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Anticipated Trip

Im quite bummed that Van Hansis didnt win the trophy from the Daytime Emmys. And other fans of his are pretty disappointed as well especially for those that have been following his character's storylines for quite a long time.

Anyway, maybe the next time he would win? Or when he's less dramatic? Or when his character finally stops being a whiner? Hey, endless possibilities even though he wont be able to compete in the same category again because he is no longer 'young' so he will have to be in the other category meant for the more matured actors.

But im sure he can get by that quite easily so long as the storywriters continue to write great stuffs and he continue to be one sporting actor who does not shy away from controversial storylines. I just think that if the hair stylist stops messing with his hair a lot only coz it's longer than the rest and therefore stylable, it may lead people to pay more attention to his acting rather than thinking..'oh,my.gawd! what k…

Get Smart Movie Trip

I had a fantastic day yesterday despite suffering a tad bit of heatstroke due to the unforgivable heat weather and it didnt help that I was wearing an almost double layer of clothes. Anyway Mariah and I watched Get Smart and it didnt disappoint. Had been a while since I last watched movie since I cant even remember the last movie I watched. Watching movies on youtube do not count.

It was fantastic! Funny yet not over the top. You can almost say that it was an intelligent movie (heck, they dont call it Get Smart for nothing!) and you have this sense of 'awe...' towards the bumbling nature of the field agent codenamed agent 86.

So I urge you moviegoers who are looking for some laughs bundled with great high speed action, to watch Get Smart.

After the movie, me and Mariah had dinner at some Turkey restaurants, which by the way, are one of my favourites. But Ramen Ten is still way up there.

And some 'exclusive' pics of me and Mariah goofing around with her digital SLR camera.


Good Morning Dilemma

What a morning. About half an hour after arriving to work, I saw the Principal coming down the stairways and I was like..'gasp!' and actually looked at him and about to greet him as he was climbing down. But suddenly, as if on cue, one by one my colleague was greeting him with an audible 'Good morning Brother!' and i was like..'should I? or should I not?!' And then when he finally came down the stairs, he started asking where my Operations Manager was...calling out my Admin Manager out...and Rahayu (that's me) felt like a stupid idiot and then thinking..'thats it ah..I am SO going to get blacklisted' for not greeting him properly because I was still in a state of shock. I know that he's a pretty strict disciplinarian but it was some serious shit hearing them wishing him so loudly as if they have been trained to do so. Frankly speaking, it was a culture shock to me because among ourselves we dont even wish one another like that.

Yes we're very…

Some People

I have been missing from blogging, havent i? Im still here in one piece but it's just that I kinda lost a bit of mood. My life has been quite a downer recently so I cant actually string words together. I havent been updating my organizer even. It's like Im taking a backseat about everything. But rest assured, Im trying to pick up the pieces as the days go by and hopefully I will start to be more attentive to the going-ons in my life.

The last I spoke about my life is that I had a mild emotional breakdown that led me to go on a food binge, which thankfully, didnt last that long. But dammit, even within that short period of time, who knew that you could easily gain 1kg. Unfortunately, due to the inaccesibility of the good ol' gym, that 1kg might be here to stay for some time which is a sad reminder that one should not turn to food for comfort. Well at least not more than a day.

I'll try to figure out a way to get out of this mess though.

Meanwhile, I shall try to find mysel…

Kooky Eater

It has been quite a while since I last blogged. Well Im still in one piece, dodged a few bullets here and there, seen the rainbow, watched a few people passing by me while lugging their trolleys with the brand new printers bought from the PC Show (curse u money loaded people!!), listened to old classic music (amidst former punk band..Blink 182..heh) and playing neopets.

Okay, let's say my obssession with neopets has gone a little too far...

how far? eh.....kooky far? well....somewhere around that region that apparently she has forgotten she has a life, not that she does much anyway. But hey, at least I managed to clean my room after living amidst a mess for the last few days.

Speaking of mess, my life has been quite messed up recently which I kinda tried to 'rectify' by a sudden binge of food. I would say that it was not as bad my previous 'binge moments' because the matter was resolved quite quickly but unfortunately, I cant say the same for my appetite. Another fun…

Featured Blog: People Like Us

The featured blog that I am about to talk about may be controversial not because they want to purposely create sensation but merely to educate. If you have heard about the fight for LGBT rights, or read about it, you know their long struggle to be treated as an equal irregardless of gender and sexual orientation.

But it is a fight that is not going down and every step in improving the mindset of the general masses is applauded. It is also their way of saying that despite the general knowledge that we have become more liberal and open in embracing a more diversified society, that liberal stand is a mere speck of the dust.

In other words, there is so much work to be done. But thanks to the persistent efforts of activists and LGBT societies, there is a gradual change towards acceptance.

