Shopping Haunts for Plus Size

If you are a plus size like me, do you have difficulties finding clothes? I mean come on, looking at the women around me, they are so small or so skinny, I'm like gosh, I feel so out of place. But don't fret, girls. It's not the end of the world.

Actually, I've got some tips which I've picked up from some sources and my personal experience too that probably will help you to give you some ideas on where to get your clothes and how to wear them. Anyway I did a post on this before but you know, second time can be a little bit better. That sounds a bit wrong. Moving on..

Forever 21. I bought some clothes from here before and if you can really look through the racks and the multi storeys (which basically is just 313@Somerset), at times you can get find clothes or dresses that will look flattering on you if you are plus size. 

Cotton On. Not all Cotton On carry bigger size labels and in varieties. Sometimes the clothes are quite bleh like so generic but you should wait for their sales stock. I can get basic dresses from there and during sales, they can go as low as $10 to $15 from the original $29. One of the bloggers I follow gave a tip that Anchorpoint near to Alexandra carries stock that sell cheaper than the rest of the stores so you may want to check it out.

By the way, if you are into skirts, their skirts are really stretchy and if you don't mind skirts that barely touch your knees or a little bit mini, you can check their skirts out and it may probably fit them!

Bega. I know one at Hougang Mall and sometimes they have sales which can go as low as $10 and they are suitable for work. 

Dorothy Perkins. If you have a bigger budget, you can buy clothes from here. They can be really nice and if you are plus size, they also carry bigger sizes. They have pants up to size 20 and they are comfy to wear.

John Little. I think this is more for more mature women but it's one of the department stores where you can actually get basic tops like Monroe for less especially during their sales. While I did say it is for more mature women, if you are younger and you prefer a decent enough top that are not eye popping, they have quite  good selection though you have to pick out carefully or you will add years to your age.

CK Store. No not CK as in Calvin Klein. It's one of the shops in many heartlands that do have bigger size clothes and in the past when I was bigger, I used to buy pants from here. And they're inexpensive. You can also look for skirts and jeans in bigger sizes and have to be careful because sometimes their designs can be rather gaudy.

Bugis Street. My tip for Bugis Street. Try NOT to go on weekends, if possible :S Anyway, if you want to look for long skirts or long dresses, cardigans like cropped cardigans or blazers for cheap, this is a good place to shop for them and you can get them for less if they allow you to bargain. But I must emphasize that their quality is sub par. 

This Fashion in MRT stations or the bigger outlets. Ok I get my skirts mostly from here which I wear to work. The ones I go to is Dhoby Gaut MRT station ($10 for a skirt, come on!) or the bigger outlets like the one at Ang Mo Kio. 

Mango. Mango in recent times has a lot of hits and misses. During sales, you really need to walk in different shops to get the right clothes. Either that or take a half day off from work FIRST day of sales. But their L size can be pretty big but this really depends.

Overseas like Malaysia and Australia. I dunno why other countries cater to bigger sized girls but not Singapore. And they have more varieties of designs. Go figure. You can ask friends to help you buy clothes from there but only if you are comfortable in asking them.

I've got a few tips for those who want to carry a variety of looks but are rather contraint by the choices that we have as plus size girls.

Layering. This is a good disguise as in they can really be flattering if you know the right techniques to layer. One of the tips I picked up is that if you wear a rather short top, you can elongate the look by wearing a longer tank top underneath, in white for instance. If you are afraid of the little bulge, you can wear a blank tank top instead underneath over your skirt or shorts. 

Another way to layer is to wear a long cardigan and a belt. Something like this...

See, simple. What I like to layer is a printed tee inside and a sleeveless top over it.

Roomy dresses. I like those roomy dresses like the one I wear below which can be inexpensive if you buy at Cotton On during one of their stock sales.

Uhm, ignoring the bloatedness there, I usually like to wear like this when in sleeveless dresses. I have no intention of wearing sleeveless with nothing coz my arms are..well..they are best left hidden. Either this or with a cardigan although this is more of my style. No prob with cardigan except that the neckline is usually low like this and I've got big boobies so cardigan isn't quite an option for me, heh.

Fasting month has made me less bloated and less obese looking though I'm still pretty much the same but that's another topic of the day.

Oh yes, if you don't mind, you can also get basic jeans and no frills tops from hypermarkets like Giant. I got the yellow shirt from there for less than $10. 

One final tip. While shopping can be rather stressful for us plus size peeps especially if they don't seem to fit or have one in our size, don't let them get to you. Go to the right stores and stick to them. It's not like they are going to sell the same ol' stuffs. Usually they will change the designs based on recent fashion collections.

Recently I bought some new clothes from the recent Geylang bazaar and I got a few tops and believe me you not, two of the tops I got them together for just $6.80. Yowzer.

Because I've got the suckiest quality of camera phone in the world (anyway, I got it not because of the camera), they don't really stand out. They can do though, if I use some photo magic but let's just say, I'm too lazy to manipulate, haha.

The last two I got them for 10 bucks each. Love! I thought I could not fit into the last one coz it..well...looked small-ish, and I'm definitely not small-ish, but I was desperate for a top to wear for the Presidential Elections duty and the rest look so gawdy or god awful..and this looks like the most decent mama. When I wore it, it didn't look too bad actually. I didn't even look so fat. Best of all, I can fit into it! Why? I don't know. Did I lose weight during the fasting month? Only God knows coz I'm not going to step on the weighing scale.

I like the top from the second last one picture. It has ruffles on the chest area and the material is soft though judging from the price, don't expect it to last very long. But unfortunately, it's a bit tight around the arms area. I can still put my arms through it but in order  to cover the tightness, I think it is best worn with a cardigan.

So that's it! Do share with me your shopping haunts for plus size clothing.

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