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Birthday Treat & Celebration at FIX Cafe with My Friend

Slightly more than a week ago, I had the pleasure of giving a friend of mine a birthday treat because I feel like she's so deserving of it. I am very sure my treat isn't the only one because she's such a kind soul that everyone appreciates having her around. If there are angels among us, she is definitely one of them.

She is also my personal motivator and the fact that she's so caring instead of being so judgmental about others make her so much endearing as a human being. We appreciate each other's company and I thank God that no matter how hectic my life is, whether in terms of family or personal problems, He sends me this glimmer of hope that not everything is bad in life.

We had our dinner at FIX cafe which specializes in grilled meat dishes but unfortunately, their service was so slow and the fact that these meat was grilled to perfection, I could understand. I just could not understand the 45 or so minutes of waiting. And how we observed they practically get t…

Tolerating with My Mum's Quirky Toilet Hygiene

I'm very upset about my mum's toilet hygiene that it drives me nuts and it's not just that, there are some things that drives me nuts too and it takes a toll on me because I wish she doesn't get upset easily and be so anal about it that it consumes her like it's the only thing that matters to her and nothing else. She doesn't want to hear your stories, she doesn't care about the water wastage and her weird habits in the toilet whether about bathing time or you know, do your toilet business time, she takes water wastage to the next level.

And you know who takes the brunt of it? Me. It will be just a momentary time when she thinks shes' wasting water but then later, it's as though she never thought about how much water is wasted. When I think that I've pretty much cleaned up whatever I can during bath time, she thinks it's not enough. It has to coincide with her ironing and being done with it. Then furthermore, she's always lost in thought …

When He Doesn't Lose His Gaze on You

Oh the feeling of being in love!! I've been watching the wedding scene of the Shadowhunters where one of them was about to get married for the sake of family honour, although he was not really in love with the girl he proposed to. She is beautiful and looks so 'wow' in her beautiful embroideries dress but in the end, he chose an 800 year old warlock who of course, had to make to make a grand entrance.

We have to see how it all panned out in Season 2 and while they take some major elements from the book, it's an entirely different interpretations but I do hope they work out something in their relationship as one is a mortal and the other is immortal. The gnawing thought that the one who is immortal watches the people he care about age and die, will be an issue they will have to figure out and eventually accept.

That brings me to this. Does the person who love you for who you are, but as time passes by, our skin lose elasticity, we may put on weight, lose the youthfulness …

Beautiful Soul from Within

Excuse my lack of pictures in my recent posts. Haven't been venturing out that much but I can assure my upcoming posts will have pictures but mostly those of dinners, haha. I thought I wanna share more of my opinions. It goes with age you know, coming to be in the mid thirties, lol.

Speaking of which, at this age, I would be more comfortable in my skin that I was back then in my twenties. Well I would say that I am more zen than back then when looking good was all that matters. I rekindled with make up which I used to be obsessed with and dressing up a little more. I can continue to be dress up to make me feel good and a little make up too, not so much to impress people, but because I just want to have that little boost.

However, do I have to hide underneath these pretty clothes and veil of make up just to make myself feel good? Hard to say but what I find helps me when I'm feeling meh, even with make up or a nice blouse, or when the comparison game begins with other ladies, is …

New Discovery & Catching Up on Reading

I just discovered a new show which actually just ended its run and that episode was actually the penultimate to a relationship that everyone was hoping for throughout its run. But they saved it for the best or at least in its second last episode. I was also thinking, heh..good thing I only got whiff of this show when it was about to end. This show is called Shadowhunters Mortal of Instruments based loosely on the books by Cassandra Clare. Of course it's so different from the books based on the quotes and excerpts I read online but you know, the tv business is a different foray altogether. I couldn't care less about the fighting scenes but what I like about the show is how they intertwined lessons in life such as being true to yourself instead of conforming on what you think is right only when at the end of the day, you will just end up miserable your whole life. My favourite character is that of Magnus Bane, the warlock who later fell in love with the eldest shadowhunter. But …

Having Faith

I say gym guy like after more than a month later when I thought ah maybe he moved house, got posted overseas, got married..etc etc a point that if I didn't see his helmet there when I first entered the gym, I could care less about looking around. Although I am still positive that one day, he will make his comeback.

And guess what, he did!! And momma is so happy!! I was telling myself have faith, he may just turn up, like refusing to believe that he will never make his appearance again. I saw him as his favourite machine before I enter the gym and his tatts were in full view as he was wearing sleeveless like only his second time? I believe he noticed my appearance too and I DO know he was looking my way but your friend here was trying her ultimate best not to show her excitement. So much so, I didn't steal a glance back at him which I thought what was the point either, he would just furiously look away. 

But damn, I so regret not looking his way too! After more than a mon…