Monday, June 30, 2008

Anticipated Trip

Im quite bummed that Van Hansis didnt win the trophy from the Daytime Emmys. And other fans of his are pretty disappointed as well especially for those that have been following his character's storylines for quite a long time.

Anyway, maybe the next time he would win? Or when he's less dramatic? Or when his character finally stops being a whiner? Hey, endless possibilities even though he wont be able to compete in the same category again because he is no longer 'young' so he will have to be in the other category meant for the more matured actors.

But im sure he can get by that quite easily so long as the storywriters continue to write great stuffs and he continue to be one sporting actor who does not shy away from controversial storylines. I just think that if the hair stylist stops messing with his hair a lot only coz it's longer than the rest and therefore stylable, it may lead people to pay more attention to his acting rather than thinking..'oh,my.gawd! what kind of hairstyle is that?!'

June is coming to an end...or more specifically, today is the last day which also signifies that half the year has gone. Gasp! Time flies, eh? Dont get me started on my lame joke on what happen if you throw a clock out of the window. Those were the days eh when you read those joke books? Riiiiteee. Oh! And maybe I will be going for my first trip after donkey years...overseas! Actually, if you count Sentosa which is an island off Singapore, it still counts as overseas though.

I have a problem with the earlier idea of going to Johor. I do not have a passport because my mum doesnt allow and then also because going overseas mean that I have to spend money and based on my income and family expenditure, it is beyond my means. But giving in to pressure from friends and former colleagues for the longest time, I do not want to disappoint them even though given a choice, I would rather not make a passport. It's like trying to drag me out of bed or like how my mum did, yell from infront of the living room at 12 noon to ask me to wake up.

You feel forced to wake up and would rather sleep through till, say...1pm. But sometimes, a little bit of change can work wonders for your soul (even though it wouldnt kill to sleep for another hour). So hey, for the sake of experiencing something new, why not? Of course another matter is the $$ and while I can choose to use a slight bit of my salary to pay for my expenses in Johor, I have to come up with money to make a new passport. And with the bills and other extras that I have to pay off, I am not too sure if I can still have a bit of spare cash.

But Im sure I will figure it out somehow.

On another unrelated news, a Malay couple was robbed in broad daylight outside City Square in Johore. They were robbed of $10, 000 worth of cash and jewelleries. Not so much on the cash side coz he had $80 in his wallet. But still, we're talking about almost $10,000 worth of jewellery!!!

Diamond necklace...bangles....all of them, stolen! Though it was very suprising that they can be robbed at a time when many people were walking around, the even more surprising revelation was why the heck they carried jeweleries worth that much?! It's like digging your own grave!

When asked by the reporter why they carried so much jewelleries, they replied that they were on a special visit where they had not seen their relatives for the last 8 years. So, like what now....they want to tell their long lost relatives that they are leading a comfortable lifestyle in Singapore and that the last 8 years, they amassed this much of wealth and therefore it is appropriate to do a bit of show and tell?! I thought not seeing your relatives in that long period of time means catching up and not catching up with the number of jewellery pieces. Gosh. I guess the robbers were smart. Who would actually carry such expensive jewelleries except us naive Singaporeans eh?

No thanks to them, now probably many Singaporeans fear for their lives when they go to Johore especially for those who frequent there since the things there are cheaper than Singapore based on the currency rate. Look, everywhere you go, it's better to be safe than sorry. So please do not act like you're some VIP or something when visiting a foreign country no matter how near it is to our home country because when we Singaporeans go overseas, it can be so darn obvious sometimes.

It's so sad when I see the people of my own race unable to portray themselves as individuals. For example, the teenagers. Almost every Malay teenager talks and behaves like some other teenagers in order to fit in. The Malay young and stylish mothers want to look like other young stylish mothers by dressing up the same or getting themselves the same expensive stuffs. The aunties do not want be outdone by the other aunties at the malay weddings when it comes to jewellery. But still, other races have their own unique flaws so Im not pinpointing specifically at my race.

Then again, despite the minor squabbles and pinpointing at one another, I must say that we're pretty much a racial intergrated country. Unfortunately, the kiasuism nature (wanting to be the best no matter what) is still very loud and clear in all the races. Yup, we're definitely one Singapore.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get Smart Movie Trip

I had a fantastic day yesterday despite suffering a tad bit of heatstroke due to the unforgivable heat weather and it didnt help that I was wearing an almost double layer of clothes. Anyway Mariah and I watched Get Smart and it didnt disappoint. Had been a while since I last watched movie since I cant even remember the last movie I watched. Watching movies on youtube do not count.

It was fantastic! Funny yet not over the top. You can almost say that it was an intelligent movie (heck, they dont call it Get Smart for nothing!) and you have this sense of 'awe...' towards the bumbling nature of the field agent codenamed agent 86.

So I urge you moviegoers who are looking for some laughs bundled with great high speed action, to watch Get Smart.

After the movie, me and Mariah had dinner at some Turkey restaurants, which by the way, are one of my favourites. But Ramen Ten is still way up there.

And some 'exclusive' pics of me and Mariah goofing around with her digital SLR camera.

(Click the picture for larger view)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Morning Dilemma

What a morning. About half an hour after arriving to work, I saw the Principal coming down the stairways and I was like..'gasp!' and actually looked at him and about to greet him as he was climbing down. But suddenly, as if on cue, one by one my colleague was greeting him with an audible 'Good morning Brother!' and i was like..'should I? or should I not?!' And then when he finally came down the stairs, he started asking where my Operations Manager was...calling out my Admin Manager out...and Rahayu (that's me) felt like a stupid idiot and then thinking..'thats it ah..I am SO going to get blacklisted' for not greeting him properly because I was still in a state of shock. I know that he's a pretty strict disciplinarian but it was some serious shit hearing them wishing him so loudly as if they have been trained to do so. Frankly speaking, it was a culture shock to me because among ourselves we dont even wish one another like that.

