Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of 2011

Wow..unbelievable. We're just one day shy of a brand new year :). So how was the year for you? Managed to follow through your resolutions or it's back to square one again as of next year? haha..

For me, it was alright. Honestly, it wasn't so fantastic but I'm just glad that I managed to pull through and still be in one piece. It wasn't a problem free year. There were a lot of bumps along the way which I have ranted here time and time again. I started a savings scheme but it sorta went down the drain quite a bit due to the transfer of ownership for my house which was also tied up to the outstanding payment of almost $1K to the town council which I was struggling big time to pay. The handover was so quick in less than 5 minutes but it was the preparation of documents and payments as well that took so long to do. 

But it's all behind us now and this house has been officially taken care of for as long as I have a job. 

This year I was more focused health wise after my weight gain in 2009. I started to go gym every week and even though every Sunday morning, I faced lethargy coz seriously, I would rather wake up later but I was very determined to get through the almost 2 hour of cardio and weight exercises so just be it. Though I didn't lose much, I realise that clothes do fit me better and I don't fall sick easily. In fact, I don't recall having flu and fever and though I do have bouts of tummy ache or maybe headaches, they're just stress related and I manage to overcome them with a good night's sleep. Of course next year, I will continue to work hard to shed those extra kilos and enter another lesser weight range. 

Despite the hiccups I faced with the housing and conservancy fees which drained my savings, I was quite glad that I managed to salvage a bit of the savings by my last pay day of the year. At least I know I could shop with a peace of mind coz of the spare cash which explained why I have 5 (ok fine, 6 now) pairs of shoes while I will usually get just one or at most 2 pairs. I have also opened up a new savings account this year and I will learn to better manage this account next year. Rooms for improvement in terms of my budgeting skills coz I think I can still go far as ultimately, I just want to make sure there is some emergency cash as you will never know what will happen tomorrow.

Speaking of which, my mum fell ill mid of this year. Actually she hasn't been well since last year, but this year, after a visit to the polyclinic, she was sent straight to the hospital coz of her dangerously low blood count. Though she's better now, she is still not so strong but it's also partly due to her age. I remembered shuttling back and forth from my workplace to the hospital and then back home. It was draining me but I persevered. This episode also taught me and my brother to learn to be independent and after so long, I finally dabbled in housework which include doing the laundry and cleaning the living room in the morning before I go to work which means I will wake up earlier than usual. I will also iron my own skirt but just recently, she wants to do it for me so that I will have time to get ready. Before this I won't touch all these work not coz I don't want to but my mum just want to have control over this. She still does the laundry but I also help out in terms of doing my own laundry though yes, coz I will be so shagged after work, I don't do laundry like almost every day. 

Friends wise, I'm glad I have my besties and our friendship has gone even stronger now. They are there for me during my difficult times and I try to be there for them when they need help or companionship. I will not trade them for anything. This year, me and my good friends decide to try something different like planning surprise gatherings and tomorrow is my turn and I have things in store for them :). We are going to usher in the new year together for the first time. I still don't know how it is going to turn out coz of the crowd, but it's okay, I told them what is more important is that we have each other on the very first day of 2011 which marks another year of our friendship.

Love life, hrm...still absent but I can't deny that I do have interested parties but I didn't act on them. I just am not ready or they're just not the right sort of people for me so I don't wish to lead them on either. Maybe next year, I will have better prospects? Oh well..

Yes people, I still love me dramas and at one short period of time, I was obsessed with this one korean drama called Life is Beautiful. I still think that it is a good drama but I'm finally beaten down by the slow downloading of the drama online. I have put up with it and i guess it has come to a point, enough is enough. Still, I enjoyed every moment of it. I meant the show, not the process of downloading.

It has been rather quiet on the soap drama side though sadly As the World Turns, has ended its run after many many years. This year, they gave us the character called Dr Reid Oliver who was well loved by the fans despite being new and erm..rather obnoxious as he was seriously lacking people skills. But in the end, he actually did have a heart of gold and even on his death bed, he showed us what a strong and kind character he was when he donated his heart to a rival doctor who was competing with him for the chief post. Dr Reid, I've said it before and I say it again. I miss you :(

As usual too, I have my fair share of erm...'crappy but I'm loving every minute' shows but this one is a bit different coz I do enjoy the storyline. Well the only one out of the rest of the storyline and I'm talking about the remake of Beverly Hills 90210, now simply known as just 90210.I would say it's my guilty pleasure.

I still go weak in my knees when I watch such sweet scenes that my heart also gets intoxicated. Yesterday I watched one of those scenes as well where he finally gave in to love because for once, he stops imagining on what other people have to say and just simply go for it. I still don't go for those big budgeted movies. Often I find indie films have more heart and soul in their storyline though they're not as well written. Still, there are usually a few scene stealers that capture the audience attention and sometimes, that is all that matters.

Oh, and I have been writing this blog very regularly. I'm glad to know that I do have some loyal readers and I'm sorry if I ever sound repetitive coz it's just me, being long winded. I also have some new readers who stumbled upon my blog coz this year, I took on a slightly different approach and I have some lifestyle posts to help young women like me who is struggling to lose weight or have low self esteem issues coz I just want to let them know, they are not alone. Whatever I do or read, if I find them useful, I will write here. It's always good to share so that we can all learn as well. 

I have also watched many make up videos and I enjoy watching the makeup geek channel coz I just love her personality and her make up skills are fab. She's also all about girl power as she has gone through a lot in life but finds her strength in make up and she really puts her heart and soul into this career as a make up artist. For me, I watch it as I want to improve on my personal grooming. I have also taken better care of my skin and hair coz I believe that it's not just important to take care of your inner beauty but also your outer beauty. I also believe that ultimately, you should be doing it for yourself and not just to attract guys coz you only have this one body so you jolly well take good care of it.

This year, I have failed to follow through my creative stand and I just feel so unmotivated like as if I simply have no inspiration at all like totally zilch. I did discover the magic of manipulating the photos without resorting to photoshop and it's so quick and easy, people think I took ages to do them up so nicely. I guess you can say, next year I will aim to be more creative coz a creative mind helps you to become sharper so that you don't go senile so fast, haha.

Oh yah, when it comes to work, I still think I have a long way to go but the best thing of all is of course, getting compliments from my boss when I performed well in something that I had little help in especially from my other colleague. She was totally not in this area except for the payment to the vendors who helped to distribute the free uniform and textbooks so I can't really consult her. You can say I'm pretty much on my own and I have to ask my boss instead :S But despite the one or two hiccups, she said I was very organized this year and I must say, she is proud of me. I hope this will equate to a better performance bonus this year as opposed to this year's paltry amount which I complained non stop early this year. I'm not doing this for money but seriously, it was so freaking low I had to top it up with my own current savings just to round off the figure a bit.

So what's my new year resolution? As usual, work extra hard to be healthier for my sake and for my family's sake as I don't want to end up paying for my medical expenses as well. Of course it's always good to drop the pounds too lah but it's just a number. I also want to be more focused on my budget by streamlining my bills so that I don't have so much outstanding amount and aim to lower the bill amount every month by cutting down where I can. It always feel good to have a phone at my own wokstation, hehe. I want to cut down on unnecessary spending and not buy a bag just for the sake of buying a bag and then in the end, felt that it wasn't a good purchase even though it was dirt cheap. It's always good to just hold out for something better and of better quality.

So from the very bottom of my heart, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Usher in 2011 with an open heart and mind.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sneaky Mind Games

Blogging is not a dying trend. It's just that people now enjoy making quick updates to their facebook and twitter accounts and get a fast response as well. Well, I still enjoy blogging because I get to rant and rave and recently write stuffs that will hopefully benefit other young women like me as I know how hard it is to lose weight, save money and also find a man..sigh...haha. But happiness doesn't equate to being slim or being rich because it's just how you find happiness and often, it's within yourself. 

I know sometimes it's hard not to feel a tinge of jealousy towards other young women because being jealous of other people's success is normal. It's only a matter of not turning your jealousy into something evil where you just dislike the person and be all grouchy and mean. I myself do feel rather jealous and think God is being unfair to me simply because I felt that I'm not pretty or slim enough to attract the opposite sex, and mind you, when I say the opposite sex, I mean those who will make your heart a flutter and not those who simply flirt around coz they're just being men.

