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Start of the Holy Month for 2015

It's the start of the holy month, well technically, this is the fourth day already and the day before we start our fasting, yours truly started to feel sick already. The first day, I was going fine, well almost, the second day, I feel weak already when the flu bug began to attack and fever started to develop.

Go me. 

So for the weekend, I could not fast because I had to eat medicine or otherwise, I could not function. I had orders to fulfill, errands to run, a project to do and while I try to stay up, there are times I just want to lie down on the bed flat.

I've been blessed with the orders I receive. Financially, this month is very tight and I'm sick of getting letters for outstanding bills. The feeling is so sucky. But the only way to get out of this poverty cycle is to just think ahead, plan your moves and stick with the plan. I don't want to drag this any longer and I'm going to just do what I have planned from the start of the year. I figured that the best way to…

Embarking on a Low Carb Diet

I haven't talked about it but I have been on a low carb diet for slightly more than a month. Basically, I slashed my carbo intake, which means white rice, to a whole lot. As in, I would eat only two spoonfuls, and maximum three, of rice and those spoonfuls are being fed by my mother. Because to her, it's the only way to make me eat rice, haha.

I had this er..epiphany (?) when I was eating the leftovers from a buffet spread after a meeting was conducted in the conference room. I just ate bread and didn't feel like eating much after that. But, it was a waste for the food so me and the rest of the office peeps, went over and ate our fill which was basically their lunch too. I tried to eat the dishes sans the rice, and I thought that hey, I can do this.

Also, I felt like this year, I truly want to chase after my goals and this includes losing weight and keeping it off which honestly, I haven't been successful. There were some yay moments and it is usually a fleeting moment o…

Life is Indeed So Precious

Life is indeed so precious. In just moments, things can change.

When I saw an instagram photo regarding the passing of one young celebrity, the one who posted it, also a celebrity, was talking about how she didn't want to die, if it means leaving her family behind. Then I thought about my family and how precious they are to me too, just like life itself. You'll never know when you will utter your last words to them, or they say their last goodbye to you, even if it means a casual farewell because you're leaving for work.

When I look around me and noticing how materialistic people have become, accumulating things after things, whether for their hobby or for their vanity, and then having to think about how much you have to leave behind after you're gone. What are they going to do with them. If they are valuables that can be sold, then at least it can help the family members in a way or two. Other than that, I'm simply just wasting my money away on things that I barely …

Are You Ready for it?

I watched a video last Saturday and I would agree with her that when we commit to something, we must truly follow through it, instead of being half in and half out. For example, in your business, in your career and even in your loved life. You don't want to enter into a relationship and then the guy or girl is like so wishy-washy that you don't know if you are being loved and cared for. It is no doubt, a big responsibility, to love and care for someone else, but if we're not fully committed, chances are that it won't work out. Apart from the fact that it takes effort from both people to make the relationship work too. 

I, for one, am not ready to be in a relationship, and while at first I have been ready to remain a single for the rest of my life, I will give myself five years first and see how things go from there. I want to bring my life up to the next level, in terms of my career and my side business. I want to also progress in life, health and wealth wise too. Spiri…

Emotional Day for Singapore

Singapore is experiencing both highs and lows in emotions with Singapore leading the pack in the medals tally during the SEA games..and then getting the news of our young children who have been killed in Sabah after the earthquake of a magnitude of 6.0 hit the mountains. 

My heart felt so heavy when I saw the news of the missing children and their teachers and I was at a loss for words, when earlier I found out about their deaths. I can't imagine how their loved ones felt, from having to identify their bodies to being hit by reality that they have lost their children. My heart also goes out to the teachers who got injured or killed, in the process of saving these children and their own lives. 

From yesterday, I felt anguish and at the same time, more appreciative of my time here and with my family. For the first time after so long, I slept late and close to almost 5am because I wanted to get things done. Earlier, while I'm still struggling financially, I bought food for the fami…

Is This a Freaking Sign?

So my last two posts revolved about the guy at the gym whom I found out is a member of the airforce, hence why he looked so fine fit. And how I'm torn between wanting to feel the need to be finally go on a date but scared at the prospect of being asked to be in a relationship.

Then I conclude about how a relationship is not on the cards as I've got things that matter more which need my urgent attention, not going on a date. If it happens, it happens and other than that, I don't wish to dwell on it too long so hopefully, this will be my last post on this crush thing. But of course, if there's any news, I'll write about it.

Meanwhile, I've already concluded that he's probably married despite my initial judgment that he's still single. Then just now, I saw two guys in their uniform like gosh, as though the universe knows I've been harping over a uniformed personnel (though he wasn't in uniform at the gym, obviously) and one of them was married with a…

To Embrace the Moment..Or Not to Embrace.

Yesterday's post was such a fun post to write. I don't think I would experience such an intense crush ever again...okay, I can't promise on that. Yesterday, I was watching this short clip on you tube from a Korean movie and this girl was like telling his colleague at a convenience store, about how we do not know what is going to happen in the next 21 months, let alone the next twenty minutes. So what does this leave us? It means that we should simply just leave the past behind, embrace the moment and simply restart all over until we get it right. 

Great advice, which prompted the guy who actually put his love life on hold as he will be enlisted very soon, to declare his love. He didn't want to be waited for the next 21 months but he was told that nobody knows what will happen next. So why not grab this moment. 

It's true that we do not know what will happen next. But we must also have our hearts and our minds open to the possibility of being given new opportunities t…