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Visiting Baby Novela

Our dear friend Sheep gave birth to an adorable baby girl called Ra'isah Novela. I hope I spelt it right this time, haha. We kinda self invited ourselves coz she took so long to invite us and at first we thought that she was ignoring us but well, being a new mum, we have to understand she is busy what with the erratic feeding time of the baby and how she is also resting and recuperating.

But luckily she got back to us and we get to see the adorable little baby!! My lil' bo peep..heh. Yes, now we all have nicknames including the offspring.

Been many years already since we all met in school and now we're doing well in life. Okay maybe not all. I'm burdened by life, haha. No I mean I'm still single, nobody looks for me and I'm not looking for anyone, career wise, I'm happy with my job though there are ups and downs but I still feel like I belong to a part of a big family.

Enough about me. What is more important is that we are happy in whatever we do and that ha…


Yezza!! The design page is finally okay and I can add back the gadgets at the sidebar that I had lost. And I introduced a new element which is the tabs bar which is so cool coz it helps me to have different pages without resorting to a new blog. Ok, I actually have a new blog which I actually have yet to add any content but over the extended weekend, I am going to work on some new designs for my jewellery collections (I know, I've said it like a gazillion times already) and I'm hoping to make a small tidy sum out of it in the spirit of entrepreneurship, heh..

Anyhoo, you know recently in my previous post on pics, I actually have a new printer which to be honest, I haven't even started using yet, haha. I only printed a few pages which are actually test runs when I first bought it. I can't deny the usefulness of having your very own home printer as it makes things better and what's the point of having a laptop or a desktop when you don't have a blardy printer. I a…

Looming Elections

Okay, I don't know what is happening but apparently, the links at the sidebar have disappeared and I have yet to figure out how to put them back again. 

Anyway, I shall sort that out later. I am waiting in anticipation for another 2 rounds of extended weekend, though with the looming general elections, which by the way I will be down for duty, it won't be a complete extended weekend. 

Oh yes, adding on to my duty, I will be doing the counting. Yes, very big ah, the duty. One wrong count and the opposition may win. But hey, with the expected tough fight (and lorries with loudhailers installed going round in mostly heartland areas), it will be a daunting task counting the votes. It's okay, I take it all in my stride. It's also a learning experience, being in the heart of it all.

At the end of the day, in the event of a recount or a really long night, I just hope I can make it back home in one piece and not too late at night. I am scared. I heard they will give me pocket mon…

To Hell with Weighing Scale

I give up. The weighing scale hasn't been giving me the number that I want. It still shows that I have put on weight. But I don't get it. Ok fine, I acknowledged I ate more than I should the last couple of months but I have been a good girl and been following through with my exercise routines and eat lesser. So where did I go wrong?!!

Honestly, at first I felt like such a quack like it's so obvious I put on weight when my current clothes seemed tighter. But now, for the last two weeks, I seriously thought that I might have lost the extra weight and my clothes seemed better fitting. But the scale this afternoon. Still showed no change. Infact, it showed more! What the hell!

So that is why, I have given up. Of course I still wish that I was back at the weight that I was previously after I made going to the gym as part of my life to get fit and healthy. I'm not going to retaliate and eat even more since there won't be any difference if I eat less, anyway. 

I actually sec…

Health 101: Dark Chocolates

I'm a big fan of chocolates, except white chocolates coz it's just enough :S but anyway, whether or not you like chocolates, you may want to include them in your diet.

Now I know you are thinking what kind of diet would that be?! Basically, the dark chocolates. They don't contain milk, contain more cocoa and are said to have health benefits. Plus they're yummeh!

I normally get the 70% to 75% of cocoa. I tried 85% of cocoa before but it's so bitter, I would rather bite into the fruit itself. Last week, I got two full sized packets at a freaking discount! 

Look at this..

Okay, so the health benefits.

Dark chocolates are a good source of antioxidant properties. Anti..what?! Basically dark chocolates contain a form of mood enhancing antioxidants called phytochemicals. They help to prevent heart disease. How?


"The oxidation of LDL cholesterol is considered a major factor in the promotion of coronary disease. When this waxy substance oxidiz…

Random Pics in April

Yes, random pics are back! I know I kinda skipped March :S coz I was just not in a mood coz of my personal financial troubles. I would say it is a little bit better now and I try not to be so complacent and mismanage my finances. However, I know I still have to keep the family going and try to please my mum as much as I can and be a good girl that I am so I still use money on a daily basis to buy household stuffs and groceries. But I try my best to cut down my expenses. 

