Health 101: Dealing with Depression

I have dealt with depression a few times in my life. Two times it was so bad that I just cry so freaking easily like my eyes were made of water tap. I was depressed in terms of how I had been mistreated as a friend and another time was because I did very badly in my studies. Other times, it wasn't so serious but I still cried not because I wanted to let go of the sad feelings but thinking about them makes me very sad and tears just flow naturally.

With the stress in life and the demands that I sometimes can't cope, writing is one of the best ways to deal. However, writing is only a small aspect of it. It is a good way to distract myself and to let me sort out my feelings. But honestly, sometimes writing can make me even more miserable. A good thing that came out of it all is how people react to these feelings. Friends and even strangers give encouraging words. That was good enough to lift my spirits up momentarily. 

But the one that is going to help you most in dealing with depression, is basically your own self.

The thing about depression is that it can affect the quality of life greatly. Life has no meaning to it and you just don't feel like doing much in life because there is no point in doing so. That is what I felt recently. I felt that whatever I do, I just didn't do enough.

While we can't talk it out sometimes, like especially people who are introvert such as myself, this is where writing helps. I did say writing may or may not help but at least, it will tell people that you are not in the best of spirits and you need to seek help or be given encouraging words so that you don't act silly and by that, you should know what I meant. 

Depression for some people can be so severe that they may entertain thoughts of killing themselves to end their misery once and for all. But think of your family. You think that by killing yourself, everything ends? No! Your family has to pick up your broken pieces and in some circumstances, they will not be able to deal with their own life in the same manner again because they are forever carrying part of your misery which you have 'conveniently' left behind.

So please don't.

I leave you with an article about understanding depression, especially if you know of some people who are dealing with it and how to recognize the problem so that you can offer help before things get too late.

Understanding Depression

Nowadays, I try to deal with my depression by engaging in other activities such as my renewed love for blogging. I also try to clean my room and get rid of as many unnecessary junks as I can. I also dabble a bit in graphic designing, reading, making  photo montages and even er..helping my mum bake cookies.

If you believe in God, do know that He loves you. He is just giving you a test to see how far you can go especially in such times when we may forget His existence. But He doesnt just leave you in a lurch like that. Somehow, you will be given help, in small but meaningful ways throughout your test. 

Be strong because life is beautiful.

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