WAAAaaatttt the....??!!!!

So I have to change my status to a blogger and that means...writing shorter stuffs..but fret not, being rahayuthelongwinded, i would still write wateva my brain asked me or the extent the person i'm writing about pissed me off. So like any regular blogger, who are anti-society, they would come up with a layout different from other bloggers to attract attention so that they know they are writing for a reason not for fun. But for someone who couldn't care less about the number of visitors, I have to go with the flow..if u know what I mean. So therefore i tot of the next most available people or person, besides ryan seacrest, that induces a wet dream: Greenday. Hope u like it.

Again, things are not wat they seemed to be when I 'preview' the site after making a few changes. However the onlie thing that went to square one as of this blog is the scrollbar. I made it a maroon coloured scrollbar to go along with the whole layout. It looked perfect when previewed but didnt show up once i submitted.

Since this blog is under a site where millions of bloggers flock, can someone PLEASE tell me how I can deal with this problems? Jz drop me comments or tag me.

Meanwhile, let me go off to werk first and seek for things to write about..can't wait!!

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