Sunday, October 30, 2011

Movie Talk

I've been sick the last few days. Now I'm over the aching part of fever (gawd, it was terrible) and I can go do about my other stuffs except that my energy level is not exactly at optimum speed , like as if it is on other days. But basically you know the deal with illness. You are just not up to speed. 

Anyway, it is almost the ending of October (yezza!) and I know this has just been one of the worst years of my life and I don't know whether in November, it is going to be any better. I am still holding on to my fate as I wait with bated breath on whether they will approve and reimburse my claims for June. I need the money. Please God make it happen.

So how did I spend my sick days? Well, when everything is so uncomfy like sitting down & lying down, a little bit of entertainment wouldn't kill except there wasn't much to see. But instead, I saw myself watching a few made in the early 80's and 90's movies. How come? I don't know. I just happen to stumble on to them and I er, watch them. They were pretty interesting, sad yet insightful.

If you follow my blog, you would by now know that I am not in favour of current movies as in those big blockbusters. And the remakes of good ol' favourites, like come on...they're not even half as good. But yes I do give in sometimes like I don't think that remakes are terrible. If done well, they can really stand out. It depends on the creativity of the screenwriters, directors and what have they. Oh, and hot actors. Yes, the hotter the better. Shallow me.

I got no actual preference in movies but definitely not horror. Believe it or not, I grew up on horror movies. I had no idea how it all started but let me tell you, they were much scarier back then. The Exorcist, anyone? So you get the drift. They will practically haunt you even after the movies.

Therefore now, horror movies are like uhm, nothing but cheap audio tactics, scare tactics and big boobs. Oh, and gore. Seriously those young women victims ain't wearing a bra. Plus the camera guys just had to zoom on those boobs. When I was watching Scream, I still remembered her boobs right smack at the middle of the screen and until now, I envisioned it. Shivers.

Some mainstream movies that in my opinion are simply good..

Okay sorry not much there, haha..coz for the life of me, I can't remember much. Nowadays, I much prefer indie movies as long as they're good and worth watching.

These movies also taught me much about love and life. 

Yesterday I watched a movie which actually starred a few big names who were relatively unknown back then (Oh the movies they acted in to get a name) and I think that they would probably squirm if these movie names were mentioned to them. One of the few lines were such gems. 

I think it was something in the line of you waited for me but you didn't wait long enough for me to know how much I loved you. I have loved you and still loves you and even if it takes me a long time, I will wait for you.

And they got back together! All together now...awwwwww!!!

One of my favourite Indie movies is..Shelter.

It has gay content but not much so if you are squirmish about such things (read: homophobic..shame on you) then I know for sure you won't check this movie out. But if you are up for it, you can find movie parts in you tube if you can search for them. It is one of those soul searching movies where the lead was caught up between chasing his dream of entering this art school which he actually gave up the scholarship just so that he can take care of his family and especially his nephew because of his couldn't-care-less sister. But he met Shawn, the brother of his best friend who had returned after suffering a writer's block and the two of them bond over surfing. But he was very encouraging and relentlessly made him chase his dream even making them fall out for awhile and I shall not spoil it for you.

I basically watch anything as long as they're good. Sometimes half way through they bore me so I switched off. Another Indie movie which I think was so so sad at one point towards the ending that I practically bawled was this movie called The Trip. 

Oh back to the movies I watched when I was sick. One of the movies was pretty sad too regarding the AIDs epidemic where back then AIDs was relatively unheard of and the disease was associated with cancer due to similar symptoms. People scoffed it off thinking that it will not happen to them and that they were not willing to give up their lifestyle of free sex, booze and drugs just because of this so called life threatening disease the media made it out to be because they thought it won't happen to them.

Unfortunately, that small circle of friends just got smaller and smaller due to that same disease.

It was sad yet touching at the same time how AIDs can ravage someone so badly that the best way to be rid of this disease is not to eat the plethora of medicine but to basically 'let go' which means not holding on to life and succumbing to death. Sad, extremely sad. But up till now, AIDs has no cure but what the doctors and researchers have come up with are better drugs to help those living with AIDs or are HIV positive to live longer but ultimately, it still depends on one's immune system.