Yes we're very unfriendly people...haha..ok, not really.

Anyway it's too late to turn back the time anyway so now that I know, I would not be so jammed up the next time and greet him with a loud 'GOOD MORNING BROTHER!!' (In case u're wondering why we call him Brother, that's because he is a Catholic priest).

Oh well.

Today I didnt have a good chat session with Mariah at work online (I mean it's not as if we do a full blown out kind of chat previously either) but it was so sporadic coz I was living in fear. And the fact that my colleague behind me was on course, my VP would make a stopover admin manager (a.k.a direct reporting boss), and *gasp* even my Principal for awhile there! Anyway God is great. Since I didnt have eyes behind my back, somehow the times when I was not opening up the MSN chat box, they were directly behind me or walking around the office.

And can they please shift that stupid trophy sitting on the cupboard behind me!! Do you have any idea how many freaking times I mistook that trophy for someone standing behind me just now?! Made me turn back unnecessarily you as if a ghost was watching me! I was practically living in fear today!


Anyway you know what. I dont really care ah anymore. Even though he's the head of the school, I dont report directly to him so when it comes to work conduct such as the appraisal which is a mid year and end of year work review, it will be my admin manager. But that doesnt mean I would treat him with less respect or something ah. Just..remember to greet him the next time..haha.

So much for that, anyway ever since school started for the boys and that the primary one registration is coming up, calls have been increasing lately. If there is one thing that I can tell these parents of our school's future students is, go read the MOE website! Cut my job load by half. Im fine if they want to make enquiries based on what they read or find out information about our school since some of the information wont be available on either the school or the ministry's website.

But seriously, things like the dates of registrations, documents to bring, the time to register...there is another thing called the handy dandy pamplet given out to the preschoolers by their kindergartens and child care centres. Sigh....

Anyway, rahayu will always be at your service whether she's answering emails from the public or whoever calls.
Even when she's munching on a biscuit while doing so which makes her voice sound inaudible.

Uhm but today I was too lazy busy to look up for information in order to answer the email enquiries. What to do, I got my 'slackeroo' moments too.

Oh! Nevertheless in between work as well, I had to fill up this questionairre sent to me by toxic's future employer in order to find out more about her. I was one of her two referrals but even though she informed them that I was a friend, they gave me some sorta generic questionaire asking me about her past employment and I was like..'what the heck?!' and her resume did not contain enough information for me so it was not helping at all.

The only question she was taken aback was when one of the questions asked about her weaknesses. I asked toxic what was her weaknesses and she could not think of any. Well if she actually bothered to do some research online about the sort of questions employers would ask, this would be one of the common questions. They are not trying to penalise you but they just want to find out how you go about overcoming your weakness for the benefit of your work. In fact I was even asked such question before.

Anyway I managed to finish the questionaire and even though she already signed the letter of appointment (which actually defeats the purpose of them asking for character referees), her employment depends on those questionaires. The other one who would be answering will be her professor. But actually, if you ask me, toxic should have asked her past employers instead because, they after all, know better about her past work experience.

So good luck with her. Im also crossing my fingers as well because Im counting on it so that I dont get bugged too often or my Wednesday will be gone coz out of nowhere, she declared that we'll meet on this day every single week. And the 'best' thing was she said I agree to it because I will be free. HUH?! WHAT?! WHERE?!! *shudders* Was I drinking at that time?!

Not Wednesdays. My CSI:Miami is coming back next week!! And since I am also watching Pushing Daisies now on Sundays which start at 10.30pm, it will cut through the repeats at 11pm which used to be the usual timing that I catch the show since it was hard to watch it on Wednesdays.

Well, I think I will try to wiggle my way out of this situation for the sake of David..I mean..CSI:Miami. It has got to be! I cant compromise my loyalty towards that show! Who cares about friendship! Oh, that reminds me. I should start to read the episode recaps of Season 6 so I would be less of a dumbo when I watch them later. But you know what? Just like Supernatural where halfway through Season 2 I stopped reading the recaps and just went ahead watching the show not expecting to see what I had read about, it was not so bad. I mean if you're already used to the way they carry out the investigations and how they nab the bad guys (or evil spirits in the case of Supernatural), more or less you wont be so lost.

It wouldnt kill either to put on your thinking cap and start guessing who is the killer or mastermind. Plus at times, it's quite obvious. Just expect the unexpected. Of course it will be a bummer if you guess it wrongly too.

Sidetracking here, I signed another petition. Actually it's just some petition to bring back a mayo ad that was taken off the airwaves because some 200 people (out of the millions in UK..go figure) were unhappy about it.

If they want to talk about moral values or teaching children the 'wrong' things, please lah...what makes them think these children will somehow be blind to what is going on around them. This world is not filled with cotton candies and butterflies only.

They will know that amidst the good, there is evil and amidst those that are deemed to be normal, there are those that may raise questions. They just have to learn to make intelligent judgments rather than brainwashing them with the untrue fact that our world is so damn perfect.

So bring back the mayo ad!

Besides, a burger tastes bland without mayo.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some People

I have been missing from blogging, havent i? Im still here in one piece but it's just that I kinda lost a bit of mood. My life has been quite a downer recently so I cant actually string words together. I havent been updating my organizer even. It's like Im taking a backseat about everything. But rest assured, Im trying to pick up the pieces as the days go by and hopefully I will start to be more attentive to the going-ons in my life.

