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Get Movin'! Motivation to Exercise

So the second part of the weight loss help tips! I would say that the first time you tell yourself that you are going to lose the extra weight and have a healthy lifestyle, you are half way there already! NO KIDDING!

You must believe that you have the right to have the body that you want and the health that you want. By believing in your right, you will be more motivated to work towards the right to have the body and health that you want!

I guess everyone who is motivated to lose weight has this light bulb moment where they want to make this change. Every time you feel demotivated, you must stay focused by knowing WHY you are doing this in the first place. Is it because you want to be have energy because you are tired of feeling lethargic or you want to fit nicer looking clothes because you are tired of wearing frumpy clothing and people telling in your face 'no size! no size!' It hurts terribly for me when I see other friends having the freedom to choose the clothes while I'…

Portion Control & Healthy Snacking

I haven't been writing about this for a long while regarding weight loss but yah, if you are like me who are still in the process of losing weight or at least want to try to lose weight but do not  know where to start, I can share some tips here. I started to slowly gain back the weight that I lost two years ago and even though it's not that significant, it bugs me because it made me go back to a past weight range after working so hard the last few years since the end of 2005.

I guess it is because of the stress I was in that eating was such comfort. The 'best' part is (being sarcastic here), after the weight gain, even since then it has been a roller coaster ride. There will be a short victory and then somehow I would be back to the previous weight and what's worse, it will be slightly more. It is so frustrating.

But finally, after tweaking a lot in my diet by carefully analyzing what has gone wrong and what could be done, I am finally (yet again) back on track and …

Gratitude & Starting the Day Right

The auditors are finally gone and we're back to regular programming with mounts of paperwork...well, almost. It was so frustrating because we're so behind in terms of the past paperwork because there were many things that we were supposed to do and we didn't so we end up..or rather I, end up doing them for others as well. And then my manager tends to put the payment vouchers at her desk because the paperwork don't seem to end and more gets piled up and the previous paperwork gets buried underneath.

However, I do not want to judge her organizational skills because I would say that she is a very effective leader. She has an eye for details and she's not afraid to voice out her opinions and displeasure only for the sake of making us improve ourselves and learn our mistakes. While other leaders may not care for staff welfare and is only concerned on getting promoted instead of helping us to progress and improve.

So basically I went home so tired after being 'lost'…