Oh, and at one point of time too, I also LOVE watching comic book heroes turn into movie screen. Now, they're doing this whole superhero thing again but they're just not good enough. Why won't Hollywood learn. Perhaps one comic book hero to look out for in future is The Dark Knight Rises which also has Joseph Gordon-Levitt (fantastic actor!) as one of the actors. Surely to look out for. 

Currently I am downloading a movie and it's a pretty fun movie yet romantic at the same time on how one thinks that one has reached the age where he isn't attractive anymore. But he's charming except all he really wants is for someone to love him for who he is. 

Don't we all want a happy ending in our love story. Big Sigh.

So that's me..the non movie buff..but more like anything to watch as long as it kills time, haha. And I still can't believe Justin Timberlake is an...action hero?! Oh what in the world. I'll stick to my own brand of movies :)

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still Holding On

Well, my life is STILL in limbo but I guess I can't ignore my blog for long.

For once, I believed there was hope but then I seemed to lose hope. Now I just don't know..whether I should just continue to pray and hope for the best and..die from disappointment.

What can I do? What happens when you pray and pray for the best but nothing seems to materialize? Like it makes you believe that basically it's just wishful thinking on your part that things will get better...but basically it just won't.

Have you felt that way before? I remembered the last time when I prayed so hard constantly for my father to get better and out of his comatose? It took him awhile to get out of it and it completely broke my heart to see him hooked up to so many machines and I just wanted one thing: for him to get better.

He did get out of it and I was so thankful but soon afterwards, he was in and out of comatose but my friend encouraged me not to give up praying for him to get better. Eventually, it came to a point that letting go was the best thing to do for him. With such a heavy heart, I consented for the doctors to take him off the life support system.

I know many people don't believe in God. Even if you don't believe in Him, do believe that in life, some things happen for a reason. Of course just like any regular human beings, we just want the best in our life. But we can only plan and do things within our best capabilities but somehow, the odds are stacked against us. 

Life isn't easy, believe me it isn't. I've read stuffs on the internet and how people go through even worse times than me. Basically, when we are at our down low, love and support will carry us forward. 

While I am still hoping for that one flicker of hope to happen, I will continue to pray for good things to come. I know that I will ultimately be disappointed if that one hope falls and breaks apart, I will still not lose hope in life but carry on and see where life will take me.

This isn't the end. This is merely the beginning.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Life in Limbo

It hasn't been a good week for me. Yes, you hear me complain about this all the time but really, this isn't a good week. First and foremost, I got myself in a fix where I lied one after another. Luckily, I wasn't asked too many questions but that very few questions that I was asked, I got more nervous. If there was a lie detector somewhere nearby, it would have exploded.

All because I was desperate. So desperate that I was willing to do such a thing that if they ever find out, I will be in deep deep trouble. So far, I haven't heard any news since that Tuesday when she said that she would get back to me after speaking to her approving officer. She never did and I got so scared when she said that because if her AO is like my AO a.k.a the BOSS, it would be subjected to questions after questions and that I will be in such deep, pardon the language, sh*t.

I've been feeling so remorseful about it and have been praying to God that everything will be fine and that I am really really sorry for what I've done but I felt I had to because I was so desperate! Sometimes when you are so desperate, you don't think. I should know because I used to watch CSI:Miami over the years.

Until now up to the point of me writing this am I wishing for things to get better. Now if you are thinking about what the heck have I done that got me so worried sick the last few days, I can't say. Yes, it's that top secret. But you know how the internet works. 

I hope God has been hearing my prayers that things will be fine and that though I am desperate, I did it for a reason. Look I am still so nervous about this ordeal that I am having difficulty churning this blog entry out because I am still so scared out of my wits I keep making spelling errors as in I keep deleting the words because I keep typing wrongly.

I promise you that once this episode is over, I will be back blogging about my life. For now, my life is truly TRULY in a limbo.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Health 101: Reduce Salt Intake

If you live in Singapore, we are always spoilt for choice for food because there are just so many mouth watering food available on our tiny island! Go figure.

We just love our food, simply said. Whenever other people hear about health talks, many stifle a yawn like why go torture yourself by not eating such delicious food for the sake of 'health'? Trust me, if you have family members who had lost their lives because of such ravaging diseases and seeing how slowly their health deteriorated, you wouldn't blink an eye again. 

