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Last Post of 2011

Wow..unbelievable. We're just one day shy of a brand new year :). So how was the year for you? Managed to follow through your resolutions or it's back to square one again as of next year? haha..

For me, it was alright. Honestly, it wasn't so fantastic but I'm just glad that I managed to pull through and still be in one piece. It wasn't a problem free year. There were a lot of bumps along the way which I have ranted here time and time again. I started a savings scheme but it sorta went down the drain quite a bit due to the transfer of ownership for my house which was also tied up to the outstanding payment of almost $1K to the town council which I was struggling big time to pay. The handover was so quick in less than 5 minutes but it was the preparation of documents and payments as well that took so long to do. 

But it's all behind us now and this house has been officially taken care of for as long as I have a job. 

This year I was more focused health wise after my…

Sneaky Mind Games

Blogging is not a dying trend. It's just that people now enjoy making quick updates to their facebook and twitter accounts and get a fast response as well. Well, I still enjoy blogging because I get to rant and rave and recently write stuffs that will hopefully benefit other young women like me as I know how hard it is to lose weight, save money and also find a man..sigh...haha. But happiness doesn't equate to being slim or being rich because it's just how you find happiness and often, it's within yourself. 

I know sometimes it's hard not to feel a tinge of jealousy towards other young women because being jealous of other people's success is normal. It's only a matter of not turning your jealousy into something evil where you just dislike the person and be all grouchy and mean. I myself do feel rather jealous and think God is being unfair to me simply because I felt that I'm not pretty or slim enough to attract the opposite sex, and mind you, when I say …

New Man in 2011?

Get yourself a new man within one month of the year 2011. Serious! Honestly, it can happen if we are willing to take a bold stand and make some tweaks to our current lifestyle and outlook on life so that you can truly bag a good deal man. Now even if you are a sceptic, there are some good tips that can help you change your life especially for us young women. 

I've recently read an article on bagging a man in 28 days from Cleo (Feb issue 2010) but I'm not going to put the article here wholesale. I just want to share with you some fun bits based on that magazine as well as from my own personal experiences. As far as you know, I'm still single but from what I've observed, it's not that hard to bag a man if you are really interested in putting yourself forth in the possibility of getting yourself at least a date with a guy whom you have shown interest in.

Here goes!


I do a mental note of what kind of guys I want to date though I'm always jok…

Happy Hols 2010

I've been blogging a lot lately and I find that the basis of my posts are pretty repetitive..haha. Okay, till the next time when I have actual real material to write, I shall put blogging on a rest. Meanwhile, I post up some pics instead taking along various points of the Singapore River. Forgive the quality coz I'm using a cameraphone with only 2 megapixels. Remind me to upgrade to a better phone next year, haha.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all the Christians, Jews and Catholics and Happy Hols to the rest of ya...

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Stocking Up with The Extra Dough

I don't want to be materialistic anymore. I came to the conclusion when I learn about how people give away their money, even millions, because they are tired of leading an extravagant lifestyle while others are suffering and would rather lead a simple comfortable life. I also read of an article of someone who work longer hours than others just to save up enough to be able to donate to others and even donated quite a large amount to a school so that they can have their own library. Very humble and noble acts indeed. Just as you think that we have enough drama in life already with people getting more and more materialistic and self centered. 

But then, I have been on both ends of the stick. I don't spend much and only spend a bit more if I have the extra dough. While I could justify my acts of materialism recently because I haven't been spending on myself for the longest time eva,  I just could not fathom the fact that I bought 5 new pairs of shoes?! And also almost $70 was s…

Do Good Feel Good

Have you seen those elderly people hawking tissue papers and then most of the time, people just walk past and totally ignoring them? I admit I am one of them but I do felt bad about them because they are just hoping that people will buy the tissue papers from them so that they can feed themselves. Now these people may be self reliant and have been receiving the financial aid already from relevant authorities but they want to have this sense of independence of earning money themselves even if it means standing for long hours and watching the world go by while hoping someone drops by and buy the tissue papers from them. You know I'm very calculative when it comes to money and I myself am struggling to feed my own family. 

But yesterday something came over me and I decided to make a u turn and gave the blind old lady $2 without taking the tissue papers coz I basically wanted to help her and I don't need those tissue. Before I gave her the money, a young teenager also gave her some…

Everyone is Different

It's freaking official. I suck not only at gift buying but also gift wrapping. Talk about a double whammy. Whatever it is, I am done with da whole christmas thingey and the next thing is to distribute them out later on in the morning. Excited that it's a half day so I won't myself rotting away most of the times while the rest of my colleagues are busy rushing the deadlines to clear invoices and etc.  I just do my own thang..slowly but surely.

