House Visit & Bestie's Post Bday Celebration

So..we had a very post birthday celebration. Well, not really. It was officially a month after her birthday, come to think of it now actually, haha. Sorry I is slow sometimes. I actually did most of the planning and my other friend did all the driving. It was so...funny in a part that at one time we were like where is KPE? where is KPE?! And all along we WERE on KPE, hahahaha..three clueless girls in the car.

I actually gave mostly the directions. From TPE to Lorong Halus to goodness, for a non driver, I learnt a few acronyms. If you are not living in Singapore, they are basically the acronyms of the different highways we have. I think we pretty much covered all the expressways except BKE as that is going to the west side. 

Well my friend Nutty wanted to badly watch the movie Crazy Stupid Love and we all actually had to rush here and there JUST for us to catch the movie, haha. Hence the panic when we didn't realize we were all along on the KPE highway. Go figure.

My verdict? It was aight. Meaning good but not fantastic. It is sorta lazy story telling and honestly, my other two friends also think the same. So not worth catching except for....Ryan Gosling's abs. My goodness gracious! They're so freaking tight!

Before we go on our so called road trip, we visited Sherry's house and it was a major feast as you can tell from the pics below later. We felt so bad coz we couldn't stay for long because seriously, time was of essence yesterday. The movie just HAD to be at 7pm *sigh*

The highlight of her birthday should be the awfully chocolate cake which I pre-ordered for her. The cake wasn't overly sweet and you can actually finish the whole thing, I mean a piece of cake lah not literally the whole cake, because it is not like many other commercial cakes that have a lot of cream and it's mostly inedible.

You have no idea how from a simple chocolate cake like this can give the owners of the cakeshop which had its humble beginnings in a small neighbourhood shop so much dough (geddit?) that they open multiple stores overseas. 

Planning to order a cake soon?

Awfully Chocolate

Oh, and for the first time, I visited a mini club called Home. Well, me and Nutty were fascinated by the vibrating wall and we were sitting  outside. I just realized that to go into the club, you need to pay entrance fees, or something in that line. Such  places are good for people watching though you gotta be careful when you do that unless you yourself want to attract attention. My friend ordered me a mocktail as a way of ushering in my birthday. Plus I don't drink alcohol and it was actually my first time drinking a mocktail. My verdict? Really nice....

Just a fun fact. I'm thinking if a mocktail is called as such as it is a mock of a cocktail which contains alcohol? Too lazy to google but I assume it is of that case, haha.

Enough blabbering! Picture time!

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