But what I always emphasize that yes, life is indeed short and we shouldn't sacrifice too much for the sake of health because once in awhile, what's the harm of enjoying the pleasures of food eh? Why do you think I have at least one buffet session per year, heh heh.

In general, I tried to eat as healthy as I can. I only eat hawker food or from food court ocasionally when my mum requests or rather, protest that she doesn't want to cook. That or when my pay is in and then I get to buy back some food. I also eat at the canteen about once a week but tried to stick with safe food and not those noodles like hor fun or what not because from my colleagues' experience, they put a lot of salt and monosodium glutamate.

So what is basically the point of me telling you this?

Have you read about this recent article about how Singaporeans are actually eating 60% more salt than the daily requirements? Yikes.

Breaking Health News

The worst part? 80% of Singaporeans. Why this spike? Because simply said, we love our food.

Honestly, trying to eat healthy is one of the most boring things on earth. But it is a necessity. Medical fees in future are going to be exorbitant. We don't want to always feel sluggish and having too much salt in our bodies will lead to further decline in health as many health ailments can occur due to the over consumption of salt.

Most of the time, we should aim to eat healthily. I suggest having meal replacements like 2 pieces of wholemeal bread or low fat digestives in the morning and in the afternoon, you can have a light meal such as rice with veggies and lean protein such as chicken breast (non fried of course). Sometimes from the canteen, I like to buy the chicken chop which is basically grilled chicken but I won't eat the skin. I will also request for less rice. Or I will buy rice with at least 2 vegetable dishes. 

I know of people who always have a hearty breakfast in the morning and a hearty lunch in the afternoon. For example, for a Malay, that will probably mean mee rebus (yellow mee with thick peanut gravy) or Nasi Lemak (coconut rice with dishes) and in the afternoon, probably rice with a variety of spicy dishes.

If you know you are going to eat later on for dinner, I suggest a simple yet healthy lunch. I will sometimes bring an avocado and low fat cheese sandwich. Or I will eat wholemeal cereal with low fat milk. If dinner is not going to be served, I will eat a bit more during lunch or just buy a takeaway from the canteen. 

It takes a lot of getting used to but eventually, you can conquer your mind and train yourself to eat right. Once in awhile you can indulge but be careful you don't overindulge. 

Always remember health is wealth. If you also don't forsee your family members taking a lot of time taking care of you when you fall sick, do them a favour by taking good care of  your health. Also, educate your family members into eating right. There are wives who would obey their husbands by giving them all the nice food as you know, a way to a man's heart is through the stomach. But do them a favour too by preparing for them healthy meals and avoid food court meals as much as you can. Like I said, you just don't know what the heck they put in there. For all you know they will add extra seasoning like salt and MSG just to add on to the flavours. 

Therefore, start from now and start small at first if it is going to be difficult. Cut down on your salt intake, peeps!

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Monday Rambles

Yesterday, I was mentioning about me trying to make a claim of quite a large amount (technically, not really but by far, the largest amount I have claimed so far) for reimbursement. I knew she was going to ask for supporting documents like dunno what from here or there and yes of course, the receipt which I admit to her later, I don't have it with me anymore but I was willing to drop the matter as seriously, it was no point pursuing it. 

But she was kind enough to actually forgo the receipt and to give her at least some supporting document to say that I had to make payment in cash. I couldn't wait to go home and find such document. I did try to find and I don't know if it is useful because that is the only thing I have but which did mention the amount payable. Hopefully, it goes through *fingers crossed*

Like I said, the eventual claim will be very useful for me including, first and foremost, paying off my loan from friends during my hard times. The rest of the money, I will just keep and use it sparingly or for emergency. I must always remember that this money belonged to my late father when he worked hard through the years. I was not about to misuse the money like that. It will be meant for the family, although during the times when he was still alive, sometimes I will use the money for other purposes but majority is for the family.

If she asked for further documents, I would die and just give up. I told her in advance that is the only document I have.

Yet again *fingers crossed* I don't  hear from her anymore. 

Oh by the way, let' about work recently. I don't know why but recently my boss has been talking to me like asking me to do stuffs. Alright I know, she's the boss and she is supposed to ask me to do stuffs for her. But in the sense that she trusted me to do stuffs for her. When my ex colleague was around, she used to ask her to do stuffs and she was always very 'on' about it despite her complaints to me later in very long and 'mak nenek' (grandmother) sort of way. Seriously so long that I feel like taking the nearest sharp object to stab myself so I can stop her incessant complain.

