Friendship vs Money

Hey peeps!

Yes, been slightly more than a week since you last heard from me. I haven't really do much. But last week, I have been trying to survive for like 5 days because I was at the tail end before my payday on the Saturday. Would u believe I only had $10 at the start of the week?!

But thankfully, I had stashed my coins away for times like this and then exchanged it for dollars. It was quite enough like an extension on a game. I was trying to ration like crazy! But it was worth the efforts.

Now I'm back to doing the same thing for the next couple of weeks until our maintenance money. But sadly I spent quite a fair bit just now and my heart just like dropped when a 50 dollar note becomes 17 dollars. Hrm.

But it is justifiable except the bit when I had to meet a friend at the last minute. And she's the type who hardly opens her wallet to share the costs. Now that I know her tactics, whether she does it on purpose or not only God knows, I try to go easy when buying stuffs and paying for it. For example, get only things that I can afford and with just a tinge of guilt. Actually the best thing to do is to just skip altogether and not get any food but then I always find it annoying when she keeps asking me about it like as though she wants it but just trying to be 'polite' by following what I want instead.

Oh well, I don't like to kick up a big fuss over money especially small amounts. I don't want friendships to turn sour because of this. But I'm always struggling because of money. So I just think that it will be nice for them to pay their friends when due. Doesn't mean we are friends, we can be easily taken advantage of.

I'm excited this week because it is going to be my birthday end of this week! Call me a kid at heart but I just love receiving presents though it doesn't really matter if I truly get it or not. Can't believe my upcoming age would signal me being in this world for 3 decades. Wow.

Honestly, my only wish is to just...

Well, I don't want to jinx my wish ;)

How has your weekend been? My Saturday had been fantastic because I bought a few shoes from the Charles & Keith warehouse sales. My goodness, never seen so many the multi storey carpark, heh heh.

More on that in my next post!
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