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Being Womanly

I must relish in the very fact that I am a woman. Women come in different shapes and sizes but the important thing is that, no matter how different we look from one another, we must have this sizzling factor: sexiness. After watching the MTV videos featuring fabulous females, I realise that you dont have to be all skinny like Nicole Richie and petite like...half of the women's population. Even if we're fleshy, we can have that sizzling factor. You just gotta work at it baby! It'd be a bonus if guys look our way to see that? And you know what? If you need to hit the gym, lose a few kgs along the way, change your dress achieve a much more CONFIDENT new you..then do it. Remember, we're not doing it for the guys, we are doing it for ourselves. I mean, who cares if she has those to die for legs? You have that bee stung lips? Work at it man! :P

To me, the important thing is that we must learn to love ourselves. Don't put ourselves through the …

Updated Profile


So just want to inform that I have just updated my profile. can go in and take a look. it's at the side panel. but if you want a more direct link it is,

Just Walk


hrm..that would be the next greeting for the year. So it is official. I can't deny that amidst the struggles I went through in the first week of my post bdae, there are some moments which I think show signs of a new beginning or a new chapter. Okay, at least I scored points in the fitness line if not other parts of my rather mundane life. Even though I kinda hit rock bottom a bit with my weight in which the last two kgs which I thought I lost was merely superficial coz I took on a hungry stomach, i felt bloated. In the first place, I don't have a God's given washboard abs and have this rather (alrite..very untoned) tummy that seriously doesn't flatter and give me a straight line when I stand. I don't mind if the behind is protruding but infront, na-uh.

Man, I am so self conscious. At least the first two days of eating like a glutton (hey, it WAS my bdae celebration), I didn't put on additional kgs due to them since I worked hard for the rest of the week t…

Teething Problems


I am back from my post bdae delusions..haha..Actually, I am spending some time trying to update my popz profile which is a separate blog about my side of personality. But why the heck I took some time was because everytime I had it written on paper, they always come out wrong. I mean, not that there is anything wrong with my handwriting (they're legible..thank U very much) but it would come out so strong and angry like I have been keeping pent up anger and frustrations in me for years. Here I am merely wanting to write down my interests, hopes and dreams and etc but I would sound rather bitter that I am just not happy with the way people have been treating me. There are a few things that I cannot stand especially when it comes to people of which some are 1) self centeredness 2) to argue with no substance but by merely twisting around the points they make. Seriously, I know I can't argue to save my life not because I am as shallow as Jessica Simpson but because I can'…

Post Bdae

Gosh...Im so pooped. Kinda am tired and FULL coz I just had dinner at Seoul garden earlier at 7 plus and still felt the effects since earlier on. But surprisingly, we could walk straight after leaving the restaurant despite havin' eaten...dunno, say maybe a week's supply of grilled meat, haha. But finally! I didn't notice that on such a day like this where birthday presents are expected, it didn't occur to me that 'me got no pressies!' Haha...the whole time I was thinking about the dinner that we were going to have at Seoul garden coz it had been a few years since the last time we ate there. It was always a case of 'couldn't make it' and had to content myself with dinner at BK over at wheelock place with my good friend since secondary school. That BK is rather significant for us because it was where we used to hang out quite a lot since the days we left secondary school. And so many ang mohs (caucasian guys) to gawk at! paradise.....................…

Im a Bdae Girl!

yahoo! So today is my birthday! But since Im pretty tired (for gawd's's 4.30am in the morning right now!), I couldnt blog and besides I havent quite yet plan what to write..hee. anyway, I just want to present some pics which basically sums up my birthday ever since I turned 21. Some may have been posted before but who cares..haha..enjoy!

ps: i couldn't photoshop them to make myself look more gorgeous than J.Lo as I wanted my pics to bask in its glorious 'natural beauty' ..hehe...

21st Bdae

22nd Bdae

23rd Bdae

24th Bdae


Oh, if you must know..hee...the last photo I have is here was taken 2 minutes after the stroke of 12midnight indicating a brand new day which is incidentally my birthday!!