But you know what, just get over it. Well, she is blessed with good genes and has lady luck shining on her when she nabs a handsome dude who earns well in his career. Sometimes, when I feel like I'm not attractive enough or not hot enough when I'm doing my usual comparison with, say the other girls in the train carriage, I just tell myself that hey, she's pretty but I'm sure there's someone else prettier than her. You can also do the opposite mind game and tell yourself if you're ugly, there is someone else uglier than you. Oh, how about if you think you're fat, there's someone else fatter than you..muahaha...and the list goes on.

Of course these mind games are just that, mind games. Ultimately, the best is just start accepting your flaws, play up on your best features, be well dressed, improve on your personal grooming and babes, you just touched the tip of the iceberg only. I know it's easier said than done but people, being too jealous of other people's good fortunes isn't all that good either. It makes you less of a person even though you may be surprised to know that you may be in many ways better than whoever that is. She may be beautiful but her heart is like a stone with not even a tinge of kindness or she may be rich but she looks past other people who are not of the same status as her. Seriously, do you want to be like them?

But that's their life story. The story of your life should be more interesting and if you think that it's not, why not learn from others instead of just harping on the fact that you can never be like them. If she's beautiful, what's her secrets besides the obvious good genes? Perhaps she takes good care of her skin by going for regular facial or she doesn't eat certain kinds of food as it causes her to have a facial break out. Something in that line.

The library is a good place to borrow past issues of women's magazines that have many interesting articles often about other women talking about various topics and also offer lotsa tips on how to dress up and how to make a good first impressions, for instance. There are also specials where they do a beauty awards thingey and present to you the top beauty products for all budgets. You don't have to spend a small fortune on them. All you need is a bit of luck that you will find magazines on display which will not only interest you but also help you in your daily life. Plus, they're free to borrow!!

But if all else fails, remember my tip above on how to play those sneaky mind games..haha..

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Man in 2011?

Get yourself a new man within one month of the year 2011. Serious! Honestly, it can happen if we are willing to take a bold stand and make some tweaks to our current lifestyle and outlook on life so that you can truly bag a good deal man. Now even if you are a sceptic, there are some good tips that can help you change your life especially for us young women. 

I've recently read an article on bagging a man in 28 days from Cleo (Feb issue 2010) but I'm not going to put the article here wholesale. I just want to share with you some fun bits based on that magazine as well as from my own personal experiences. As far as you know, I'm still single but from what I've observed, it's not that hard to bag a man if you are really interested in putting yourself forth in the possibility of getting yourself at least a date with a guy whom you have shown interest in.

Here goes!


I do a mental note of what kind of guys I want to date though I'm always joking around that I want a guy with good looks and nice bod. Okay fine, I'm half joking about that. But the best is to write down what you want and try not to be so generic because you want to zoom in on the best candidates just like an interview where you short list the guys based on the relevant criteria. Once you find yourself a guy who best match to your criteria, don't play too hard to get. Zoom in on your target or you will lose out.


Nobody likes to smell bad but honestly, sometimes we don't notice but other people may notice our B.O. Keep yourself dry at all times and wear an anti perspirant deodorant if you must. Spritz on some nice fragrance that match closely to your personality yet sensuous enough to attract the male species.


A healthy shiny mane is a must and if you have dry hair, get to the root of the problem..heh. Invest in good shampoos that not only give you shinier looking hair, but solve your problems as well whether your hair is dry or if you have oily scalp. If you have unruly hair, buy an anti frizz serum on top of your shampoo and conditioner. With your hair in tip top condition, you are sure gonna be a head turner.


Know your body type whether you are petite, top heavy, pear shaped or full figured. Don't be in denial about it because it will get you to buy the right clothes that not only fit you but flatter your figure. For example, if you are pear shaped, you can get a dress that is in two colours where the bottom colour is preferably in black to hide your hips and even out your body proportions.


Actually we can be creative which we can flaunt because creativity allows one to express themselves. If you are into music, you can show off your creative flair by telling the guy you're interested in the kinds of music you're into and what makes them tick or even rattle off the books you have read and enjoyed. To boost further your creativity, you can start an online portfolio where it's easily accessible and also free to start with, and put up images of your painting or scrapbooking so that he can go in and check and be surprised at what a creative chick you are.


Seeing the lighter side of things instead of being too rigid help to make you attractive as you learn to not be afraid to laugh and at times, at yourself even. It makes you sincere and warm like you can take a joke. Also, you don't always have to cover your mouth when you laugh because it means that you have something to hide.


When you head somewhere like a bookshop or a coffee joint, there may be chance encounters where you feel an instant attraction to someone. It's not wrong to feel that way because humans size up another fellow human being based on looks, and perceived career and personality. Honestly, sometimes it's just good to follow your instinct and flash your best smile or stand at least one meter away from him and give your best side glances to show your interest. Oh, and cross your fingers your gut instinct doesn't fail you.


Honestly, a Coach bag is just a bag but what makes it stand out from the rest? Its quality of workmanship, design and glamour quotient makes a Coach bag very desirable that women are willing to plonk a generous amount of their salary, or an even the entire amount, on a Coach brand. Take the time to develop your 'brand' by asking yourself what you like most about yourself and whether how you dress and speak reflect on your true personality. Seriously there are so many single women out there but how the guys pick us is based on how we carry ourselves.


A good conversationalist isn't just showing off how knowledgeable you are about the current affairs but is willing to listen, understand and ask questions. Don't ask dead end questions but ask questions that will open up the conversation even more like for example, say this movie has such an intriguing ending. Do you agree with the ending. What's your favourite parts of the movie?


Not everybody gets into our good books but it doesn't mean that we have the right to condemn them. Instead of being negative, work on being positive by focusing on yourself instead of focusing on what you don't like about them. Believe that you have much self worth by focusing on the things that you like about yourself.


If you are shy about getting to know someone upfront, you can make use of social networking websites such as Facebook to get to know a person better. Leave comments on his pictures, start a chat session with him and be updated on his FB status and drop comments every now and then to show him that you are interested in the going ons in his life.


If you like a guy, find an excuse to go out with him. If a movie has just been released, perhaps you can let him know that hey, nobody wants to go with you coz they're too busy but if he's willing, he can go with you. Create a white lie if you must.


Telling a guy that you work out or you enjoy exercises as it's all part of a healthy lifestyle let him know that you care much about your well being. Just don't complain to him about how your arms feel like breaking the following day.


Being confident will give off a sexy vibe so push your shoulders back to instantly give you a chest lift and improve on your posture. Don't walk with a slight hunch. Instead, walk with the whole weight of yours on the front of your feet even when you are in heels so your strides will look effortless. When you walk into a room, all eyes will turn on you.


Don't mumble through your words and learn to speak well so that he sees it as someone who is sure of herself. And please don't punctuate your sentences with giggles every now and then because it shows how nervous you are and that isn't very sexy especially if you are trying to snag a guy. It can be fatal when he finds it a turn off.


Men may find this act a bit intimidating but you don't have to pull him by the collar to get your attention. You can instead be direct by asking him if he wants to go out for dinner with you at this restaurant others have been raving about. But here's the thing. If he rejects you, don't feel like it's the end of the world. Life goes on and therefore you should move on to others because really, there are many single guys out there still. Men have it worse actually because they are supposed to be facing stronger rejections from us since they mostly do all the chasing.


You can definitely find men at clubs and bars but they're generally not good places to sniff out men who are keen on first dates. Apart from chance encounters at places like a bookstore or a workshop, do tap into your own social networks which includes your friends, in real life or online in facebook, and let them know that hey, if they know someone who may be interested in getting to know more friends, you are up for it. It doesn't make you desperate sounding but just keen on expanding your social circle.

If I can leave some words of wisdom, that will be, if opportunities don't come knocking, build your own door. I got that from a calendar sent by the Social Development Network, a government subsidiary, which apparently is keen on tapping on the single young people in Singapore and encourage them to get married though of course, it's mainly for economic purposes. 

Have fun trying these tips out!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Hols 2010

I've been blogging a lot lately and I find that the basis of my posts are pretty repetitive..haha. Okay, till the next time when I have actual real material to write, I shall put blogging on a rest. Meanwhile, I post up some pics instead taking along various points of the Singapore River. Forgive the quality coz I'm using a cameraphone with only 2 megapixels. Remind me to upgrade to a better phone next year, haha.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all the Christians, Jews and Catholics and Happy Hols to the rest of ya...

