Life 101: Dealing with Illness and Nasty People

I've always hoped and pray that I don't encounter a major illness in my life which can be life threatening to me such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so on. Life is so fragile. They used to say that if you don't watch what you eat and lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are most likely to have such major illnesses visiting you.

But now, that is not always the case. How many of you know of fit and healthy people, who has probably not smoked in their life or practically run every other day, find themselves suddenly battling with cancer in the long haul or suffer a major stroke which made life more difficult for them? I'm sure you know of at least one person, or read about them.

There is no guarantee in life. It is unfortunate things like this happen and it makes life so difficult. 

The point of this entry is to seriously treasure what you've got now. Your friends, your family and most importantly, your health. Doesn't mean that there is no guarantee about it, you can just adopt a heck care attitude like you just don't think you won't have to deal with such heavy matters. When some unfortunate things happen, who are you to blame? God? Yourself? 

With our life moving ever so fast, it is important to stop for awhile and not be so carried away. One of the things I've noticed myself doing is being so easily agitated especially when I face difficulties at work. Dealing with accounts is not one of my major forte. It will NEVER be. How I manage to balance the accounts when they don't balance, I am also wondering how. Then this week, my colleague is on leave and I am practically doing her job ON TOP of mine while she is away on hols. But I can't blame her. The thing is, she has been under a lot of stress and I can totally understand it. She hardly takes leave and if she does, it is mostly to just take her mind off stress as her husband is very ill and she also has to take care of him as he battles lung cancer, being a non smoker. Yes, a non smoker and the health authorities have been emphasizing that smoking is bad because it can cause lung cancer. Still THAT is no reason for smokers to rejoice. Smoking is still bad, even though now they don't feel the impact but in time to come, as our body age and has a lower immune system, it can be detrimental to our health.

See, that's the thing. An actor just passed away recently and he was as fit as a fiddle. He got a job as an actor in the leading drama Spartacus so you basically know how major fit that character is but he battled with lymphoma, a type of cancer, two months after his cancer went into remission. After 18 months, he lost the battle.

It's unfair because his career was about to take off and he was such a wonderful actor to work with that the people in the drama series were willing to wait for his comeback when he was battling with his cancer. Just as he was about to come back for the second season, he dealt with the cancer again and passed away soon after.

But death is inevitable for everyone. It's just a matter of when.

Sometimes I don't get why people can be so nasty, so mean and so rude like people owe them a living. They can be so bossy and don't give people a chance to explain and just go on and on about it, for the sake of their own benefit or convenience. 

I simply don't get it like why can't they deal with the matter in a civilized manner instead of throwing their weight around.

But you know, just like the opposite of life, is death and so is nice versus nasty.

So you can see why I get agitated easily. Work and having to deal with such nasty people...dealing with financial difficulties, I fear I can 'lose' my temper for someone who is often relatively calm. I want to change for the better. I want to remain nice and calm and not easily snap at others just because they don't follow your instructions or well, they're simply irritating, like my new colleague is. Goodness gracious...

When life gets me down or people are just so bloody rude and nasty, I find the best way to deal with it is not to retaliate. Yes yes, I know it gives people the opportunity to be even MORE nastier but seriously, some people are not worth arguing with because they just won't change. To them, everything must be perfect. If it isn't, instead of dealing with it in a manner that is more civilized, they make such a big hoo haa over it.

Life is short and so  precious. Let us be nicer people. If we're nice to people, it makes things easier to deal with and you get the respect you need without having to force people. It's a natural progression. I know that it is SO easy to just scream at them and let them know they have NO right to talk to you in that manner but only when it is to the extreme like they are seriously pushing it too far. But I still think you shouldn't scream at them because it is not going to make things better but worse. It will be a tiring back and forth battle because such people don't like to be challenged.

Just remember, if you're nasty, you won't gain any friends. If you do have, they probably pity you for having no friends or they're just being nice about it.

While we all appreciate being disease free, if things happen, there is always a reason. Sometimes the reason is just plain and simple. It is to make you stronger at heart, change you for the better, reflect on your life and also to see who are the ones in your life that are worth having around.

Meanwhile, do learn to take a breather and learn to deal with people in a more civilized manner. When you are facing difficulties, the people that you are nice to, will turn around to be supportive. 

Cherish life.

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