Speaking about colleagues, my colleague just received her exam results and she was so excited that she passed she made so much hoo haa in the office, the vice principal came out and see what was the commotion. At first I thought she was being such a loudspeaker for not containing her excitement and previously I was not quite happy at how she dissed the rest of her colleagues, though not directly, when she said she was sick and tired of working in here already. But I was glad she realized later on and told me that she learnt a lot of th…

Another Set Up

I can't wait to get my new credit card. It will be an actual credit card and not the other lame debit & credit card though admittedly, it has helped me in terms of paying the bills in advance though these greedy people, once you pay, ask you to pay even more. That's when I start to struggle.  Anyway, that card is just a welcome addition to my wallet, which is pretty devoid of cards save for my identification card and ATM card. That aside, I got the Christmas presents ready! I got them all in one shot from this shop at Far East Plaza that sells mostly budget bags. Of course when I say budget, it's not like they're in the best workmanship. Like i justified to my mum, it's just a Christmas present and I don't even celebrate Christmas and I don't have to make much efforts unlike a birthday present. Even then...I still suck at gift buying. Then yesterday, I resisted buying this denim bag with pink details and it costs only $10! WAH!!! I put it back of course …

Make Up for Newbies

Okay I promised to do a post on make up. When you have never worn make up before and you are a grown woman, you are kinda missing out in life a bit. We have to be presentable looking and come on, let's face it. Most of us do not have flawless looking skin. We need a bit of help too. I know there are those women who fear putting on make up because it's going to give them a completely different look and people are just going to stare and stare at them till they have to find the nearest hole. 

Come on, it's not that bad. You just need to master the basic application of make up and you can actually look more attractive :) Opt for a less drastic or drama mama make up so that people can still see through your nice features and personality rather than when the minute you take it off and show up, people will go like 'whoa! where's that pretty woman I saw yesterday? You kidnapped her?!'

Im no make up expert though I had my fair share of make up boo boos back when I was in…

Christmas Gift Dilemma

Let me try this email blogging again. I have been having problems posting my blog via email but then managed to rectify the problem because apparently the setting has changed due to certain enhancements to blogger. Anyway, I hope it works this time..ha! Christmas is looming near and even though I don't celebrate the occasion, I do receive christmas presents from my colleagues and if I don't give, it will be so odd though it's not customary to give back as bottomline is, it should come from your heart. But I won't feel good so somehow, it will still come from my pockets.  And I hate to say this. I don't usually give the nicest presents unless I sincerely make the efforts. It's hard when I allocate very little budget..haha. Hey, I did say it's the thought that counts, right? Yah, for a miser. I kinda have an idea what I want to buy and where to get while I was in the showers just now (I do my thinking there..including my budgeting)  but oh no, it's in the h…

If You Bite It, Write It.

Tyra Banks says that if you bite, you have to write it. Today was the start of me writing a food diary. I wanted to start earlier coz I know it will help me watch what I eat especially if I don't want to write down those food that I would rather not eat. As I began to start writing, I also realised why I may not have lose weight successfully for health reasons. I am being well fed! haha..First, at my workplace where every now and then, people will be kind enough to give us food and trust me, they're not all bad. Infact, just now I ate one piece of chewy jr's cream puff with cheddar cheese on top. That was enough to not let me eat the small muffin cakes my mum packed for me *sigh* but I kept them in the fridge for tomorrow instead. Okay, so that is for work. Nowadays my mum will cook on certain days so it's never just a small pathetic helping but a generous one instead though I will skip on piling up some more once I'm done. Since I know when I go home I am going to…

Are We too Materialistic?

I know we don't say it out loud though what we prefer to say is the things that we purchase because we can be so proud of them. People argue against the naysayers that they have the right to purchase as they have worked hard for it and they deserve to buy them just to show they can afford it as well. Well of course you deserve them but you don't have to brag it all the way and making those who can't afford feel like they are not up to their measurement. Generally, people will have the thinking that if you don't have this this this, it means that you have not succeeded in life. So our happiness is now being measured by the number of expensive things that we own. What a twisted concept. 

So is this material pursuit a good or a bad thing? I wouldn't comment as to how far people have gone in their pursuit as long as we are not becoming more and more self centered that we couldn't care less about what goes on around us. And I dislike it too when people puts others do…

Mum's Uncalled for Worries

It's a quiet quiet time in the office..time for a bit of posting for my blog. It has been a while since I last talked about my mother. Well, she's fine except for her occasional complaints about her tummy coz mid of this year, she went for ops to remover a tumour in her tummy. Then because they had to cut a minimal part of her intestine and rejoin it back with a tube inside of it, she feels rather constricted when she eats. But she still eats lah judging from her sometimes foray into cooking and uhm..cravings as well. And she still can't accept the fact that her over consumption of tomatoes may have contributed to her illness. That's the thing about her. She sometimes overconsumes and she will protest that she will 'balance' her overconsumption with something else. I don't know if it is a single contributive factor to her illness because I believe it can be a culmination of other things as well given her age.
I know I sometimes don't act concerned but I…

Get my Shape in Shape

I was surfing the internet just now and I found out that Tyra Banks had lost weight! Now she's an advocate of being who you are, no matter what size you are, and that you can still be hot. She had taken a lot of flak for her weight gain which was a far cry from her modelling days and despite being under the glares of media, she stood by her own self beliefs and wanted every other women to feel about themselves.

But lately, for the sake of health, she decided to lose the weight. Within 6 months, she had successfully done so though she did struggle for quite a bit in the beginning because she was put on fad diets that didn't work for her. And now she's back to her modelling glory days when she was a lot slimmer.