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Stocking Up with The Extra Dough

I don't want to be materialistic anymore. I came to the conclusion when I learn about how people give away their money, even millions, because they are tired of leading an extravagant lifestyle while others are suffering and would rather lead a simple comfortable life. I also read of an article of someone who work longer hours than others just to save up enough to be able to donate to others and even donated quite a large amount to a school so that they can have their own library. Very humble and noble acts indeed. Just as you think that we have enough drama in life already with people getting more and more materialistic and self centered. 

But then, I have been on both ends of the stick. I don't spend much and only spend a bit more if I have the extra dough. While I could justify my acts of materialism recently because I haven't been spending on myself for the longest time eva,  I just could not fathom the fact that I bought 5 new pairs of shoes?! And also almost $70 was spent during the Mango sales. I know I've mentioned this before but the guilt has just multiplied right after I read about these recent articles.

Oh well, sometimes it takes something of significant meaning to jolt you a bit and remind you that hey, it's time for you to take a rain check. Anyway, don't mind me. If you have read me long enough, you know I tend to ramble. This sense of guilt is temporary I guess but I understand where I am coming from coz I haven't been spending and the fact that I'm the sole breadwinner, adds to the guilt. 

But what's done cannot be undone, right? I can only redeem myself by not buying another pair of shoes for the next few months or maybe until March when I get my performance bonus. That is shopping justified coz it's extra money, mah..hehe. But of course, if you recalled my last post on my sucky PB this year, I will not anticipate a huge amount again coz anything can happen. If I get more, than that's good. Less, well, it will still suck but I won't harp on it. I'm not exactly model worker of the year like my other colleagues, including my boss who got herself $1K given by the school for her outstanding performance.

So you know what, let's end the story here. I shall stop being guilt ridden and be happy that I can afford to buy them and that I didn't go overboard coz they're basically items on sales and I should make use of this time to stock up when I have the money. It's okay to be materialistic as long as you spend within your means, not resorting to borrowing and also that you pay your bills when due. Oh, and save up as and when you can, no matter how small the amount is.

It's fool proof I guess...

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Do Good Feel Good

Have you seen those elderly people hawking tissue papers and then most of the time, people just walk past and totally ignoring them? I admit I am one of them but I do felt bad about them because they are just hoping that people will buy the tissue papers from them so that they can feed themselves. Now these people may be self reliant and have been receiving the financial aid already from relevant authorities but they want to have this sense of independence of earning money themselves even if it means standing for long hours and watching the world go by while hoping someone drops by and buy the tissue papers from them. You know I'm very calculative when it comes to money and I myself am struggling to feed my own family. 

But yesterday something came over me and I decided to make a u turn and gave the blind old lady $2 without taking the tissue papers coz I basically wanted to help her and I don't need those tissue. Before I gave her the money, a young teenager also gave her some money and got the tissue papers from her. See, not all youngsters spend their time partying away and showing off their pretty and sponsored outfits. This month I have more money than usual due to it being the month of bonus too and I got a lot of stuffs for myself though I stash some money away too every now and then like some sort of investment for future use. So, what is that $2 to me eh? 

So therefore I urge you all to be more sympathetic to others and not just go around showing off your wealth with the latest bag designs from famed brands. Have you heard of stories or even know of people who are actually wealthy but they are dressed down like they don't wear top notch brands but just comfy clothes which are mostly non brands. Yet they have a heart of gold, live simply and are generous especially towards those more in need. Truly admirable.

Such people don't come by easily as many of us are simply too materialistic whether or not we are in denial about it. Sure they may argue that they have earned their dough so have the right to spend as much as they want since they have worked hard for it. I find no harm in that as long as they don't participate in illegal activities and gamble their money away because there's only one way going on for them: downwards.

So make your resolution not just about losing more weight and making more money but also to be more charitable especially towards those in need. While you can still choose a life of glam or choose to be stylish, no harm stretching your wealth not just towards materialistic gains but for a more spiritual gain. You feel real good when you help others. Seriously, try it.

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Everyone is Different

It's freaking official. I suck not only at gift buying but also gift wrapping. Talk about a double whammy. Whatever it is, I am done with da whole christmas thingey and the next thing is to distribute them out later on in the morning. Excited that it's a half day so I won't myself rotting away most of the times while the rest of my colleagues are busy rushing the deadlines to clear invoices and etc.  I just do my own thang..slowly but surely.

Speaking about colleagues, my colleague just received her exam results and she was so excited that she passed she made so much hoo haa in the office, the vice principal came out and see what was the commotion. At first I thought she was being such a loudspeaker for not containing her excitement and previously I was not quite happy at how she dissed the rest of her colleagues, though not directly, when she said she was sick and tired of working in here already. But I was glad she realized later on and told me that she learnt a lot of things when she is working here; In fact she learnt more than her previous workplace experience combined so in a sense, she was thankful for that. Well at least she's thankful. It's unfair to keep saying bad things about our workplace here coz I don't think we're that evil to bring her down until she has no choice but to leave. She can leave due to better work prospects elsewhere with better salaries but to say that it's because of ill treatment by her peers, that's not right. We are like family here.

I understand where she's coming from given the number of years she has worked here and hence experience a burnout. I myself was in that situation before and if not for the fact that my department was going to close down, I would have not moved on. Even then I was given yet another opportunity to remain in the job scope though our department has been outsourced and that was also the first time I knew the meaning of the word outsourcing. I would have settled with a slightly better pay but I just could not do this same mundane thing for yet another year. So I applied to MOE via my current HR department, at that point of time, and wait with bated breath, to be shortlisted and interviewed. Eventually I successfully did so and here I am right now.

It was hard moving out of the comfort zone because we were all like family but I needed to move on. So that was why I understood her position and I could relate better to her compared to my other colleagues who thought that she was just too outspoken concerning her job here like must announce to everybody. 

I mean at first I find it hard to accept but just now, I realized that hey, different people approach the same matter differently. It's their prerogative. People behave differently and react differently and we just have to accept that. Most of the time, it doesn't concern us so it's just best we keep our opinions to ourselves. But that's just what I think. Just smile, congratulate them, and move on. Of course others may choose to voice it out but if they voice out for the better of things, why not, but if it's simply to diss others or to cause embarrassment to others, I don't think that's right. Still of course, people may say that they have their right to air their grievances. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions though sometimes, it's wise they keep the damn opinions to themselves..haha.

For me, working with her has some bittersweet moments though I did learn a lot from her and I just could not bear the thought of handling some of her job scope in the future because she has set such a high standard. She has helped me a lot and also helped me to rectify the problems, because me being the typical work bimbo, I sometimes don't do things right coz I don't think clearly at times. While I may have tried my best, there are still some things that I may overlook yet her being a perfectionist, she seems to take one step ahead and get things covered first before things go wrong. But this is of course based on her past experience so she knows where are the potential fault areas unlike me who is still struggling to grasp the basics of things rather than to see ahead or to see the whole picture.

Well, I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm gonna miss working with her. I know I have complained quite a lot about her in my blog but I can't deny her work influence on me since I have worked closely with her. She understands my position and we both being of the same age, it's easier for us to relate to each other anyway though she's more fiercely independent than me which actually helps her a lot in her work.