But in my heart, I will always think that this girl is out to impress my boss by being on her good side by taking everything offered to her even though some of the instructions were meant for me. Who wouldn't anyway because following orders mean that we can get better appraisal reports and higher performance bonus in the following year. It's a no brainer.

Still, her hogging the limelight do not allow me to grow as an individual at work. But after she left, I took on her job scope and then my boss just slowly trusted me to do other stuffs as well and it helped that most of the time, I knew what she wanted and where to get them with little prompting. How? Actually, I also don't know, haha. Somehow I just 'know' just like me and pop culture. I just 'know'. If I'm not sure, I will just ask her.

It pays to explore around learning things on  your own rather than always get instructions wholesale. It shows the boss that you know what you are doing and that you are willing to go beyond what is given. Your boss will be more confident in giving you tasks which gives your boss more opportunities to grade you in your appraisal report.

Seriously, it is not about sucking up to her. It is about growing as an individual. Such skills will be useful in any workplace that you go. 

Enough rambling on that. Let me share with you this piece of goss.

I don't know about you people but to me, I believe in love and that love knows no boundaries.

But uhm, sometimes people take things a bit too far. Think, psychos :S

Still, whatever it is, or whatever my ex colleague want to call that guy from my workplace, it's her life. Just don't keep asking me about him and his whereabouts like earlier today. Like my other ex colleague from my previous workplace would say, well, as long as they're happy.

For me, I know for sure I would be happy if my late father's public trustee officer would approve my claims and reimburse me. I hope God gives me this one time miracle to help my family through hard times especially when the prices of things in general has gone up 20%. Yikes.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hoping for a Small Miracle

I am going to change the blog directions a bit to make it more personal but there is only so much of my life to blog because I'm not the life of the party sort. I am the 'woe is my life' sort..haha.

Nevertheless, I will also write articles that will interest and motivate you because being a single young woman is not easy. While there are a lot of misconceptions that we single girls have it easy compared to married women, to me life in general isn't easy. 

Anyway, I did something that..well, I won't say I'm not proud of, but I'm hoping to get something in return. If it is approved, I will expect to get quite a tidy sum that will help me out in times of need. Sure, I did entertain thoughts that if my reimbursement claim get approved, I would like to buy $100 of MAC products. But it wouldn't be appropriate. I will just use the money to pay off the money I owed people during my financial crisis and also to pay off my credit card debts.

Only thing is, I used an unofficial receipt to claim and that it is the largest amount claimed so far. So I don't know if they will actually allow so I'm just crossing my fingers. As you know, my financial states hit an all time low this  year namely because of inflation and not because of how I spend. I've known to struggle in the past but I've never struggled this much before.

If they begin to query and ask a lot of things like extra documents, then I would have to drop this claim. But in the first place, as long as I produce a valid receipt, despite the amount, I feel that they should go ahead and process it. You know why? Because it is NOT their money. It is my late father's money meant to help the family. 

So we shall see how. I don't want to count on it too much though I am seriously hoping that it will go through just like my other previous claims. All I can say that this amount will come in handy for me and my family.

God bless my family with the help of this small miracle.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be Your Own Boss

People make mistakes, I know but this year, I think I have made far too many. But I'm trying to cope well and though it's hard, I always think that hey, things will become better. Meanwhile, try not to make too many mistakes, ha!

I've said it before and you probably hear it in the news as well that inflation costs things to rise in price generally 20% more. While the news report that we are getting paid better, I...beg to differ though. There are still many of us who struggle with daily expenses and the rising cost of goods that we have to think of alternative venues. For me, namely borrowing. My credit limit sucks. I don't like it but what to do, some things are not within my control.

When I hear about people not working and then those who earn so much less but has a family to feed, my only thought is that how the heck these people survive. But I admire those who rise through the adversities, work hard to improve their salary standards by changing jobs or by taking extra self improvement courses and now, they don't have to think how to feed their families the next day.

For one thing, they are very motivated. Their sole motivation is to make things better for them and their families. While a lot of people from my generation, are earning better than the youth in the past and that they have more moolah to buy things for themselves including luxury goods, we cannot forget that in this world, there are people who are worse off than us. 