This week, I will get me some free munneh in the form of government payout and won't really get to spend them though it's It will just be used for future expenses. Okay, I may get one last make up item. I need an Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion. Basically without that, eyeshadows look bleh. I wanted to get a really cheap kind but it was out of stock and they replaced it with a primer with a shimmery base. Not that I don't like it, but I think it's not really suitable for all eyeshadows, fo…

Overwhelmed by Work

I have been so overwhelmed by work mainly coz of my new job scope. Now my colleague, who is leaving next week, is going to handover most of her job scopes too, including the daunting payment to vendors. I panicked when I first heard about it because it is a very big job scope. My colleague can only say that the payout may be big next year, if I do it well. I never thought I would get to hold this new job scope because I'm such a klutz and I think my boss knows that as well. I'm just not one of those with good leadership qualities or even work orientated.

However, I want to make this work. Seriously, work it. I don't want to cause a lot of upsets and mistakes. Though mistakes are inevitable and they are the learning points, I should try as much as I can to be on top of things and get things done as much as I can within one day. If I have to bring home, then er, bring home I must. But I should not let it rule my life. Maybe I give concession of up to two days of work when I r…

Fitness 101: Cross Trainers

If you're new to my blog I'm aiming to turn this blog into an all rounder, basically to help girls like me achieve certain things in life by sharing tidbits on useful knowledge that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Okay, I know that sounds a bit far fetched but you know what they say, a little goes a long way.

Though I pretty much want to look more toned and lean, I'm also genetically born to be curvy. And being curvy, there is this huge tendency for girls like me to easily gain weight and then deposit the fats around the hips, thighs and butt area. I learnt that the trick is to build these parts into muscles so less fats will deposit in them.

My waistline used to be 38 inches and I always have to wear men's jeans because of my problem areas. I've got big hips and I don't think in future, I will ever lose the big hips but at the very least, I don't want them to grow any bigger but shapelier.

One of the machines that I swear by is the elliptical t…

Make Over with Besties

You can never lead a life without in a company of good friends who are there for you in times of need and in times of happiness. A friend shouldn't be jealous of your achievements and instead, celebrate them with you.

I'm not some social butterfly who add people on facebook for the sake of adding them and then COMPLETELY ignoring them when I see them out in public despite knowing each other at one point of our lives. I dunno. To me, that is so ridiculous. The kind of impression they give me? They are just interested in showcasing their lives to you but they don't bother to have some kind of interaction with you coz they merely see you as a statistic in their facebook friend count.

Sadly, many people are like that. I've said it before that I'm not one of those who go around adding people on facebook. Infact, I'm rather particular about it. But whatever. While I can be particular, it's not something that I can be so strict about, though I can do without a good…

Beauty 101: Celebrating Your Curves

I've always had body issues because when I was growing up, I ate a heck lot, in fact too much which later backfired on me as I have to spend years trying to get the weight off. But this post is not about my every day woes. But rather, how we should be blessed in whatever body shape that we are in.

Everybody, especially girls, have body hung ups. Even those that we see as having the perfect body, that we would kill for, nitpick on some part of their body that perhaps only they will notice. I believe that the more caught up we are in trying to look perfect, the more pressurized we will feel. If it motivates us to take good actions such as exercising regularly and having a well balanced diet, then I would say it is a good pressure. Otherwise, we are just gonna cause ourselves some emotional trauma especially when we realize that we can never be a carbon copy of so and so who is hot and eye catching enough, every girl wants be like her and every guy wants to date her.

There are some thi…

Like it or Not, I'm Me

I'm feeling so low right now. I don't know why but I have been feeling this way for the last few days. I am not smart and it doesn't take a genius, yes pun intended for me, to know that I probably can't talk my way out of difficult situations. But at times, life throws you a wrench where you feel like you just have to do something and that you have no choice about it but to just make some important decision. Reading people's facebook newsfeed, it came to my realization that I'm just not good enough a person. I don't mind not being pretty, but not smart enough? It's a survival skill to have some kind of knowledge so that you know how to move on in life. I sometimes feel like I am here by sheer coincidence like God has some extra material to play with and then I just happened to materialize or something.