I wish her all the best for her future and thank her a lot for all the help I need.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Set Up

I can't wait to get my new credit card. It will be an actual credit card and not the other lame debit & credit card though admittedly, it has helped me in terms of paying the bills in advance though these greedy people, once you pay, ask you to pay even more. That's when I start to struggle.  Anyway, that card is just a welcome addition to my wallet, which is pretty devoid of cards save for my identification card and ATM card. That aside, I got the Christmas presents ready! I got them all in one shot from this shop at Far East Plaza that sells mostly budget bags. Of course when I say budget, it's not like they're in the best workmanship. Like i justified to my mum, it's just a Christmas present and I don't even celebrate Christmas and I don't have to make much efforts unlike a birthday present. Even then...I still suck at gift buying.
Then yesterday, I resisted buying this denim bag with pink details and it costs only $10! WAH!!! I put it back of course coz I told myself that I am here to buy Christmas presents for PEOPLE not for myself. But I still ended up buying myself a black plastic bracelet coz it has been ages since I last bought one. It goes well with any outfit so it's a no brainer purchase at $5. Im usually fuss free with accessories but you need a few statement pieces that goes well with many outfit no matter how plain they may look. It adds a bit of oomph to your outfit.
After the purchase, I treated my family to dinner at Ramen Ten. The problem is that, I planned to go next week when my brother's maintenance fees come in but my mum thought of going there this week and since I would be going Far East Plaza where Ramen Ten is located, so....we just did it one shot. just flew and all because of my big mouth who blurts out my sudden craving to eat there..haha. But it's okaylah, I've got it covered.
Actually, I want to talk about setting me up with someone else looking for potential mates by sussing out the singles via friends or relatives contacts. I just deleted one off my facebook coz I've spoken to him like once only and then it's not as if I know him. It's just a random thing that my ex colleague tried to set me up with. Obviously, it didn't work...haha..not that I was counting on it to work.
Then on the very same day, and the very same morning, another of my ex colleague tried to hook me up with one of her friends! What the hey. She's younger than me and she's playing matchmakers already. I thought that role has been reserved for aunties. Of course I was just trying to be kind enough to allow him to add me on facebook and then she claimed he did but I did not respond. So cannot wait. I didn't receive the friend request, how to add? He did send me a chat message but I was away from my office table from that period of time so I could not reply and he was offline already.
Honestly, it's very awkward for me. I know I shouldn't dismiss such chances but at the moment, I'm not looking for a relationship and can people stop assuming that just because I'm single, I need to be hooked up with someone? I'm still very old fashioned like I prefer if I have seen the guy before and we develop a friendship from there. So far, it has not happened yet..haha. It's just so awkward for me to know someone without seeing the person and why is that? It makes me more paranoid coz people tend to picture how the other person looks like and then you know, I'm not exactly the head turner sort. I know that's shallow thinking but won't you have the same notions too?  
Then because I know them and they're good people so it's hard for me to just wave them off with my hand and say I'm not interested...unless it's my aunty, haha.
So what is a single...and not looking for love girl..gonna do now?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make Up for Newbies

Okay I promised to do a post on make up. When you have never worn make up before and you are a grown woman, you are kinda missing out in life a bit. We have to be presentable looking and come on, let's face it. Most of us do not have flawless looking skin. We need a bit of help too. I know there are those women who fear putting on make up because it's going to give them a completely different look and people are just going to stare and stare at them till they have to find the nearest hole. 

Come on, it's not that bad. You just need to master the basic application of make up and you can actually look more attractive :) Opt for a less drastic or drama mama make up so that people can still see through your nice features and personality rather than when the minute you take it off and show up, people will go like 'whoa! where's that pretty woman I saw yesterday? You kidnapped her?!'

Im no make up expert though I had my fair share of make up boo boos back when I was in my teens until at one point of time, I kinda swore off make up. Putting on make up can really enhance your look. You barely have to make much effort in applying them unless for some special occasions when you want to enhance your looks further. The most basic application will cover you in just about 5 minutes.

Don't believe  me?

You can watch this video from ask cleo.

Ask Cleo

From the US, I enjoy watching Make Up Geek tutorials from you tube and here, she offers you a simple basic make up application for newbies, nevermind if you are no longer in your teens but starting out in dolling yourself with make up.

Make Up Geek

For a quick summary, or if you prefer to just get to the point on what products you should get, you can refer to my list below. I'm using maybelline products as a guide coz it's inexpensive and readily available at drugstores such as Watson's


eye liner

looser powder



Make up tips
  •  a good base is a must. Use a big brush and concentrate mostly on your T zone when applying loose powder
  • a nice rosy blush can give you those sun kissed apple cheeks. Adds a bit of cheery look to your face
  • when you put on eyeliner, smudge a bit using a Q tip so it looks less harsh.
  • well groomed eyebrows is a must too. Draw in quick strokes following the natural line of your eyebrows. Comb it down with the eyebrow brush to make them neater looking.
  • for a more flirty looking eyelashes, you can get a mascara that promise to add lengths to your eyelashes. to curl up your eyelashes more, before the mascara, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.
  • lipgloss, preferably a non sticky one, can brighten up face. Lipstick is good but lipgloss adds a bit of shine and easier to apply and will blend in well with the rest of your make up.
  • if you need to cover up your blemishes, get a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. Gently pat on your blemishes and blend well. You can use the concealer on top of your base.
  • get an eyeshadow in bronze or copper tones because it suits best with other eyeshadow colours or on its own

Easy enough? Don't be fearful of make up. There are loads of tutorials on make up on you tube that can help you in your quest to perfect the most basic make up application. Once you try it, you just know it is fun and wonder at how it helps to boost your self confidence by giving yourself the extra bit of attention :) Who knows, you may also attract attention too, but in a good way.

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Christmas Gift Dilemma

Let me try this email blogging again. I have been having problems posting my blog via email but then managed to rectify the problem because apparently the setting has changed due to certain enhancements to blogger. Anyway, I hope it works this time..ha!
Christmas is looming near and even though I don't celebrate the occasion, I do receive christmas presents from my colleagues and if I don't give, it will be so odd though it's not customary to give back as bottomline is, it should come from your heart. But I won't feel good so somehow, it will still come from my pockets.  And I hate to say this. I don't usually give the nicest presents unless I sincerely make the efforts. It's hard when I allocate very little budget..haha. Hey, I did say it's the thought that counts, right? Yah, for a miser.
I kinda have an idea what I want to buy and where to get while I was in the showers just now (I do my thinking there..including my budgeting)  but oh no, it's in the heart of the orchards. Ok more like at the corner part of Orchard so hopefully the crowd won't be so bad. I'm thinking of Far East Plaza coz I know of a few shops there that sell nice clutches for less than $10. Well, there's always the generic Body Shop or Marks & Spencers.
But I actually know what I will be getting for Christmas :) because I realise that people do actually read my facebook updates and I sometimes write what I want or wish to have but it's nowhere near telling people what to get. Well, I try to..
Actually I don't have much to write coz I'm just killing time as my colleagues are not around and I'm the only one here so please bear with me..haha.
If I ever do up a list, these are the things I wish I can get
  • a big bag
  • make up palette
  • a nice top
  • stationeries 
See, it's so short, I don't know why I even bother to write. Speaking of make up (see list above), if you are a make up virgin, stay tuned coz I will put links and videos to help you put on basic make up. It's part of creating a good impression and hiding your imperfections so you will look presentable. Remember my previous article on looking hot? Whether or not you are single or a mum of 3 kids, you can still look hot without looking skanky. For make up, you don't have to think too much about it like how my friend insisted she didn't want to wear certain colours because she was afraid that she will outshine the bride -.- You won't unless the colours look so gawdy on you and that you just sloppily put them on. You will definitely create unwanted attention.
Maybe I'll put it up quite immediately since, you know, I'm so free at work right now since no one is around.
Stay tuned..erm..popettez! Well if Lady Gaga can call her fans little monsters and Kim Kardashian call hers Dolls, I call you dear readers, Popettez!  Yah I know..I'm too free.

Monday, December 20, 2010

If You Bite It, Write It.

Tyra Banks says that if you bite, you have to write it. Today was the start of me writing a food diary. I wanted to start earlier coz I know it will help me watch what I eat especially if I don't want to write down those food that I would rather not eat. As I began to start writing, I also realised why I may not have lose weight successfully for health reasons. I am being well fed! haha..First, at my workplace where every now and then, people will be kind enough to give us food and trust me, they're not all bad. Infact, just now I ate one piece of chewy jr's cream puff with cheddar cheese on top. That was enough to not let me eat the small muffin cakes my mum packed for me *sigh* but I kept them in the fridge for tomorrow instead. Okay, so that is for work. Nowadays my mum will cook on certain days so it's never just a small pathetic helping but a generous one instead though I will skip on piling up some more once I'm done. Since I know when I go home I am going to eat, I will try to eat lesser during the day so that I don't put gain weight too easily like how I did previously last two years when I basically started eating and eating what people offer at my work place coz I find it hard to turn them away..haha.

So I learnt my lesson and had to work extra hard to get those extra weight off and knowing the difficulty of doing that, I basically cut down what I eat on my own if I get such food offers. The only downside to it is that I have stagnated in terms of my weight number since like last August which means it's neither moving up or down which sucks lah coz I would rather it goes down not coz I'm so number conscious but coz I'm still at the unhealthy weight level.