Though the emphasis here was not her trying to fit in to the society's norm of what size she should be, in true sense, she did it out of making herself healthier coz she at one point, her weight gain was attributed to her love for junk food.

You can argue that she&#…

Kim Possible

I have a slight fascination with Kim Kardashian and not coz I'm turning against the guys..coz I love me guys..but they just don't love me back..haha. Though she's a socialite and gets into the gossip pages every now and then, and she's loving the attention, I don't inspire to be like that.  What I admire is..her body confidence.

She's not petite and she's voluptuous in every sense and in and she knows that she will never be stick thin like many other hollywood stars are. She wants to show that real women can be curvy and sexy. Ok, so now I'm officially a 'real woman' since I'm curvy myself..along with pockets of fats here and there..haha.

Like Kim, I love to eat though over the last few years, my choice of food has drastically dropped though at times, I tell myself, hey it's okay to eat as long as you don't overdo it coz life is too short. Seriously, way short. While she loves food, she also works out (and you think ce…

No More No More

I have exceeded my shopping limit although my mum wanted the sandals that I just bought recently and I really liked and she refused to share, so's pretty inconclusive at the moment. I might just a replacement pair *sigh*...It's $20 btw. Not much considering a pair like this, in other reputable shoe shops selling at least $29.95 or more for a pair. It's a Birkenstock knock-off so who cares as long as it's comfy and from Cotton On :P. While I didn't think I would go crazy at the Mango sales..I almost did. I end up with purchases totalling almost $60. In two different Mango outlets :S but of course, luckily not $60 in each shop..heh. But I tried to be a good girl and stuffed $30 of unspent leftover money into the savings pouch plus some loose less guilt..hee. Anyway my nightmares with bills are not over yet. I have to pay the annual tv license fees and property tax. Plus I still have unpaid loan so have to be wise in spending. At the end…

I Wanna Look Hot like Them

Most of the times, I don't feel hot. It's just hard but I know we girls can look hot, if we wanted to. This is a given age where we can afford to look and feel good and I just am so encouraged also by those young mummies, despite having children, still look damn hawt. Okay I know I'm not quite there yet since I'm still single and enjoying the freedom and not being bogged down by the duty calls of a mother and wife. Don't even talk about those young mummies but the pretty young things who are deemed as the hot girlfriend. The things we do sometimes to please our men, haha..

So why am I fretting over this? To be honest with you, given my height and curves in the right places (well, almost strategically) and how my silhouette is leaner than in the past, where I can't tell the difference between my waistline and my hips..heh...there is always this sense of dissatisfaction with myself and I tell ya, it's seriously freaking annoying.

But positive affirmations alway…

Look Sexy Babes!

Do you know that many young women suffer from low self esteem and one of the many reasons is because we like to compare ourselves to other young women and admire how they have such nice facial features, long shiny hair and a great body to boot? Like for me, I just have this erm..massive lump of fats..haha..

Okay this may sound wrong to you but it's actually okay to see other girls and just check out what they wear to have a gauge of what are in trend nowadays though it will be totally wrong to just follow the crowd blindly. Like for myself, I do admire those well dressed girls and I wish I can dress up like them too but I don't become their copycat. We can look good but we must know what are our flaws and what are our favourite body parts and we can dress them up and downplay the not so favourite ones. 

But to me, besides avoiding ill fitting clothes, some other tips to help raise your self esteem especially if you're on a bigger side of the spectrum such as like moi. I may …

I like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

I have been eating good food for the last couple of weeks with very little exercise and to prove that, my skirt actually keeps riding up on my legs and butt just now resulting in constant tugging. First it was the annoying liner inside the skirt which was not sewn properly and so it was often scrunched up when I walked. But after tolerating for the longest time eva, I did what I should have done earlier. I tucked the front of the liner into my er..panties..heh. I know I know too much info but I just want to say that is what happened! Though it did improve a bit, I still felt my skirt riding up which can only mean one thing....

I have freaking gained weight! *eurgh*

I mean how can I not? It's always a sure thing to happen when you eat more than you exercise. But it's just the tip of the iceberg. If I'm not careful or continue to have bad eating habits, I will be tugging more than just the skirt. I will also start tugging on my blouse because of my protuding tummy.

Who says bei…

Damage has been Done

Yes, I have left a trail of damage least to my bank account..haha. No worries, lest you think that I have been a careless spender, that's not true. I did mention earlier that I have left quite a chunk of my salary this month including bonus into another account. And I will continue to build up that account by saving up whenever I can. 

And I finally got a bag from Charles & Keith along with two pair of sandals from URS for $18 each which is like quite a drop in price because I got a feeling this chain of outlets are closing down soon. That's sad coz they do have very nice heels though having big and weirdly shaped feet means that I have very very limited choices. But if you can, I suggest you hop down to one of their branches and grab yourself a few pairs before they officially close down. Oh, as for the bag, I got it because I realise that I don't have a work bag that has a long strap. And the strap can be removed and become a carry bag with its short handles …