The last I spoke about my life is that I had a mild emotional breakdown that led me to go on a food binge, which thankfully, didnt last that long. But dammit, even within that short period of time, who knew that you could easily gain 1kg. Unfortunately, due to the inaccesibility of the good ol' gym, that 1kg might be here to stay for some time which is a sad reminder that one should not turn to food for comfort. Well at least not more than a day.

I'll try to figure out a way to get out of this mess though.

Meanwhile, I shall try to find myself a fruitful hobby that does not require me to acquire points. Yes I admit that my obssession of neopets has gone a little way out of hand but I have made a decision to only play it for half an hour to forty five minutes. It's not going to be easy but hey, I did it today. I didnt have a nagging feeling to achieve a target of five 'jobs' that my neopet had to perform in order to rise in the ranks. Okay partly coz I was feeling a little bit unwell as well.

Actually, I didnt intend to blog today coz I kinda have a headache which may be due to the fact that the monkeys kids are back to school after the June holidays and suddenly I was overwhelmed with work. I received one call after another which didnt let me do my work properly but the funny thing is, I dont know why but I felt a little bit 'perky' today whether I was answering the phone or just generally in the office. So much so I forgot today was a Monday.

Maybe coz I felt a bit happy that I had work to do rather than mop around and do nothing starting from the last one and a half week. I dont remember if I blogged about this but ever since I kinda stopped being a slacker, she actually is a bit nicer to me. Infact she was even talking to me on almost the same level as the rest of my colleagues in the office instead of treating me like Im some alien or something. I, on the other hand, dont think I want to achieve that level of comfort that she has with them because I still cant stand her childish mannerism at times.

Oh, and remember my 'toxic' friend? She has been very pesky the last few weeks that it is almost intolerable. Im really tired of playing this 'trying to convince' game that I really am not able to make it especially without any prior arrangement. I cant just be plucked out and placed somewhere else like a chess piece. Even today I have to play that stupid game again. And I dont get it. I try the best I can as a friend in general but I dont expect people to do the same to me but pls, have some sense of moral as well that people do have a life and when I say cannot, it means cannot. Sighz..

Okay, it's not just about this but seriously, one of the things that I cannot stand but miraculously have patience dealing with it is when people waste their time harping on something even when the answer is a flat no. Okay fine, even I try to play a little convincing game to somehow turn that answer into a 'yes' but I dont try to drag the matter until it is beyond intolerance.

Like for example, just now a parent called to say that her boy lost a gameboy pouch last Thursday so I tried to check the lost and found area. I understand that maybe I may have overlooked and when she refused to believe it was not there, I went in again to check and told her that I doubled checked and even asked my OM if anyone returned, she still could not accept it!

I dont know if there the gameboy pouch is made of gold or stashed with hundreds of dollars but she's harping on the fact that someone told her boy that he saw a teacher take it. That Thursday the boy was having some enrichment lesson and took his break at the canteen so I said that it could be the trainer and not a teacher because the teachers didnt organize these lessons but no, she said teacher.


How the f**k would you're not even f**king there!

I said, okay the least I could do is ask the teacher if she could tell me the name but she said, that was the thing, she did not know who. I said okay maybe she had not returned it yet and kept it first so I just let her know if she returned but apparently, she could not wait and asked if I could get back to her by today and to ask all the teachers. I was like 'but there are 90 over teachers!' and yes, I was beginning to lose my cool already.

She just refused to hang up and asked me to check the damn schedule on that Thursday to see who could be around on that day and I said I cant remember who were around coz I dont have their schedule. The only schedule I have was that on that day also the boys did not have any remedial lessons but only some activities or enrichment classes that the teachers do not conduct.

Trust me, she is not the only one who plays this irritating game with me. If it's not about some lost item, it can be about other things.

So I can be, unfortunately a very patient person, and according to Mariah, a wimp coz I give in too easily, but I try to stand my ground as well especially in recent times. Because now I realise that when you try to sacrifice for others, or go out of the way for other people, some people just dont appreciate it.

I dont of course expect people to pay me back in kindness but I've had it up to here about people making a big hoo-haa when the table is turned on them though not purposely.

Like recently I was not able to attend a wedding of an ex classmate of mine or a prior gathering that fell through coz many people were not able to make it. But suddenly my inability to attend had turned me into an ungrateful 'friend'.

Just because he could make it this round and the fact that he's pretty close to this 'friend'. Those words still rang in my head when he said 'of all the people, I dont believe it's coming from you!!!' when I simply asked, how come we never hear from him like dunno if he meant to invite us or not.

Is it wrong for me to ask that when clearly, there was not even a message to formally invite us to his wedding? Of course we know that he is busy but it's just out of politeness to invite us on his own accord. And for all I know, he is not some famous celebrity who relies on his publicist to 'convey' the message through some press meeting about the upcoming nuptials. Even if he did mean to pass us the cards but we could not make it because he tried doing it at the last minute (which make me doubt his sincerity to invite us in the first place) then just mass message us all which is basically just this very small group of us.

I clearly picked a good time to blog, huh? All this frustration is really getting to me sometimes when people stop sparing a thought for others and be very selfish.

Okay, I shall end here and hopefully I wont be posting such an angry post as this one but you know what I mean right when people start expecting more out of you but they have not done the same for you? Thats exactly how Im feeling right now actually.