Actually, the featured blog is, get this, from Singapore, and it is very well written and updated with historical citations and the viewpoints from various religions. They dont go all out to criticise the go…

Reborn Sims 2 Addict

Would you believe I just deleted the last post that I painstakingly typed at almost 3am in the morning. Yes, I am of the insomniac generation although my brother and mum begged to differ coz I cant keep my eyes open at 11pm ish. Just..gotta..take..that midnight nap!

Well, half the time I didnt know what I was writing. I was talking about my regular lunch menu which, uhm..consists of nestum and wholemeal bread. Yes very the healthy but if you times that by 5, now you tell me if it sounds anymore healthier to you!! Basically, it's not coz I want to self torture myself (hrm...) but in short, it's for health and budget reason.

It's one of those crazy things I do because I hate the fact that I am sitting down at work and not travelling around for work. I have long not gone to the gym too ever since I had to pay for gym entrance now compared to the free and easy gym at my previous workplace. I know it's only a freaking 2.50 but then, you have no idea how frugal I can be.

Oh, …

Crazy Typing Game

Im very crazy right now....very........

I am currently am NOT happy that I was having difficulty with the laptop's keyboard because it has proven NOT effective in me scoring 1000 neopoints for some typing game!!!

%^&* keyboard! curse you!!!

I am going to try my luck again even if it is going to give me a sleepless night!

Yes I am that crazy. At least you didnt get to hear me ranting like some mad woman shouting at the animation like it has a life of its own.

This is some random rambling. I just need some outlet to vent my frustration....... 1000 neopoints! *foaming at mouth*

The one and only,

Artwork: Luke Macfarlane

Yes the return of Rahayu the slacker...

anyhoo, I was so happy my photoshop CS2 could work coz my laptop in good mood that I actually didnt want to sleep yet at 2 ish in the morning..and came up with this.

The background a bit messy lah coz could not be bothered to do something 'amazing'. Oklah I was just having fun with the brushes :D But as usual..the image they provided always turn out nicer than mine..sighz

Anyway, I will put this under a new label 'artwork'...

The one and only,

Old is Gold

When my laptop doesnt screw up on me, I am able to use the laptop better than my old pc runs faster...but old is always goodie though it frustrates me when it has the tendency to hang. So just now, when the laptop was on one of its erratic mood swings where it worked perfectly fine, I had the chance to use the photoshop CS2. And it was great coz I had been drifting on the internet to look out for nice downloadable stuffs for my photoshop 7.0 which works fine in safe mode but unfortunately, times have changed and people are mostly putting up stuffs for the newer versions of photoshop.

So sighz, since CS2 doesnt work on safe mode, I have to just copy, paste, crop, delete using magic wand, erase..etc etc etc...and with that you can easily conclude how much EASIER Cs2 is compared to the older versions. Nevertheless, whether is it old or new, I aim to improve on my graphics skills and embrace it instead of being merely 'touch and go' on it.

I mean, basically, that k…

Featured TV Show: Pushing Daisies

In anticipation of the show Pushing Daisies to be shown on Channel 5 (argh...cant..contain...excitement!), I have decided to make a banner for it..

oh but pls forgive my mediocre artwork..heh...Im a struggling artist (or rather struggling to do the artwork).

If you are living in Singapore like yours truly, jot this down in your diary!

Sunday 8 June 10.30pm..

For a sypnosis of what this show is all about, I refer you to the Channel 5 website again

Pushing Daisies

yes, Im a shameless promoter.

The one and only,

Featured Song - Thats not my Name by The Tingtings

Very cute and catchy song..cant help it..

for all those who often screw up my name...take that!

Care for a download of the song?

The Tingtings - That's not my name

The one and only,

Featured Blog: Mariah

I have not been paid to write this but hey, for Mariah..anything...

If you notice I often namedropped Mariah in my blog. She's nicknamed as such coz..Im Beyonce's alter ego and she wanted a slice of the pie too so she called herself Mariah as in Mariah Carey, yes the one who has just got married to a gold digger. Well, she's a good friend of mine and a fellow blogger who does not ride on fame like other fellow S'pore bloggers.

But it does not hurt to be famous once in awhile..*grins*

She is a self described camwhore (though I still beg to differ), a photography enthusiast who recently had her first outdoor photoshoot with another experienced photographer as her mentor. Recently, she bought herself a Niko camera which I cant remember what the heck she named that poor thing.

We are both food enthusiasts so the dynamic duo, that's me and her, would prowl downtown in search of good food mainly international cuisine.

About her blog, I read it almost daily and it contains int…

I heart Travis

Im over the moon that Travis, the Scottish band is coming to Singapore for the Singfest in August! Arg! Tickets on the 1st day of sales going at 150 which is super affordable if you consider the other acts that are coming like Alicia Keys and...get this...ONE REPUBLIC!!! *scream*.