Bloggers Misunderstood

This week signalled the end of the September holidays and FINALLY, some 'me' time at my clinic. Okay, technically, not my clinic but my company's satellite clinic but still, good enough what. I do have my own table and own room and my own fridge...not really, again. But heck, that's not the main thing. I am not about to turn this office to have the same settings as my own bedroom because I do get visits by these young patients and parents so Im still thinking if I should I put up the pictures of David Caruso unless I want the parents of these young kids to know that this officer is smitten by a guy twice her age. But if a bloody famous singer very very the well known could fall in love and marry a new divorcee exactly 20 years older than her and had co-produced four kids with a royalty member, why cant I simply admire David? You see, sometimes the society needs to grow up a bit la. No one is against George Clooney being the sexiest Male aliv…

Plug for Wellness

Okay, I have a tip for you. When you want to eat my share of snacks, and you did not see me buying them off the racks, ask me one question: when was the last time I bought the packet of snacks. More likely, I may have kept it for a few days or even more than a week for a single freakin' pack of potato chips. Most of the times, I don't succumb to snacking and when I walk past these chocolate bars, sacks of potato chips and chocolate chip cookies, I would usually admire them...for their packaging. I would shrug them off and if I happened to walk past the same aisle again, chances are we will make eye contact and me contemplating if it is worth a buy. Oh, back to the few days old packet of potato chips. Yah, I would usually eat in very very small quantities each time that will not drive me to a point of 'gawd..i feel so guilty!' and at most, just get rid of the craving and at the same time, the slight bit of hunger pang. I know those who live to eat may scoff at this weir…

Dawn of Evils

*singing*...birthday month..birthday month...I LOVE September coz it's my birthday month...I know the month's name a mouthful but I don't really care...coz September is definitely my...birthday month..birthday month..*singing* If you think that is bad, look at it this way's a week till my birthday! There's no way I am steering away from being neurotic during my darn birthday month!

Okay, on to a more serious topic. You know how I occasionally talked about taxi drivers especially in the past when it was so freakin' hard to get. Now it is easier coz of the price people will not opt to take taxi even when they are freakin' late for work. So, some others like me who have doctor's appointment will no longer suffer from extensive wait. At most, ten minutes.

And im not done yet. I just realised upon writing this entry, why the taxi drivers...ten of them in total...didn't stop when I tried to flag down. Yes, you heard me right...TE…


Hello. Don't try this at home. Okay, who am I kidding..I just found this cool website that acts like a word document but only difference is that, I am using it to type like web based thingey. Interesting huh?

*posted from external site*

Brand New Start

So I've got a new posting at a certain clinic. Anyway, fyi, I ain't a doctor and the last time I checked, I still couldn't stand the sight of blood or needles or ..cute doctors. But this is just a posting for almost half a year talking about the visual parts of your body...your eyes and not my hips. Actually, it is not new to me since I have been coverage for my colleague who hasn't exactly been in her best of health as of this accurately, ever since her posting to the clinic. I don't know if it is a curse like superman or what but whoever stays there, after a while, they do get sick..often. But rahayupopz is to the rescue! I shall be the first one there to be so freakin' well, people think that I am a robot! And im digressing right now.

While I have been reading up for unexpected questions especially those buggers who fully make use of whatever knowledge I have concerning common eye diseases, I am bloody nervous. I know how my colleague felt who…

Birthday month

Happy September!

birthday month...birthday gonna treasure my...birthday month!!

Ohh.....the sweet sweet smell of my's around the corner!

okay, i get pretty annoying this birthday month coz of one thing: damn, it's my birthday! see what i mean.

oh rejoice! i got a new posting at the clinic for the next six months which means no more silly office freakin' farkin' environment! woohoo!! the only thing missing is...sob...ryan!!!! where are you ryan?!!!!!!!!! Why can't you be posted to the clinic as well...why?!! WHY?!!!!!