But I always emphasize that even if we do not have enough money, we can still be stylish on a budget without compromising our overall look by looking so slack-ish. We have to continue to think positive. But thinking positive is one thing. Another thing is to make the darn effort to improve ourselves.

Though things haven't been good to me financially, such as to the extent of having my phone line outgoing calls suspended (the last round was in 2006), I want to believe that I can improve my life. I know I've always said again and again how I want to start my accessories line but it never took off! I don't ask much. If I could earn about $50 per month, it's good enough. Start small. Think big. Make things better. 

I bought a CLEO magazine and one of the articles is about creating our dream business and becoming our own boss. I don't think as of now, I can give up my current job but it doesn't mean that I can always be stuck with this pay. I can do things to improve. In the future, who knows I will be getting more ideas and expanding my accessories line into something else once the money starts streaming in. 

So if you have been hemming and hawing like yours truly and then wishing things will get better, trust me, it will be better ONLY if you do something about it. Take a leaf from someone's life (or something in that line) where if you want to make your life better, you gotta OWN it. Take charge of it. Don't waste time just thinking about your sad current situation.

A famous businessman ever said that one way to improve poverty is to go into business. Nowadays, it is easy to reach out to people with the advent of social networking. 

Let me know how it goes if you are a first timer like me trying to waddle into the pool of entrepreneurship. If you have a website or blog that you want to share  which you start from scratch and making money or breaking even, let me know too. Let us be inspired by your stories :)

See, even though I'm up to my neck with outstanding bills (I wish that I have a magic wand to make them *poof*), I am trying to think of ways to improve my current situation. Loan is out. Making moolah is in.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Anticipation to Nothing

Argh! I thought I would be getting my elections allowance this coming payday on Wednesday but after looking at my payslip, looks like I won't! No fair. The elections was in late August :( I was looking forward to it because I wanted to stash some money for emergency. Looks like I can't. After getting the maintenance allowance last Saturday, I got some clothes. They are heavily discounted and some are pre loved that I just bought over the internet.  I don't know how they are going to be like since I didn't really get to see the clothes for myself but oh well, they're like $5 to $8 each. I normally get clothes when the allowance is in because my current pay is pathetic enough to not be able to support my family, let alone buying clothes for myself. I do make exceptions like allowing myself to buy one or two depending on whether they are heavily discounted.

During such hardship period, some people helped me get through them and I am thankful for them. But I have to pay my dues to them as well which means cutting down on my expenses. I was depending on the elections allowance to buy me some clothes from the recently opened H&M in Singapore but looks like I have to further push back again. Argh!

I know a lot of people saying that H&M in Singapore is overrated. My friend was like saying that H&M in UK is like the This Fashion in Singapore. Well to me, if you like the clothes and the clothes make you happy, doesn't really matter if it is cheap as long as you know how to rock the outfit. I wouldn't mind getting at least one top which I saw a few that I think are pretty decent and costs below $20. But I'm in no hurry to get them I guess. The shop will always be there.

Yes I know I'm contradicting myself when I said I wanted to stash some money for emergency and what has H&M got to do with it? I'm a pretty easily contented person so getting just one will be good enough for me. I actually do own one apparently : / How come? I actually bought a pink shirt from the Geylang bazaar and when I wanted to wear it, I saw the H&M tag. Dunno if it's for real because it costs me like what...$3?!

Luckily after paying my overdue bills, buying clothes (including a $25 cargo skirt from marks & spencer), groceries and yes, that Maybelline mineral two way foundation, I still have some money left. I guess I have no choice but to use that as emergency money instead. Better than nothing right? I still won't get me some new stuffs after this mini shopping spree. Will use it purely for the family.

I think there is one stuff that I wanna get. An eyelash curler. Mine is like rusty already. I am going to buy one from watson's that is around $7. I hardly use it as I just use the mascara like that. But the one that my friends bought as a birthday gift need to be used with a curler as the impact isn't really there. I am writing that in my diary lest I forget and end up buying other stuffs instead, hrm..

So anyway, that is my rant as I am so disappointed that I ain't going to get the elections allowance yet. I thought that it will also cover part of my loan from friends but looks like I have to figure some way out. The least I could do is to further slash my expenses..sigh. What to do. I don't want to be so poor and the only way to survive is to basically know what you are spending on and know what you should NOT be spending on.