Judging from my food diary, I guess I'm improving just a bit like take note, I didn't eat the muffins my mum had packaged for me. From what I have eaten, if there's one or two things that I lack, I lack vegetables unless you count the giant roasted seeweed as vegetable..haha. I forgot to buy the pre packed washed vegetables at the supermarket which I am planning to eat with wholemeal bread at work starting from tomorrow to sneak in some vegetable input during my lunch. I would have remembered it if I have not forgotten to bring back my new food diary which also double up as a diary of sorts for me like a to do list.

Well, it's alright. I would say baby steps. At least now I'm a bit more aware of what I eat like I just don't want to anyhow write in my food diary. I want, as much as possible, write healthier food choices that I have eaten, to be written in my diary instead so that I will feel good about myself that I am on the right track to healthier living.

I am going to give myself a six months period to lose 7 kilograms because based on what I have read so far, those people who have successfully lose quite a significant amount of weight is around this time period as well. So now it's just one day, no biggie. I will learn to improve on it though I can't say no when my mum offered me the small muffin just now after dinner. Oh well. I'm not on a diet and I can eat whatever I want as long as I don't go overboard and that more than 80% of the time, I choose to eat healthy and regularly. Oh, and perform simple exercises daily like just now, when I walked instead of taking the feeder bus. All this actually counts into a healthier living.

I'm really looking forward to losing the 7 kilograms and I take that challenge on my own though it will be more fun with peers. Who knows I will FINALLY get rid of my tummy bulge...hehe. For now, have to live with it or hide it.

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Are We too Materialistic?

I know we don't say it out loud though what we prefer to say is the things that we purchase because we can be so proud of them. People argue against the naysayers that they have the right to purchase as they have worked hard for it and they deserve to buy them just to show they can afford it as well. Well of course you deserve them but you don't have to brag it all the way and making those who can't afford feel like they are not up to their measurement. Generally, people will have the thinking that if you don't have this this this, it means that you have not succeeded in life. So our happiness is now being measured by the number of expensive things that we own. What a twisted concept. 

So is this material pursuit a good or a bad thing? I wouldn't comment as to how far people have gone in their pursuit as long as we are not becoming more and more self centered that we couldn't care less about what goes on around us. And I dislike it too when people puts others down because they just can't measure up to them in terms of owning expensive goods. If you know of such people, I tell ya that you are obviously better off than them despite not owning a single branded bag. If they are in need of someone to talk to when things get them down, they can always talk to their LV bags. 

As long as you spend within your means, and not resorting to borrowing or maxing out your credit card, I don't see any harm either. It's only a problem when it gets out of hand and you end up struggling to even feed yourself. 

For myself, I am contented with what I own. I have gone beyond a stage where I just keep buying and buying what I deemed fit to own. But over time, I realize that I am wasting much money away which would have been better spent elsewhere or  kept properly for emergency use. It's also a waste because after I buy something, and then buy something else again, for example yet another bag within a short period of time, I won't feel like using the previously bought bag anymore because the feeling of proud ownership has gone.

But lest you think that I am a reformed shopper, I'm afraid not and this will happen when I have extra spending power and I can afford to splurge a bit on myself like when I get bonus. Did I tell you how I broke a pair of sandals that was so well used and was actually given by aunt? Then I actually waited to get my bonus just to get a new pair, never mind if I can afford to buy a new one as long as it's cheap prior to that, and then guess what? I ended up with 5 new pairs. It didn't help that during this time it's also the sales period. If I bought just one, it will be so funny coz it was already so dirt cheap and then it looked like this well known shop was going to close anytime based on the very low prices. Therefore I got two. And then I bought two pairs of sandals from Cotton On because they were selling them at 2 for $30. Again, if I bought just one, I would lose out coz the next pair, I would pay just $10 for it. The last pair, well let's just say it was unnecessary and it was a spur of the moment purchase. Luckily it didn't cost much or I would have gone too far already.

So I would say that I fell to the calling of sales. I have in turn become materialistic. When one or two pairs would have served me well, I ended up buying a few. At least now I know if I broke one, I don't have to worry because I have another few pairs...haha. For now, I guess I have to forgo buying a new pair for the  next few months. While I complain that I have big feet that do not allow me much choices in shoe wear especially heels, this pair of big feet let me save money so that I don't buy unnecessarily.

I can't say that I'm thankful that I'm fat as it means I have less choice in buying clothes and hence, save money. That's not it..haha..

That's also why I can't comment much on those who make extravagant purchases, even for small items like kitchenware which they bought them from top notch makers and cost quite a bomb. I myself am veering quite close to that. But I manage to pull myself out or snap out of it before I go crazy on my purchases. I would have bought one new top after another while I don't exactly need it anymore. What I do sometimes is to vision myself how much money I would have saved if I have skipped buying this so and so item. I will feel better knowing that I didn't just buy coz I know the money would have been better used elsewhere and not just to feed my family.

In this day and age, anything can happen. How we live our lives now may not be the same as how we live our lives tomorrow. I live in a modern society so naturally, things are on a more expensive side even for basic amenities like water and electricity and I have to learn to survive well in this concrete jungle. I can't afford to the materialistic side of me every now and then. I will just be snubbed out so easily.

Those people living the high life may fall hard on the ground should something happen to them one day and they see themselves in very undesirable life conditions. The job that they have right now, they may lose their jobs one day because the way the economy works, you can't always predict it. You may heard of rags to riches stories but do you also know of riches to rags stories? It can happen and it has happened. 

So always know where you stand and know where to draw the line. Nothing is for sure. You have to think in that line rather than always thinking which coach bag is in season right now. What is in season now, is for you to make sure that you work on getting substantial savings for rainy days. As long as you get that in the right perspective and spend within your means, you can go ahead and get more than one pair of shoes. 

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Mum's Uncalled for Worries

It's a quiet quiet time in the office..time for a bit of posting for my blog. It has been a while since I last talked about my mother. Well, she's fine except for her occasional complaints about her tummy coz mid of this year, she went for ops to remover a tumour in her tummy. Then because they had to cut a minimal part of her intestine and rejoin it back with a tube inside of it, she feels rather constricted when she eats. But she still eats lah judging from her sometimes foray into cooking and uhm..cravings as well. And she still can't accept the fact that her over consumption of tomatoes may have contributed to her illness. That's the thing about her. She sometimes overconsumes and she will protest that she will 'balance' her overconsumption with something else. I don't know if it is a single contributive factor to her illness because I believe it can be a culmination of other things as well given her age.
I know I sometimes don't act concerned but I really am in a sense I don't want her tumour to come back. But because she gets terrified easily, I don't voice out my concerns and just tell her to don't think too much about it. She is actually a strong woman inside, just that emotionally, anybody can be a wreck if they think too much about it. Nowadays she keeps talking about my aunt who herself is having some medical problem relating to the growth on the side of her neck. She actually needs to get the right medical attention the hospital as the private doctor has already written a referral letter to her. But she doesn't want to go because her husband refused to let her go as he is worried nobody is going to take care of him -_-
I think that is so super selfish of him. Then my aunt who wants to obviously recover from the bouts of pain, resort to taking medicine that are not given directly by the doctors but rather, those health supplements which are so expensive because obviously they want to make money and recommend expensive supplements to her. They are so expensive, I would rather she go seek actual medical help and nevermind if she has to be hospitalised before the pain gets worse and then her tumour gets toxic. Once that happen, the toxins will go into her bloodstream and spread to other parts of her organs. Then furthermore, since she always show off that she has a lot of medisave funds, then might as well make use of them.
Sometimes why get yourself into unnecessary troubles and headaches, I wonder why.The solution is just there but we may choose to complicate matters and make it worse. Then there is also the fear of the unknown. We always think of the 'what if's.
But it's easy for us to think about the solution for other people's problems. It's easy for us to critique. Things may not be so simple for them. My aunt likes to boast or talk 'big' like some hooligan but deep down inside, she's very fearful. She just doesn't like to show her fear but instead, cover it up with harsh words and big arguments. I tell ya, she can just basically argue with anybody. It's not right of course and then worse, her daughter is picking up her skills as well because often she witnesses such arguments and last I heard, she tried to imitate her when my aunt got into one of her frequent arguments again.
The only thing I don't like is that I know my mum is worried but I tell her, what she can do. Let her do things her way since she doesn't want people to be nosey in her affairs, including my mum, although she keeps talking about it. So my mum likes to voice it out at me and I sometimes really cannot stand it coz it's often the same ol' same ol' stories. I tell her, let her do what she wants and let her think that it's recovering even though obviously, it isn't and what she is experiencing is merely temporary pain reliefs. She's a grown adult so she should know what she is doing. We can't always think for her since she herself doesn't want to listen. So rather than getting into pointless arguments with my aunt, my mum should just let her be.
I know she's worried coz every now and then she asked if my aunt messaged me or called me and what is she up to on her facebook. I just said, well, she's just busy doing her own online sales business. And I say this almost every single time till I'm this short of shouting at her coz I am so freaking annoyed and I hate to do that coz it's simply rude.
I am usually a patient person but even a calm seas can experience weather storms. I hope the two of them are in the best of health because their loved ones still need them around. I need my mum around despite at times, we are at loggerheads. I try to be a good daughter but I can't be so perfect. I have my own shortcomings too. Nowadays she's into experimental baking and often complain that her baking needs are not complete because I don't get her the ingredients that she wants because I complain they're so expensive. Yet she argues I can afford to buy clothes :S But they're on sales and I only buy the basics coz after my last wardrobe revamp, some of the basic ones like a long sleeves black top is no longer a black top in its glory due to frequent use. If there are new clothes, basically they don't cost that much and I don't buy more than I should.
So I try to accomodate to her and buy what she wants. She insists on paying back but I don't take much from her. What I get, I just use it back for our family expenses. No biggie. But as I am the current sole breadwinner, I have limitations too though I try to be as accomodative as much as I can without spending too much. And I always insist it's not an easy journey for me.
Right now, I just have to bear with mum's worries but I hope she doesn't worry too much as it will affect her health.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get my Shape in Shape

