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Small Bonus Payout

Well, tonight is the last day of the pretty long weekend due to the public holiday on Friday. Oh before I forget, would like to wish a Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all muslims..or rather, those who actually celebrate it and not bumming around like me.So in two week's time, I will be getting my year end bonus and because of the slow picking up of the economy, it's not going to be much although the 13th month bonus is still there. It's just that there are no 'extra's like another month or at least a three quarter pay more. In fact, this is the lowest bonus payout in recent years for people in the civil service. My ex colleagues got their bonus somewhere in October and it was for three months. Im not trying to compare myself to them because in terms of job stability, I would say mine is more stable than theirs while for them, it depends largely on the company whether they need to continue with their service or not down the road.In light of job retrenchments and difficult…

My trip to KL in Malaysia!

I had a great time last weekend exploring a country that I had not visited in ages despite being our neighbouring country. Together with two other friends, I visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a shopping and holiday trip. To others who travel often, KL is like a quick getaway for them if they are not venturing that far off. But to me, it was an eye opening experience and what better to spend the time with but with the people who have been supportive and caring for you. Of course, that is not only the agenda. They want to get good bargains, something that is not that always possible in sunny Singapore.I admit I did not do any planning or exploration via the internet on the places I would be visiting when I went to KL. So I was thrown completely off when I arrived there and was initially scared of the experience especially seeing cars wheezing by and passengers crossing carelessly every now and then. Despite being a city, the bustling crowds were filled with people of different personal…

Sebastian Stan as Prince Jack

It's just so beautiful when someone you like holds your hand in public. To me, it's the simplest yet so heartfelt gesture. I have been watching video clips of the US drama called Kings for the last few days and was like wondering aloud (meaning: my brother in the same room can hear) about how I wish they would show this drama on Singapore tv and they are!! THEY ARE!!! Even though it is not the mainstream tv but on cable instead, it's still okay for me. I am so excited! But at the same time, Im just a bit scared of watching coz even though Sebastian Stan as the emotionally tortured Prince Jack is so gripping and so exciting to watch (he is really into the character), I guess I will be overwhelmed by it. And another concern is that, the writing isn't exactly top notch. Plus the lead character is totally bland. It's like someone put him there only because he is blond and not because he can act.It's a drama about power struggle and the King chose a soldier who save…

All My Fault

Im really really upset over the turn of events earlier today and Im really really sorry I had caused the misery of my family. Although my mum is better now, and even chatting and telling me stories when I came back home which I actually dislike coz they are often repeated stories, but Im just contented she is back to her usual chatty self. It's totally my fault. I totally forgot to make an earlier payment for the power supplies with my own savings first but I delayed and delayed it until they came to cut off the electricity. Because of that, my mother who gets very restless without the fan, will call me every now and then at work to complain and to make me call the people repeatedly to get the supply back on again. This was despite me paying the amount requested immediately because I didn't want to cause them any discomfort. It's really a pain in the ass when Im just asking for a simple request for an urgent reconnection explaining my family situation each and every time I…


One of the things I have to endure in this household is my mum's incoherent speech about she regrets having us and especially my brother because we're nothing but burden. Like as if we create havoc in this family. She obviously has not seen or heard how other families have bigger problems than her. But that's just her. Basically if she knows also, she will always refer to her 'plight' as being worse off than others and that they are in that state because they have brought it upon themselves. Where else for her, her misery was brought unto her.Oh well..whatever. I dont want to get into squabbles with her because it's really no point as I will stand to lose. Her recent accusation towards me is that she thinks that I am cold hearted towards them because I didnt buy them their food when I went to a particular shop in Geylang where I would buy the popiah which is one of my favourite snacks coz they are not deep fried and the filling is quite a lot. But more importan…


It's a brand new month of November and hopefully, I get a better hold of my life. I have been disappointed with myself lately because I have not been performing my part well towards my family. What could have been avoided, I chose to be all slack about it and only managed to pull together at the last minute but alas, it was not enough. I had not been performing my role well as a sister because I was too caught up with my own personal entertainment that I have failed to see the bigger and more important picture in my life. Perhaps, if I could have focused a bit more on my brother's studies, he didnt have to attain a C grade in his studies that would have granted him a better class and studying 7 subjects. Alas, his grades were not good enough for him to study 7 subjects but 6 subjects. To add on to that, he would not get to study a core subject but Art which I have no idea if that subject is relevant to admission to polytechnic. I know it is almost up to him to take responsibi…