Oh well. Have to wait until November then. So long....

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Health 101: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Back to back  post! 

When you read about this post, I need to emphasize with you that in no way, am I saying you are unhealthy if you are obese or severely overweight. I just want you to know that if you think you are happy the way you are, then that is good. But this post is merely just suggesting that you may want to just take this post with a pinch of salt. 

Just a little info (yet again...) that I am plus size but in the much lower range because basically, due to the genetic made up in my body, I have rather big hips. I used to be a lot bigger but I decided to take actions because I am sick and tired of being in this size. So I thought that I should do something to go out of this very comfortable comfort zone and finally try to lose some weight. Trust me, it wasn't easy but I had to. I was getting out of control with the various kinds of food that I had been eating.

I know that being big doesn't mean that we're fat and lazy. There are a lot of them who are active and keeps a healthy lifestyle but they're just..well, big. While I understand that yes, genes also have something to do with how our bodies are, we cannot just think that oh, due to genes I am forever like this. That's not true. While yes, I can't do much about my big hips, the least I can do is to try to reduce them so that they don't become out of control and pretty soon, I have to wear curtains as skirts.

All I am saying to these people is keep up the healthy lifestyle. Try as much as you can to be active and eat healthy food. While it is OK to indulge ourselves sometimes, it is never a good thing to overindulge. Like nutritionists always say, that whatever you eat, you must equate it to the amount of exercise you have to do to burn most of the 'useless' calories off so that they won't stay on as fats in your body. Trust me, once they're on your body, it can be really hard to get them off. I am still trying to reduce the fats that have accumulated over the years due to my overeating.

Of course we don't like people to dictate to us what we should do. But I want to reach out to those overweight people who are not doing anything to improve their diet or fitness even though they are happy in their state. To this people, I suggest you go out of your comfort zone and for once, do try to include fitness as part of your every day routine. 

Why? Simple. For the sake of health. Younger people are now prone to getting sickness and I know of people around my age who get so sick every now and then. Yet, they continue to overeat and have little physical exercise. While flu and cough may be common, when they become worse, you are at a bigger risk of getting more serious illness. And while modern technology allows for better medication, it can get even more expensive in the future and can cause a financial toll on us especially when we rely on such medications so that we don't go into relapse or have our conditions to worsen.

I know I've talked about the importance of health. It is just that it saddens me to see younger people getting bigger and bigger and they don't see it as a big deal. There are others among them who are even smoking which triple the risk of getting major illnesses like heart diseases. Why put your life under unnecessary risks? While we can't predict our life and what is to come, the least we can do is to prevent the worse from happening.

Really, once you get into the swing of things, you will find yourself lighter, happier and you will continue to partake in this healthy lifestyle for good. If you think you are happy now, imagine the happiness when you have more energy to do even more things in future when you are lighter and smoke free.

Start small.

You can get into the swing of things by doing some simple routines like brisk walking? Climb the stairs instead of taking lifts, eat more greens, wholemeal instead of just hawker food or restaurant food for lunch and even dinner. They may taste good but you have no idea what goes into there. For all you know, they have the help of flavour enhancers like monosodium glutamate.

You can also go into the local public gyms at stadiums where the entry can be as cheap as $2.50. Do not be too conscious of your body. They are too busy working their arse off than to notice your er..arse. I suggest you go slow and steady and then build up on the speed as you progress and you find yourself managing the stress of exercise better.

Simple to use but burns off calories

In regards to food, cut down on carbohydrates and load up on wholemeal products like wholemeal bread and wholemeal biscuits or even wholemeal cereal. Complex carbohydrates contain sugar and sugar is harder to break down in our bodies and will most likely store as fats. So go easy with white rice and white bread. If you can't live without rice, being Asians, cut down on the intake and if possible, replace some with brown rice. Eat more greens like salads and have fruits.

Oh, and even if you think you don't put on weight easily so it's okay to indulge on hawker food, don't be fooled by it. Why? Like I said, they may taste nice but if you look at the whole cooking process, you may rethink about eating them again. Many of them couldn't care less because what matters is that their food taste good and they make the moolah. But these very food can be detrimental to your health.