The one and only,

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Kooky Eater

It has been quite a while since I last blogged. Well Im still in one piece, dodged a few bullets here and there, seen the rainbow, watched a few people passing by me while lugging their trolleys with the brand new printers bought from the PC Show (curse u money loaded people!!), listened to old classic music (amidst former punk band..Blink 182..heh) and playing neopets.

Okay, let's say my obssession with neopets has gone a little too far...

how far? eh.....kooky far? well....somewhere around that region that apparently she has forgotten she has a life, not that she does much anyway. But hey, at least I managed to clean my room after living amidst a mess for the last few days.

Speaking of mess, my life has been quite messed up recently which I kinda tried to 'rectify' by a sudden binge of food. I would say that it was not as bad my previous 'binge moments' because the matter was resolved quite quickly but unfortunately, I cant say the same for my appetite. Another funny thing is that I dont usually feel so guilt wrecked whenever I have these moments because basically, I get to eat those sorta food that I dont normally consume coz of their unhealthiness. But I guess coz I didnt eat them for the longest time, I had trouble eating them and there were times I felt that I was forcing myself to eat them. I was going through a rough patch (what's new) so I was pretty much imbalanced emotionally.

Still, I held on strong and had some help which made things better. Starting from this Monday, I would have to go back to my regular lunch of oatmeal and bread because I think my tummy has taken quite a beating recently with the forced eating sessions. No more nestum though coz it doesnt taste as nice as it used to taste back then when I was younger. Infact, a lot of things dont taste as nice nowadays like for instance, instant noodles. Because of Singaporeans' growing need to lead a more healthier lifestyle (yeah..pft..right), and yet they want to eat with less guilt, even instant noodles have the healthy symbol attached, well at least the more popular brands.

Even though I begged to differ that they are healthier now because instant noodles can never be healthy so pls people, wake up, it wouldnt kill to eat them once in awhile. But the taste factor has apparently gone down the drain. I tell you, it's like eating boiled noodles with water with a slight bit taste of seasoning. Nothing beats the real deal. Or at least instant noodles prior to obtaining the healthier symbol.

Okay, enough about food. I saw this really cool promo yesterday in Orchard Road of a poster that resembled that of escaped suspected terrorist ( know who..the face that is plastered everywhere but still no news yet as to his whereabouts). Of course it brought about strange curiosity like eh, got another escaped convict? But upon closer inspection, there was no mistaking who that was:

If you read my blog previously, I put up a trailer of Dexter in his morning routine. Okay, just a quick info about the show. In America, the second season just ended. Now you see Dexter (Michael C Hall of Six Feet Under fame) above all smiley like in a twisted sort of way. But he is a cold blooded serial killer with absolutely no feeling of sympathy for his would be victims. His relationships with people are basically created as a cover up. By day, he is a blood splatter analyst but at night, he is a serial killer with a penchant for using tools like plastic bags to kill these victims. But these are not regular people but those of whom he believed deserved to be killed.

As usual, you can read a more extensive coverage of Dexter on this wiki site:


I tried to find out which channel they are going to show Dexter because I didnt manage to read the promo. Well, my search has not ended but Im still thinking on whether I want to watch it coz of the gruesomeness. Then again, Michael is an excellent and daring actor who does not flinch in his roles making them so real.

So for Michael's sake..I might just *gulp* catch an episode of it.

Gosh, there is so much to blog but I feel so emotionally drained out. Well at least it's still a decent entry.

The one and only,

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Featured Blog: People Like Us

The featured blog that I am about to talk about may be controversial not because they want to purposely create sensation but merely to educate. If you have heard about the fight for LGBT rights, or read about it, you know their long struggle to be treated as an equal irregardless of gender and sexual orientation.

But it is a fight that is not going down and every step in improving the mindset of the general masses is applauded. It is also their way of saying that despite the general knowledge that we have become more liberal and open in embracing a more diversified society, that liberal stand is a mere speck of the dust.

In other words, there is so much work to be done. But thanks to the persistent efforts of activists and LGBT societies, there is a gradual change towards acceptance.

Actually, the featured blog is, get this, from Singapore, and it is very well written and updated with historical citations and the viewpoints from various religions. They dont go all out to criticise the government on their biased stand against this group of people in Singapore but are actually upset for being treated like second class citizens. Still this does not deter them from continuing to organize events and increase public awareness that they have the right to be treated as equals, at least in the government's eye.

Anyway, I am not here to change you because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But do check out their blog and read it with an open mind. For myself, I basically am all for human rights so I took the time to do a small write up regarding their blog and feature them here.

Check out the blog at People Like Us

The one and only,

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Reborn Sims 2 Addict

Would you believe I just deleted the last post that I painstakingly typed at almost 3am in the morning. Yes, I am of the insomniac generation although my brother and mum begged to differ coz I cant keep my eyes open at 11pm ish. Just..gotta..take..that midnight nap!

Well, half the time I didnt know what I was writing. I was talking about my regular lunch menu which, uhm..consists of nestum and wholemeal bread. Yes very the healthy but if you times that by 5, now you tell me if it sounds anymore healthier to you!! Basically, it's not coz I want to self torture myself (hrm...) but in short, it's for health and budget reason.

It's one of those crazy things I do because I hate the fact that I am sitting down at work and not travelling around for work. I have long not gone to the gym too ever since I had to pay for gym entrance now compared to the free and easy gym at my previous workplace. I know it's only a freaking 2.50 but then, you have no idea how frugal I can be.

Oh, in terms of budget, I would say that I just wanted to spare some cash to buy some snacks for my mum and my brother because both will anticipate I buy something for them when I get home from work. The amount I spend on them is like buying myself a pack of lunch, and even slightly more if you consider the cheaper lunch alternatives such as canteen food.