But rahayu being the scrooge...may not be able to catch Travis live and based on the newspaper article, it is their second time here. One of those 'off' moments I wish I have a boyfriend who is willing to fork out the money to show how much he loves me and it will be the perfect date. That or I wish I have enough savings to get me the ticket AND a friend (possibly a Mariah) to go to the Singfest.

Isnt it enough I dedicate this current blogskin to Travis's hit single 'Why does it always rain on me?' which leads to......



Yesterday I was reading this article in Readers' Digest on happiness and it was pretty interesting because it presen…

Luke in top 3


Luke Macfarlane has done us proud! Ok ah..more like me..but hey, it just proves something. When Rahayu spots a hunk, that hunk will go places.

Luke plays the character of Scotty, love interest of Kevin, on Brothers and Sisters. Even before knowing he's gay in real life, I just am in love with him coz his character is just so adorable with his smile and his presence. Infact, his character is so well liked that viewers were rallying that he should continue to be on this show!

And good news! His character was brought back in Season 2 and then...AND THEN..he has been added to be one of the series regular! See, Im not the only one in love with him, in and out of character!

Do you realise Im ending almost every sentence with an exclamation mark!

Anyway, just last Monday, he managed to snag the top three post on a certain popular blog and it was his first appearance on the list! No 3! It's a popularity post which means that people actually send in votes of the names of actors, singe…

One United Voice

Im amazed at how the younger generations (a.k.a teenagers) are making themselves little bundles of money and I feel like I want to jump on the bandwagon too. Ok more precisely, how they can generate income from their online presence through their blogs and adverts. But the catch is that they must have a good flair of writing and creativity which, obviously, will derive interest and viewership. Unfortunately, I dont belong in this group. Okay groups if you count the teenagers' part.

But anyway that aside, I think for me, I still dont want be so caught up with the race to be the most (in)famous blogger because it will be such a huge public display that I dont feel like posting. So here I am back to my 'I am so popular-NOT' world.

Today marked the 3 month of my job here in this school and I am still in the learning process. Trust me, even if you ask me a year later, my answer is probably the same. First, not coz Im a lazy bugger (just at times only) but there is a huge aspect o…

Featured Blog: Simply Jean

I have respect for Singaporean bloggers..well..apparently, not all. But there are those that are worth a mention and if they're popular, they're popular not for the wrong reason. Sure they enjoy publicity every now and then and getting press invites yadah yadah....but among them, there are those who did a fab job reporting such events while not trying to portray themselves dressed so OTT (over the top) or just ''. The idea for such events to be covered by these bloggers is to reach out the youth demographics (aka blog readers and writers) to increase exposure and hence increase sales.

Anyway, this featured blog is for those people who dont bother to read the news (this same group of people) and the entries are about the current events picked out by the contributors of this blog for reading pleasure as well as to hear what these bloggers had to say.

So I present to you...

Simply Jean

eh, but still no excuses not to read the papers, okay?

The one and only,

Signature Post

Rahayu promises to NOT tinker with her blog template or whatever...just stick with the current damn journal format!!!

Btw, i added a cute signature to every post starting from this one :D

The one and only,

Walking Brinjal

wah finally finished reading a set of notes on some operation guidelines.

But that's not important (anything that requires reading at work is not important).

What is more important is that I am dressed like a freaking brinjal! I didnt realise the colour combo until the last minute when i was about to go and took one last look at the mirror and I am in purple...and green!!! GAH!! Well, I shall sit quietly behind my desk for the rest of the day and if I were to walk around the office a.k.a the loo, my manager's cubicle, the SHOULD be done promptly and walk quickly/run back to the table.

That aside, I wanna talk about my mum's erratic behaviour recently. I think I have talked about this before but I just think it's getting a little off the hand recently with her spewing vulgarities over the simplest thing. I did not get for her the peanut soybean pancake last Saturday and got her crab nuggets instead and she threw into a hissing fit. She practically was sc…

Sunday Photoshoot

Last weekend, my two friends had some fun time doing a photoshoot at some location in Singapore and both being amateurs, a photographer and a model respectively, I must give them two thumbs up for job well done.

Of course there is still a long way to go but hey, there is always the much needed first step right? And if you're a photography enthusiast, you will always find ways in improving the photography techniques. Even the professional ones continue to learn.

Yes I am saying this to encourage Mariah. I may not be near the rank of a photographer and I even lack the desire to take photographs using a cameraphone but besides the tip above, my other tip is that I think she should also focus on other little details in the background apart from the main subject. Dont tsk me photography in secondary school..hee..even though I did better in AVA (Audio Visual) Club. Im more of the tinkering with the control panel type of person. Just like how I like to tinker with web…