I was surfing the internet just now and I found out that Tyra Banks had lost weight! Now she's an advocate of being who you are, no matter what size you are, and that you can still be hot. She had taken a lot of flak for her weight gain which was a far cry from her modelling days and despite being under the glares of media, she stood by her own self beliefs and wanted every other women to feel about themselves.

But lately, for the sake of health, she decided to lose the weight. Within 6 months, she had successfully done so though she did struggle for quite a bit in the beginning because she was put on fad diets that didn't work for her. And now she's back to her modelling glory days when she was a lot slimmer.

Though the emphasis here was not her trying to fit in to the society's norm of what size she should be, in true sense, she did it out of making herself healthier coz she at one point, her weight gain was attributed to her love for junk food.

You can argue that she's a celebrity so she has a lot of help in her weight loss but bottom line is, it takes a lot of self discipline. You just have to get it in your mind that you want to be healthier so you have to be kinder to your body by not letting yourself be fed with a lot of junk food or high cholesterol food because eventually, it will take a toll on you. Tyra Banks suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and after going on a this weight loss programme, designed specially by a hired nutritionist, she is no longer had the attack.

Personally, while I did manage to lose some weight this year as well as  achieve a leaner look thanks to the elliptical machine and various other gym equipments, I would say I'm still rather disappointed that I have not reached my target weight. While I'm quite okay with how I look at this point of time, I still want to have a slimmer tummy..haha. It's pretty annoying when you wear a top and then your lower tummy bulges out. Sucking in can only do so much...hee...although at all times, you should not inflate your tummy and maintain your core muscle by sucking in a bit throughout while you carry out your daily routines.

Okay, so how did Tyra Banks did it? It's pretty simple actually. She relied on a sensible diet and work out often. And also, she relied on the power of the pen by recording each and every food that she eats so that she has an idea what she is eating and knows where she needs to work on.

Wow, what a true inspiration. I'm going to learn from her and you should too if your new year resolution every year is to lose weight, and has not successfully done so or has very  little success rate like me. I sometimes fall victims to snacks coz I have admitted in the past, that I am, in true virtue, a snacking queen though in recent times my snack choices are limited, unhealthy snacking is still unhealthy snacking. 

But now, no more excuses. You can lose weight the healthy way. There is no absolute short cut but if you are determined, you are on the way to being in shape, my dear readers.

Say the pledge to yourself:

"I am better to make myself a better person

I deserve this

My loved ones who care about me deserves this

They want me to stick around and be my best

most healthy person I can be

and this is my time to do it. 

I am ready to get my shape in shape"

Tyra Show Get in Shape

 Lose Weight Like Tyra

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Kim Possible

I have a slight fascination with Kim Kardashian and not coz I'm turning against the guys..coz I love me guys..but they just don't love me back..haha. Though she's a socialite and gets into the gossip pages every now and then, and she's loving the attention, I don't inspire to be like that.  What I admire is..her body confidence.

She's not petite and she's voluptuous in every sense and in and she knows that she will never be stick thin like many other hollywood stars are. She wants to show that real women can be curvy and sexy. Ok, so now I'm officially a 'real woman' since I'm curvy myself..along with pockets of fats here and there..haha.

Like Kim, I love to eat though over the last few years, my choice of food has drastically dropped though at times, I tell myself, hey it's okay to eat as long as you don't overdo it coz life is too short. Seriously, way short. While she loves food, she also works out (and you think celebs have it easy as well? ) and she teaches women to take good care of their body through her workout videos so they can look physically good at whatever stage they are in terms of physical fitness. Ok fine, it's probably a way for her to earn the dough but at least, we get something out of it like a good body? heh..

Okay here's the thing. You can't always rely on the weighing machine scales to give you an accurate measurement of your health. Even skinny people, you may be surprised that they are also at risk at having high cholesterol. It's all about balance. You don't always have to eat unhealthy food all the time. You just need to know when you must stop eating them and start eating healthier food and make sure they are of more than the unhealthier fare.

But with so many fashion choices out there, at the very least we want to look good in the clothes we are in, right? Simple toning exercises can help you get a leaner looking and toned body without losing the curves so  you can still look fierce and sexy :)

For a start, you can watch some simple moves sans exercise machines as demonstrated by Kim, of course!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

No More No More

I have exceeded my shopping limit although my mum wanted the sandals that I just bought recently and I really liked and she refused to share, so's pretty inconclusive at the moment. I might just a replacement pair *sigh*...It's $20 btw. Not much considering a pair like this, in other reputable shoe shops selling at least $29.95 or more for a pair. It's a Birkenstock knock-off so who cares as long as it's comfy and from Cotton On :P. While I didn't think I would go crazy at the Mango sales..I almost did. I end up with purchases totalling almost $60. In two different Mango outlets :S but of course, luckily not $60 in each shop..heh.
But I tried to be a good girl and stuffed $30 of unspent leftover money into the savings pouch plus some loose less guilt..hee.
Anyway my nightmares with bills are not over yet. I have to pay the annual tv license fees and property tax. Plus I still have unpaid loan so have to be wise in spending. At the end of the year, I also have to spare some cash for the buffet dinner with my friends. Not much. $33 only..but money is money..haha..Oh, not forgetting my brother's fees which is high on the urgent list of 'MUST PAY'. Not coz they're bugging me but because I need to clear them or they won't allow him to take his O level examinations next year.
There are times when I wish I don't have dependents. I wish I was more like some people who just go into a shop, buy what she wants, irregardless of the price (and ESPECIALLY when the item is on sales), and then move on. Lucky socks. Just like yesterday, when I thought I saw a nice looking bag from the Mango sales, the only one left, and then she totally proceeded to buy the damn thing while I was still contemplating long and hard. *sigh* But I figured I shouldn't be so greedy because I just got a new bag though what I dislike about the bag is the opening which is quite small for my big hands..haha..But if I need another bag that can fit my hand, I got other bags that enable me to do that. Anyway, this theory about us having not enough bags is quite true also.
I also need to clear some clothes in my wardrobe. Seriously need to. I guess it's totally no point for me to keep some of them and I don't know why I'm keeping them. But then again, if I throw then it will be so wasted. And you wonder why us ladies horde a lot of clothes. Some of us keep them coz well, it's a bad buy but it's worse off when we throw them away..haha. Then there are delusional moments when we think that once we lose 10kg, we will be able to wear them and everyone is happy. Not so fast. I meant..hold the thought..not the weight loss..haha. You will lose weight, if you actually bother to make the efforts (think energy in must always be less than energy out) but seriously, by that time you lose the 10kg, you will want to wear other clothes instead like seriously go on a shopping rampage to show off your new figure. You won't need these clothes that you have bought just for this occasion. Then if you are like me who does the complete opposite which means that I keep the clothes that I wore many years ago when I was still on the heavier side so that if one fine day, my weight goes back up again, I got something to wear. Seriously, do I want to wait for such occasions? Hrm..
I know I know you are going to scream at me after all my ramblings regarding wanting to save up. I applied for another credit card *cue covering face*. The card that I have is a POSB multi-tude card which is actually my main ATM card but with enhancement. That means I have $500 credit limit. So far I have used it online to pay bills and I paid my first bill though I got charged an additional $20 coz the giro didn't go through as there was no money in my bank..heh. But I have been a good girl  and paid the amount owed. I have another bill to settle but it's for next month only. This will be taken from my salary. The payment for utilities bill and the other for mobile phone will go towards the card. It's still early for me to work out the budget lest I have unnecessary headache so I just leave it as that first.
But because of the limitations in terms of the terminals that can be used for this card, I have so far not been able to use it. I tried to use the credit function of the card before to make payment outside but they ended up using the debit function which means they used my actual bank balance instead which frankly speaking, at that time wasn't that much..haha.
So this new credit card, with the $500 credit limit, once approved, I can actually use it at shops without worrying if they have the terminals that can be used for my card. Plus I find it a hassle to inform them to use the DBS credit and not the DBS debit and then end up, they use the DBS debit coz of the confusion *yawn* .
Then, with this card, comes responsibilities..haha. I will set limitations and since this card will not be used for bills, I will probably use a lot lesser. Starting, I guess I will set 50 to 60 dollars since I guess I can afford to pay this much using my salary.
 Update: I actually typed this post yesterday. I managed to revamp my wardrobe by arranging the clothes in order and taking out those that I don't wear anymore. Looks neater now and I can squeeze in new clothes. Oh, and I contributed another $10 into my savings pouch. .