It's causing a dent in my budget so it's either them or me if I want to try to save costs somewhere somehow. Furthermore my mum is very very very temperamental now and she will throw a hissing fit if she's hungry or I didnt get her the food that she wanted. Like few days ago, she had already consumed nasi lemak late evening and then about 8.30 ish at night she had this craving to eat prata and I was like..huh..just ate food what..and I was feeling too lazy to go out and buy coz I didnt feel like I should give in to all her weird 'food cravings'. Then dunno what she was rambling non stop in the living room for gawd knows how long while I just concentrated on surfing the net. I know amidst her rambles was the fact that if we have money, she can get whatever food she wanted.

So that's my two cents worth on my choice of eating such bleh lunch. Well at least on the plus side, I did sorta 'cheat' a bit like buying a prepackaged thick slices of chocolate cake that costs about 1.50 only and ate them for breakfast for two days. Rahayu needs variety! Plus she's a born foodie so no point holding her back for so long! Im sure even the healthiest of the nuts cheat too from the usual healthy living lifestyle.

But talking about food, Mariah prepared lunch for me! So besides the usual brew of hot plain tea (a.k.a teh-O) prepared in a bottle for me daily by mum, today I brought lunch which Mariah had packed for me yesterday.

People must really love me.. :D

or rather take pity on me.. :/

Anyhoo, let's talk gaming!! Okay forgive my unusual frustrating rant yesterday on not getting the points that I wanted (Read:Maximum number of neopoints awarded). You have no idea that what you read from previous post was just half of my delusional rantings. I was this close to pulling my hair and smashing my laptop on the floor.

The ironic thing was that I managed to score the full 3000 neopoints for my brother coz they locked me out of my account and I could not play until an hour later. And when I finally can play, my fingers fell asleep!

But patience has its virtue (or whatever left of my swollen pride after the failure). Since my laptop was in a good mood, I decided to uhm..reinstall my beloved Sims 2. I am SO into this game...or rather used too..before my laptop crashed and I was so unhappy that the expansion packs just keep on being produced while I felt so stuck at my current collections, which I must say, not to show off or anything, is pretty extensive. Hey, at least it's way cheaper than those darn xbox games, k?

I am seriously crossing my fingers and toes that I will get my bonus next month even if it is pro-rated since I just joined the ministry in March this year. And this time, I am not going to wait. I am definitely going to do something about that stupid graphics card!!!

Oh back to the game. It installed successfully and I can play on it successfully without any glitches as well!!! Even though it's the basics of the basics, a.k.a minus all the other expansion packs, which is seriously a little bit underwhelming for an..ahem..advanced player like me, it is still better than nothing. Im trying to just get the hang of it first (like as if I need to) and then slooowly build it up. But if goes well, the next expansion pack that I should install is the nightlife expansion pack.

I can tell u that it is DA best among expansion packs coz..pft..the downtown area looks spiffy...they have cars..the best places to dine and shop...almost like living a beverly hills sorta life. Nothing comes close to this expansion pack especially that snooze worthy university life. It's the only expansion pack that I HAVE to play on extremely fast mode because it's that boring. The only highlight? Someone streaking at the campus where the bits will get blurred. Well it's not college life without some weirdos!

So if you're keen in building yourself a virtual alternate life, or just make the Sims procreate and watch the babies grow up, marry, get old, and *sniff* die (or become ghosts later)...jump on the bandwagon! Even non gamers can get the hang of it after a certain time.

If that doesnt make you see the go ahead to get this game,let me tell you that you get to play cupid and make them kiss and do some..well...they call it 'woohoo' which is self explanatory.

Cant wait to go home and expand my virtual family!

I forsee more sleepless nights..

The one and only,

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Crazy Typing Game

Im very crazy right now....very........

I am currently am NOT happy that I was having difficulty with the laptop's keyboard because it has proven NOT effective in me scoring 1000 neopoints for some typing game!!!

%^&* keyboard! curse you!!!

I am going to try my luck again even if it is going to give me a sleepless night!

Yes I am that crazy. At least you didnt get to hear me ranting like some mad woman shouting at the animation like it has a life of its own.

This is some random rambling. I just need some outlet to vent my frustration....... 1000 neopoints! *foaming at mouth*

The one and only,

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Artwork: Luke Macfarlane

Yes the return of Rahayu the slacker...

anyhoo, I was so happy my photoshop CS2 could work coz my laptop in good mood that I actually didnt want to sleep yet at 2 ish in the morning..and came up with this.

The background a bit messy lah coz could not be bothered to do something 'amazing'. Oklah I was just having fun with the brushes :D But as usual..the image they provided always turn out nicer than mine..sighz

Anyway, I will put this under a new label 'artwork'...

The one and only,

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Old is Gold

When my laptop doesnt screw up on me, I am able to use the laptop better than my old pc runs faster...but old is always goodie though it frustrates me when it has the tendency to hang. So just now, when the laptop was on one of its erratic mood swings where it worked perfectly fine, I had the chance to use the photoshop CS2. And it was great coz I had been drifting on the internet to look out for nice downloadable stuffs for my photoshop 7.0 which works fine in safe mode but unfortunately, times have changed and people are mostly putting up stuffs for the newer versions of photoshop.

So sighz, since CS2 doesnt work on safe mode, I have to just copy, paste, crop, delete using magic wand, erase..etc etc etc...and with that you can easily conclude how much EASIER Cs2 is compared to the older versions. Nevertheless, whether is it old or new, I aim to improve on my graphics skills and embrace it instead of being merely 'touch and go' on it.