Honestly, I don't feel like there is anything worthy of me. Maybe it's my upbringing where my parents were just too careful with me because for a …

Why Make Life Harder

I often tell myself to not get myself into unnecessary trouble. Life is hard enough as it is, and don't make it any harder, if possible. But then, sometimes things just happen, out of our control, and we can only hope to get through it fast and in one piece. 

I have my fair share of troubles and I admit, I got myself into the fix and find it hard to get out of it. But how I got myself into that is because I am sometimes too tired of being overly cautious. I was so tired of taking care of the expenses by cutting back that at one of point of time, I just couldn't care less and just spend and spend until I accumulated enough outstanding bills and the companies demand payment, until even threatened to send a fine. My savings ran out fast. But then I learnt my lesson since I find that things are now so expensive in Singapore, that if I don't figure out a way to learn to cope with my expenses, I will only get my family into trouble. It was a lucky thing that my performance bonus …

Health 101: Slimming Pills

Hi there, if you are here looking for effective slimming pills, I'm afraid this blog post is not about it. It's more about being well informed about the effects of slimming pills and the consideration of whether you should take it or not and how to go about getting them.

Frankly speaking, I do not advocate slimming pills. Yes, I do agree that some of them do work effectively and even work fast enough in dropping kilos. But it is not a long term solution. It should never be a replacement of a healthy diet and exercise.

I had taken the doctor's prescribed slimming pills before and because of them, it had helped me to jumpstart on my fitness plan to lose the kilos. When I got off it, it took me a long time to drop my weight but I didn't want to get hooked on them because in the long term, it will not be good for my body. Though I didn't experience extreme side effects, whatever side effects I had are unpleasant enough but I was more excited at the rapid weight loss. I s…

Friendship Goes a Long Way

My good friend Nutty is having her birthday soon and I hope it will be a good birthday for her :) as it also marks a new turning point for her as she reached the 3rd decade of her life. Yes, she's turning 30 and she's still looking mighty fine and hot. But she's never one to shy away from helping her friends in need and she is totally someone you can rely on. 

Also, her favourite show is ANTM - America's Next Top Model and besides her super cute kawaii pose, which I also adore doing too..haha, she is a natural at being a 'model', with a little bit of goofiness thrown in as well. 

I revisited my photoshop days and start making photo montages from scratch rather than just relying on online programmes such as Picnik or Scrapblog which are nice to use but need to pay for those nicer templates and designs :( Oh well, at least I know my creative skills are still there though need to learn and brush up on them. 

The earlier montage can be seen from my previous post. 


Blowing Bubbles in the Sky

Last week, me and two other friends met up for some fun though plans had to be changed coz one of them was nursing a bad knee. It's alright. We didn't get to exercise our leg muscles but our vocal chords instead..haha. While I suck at singing, to me singing with them for four hours straight (!!), makes my singing sounds like sweet sweet...honey. 

I've got pics on that but I think I've put up enough karaoke pics in this blog coz it's like almost a yearly event for us, haha. Instead, my friend organized a de-stressing time for us by...blowing bubbles!

I tell ya, me and Nutty were like suakus (old fashioned peeps) who didn't know which end of the wand to blow the bubbles from and had some difficulties doing so until we realized we were blowing from the wrong end! *slaps forehead* Once we had cleared that, it was all system go!

Of course, thanks to me, whatever I said was misconstrued to be some dirty jokes since we were basically  blowing bubbles. (geddit? blowing?!)…

Make Up Stash

 Yup, I'm back and in pain :S At least, I would say it isn't that bad but it's annoying to have this 'lump' of pain on my upper back around the right shoulder blade. I think it might have been my awkward sleeping position when I rest on my sofa and accidentally slept until 3 plus am in the morning. See lah, this is what I get when I become too much of a sloth, as cuddly as that animal can be.

Anyway, I have become a bit of a make up junkie but come to think of it, if I were one, I would have amassed quite a lot. I'm still selective though. And let me show ya what are the two of the things that I got the last couple of months which I'm actually proud of.

I finally got the Sleek Storm eyeshadow palette which contains 12 colours which are widely recommended for its affordable price and intensity and range of colours. It's not found in Singapore but in UK. However, once in awhile, an online seller from Singapore would bring in their palettes and it's most…