So yes again, I emphasize, if you are happy the way you are, that's good. I just think that you may want to reconsider your unhealthy diet and replace it with better food choices and include physical exercise. Get out of your comfort zone. May be hard at first but I guarantee you, that you will be much happier than you are before :)

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Beauty 101: Maybelline Mineral Foundation

I finally got my hands on the maybelline mineral foundation! I have been wanting it for so long but I wanted to wait for the special edition kind where they will normally have a nice printed cover on the casing which is free. So we will only pay for the refill.

What is fantastic about mineral powder is that (according to the box) it doesn't clog pores, contains no preservatives or oils so it is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Yes, again..fantastico!

I don't really have sensitive skin but I do have the tendencies to get breakouts so I hardly use any foundation except when I go out with friends or on weekends. But it's just rather lame to put this cheap $1.50 Chinese talc powder on my face that in the olden days, our mothers and grandmothers (or God forbids even great grandmothers) use to swear by as a beauty product.

But! I am not about to give up on it because I actually swear by it in which it works great as a loose powder and doesn't make my skin oily and keep it matte for the whole number of hours I'm at work and after work! See, who says cheapo products don't work.

In the US, they are from the Palladio Beauty group and it looks like this:

Palladio Rice Powder

Only thing is, that is just the gist of it. Loose powder. At the end of the day, while it doesn't cake up and make my skin oily, I need something better so that I will still look good with a better coverage of my skin.

While I envy make up, I prefer my skin to be in its natural state as much as it can so that my skin can still breathe without all the piling of make up a.k.a chemicals.

Some shots of the Maybelline two way foundation which I bought earlier today:

Ignore the fat palm.

While it claims to be Maybelline New York, the foundations is really made in China, just a little info if you think that you have a 100% US product, hrm.

My verdict? It does give a clean finish but that's about it? Well I haven't really given a thorough test drive because I am wearing it at home. So far, so good but it may be a completely different story when I set out to work tomorrow.

I'm more into a foundation that gives a skin brightening effect like the ZA true white plus foundation. It really gives me a nice coverage and does make my skin brighter. However, I will put on the Palladio loose powder on top so that it will stay matte through the day.

But of course, I will stick to it in the sense that yes, my rather sensitive skin is in need of some lovin' as well and I'm sure the mineral benefits will give me a better looking skin. I'm thirty, not forty, hrm..

So I think that this will be a permanent fixture in my morning routine before I leave for work. Yay, now my face doesn't look so drab anymore as it promises to give a healthier looking skin and then added benefit of SPF 30 covers me from the harmful effects of the sun on my face. But yes, still put on your facial sunscreen lotion.

You can get it at watson's or hypermarkets. Selling at SGD 19.90.

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Random Pics in October

And I'm back with the random pics of the month!

This time it is really random, haha. Not much but I'll add on in time to come I guess.

I'm crazed about notebooks but they're pretty ex. Make that pretty and ex. I got it for $1.50 though.

Nutty trying a new work outfit. She looked good and was psychoed into buying it, ha!

I waited for ONE sample pack of the lip ice lipbalm for 2 weeks. I went to work and I got four!

My lips have been dry lately. This is soothing.

My last present? I think..unexpectedly from an ex colleague.

I bought the Glow magazine from Watson's for $2 just for the free goodies.
The face milk which is actually some facial sunscreen.
Make up remover
Erm..the great singapore workout cd - the revival.
And this will be  a great exercise tool for toning. A flexiband! Have yet to try though..
Not part of the Glow mag. A necklace from citigems by an ex colleague as a bdae gift. So the fancy shcmancy.

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Dare to Dream

My internet is back on again! Yahoo! Good thing I'm not at a total loss as I still have internet connection in the form of the mobile broadband plugged into my laptop. It's been a hectic and stressful week at home with all the shouting and anxiety, all because we didn't get the maintenance allowance as expected. Money was running seriously low and I had to resort to borrowing and I kept getting calls for my overdue bills. Hellish, is the word to describe.

So irritating it was for me to wake up so early in the morn or at around midnight, checking to see if the money went in and then going back home empty handed. This is what happens when you leave behind money with the government. Sigh...

I will put this episode behind me. Lesson learnt for me too. If I need to make reimbursement claims, NEVER make it quite close to the date that I will be getting the allowance, lest the system goes bonkers again. 