I mean, basically, that kinda sums up my attitude towards my interests in general. I cant say I have a definite interest or hobby that I pour my heart and soul into because generally, I like diversity. I dont see myself pigeon holed into one though it may give people the impression that I am some sort of jane of all trades but master of none.

Sometimes, I am amazed by how much time and effort people put in to perfect their skills and they just dont stop learning. Like for example, if they are into photography, they practise and practise and often ask questions to the professionals and get tips just so that they can become better. For me, I study other people's work and try to incorporate them in my designs and if you see these designs differ from one another, they are mainly coz they are inspired by different designers. But along the way, I develop certain trademark that basically spells out 'uniquely me' just like how a photographer's trademark could be she likes to take shots of people up close for that more personal touch.

Still, I refer myself as someone who gets bored easily with just one hobby so one moment you can see me indulge (and become obsessed) over certain tv series and then later, I find myself not even completing watching half of the season. It's one of my flaws I lack the 'commitment' to pursue the interest. But of course it is all in the mind and I can push myself to commit if I have to. Case in point..CSI:Miami. I never get tired of it (unless I watched the reruns for the third time and counting).

Sometimes I sheepishly wonder how my love life will be. Will I get bored after seeing him week after week? What if I am into vertically challenged guys at one point and then the next time, I want someone who is preferably six foot tall?! Trust me, it will be a definite case of 'I want to get out of this relationship!!'

But nevermind, there can be 101 reasons why Im still dateless and I hope among those reasons, sheer laziness and inability to focus on certain niche interests are not in there. Well could be coz guys generally think that Im too good for them or that some of them feel rather inadequate when with terms of height. See....never ever blame yourself for the lack of lurrveee in your life if you're a swinging single like me. Not even when you are a master of no trades or queen of procrastination...much too.

Dont mind me..all of the above are just mindless rambles except the part where Im jumping for joy in my heart that my laptop is working even for awhile just to let me explore the almost new software. It's after 3 am in the morning and I have yet to give up missing the opportunity when my laptop is in one of its seldom good mood.

I will definitely blog better using my old PC. Told gold.

The one and only,

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Featured TV Show: Pushing Daisies

In anticipation of the show Pushing Daisies to be shown on Channel 5 (argh...cant..contain...excitement!), I have decided to make a banner for it..

oh but pls forgive my mediocre artwork..heh...Im a struggling artist (or rather struggling to do the artwork).

If you are living in Singapore like yours truly, jot this down in your diary!

Sunday 8 June 10.30pm..

For a sypnosis of what this show is all about, I refer you to the Channel 5 website again

Pushing Daisies

yes, Im a shameless promoter.

The one and only,

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Featured Song - Thats not my Name by The Tingtings

Very cute and catchy song..cant help it..

for all those who often screw up my name...take that!

Care for a download of the song?

The Tingtings - That's not my name

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Featured Blog: Mariah

I have not been paid to write this but hey, for Mariah..anything...

If you notice I often namedropped Mariah in my blog. She's nicknamed as such coz..Im Beyonce's alter ego and she wanted a slice of the pie too so she called herself Mariah as in Mariah Carey, yes the one who has just got married to a gold digger. Well, she's a good friend of mine and a fellow blogger who does not ride on fame like other fellow S'pore bloggers.

But it does not hurt to be famous once in awhile..*grins*

She is a self described camwhore (though I still beg to differ), a photography enthusiast who recently had her first outdoor photoshoot with another experienced photographer as her mentor. Recently, she bought herself a Niko camera which I cant remember what the heck she named that poor thing.

We are both food enthusiasts so the dynamic duo, that's me and her, would prowl downtown in search of good food mainly international cuisine.

About her blog, I read it almost daily and it contains interesting snippets of her slamming certain colleagues of her at work..hehe..and also random stuffs about her reminiscing about good ol' days such as classic books and cartoons. I hope I get that right because I normally skim through them..heh..unless they are very interesting like the Rainbow classic children's tv (Last night, I had fun banging...*muahaha*) She's very well read and can spend hours at the library or bookstores.

Wah all this praising makes me tired.

So she's our featured blog of the day!


p/s: the link to her post is permanently 'plastered' to my sidebar so just click on the pic anytime..and it's just below the hunk du jour. I mean..pft..come on, they're hunks so they will always be on top..heh..

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I heart Travis

Im over the moon that Travis, the Scottish band is coming to Singapore for the Singfest in August! Arg! Tickets on the 1st day of sales going at 150 which is super affordable if you consider the other acts that are coming like Alicia Keys and...get this...ONE REPUBLIC!!! *scream*.

But rahayu being the scrooge...may not be able to catch Travis live and based on the newspaper article, it is their second time here. One of those 'off' moments I wish I have a boyfriend who is willing to fork out the money to show how much he loves me and it will be the perfect date. That or I wish I have enough savings to get me the ticket AND a friend (possibly a Mariah) to go to the Singfest.

Isnt it enough I dedicate this current blogskin to Travis's hit single 'Why does it always rain on me?' which leads to......



Yesterday I was reading this article in Readers' Digest on happiness and it was pretty interesting because it presented two opposing viewpoints. One of the things I remembered was that you need to smile in order to 'cheer up' a bad day as it will somehow alter your mood. But the other viewpoint was that you need to show emotions like anger and unhappiness instead of 'pretending' that everything is alright because that is not going to solve the problem. Might as well just get over the emotions and start doing something.