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Wanna Look Hot like Them

Most of the times, I don't feel hot. It's just hard but I know we girls can look hot, if we wanted to. This is a given age where we can afford to look and feel good and I just am so encouraged also by those young mummies, despite having children, still look damn hawt. Okay I know I'm not quite there yet since I'm still single and enjoying the freedom and not being bogged down by the duty calls of a mother and wife. Don't even talk about those young mummies but the pretty young things who are deemed as the hot girlfriend. The things we do sometimes to please our men, haha..

So why am I fretting over this? To be honest with you, given my height and curves in the right places (well, almost strategically) and how my silhouette is leaner than in the past, where I can't tell the difference between my waistline and my hips..heh...there is always this sense of dissatisfaction with myself and I tell ya, it's seriously freaking annoying.

But positive affirmations always help...though now I know why you need a DAILY reminder instead of just a one off affirmation and off you go, for the rest of your life..haha..I guess I have not come to a point where I am completely satisfied with my own physical self but it's a common thing for many of us to always find faults rather than to see the good side of things, eh? We often forget that we are unique individuals.

Therefore nowadays, I tell myself that it's not that I don't do anything at all to change how I look coz I'm still in the process of getting to my ideal weight so that's a good thing. It's not about wanting to finally blend in with the other hot girls. It's a matter of loving ourselves so much so that we don't want to just think negative thoughts and  pull down our self esteem. Rather, we want to do something that make us feel good inside and out. No point being jealous of other girls when there you are, too lazy to lift a finger to change your outlook on life. Like why be jealous of people's accomplishments when you yourself is capable of accomplishing greater things in life. You can certainly learn from them but not be jealous that you turn yourself into an ugly person...even if people think you are hot.

So, if you are one of those girls who face such dilemmas on an almost daily basis, I just share some tips that we can use to make life easier for us..haha..

  • I've talked about wearing clothes that fit you to a T. But the right combination of colours, print and types can make you look good. The best is to take a good hard look at what you already have in your wardrobe and see what combinations you can think of instead of just simply buying blindly, more often just coz the items are on sale :S. From there, plan on what to get based on what you already have so that you can have even more combinations. Saves cost too!
  • Concentrate on making yourself look good. a little make up helps to play up your features. The best shades of make up are those nude colours like light brown with a hint of shimmer so that your eyes sparkle. A little bit of definition also helps such as using an eyeliner and mascara. Well groomed eyebrows are a must also. If there's a need, trim off some eyebrow strays and then use vaseline and pat them on your eyebrows for a more sleek look.
  • Don't be lazy in removing your make up before you sleep! If you are super lazy, the best is to get the make up remover wipes. On some nights, you can put a facial mask, pat your face dry after about 10 to 15 minutes, slather on night moisturizer and go to bed! You wake up with a more refreshed looking face.
  • Your hair must look good which means frequent washing. Using a hair serum also works in taming your hair so that it looks more sleek and sexy. You can read up the local beauty blogs for more tips and recommendations of hair products.
  • Okay I know this may sound vain, but once in awhile, do check on how you look coz chances are, you won't look like how you looked like when you first step out of the house looking well groomed..haha..For instance, your hair may have a few strays and there, your face looks super oily and then your skirt may crease up at the back. It's best to maintain a well groomed appearance at all times by doing some touch ups. But please, do it in the privacy of the public toilet or some private corner and not in full view of the crowd. We don't need to tell the whole world we fake our flawless complexion..heh...
So from here, I believe the best is not to be jealous of other well groomed ladies but learn from them such as how they carry themselves without bordering on being sl*tty. Also start loving yourself and do things that help yourself in a positive manner instead of always demeaning yourself coz over the long term, it will be very hard to shake off that nasty overshadowing cloud.

Or we can always chant this to ourselves 'If they can be hot, so can I!' or say 'I am even hotter than hot I sizzle! pssst...' Okay that's a bit much.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look Sexy Babes!

Do you know that many young women suffer from low self esteem and one of the many reasons is because we like to compare ourselves to other young women and admire how they have such nice facial features, long shiny hair and a great body to boot? Like for me, I just have this erm..massive lump of fats..haha..

Okay this may sound wrong to you but it's actually okay to see other girls and just check out what they wear to have a gauge of what are in trend nowadays though it will be totally wrong to just follow the crowd blindly. Like for myself, I do admire those well dressed girls and I wish I can dress up like them too but I don't become their copycat. We can look good but we must know what are our flaws and what are our favourite body parts and we can dress them up and downplay the not so favourite ones. 

But to me, besides avoiding ill fitting clothes, some other tips to help raise your self esteem especially if you're on a bigger side of the spectrum such as like moi. I may have talked about it but I'll just do a recap on it coz well..sometimes I need to be reminded as well :S

Walk tall and straight without a hint of shyness because a confident woman shows it via how she carries herself and that can be sexy.You can look slightly downwards just a bit coz it kinda make you a bit more mysterious like eh, someone may be checking you out and you show this slight disinterest like play hard to get..hehe..

It helps to wear heels at times and though we don't always have to wear those sky high ones. Heels provide you with an instant confidence booster..heh..but of course, please walk with care like careful of those grooves while you walk like when I got them stuck and had difficulty getting out. Oh, and please DO NOT drag your feet when you wear heels. Freaking annoying! Last one, please walk properly too with one foot infront of another foot instead of one foot walking properly while the subsequent foot bend inwards a bit and thereby looking as though your heels will get damaged anytime soon.

I've talked about how ill fitting clothes can make you look bad. So get those that fit you comfortably without making you look like you are wearing a sack or wearing something that looks like you spend the entire morning trying to squeeze into them. Don't try to get clothes that are either too big or too small but fits you just nice. 

One of my gripes even after wearing clothes that do fit me, I often compare myself and then feels rather bad that hey, I could have looked better in this if I were smaller in size :( It's a very sick feeling coz even if others may think I do look good in them, but the mindset is just not there. 

So how to get rid of that particular mindset? Just think about how you spend the time and money on that outfit and you have probably got it coz it makes you look good so just leave it as that. You look good in them and that's all that matters. Don't have to wish that you are smaller or what. 