This week, my heart goes to the family of the little girl who lost her life so quickly in just two weeks due to complications arising from fever and cough. No mother would want to see her child buried before her. But on earth, we are mere mortals. God loves her more. She was the prettiest and most quietest one among all her six children, and just like that, her life quickly became upset down as she lost a battle with her illness. It was so unexpected and my heart really goes to her family, though I never knew the family but just a brief encounter with her mum when my mum ordered some cakes from her.

Another loss is the passing of Steve Jobs after his long battle with pancreatic cancer. He dared to dream different and out of the box and people practically become apple converts under his great creative genius. He taught us all to dare to dream. 

This is mostly us in general. A lot of people choose to waste time and not do things. While I admire the spirit of many young entrepreneurs who dare to dream big and different, there are still those who would rather act cool then do something productive with their time.

I want to begin my thirties on fresh clean slate. While our time on earth is short, it doesn't mean that we can't make an impact. Not everyone can be like Steve Jobs. But everyone can dream and achieve something in their lives. 

Grab a notebook and write down your creative ideas. Nevermind if it is going to sound wild or outrageous and people probably not going to buy them. The thing is, if you think like everyone else, how do you set yourself apart? You are practically going to blend in.

So people. Over this weekend, instead of just lounging and surfing the net endlessly (erm..guilty as charged), we shall do something productive, eh? Make this weekend the start of a new beginning to a better life. Dare to dream :)

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Circle Line Adventures

As usual, I can't emphasize enough how some people are just so over the moon about our public transport here in Singapore. Not me, my younger brother. Gosh, you have no idea how fixated he is with them buses and trains. Boys, I guess.

Anyway, for all the minor hiccups that are happening and uhm..price hikes every now and then, you can't deny the efficiency of the public transport in Singapore. Whenever a crisis happens like the recent electricity cut off affecting the circle line, they were fast enough to send out smrt buses to provide alternative transport arriving at about 6 plus. Even then, people still complain that it was too slow and their reason was that it took time for the buses to travel as normally these buses are from the north side of Singapore. Come on peeps, don't always complain. Not everything can be ready with the snap of the fingers.

So took a tonne of photos. K, fine. Not that many because I am not a photog enthusiast plus editing photos can be quite a killer sometimes. Won't really explain much but I just let the pictures do the talking as usual :)

Talk about convenience. A stone throw away is given a whole new meaning because now, the minute you step out of the train stations for some of them, they were practically just beside some important landmarks.

Why don't they just build a train station just beside my flat? ha!

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Monday, October 03, 2011

PK's Birthday Bash 2011

Honestly, I hardly watch movies in the movie theatres. But it doesn't mean that I am no movie watcher. I not so interested in them since their ticket prices are such killers nowadays especially on weekends. But my good friends organized a movie showing and I think it was pretty swell that we watched Johnny English Reborn coz it was fantastico! While I had a bad start to the month, at least I get to laugh out loud at his antics. Gosh he is such a moron! But in a cute and lovable way. I don't want to give away any spoilers but after we left the theatres, we would never see a old lady the same way again! She could be an assassin for all you know!

They also treated me out at Swenson's. Actually I was supposed to pay my share as well, except for the movie ticket, but due to my family crisis, they treated me there as well. How sweet :) Like I said, I can NEVER thank them enough. I got a surprise ice cream treat, complete with a candle. My wish? That I remain good friends with them because such friends are hard to come by. We were joking about what kind of children we will have. And then amidst our busy family schedules, we will still find time to be there for one another, babies and children in tow, haha. Husbands are optional. Best left at home.

Anyway, here are some shots before my borrowed digital camera went kaput.

By the way, I love my gifts this year. Even more surprising, I got it from two people whom I've never received gifts from. One of them was from the IT guy. I suppose I am the only one there he ever bought a gift for? Wow, me is so touched, haha.

So now we are all officially in our 30s. Here's to another decade of friendship!

By the way, you're wondering who is PK right? PK is my nickname for like ten years now? It is the abbreviated version of Payu Kayu. You do not want to know what they mean. So they either call me PK or one of my friends, call me Payu as well.

Just a small trivial fact about me! haha, as if you wanna know. Thank you girls for cheering me up. Like I told you all, you are besties for a reason. Simply because you are the best.

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