I dont know if I summarise the article correctly but based on my understanding, yup, that's the gist of it. It's a very well written article and I probably would do a pretty thorough write-up on it (anything to fill up the time). For myself, I would agree with the opposing viewpoint though. I mean it's better to do something to bring you that much needed happiness, however the temporary the solution may be, rather than just smile and not do anything. It's like saying...'well...i just leave it fate ah!' Might as well just sit down at one corner and wait for the  phase to be over.

Then again, a smile wouldnt hurt either just to tell yourself, 'hey it's will get better' and then start racking your brain for the solutions. Either way, you dont expect happiness to be handed to you on a silver platter. Work at it,!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Luke in top 3


Luke Macfarlane has done us proud! Ok ah..more like me..but hey, it just proves something. When Rahayu spots a hunk, that hunk will go places.

Luke plays the character of Scotty, love interest of Kevin, on Brothers and Sisters. Even before knowing he's gay in real life, I just am in love with him coz his character is just so adorable with his smile and his presence. Infact, his character is so well liked that viewers were rallying that he should continue to be on this show!

And good news! His character was brought back in Season 2 and then...AND THEN..he has been added to be one of the series regular! See, Im not the only one in love with him, in and out of character!

Do you realise Im ending almost every sentence with an exclamation mark!

Anyway, just last Monday, he managed to snag the top three post on a certain popular blog and it was his first appearance on the list! No 3! It's a popularity post which means that people actually send in votes of the names of actors, singers, models and etc which they deemed fit to be in the hot 100 list.

And just today, he is the *in loud voice*...the HUNK OF THE DAY!!!

'am I gorgeous or what?'

Read more at hunk du jour (the hot link at my sidebar)

Well Luke, you have made a reappearance in my 'featured guy' category.

The one and only,

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One United Voice

Im amazed at how the younger generations (a.k.a teenagers) are making themselves little bundles of money and I feel like I want to jump on the bandwagon too. Ok more precisely, how they can generate income from their online presence through their blogs and adverts. But the catch is that they must have a good flair of writing and creativity which, obviously, will derive interest and viewership. Unfortunately, I dont belong in this group. Okay groups if you count the teenagers' part.

But anyway that aside, I think for me, I still dont want be so caught up with the race to be the most (in)famous blogger because it will be such a huge public display that I dont feel like posting. So here I am back to my 'I am so popular-NOT' world.

Today marked the 3 month of my job here in this school and I am still in the learning process. Trust me, even if you ask me a year later, my answer is probably the same. First, not coz Im a lazy bugger (just at times only) but there is a huge aspect of administration that I have not touched yet and frankly speaking, it IS going to be one heck of a scary ride...haiz. The way they do the discussions are a bit of an uphill task for me. In layman's term, what the %^& are you talking about?! Nevermind...Rahayu has always been the sort who will be blur when you explain the technicalities to her but somehow rather, will get the hang of it and amp it up on a bit based on what she feels will make her finis the work faster.

Okay just to tell you one of my quirks is that I buy the Straits Times only on Tuesday because I want to get a copy of the Digital Life. If you cant afford the costly IT magazines, I would say that this is a much cheaper alternative with the reviews, tips and interviews with the IT bigwigs. Anyway back to my story. I wanted to just swipe today's copy from the office but for the past few weeks, I can tell you forget about it. The Straits Times is an almost complete set..EXCEPT..for that freaking Digital Life! I would look through it and then rubbing my hands in glee coz I didnt have to spend 80 cents on a new copy but alas! The bloody DL is always missing!


So anyway I got a few ideas on what to write about Geek Speak. It's not going to be a boring read mind you but I want to share with you some tips which I think will prove useful to you especially for one of them. I remembered searching online years back for such open source software and somehow managed to find among the piles of internet ''rubbish' and then I forgot the link and that was it. To sieve through those rubbish again was going to be yet another unbearable feat and I was thinking, why the heck it could not be provided for free when people use it frequently?!!

Alas Im no software developer so I could only rant like mad. Times have changed a lot and there are a lot of developers, both on amateur and professional level and they provide help for personal and business use.

Dont worry, I shall reveal it all on Geek Speak.

Amidst the news that I read on today's ST, there was this sensational news on The Chees, the brother sister duo, who defamed PM Lee and MM Lee. They refused to apologise and retract what they said so they were brought to court. Now Im not one to talk about politics but you must still understand that politics is what makes Singapore what she is now. Now we all appreciate it if the Government helps the fellow citizens in ways that they can such as to 'cushion' them from the increasing inflation rate. Of course competition is always good and encourages challenges on a level where the people are going to benefit from them eventually. It also opens up more avenues for people to explore instead of just relying on one political party to do the job.

But to misuse the political power given to them and to throw around big bombastic words which at the end of the day will not bear any 'fruits' but just promote hatred among other people is something that should not applauded. Instead, it should be frowned upon and acted upon quickly so that the citizens as well as other international countries will not ridicule our political system.

You want to prove to us that you represent our voice, then do something instead of just throwing your weight and misleading others into despising the governemnt and all those associated with it. It's like promising the poor that you will provide them with an easier life but not being able to fulfill it and yet you use them as scapegoat in your bid to be more powerful.

Sometimes, this kind of thing make you ponder if someone's high intellect level is anything to be proud of.

Whatever the outcome, I am just glad that we are not so bad compared to other countries where the political parties are always in a spat and at the end of the day, nothing is done to alleviate the people's sufferings.It's truly sad whenever you read stories of their sad plight and then questioning to yourself where do all the money donated or loaned to their government go to? It's the classic case of the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer.