While buying the right fitting clothes can make you look good, it's also good to take good care of your overall well being. Always keep in mind that there no short cuts to losing weight but through sheer will power and the right formula which is to eat less and exercise more. Eat more healthier choices not only to keep your weight in check but also to give you the right vitamins and minerals so that you don't fall sick often coz a sick look is not a rockin' look. Eventually you will have that nice radiant that cannot be bought :) 

You can eat fast food or your favourite plate of char kway teow but you must have the right balance. Pay back if you can for the next two or three days by eating much lesser and with more healthier choices. Hit the gym at least twice weekly like going to a public gym or make use of the free exercise equipments at the neighbourhood park to get a more toned and leaner look so you can stop griping about your thicker waist and protuding tummy.

We don't have a one size fits all but how media often perceives the skinny to be the size to be in but just don't be fooled by it. The truth is, when you look around you, do you think most people will care like how big your butt is or how fat your arms are. They are busy minding their own business. Most of the time, people will give you a second glance because there's something about you that catches their eye and you will never know that they actually admire something about you and for the ladies, the guy may have even thought about how pretty you are looking at that point of time :) Oh and another thing, if they DO stare because you think it's because of the size of your butt, chances are do you think they will even remember about it or worse, spread the news around on how big your butt is. 

Come on, give that thought a rest! Chill babes. It takes 21 days to break a nasty habit so if you have a bad habit of slouching often when you walk thinking that you just don't look good, learn to walk tall and straight like you don't give a damn what people think about you. Instead give off that sexy vibes!

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I like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

I have been eating good food for the last couple of weeks with very little exercise and to prove that, my skirt actually keeps riding up on my legs and butt just now resulting in constant tugging. First it was the annoying liner inside the skirt which was not sewn properly and so it was often scrunched up when I walked. But after tolerating for the longest time eva, I did what I should have done earlier. I tucked the front of the liner into my er..panties..heh. I know I know too much info but I just want to say that is what happened! Though it did improve a bit, I still felt my skirt riding up which can only mean one thing....

I have freaking gained weight! *eurgh*

I mean how can I not? It's always a sure thing to happen when you eat more than you exercise. But it's just the tip of the iceberg. If I'm not careful or continue to have bad eating habits, I will be tugging more than just the skirt. I will also start tugging on my blouse because of my protuding tummy.

Who says being a woman is easy, eh?

While currently I am on course, with two tea breaks in between, of which I can't give up such opportunity coz it's free food..heh, I still got the chance to redeem myself being eating light for lunch. Like just now, I had a small soya bean pancake though I kinda ruined that 'healthy' moment by buying a stick of fried fishball *smacks forehead* On the way back, a guy just walked past me and then turned around to say hello to me. I seriously hope it's a mistaken case of identity. While you may be quick to deem me as unfriendly, but seriously, you would do the same thing too if it's not some guy you wouldn't mind saying hello back and it's not just because he's not good looking or what. Let's say, it's bordering on being too freaky :S like uhm, maybe coz of my butt coz I did say my skirt wasn't quite fitting today. No wait, I should say too damn fitting...haha...

On the plus side, my face looked rather radiant today. Maybe coz I finally used a cleanser that seriously cleaned out all the impurities. That or coz I had religiously put on night moisturizer. I don't really think it's the foundation coz at times when I put on foundation on my face, didn't really make any difference especially if I have not taken good care of my skin prior to it like giving it a good facial rub or skipping moisturizer which makes my skin really dull.

Sigh, why can't both things happen at the same time? Like feeling good about my body and looking all radiant. Why does one thing have to compromise with another?! So unfair.

Whatever it is, with the right clothes and attitude, you can exude a good sense of self confidence, or at least fake it no matter what body size you are. I've seen much bigger girls looking stylish and just browse through the racks without any care if people stare in their way and thinking that they are in the wrong place or something. Come on, not all of us are skinny. I told myself this just now to just suck it up and walk tall with confidence. Sadly, the episode where the skirt was so uncomfy to wear ruined the top of the world feeling. Le sigh..

Anyway, looking at my calendar, I am 3 weeks away to my next weight check and it will be the final weight check before I start yet another year of work out and planning to finally get to my ideal weight. Feels like the longest time ever..haha..Since I know that this month, I will continue to start having more opportunities to eat good food, I might as well just call it a day like try not to be so hung about not hitting the ideal weight sooner. If there's a consolation prize, the fact that I have religiously gone to the gym every week this year, watch what I eat most of the times and only eat a bit more once a week namely on Saturdays, resulting in some weight loss and inches, I guess I deserve a pat on the back. But I still have to continue to work harder and not give in to food temptations so easily like in the case of the deep fried fish balls earlier on..haha..

I shouldn't wait until next year. I should start within this 3 weeks. I don't want to make my weekly gym sessions a waste of time coz seriously, I would rather sleep late especially on a Sunday morning and worse, when I clock in weekend gym sessions for both Saturday AND Sunday. This week will be another of such session *groans* This will be my last and final efforts prior to 2011.

Look, if Beyonce and Kim Kardashian can work hard to get a sexy body, what more a non celebrity like me? They don't starve themselves but they make sure they work out to balance out whatever they have eaten so they will continue to have that sexy body. Despite not being skinny with their big hips and perky butts, everybody still go crazy over them. I don't need unwelcome attention or stalkers but I just admire their body confidence :)

Let's hope tomorrow I have better luck with my outfit..haha..

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Damage has been Done

Yes, I have left a trail of damage least to my bank account..haha. No worries, lest you think that I have been a careless spender, that's not true. I did mention earlier that I have left quite a chunk of my salary this month including bonus into another account. And I will continue to build up that account by saving up whenever I can. 

And I finally got a bag from Charles & Keith along with two pair of sandals from URS for $18 each which is like quite a drop in price because I got a feeling this chain of outlets are closing down soon. That's sad coz they do have very nice heels though having big and weirdly shaped feet means that I have very very limited choices. But if you can, I suggest you hop down to one of their branches and grab yourself a few pairs before they officially close down. Oh, as for the bag, I got it because I realise that I don't have a work bag that has a long strap. And the strap can be removed and become a carry bag with its short handles so ta-dah, casual use. When I was there, I saw it in 3 different colours and then I saw one of them trying it out. I went to another shop to look at the shoes, which is that URS shop, as they are way cheaper. Just add a few more dollars and I get two pairs instead of one if I had bought it at Charles & Keith instead. I came back, the black bag was gone! And it was a display one so I can imagine that it had been sold out.

But anyway, I wasn't looking to get the black bag but the beige looking one instead though later when I bought it, the colour was actually taupe which I have no idea if it's a real colour :S It wasn't as expensive as the earlier ones I saw that costs almost $70. This was just like $55 so I thought it was just nice since I had stashed $50 away earlier the night before since I could not find the bag that I wanted.

Oh yah, I even bought some Clinique products which included a gift set that contain some make up like eyeshadow, blusher, eyeliner and etc for just $70. It was my mum's suggestion so if you know me well enough through my blog, you know I will NEVER spend such an amount on make up..haha..or anything from Clinique. Anyway, it wasn't officially my money, about $$100 of it, coz my mum said that oh, I can take back from my brother's maintenance money come end of the month so no biggie. There will still be some leftover money from there which, as usual, will be used for emergency namely when the big bully, aka Singapore Power Supply, comes a knocking.

So that's my shopping escapade for ya. Starting from today, I will act as a 'pauper' or rather act like how I was prior to getting the bonus in terms of my spending. I don't want to spend my savings of more than a month's salary in a blink of an eye. Must conserve them. 

Okay pokes, shall sleep coz got to attend a 3 day course later in the day..sigh..but it's going to be an I.T. course so it will be less boring, I hope. Oh well, at least it's better than staying in the office with nothing much to do since I don't handle money or payment while the rest are busy doing processing prior to deadlines and before year end.

So I'm gonna go there with a new bag, new shoes and new top..whee!! Feeling quite rich without breaking the bank..heh. Oh, gotta tell you about the top before I'm done with the post. I got it at only $19 from Forever 21 and I suspect, judging from the clothing pieces of some of them, they are nice looking and affordable and now I'm like Mango who? hehe.. And the one at Somerset@313 covers four freaking floor! But I was with my brother and therefore only managed one floor but I know that he was being very patient and only because I was going to treat him to Manhattan Fish Market. After that, he can go to his two other favourite shops of which one of them is the HMV for his CDs. He doesn't believe in downloading so he gets the real deal..pfft.

So where was I? Oh, I'm feeling like a millionaire..heh..

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