The one and only,

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Featured Blog: Simply Jean

I have respect for Singaporean bloggers..well..apparently, not all. But there are those that are worth a mention and if they're popular, they're popular not for the wrong reason. Sure they enjoy publicity every now and then and getting press invites yadah yadah....but among them, there are those who did a fab job reporting such events while not trying to portray themselves dressed so OTT (over the top) or just ''. The idea for such events to be covered by these bloggers is to reach out the youth demographics (aka blog readers and writers) to increase exposure and hence increase sales.

Anyway, this featured blog is for those people who dont bother to read the news (this same group of people) and the entries are about the current events picked out by the contributors of this blog for reading pleasure as well as to hear what these bloggers had to say.

So I present to you...

Simply Jean

eh, but still no excuses not to read the papers, okay?

The one and only,

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Signature Post

Rahayu promises to NOT tinker with her blog template or whatever...just stick with the current damn journal format!!!

Btw, i added a cute signature to every post starting from this one :D

The one and only,

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Walking Brinjal

wah finally finished reading a set of notes on some operation guidelines.

But that's not important (anything that requires reading at work is not important).

What is more important is that I am dressed like a freaking brinjal! I didnt realise the colour combo until the last minute when i was about to go and took one last look at the mirror and I am in purple...and green!!! GAH!! Well, I shall sit quietly behind my desk for the rest of the day and if I were to walk around the office a.k.a the loo, my manager's cubicle, the SHOULD be done promptly and walk quickly/run back to the table.

That aside, I wanna talk about my mum's erratic behaviour recently. I think I have talked about this before but I just think it's getting a little off the hand recently with her spewing vulgarities over the simplest thing. I did not get for her the peanut soybean pancake last Saturday and got her crab nuggets instead and she threw into a hissing fit. She practically was scolding and scolding till she was practically tearing from all the anger and accused me of being selfish and only think about myself and not her. Well she never have the habit of telling something properly and goes round the circle so whatever I can catch of what she said, I just take note of it.

But of course, there is such a thing called forgetfulness.

Okay fine, if she wants to reprimand me for not buying exactly what she wanted but she made such a big HUGE fuss over it like it's almost confrontational. Even my brother cant stand it and while I was at the doorstep eager to buy that damn pancake to stop her from spewing those vulgarities but she was like 'NO NEED TO BUY LA! YOU GO BUY YOU DONT COME BACK!!' but yet again she was so so so not over the matter and keep on harping on it that I was like 'you want me to buy or not?!' I just trying to save her from creating more sins.

Anyway, big shout out to my brother for his willingness to accompany me to go buy the pancake at about 8.30pm at night despite my mum's angry retort at him to not follow me. But he was like..'hrmph..I don care..I cant stand all the shouting'..and he went out quickly and put on his sandals and about to slam the door shut..haha.

I mean really...I have been putting up with her nonsense all these years but at times, it can get unbearable and I feel like screaming at her back in BIG BOLD WORDS but she's my know what I mean?

Well, today is Monday. Big fat yawn there. Normally I look forward to a brand new week but nowadays, it seems to be an emotional ride between 'one more week to payday!' and 'groans'. Mariah my chat buddy is on medical leave so Im bored. But then, she hasnt been chatting with me the past few days also as she is bogged down by work while yours truly dont have quite a lot of work to do ever since the start of the school holidays except to correspond with the parents and guardians of the students who applied for the school's admission tests. Anyway I dont expect to have a totally uninterrupted chat with her coz our chat sessions are very random although it wouldnt kill for each one of us to drop lines every now and then.

Trust me, when the work comes in fast and furious, I hardly have time to have a proper lunch. Suddenly they will come in drones and my table will be like the aftermath of world war II.

Oh well...let's hope Mariah will get her chat mojo back so it will not be quite a drag for the day to end..with our without work on hand.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Photoshoot

Last weekend, my two friends had some fun time doing a photoshoot at some location in Singapore and both being amateurs, a photographer and a model respectively, I must give them two thumbs up for job well done.

Of course there is still a long way to go but hey, there is always the much needed first step right? And if you're a photography enthusiast, you will always find ways in improving the photography techniques. Even the professional ones continue to learn.

Yes I am saying this to encourage Mariah. I may not be near the rank of a photographer and I even lack the desire to take photographs using a cameraphone but besides the tip above, my other tip is that I think she should also focus on other little details in the background apart from the main subject. Dont tsk me photography in secondary school..hee..even though I did better in AVA (Audio Visual) Club. Im more of the tinkering with the control panel type of person. Just like how I like to tinker with web coding and er..the two photos later.

I have asked permission to publish a photo on my blog. But got carried away and 'nabbed' two instead. Uhm reason being? I just felt compelled to do something about the rubbish bins in the background! haha..

Overall I like the poses. Very imaginative and Nats was so sporting (unlike me ah..who would rather sleep through her Sunday morning..hrm).

ANYWAY, here are two of the photos!

Nice right? Both the shots and the model's pose.

Well, of course they are not complete and there is such a thing called editing to improve the overall look of the photos which can be very time consuming. But it wouldn't kill to be perfect right?

Speaking of tinkering, I was telling you about how distracting I found the rubbish bins to be so I sorta did something....

Alright I did more than that but it's just for my own self learning. Her wings are slightly obscured coz I thought she would look better without the wings with that kinda pose (apart from the green rubbish bin).

But then again, it will seem like she has been demoted to an earthbound angel without wings. So I shall give her wings back. And put back the rubbish bin except that well..(it does add a bit of colour) you wont notice it that much since i blurred the background to make our dear Nats stand out more.

Wah all this tinkering is making me hungry.

So keep it up Mariah!

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