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Movie Talk

I've been sick the last few days. Now I'm over the aching part of fever (gawd, it was terrible) and I can go do about my other stuffs except that my energy level is not exactly at optimum speed , like as if it is on other days. But basically you know the deal with illness. You are just not up to speed. 

Anyway, it is almost the ending of October (yezza!) and I know this has just been one of the worst years of my life and I don't know whether in November, it is going to be any better. I am still holding on to my fate as I wait with bated breath on whether they will approve and reimburse my claims for June. I need the money. Please God make it happen.

So how did I spend my sick days? Well, when everything is so uncomfy like sitting down & lying down, a little bit of entertainment wouldn't kill except there wasn't much to see. But instead, I saw myself watching a few made in the early 80's and 90's movies. How come? I don't know. I just happen to stumble…

Still Holding On

Well, my life is STILL in limbo but I guess I can't ignore my blog for long.

For once, I believed there was hope but then I seemed to lose hope. Now I just don't know..whether I should just continue to pray and hope for the best and..die from disappointment.

What can I do? What happens when you pray and pray for the best but nothing seems to materialize? Like it makes you believe that basically it's just wishful thinking on your part that things will get better...but basically it just won't.

Have you felt that way before? I remembered the last time when I prayed so hard constantly for my father to get better and out of his comatose? It took him awhile to get out of it and it completely broke my heart to see him hooked up to so many machines and I just wanted one thing: for him to get better.

He did get out of it and I was so thankful but soon afterwards, he was in and out of comatose but my friend encouraged me not to give up praying for him to get better. Eventually, it c…

My Life in Limbo

It hasn't been a good week for me. Yes, you hear me complain about this all the time but really, this isn't a good week. First and foremost, I got myself in a fix where I lied one after another. Luckily, I wasn't asked too many questions but that very few questions that I was asked, I got more nervous. If there was a lie detector somewhere nearby, it would have exploded.

All because I was desperate. So desperate that I was willing to do such a thing that if they ever find out, I will be in deep deep trouble. So far, I haven't heard any news since that Tuesday when she said that she would get back to me after speaking to her approving officer. She never did and I got so scared when she said that because if her AO is like my AO a.k.a the BOSS, it would be subjected to questions after questions and that I will be in such deep, pardon the language, sh*t.

I've been feeling so remorseful about it and have been praying to God that everything will be fine and that I am reall…

Health 101: Reduce Salt Intake

If you live in Singapore, we are always spoilt for choice for food because there are just so many mouth watering food available on our tiny island! Go figure.

We just love our food, simply said. Whenever other people hear about health talks, many stifle a yawn like why go torture yourself by not eating such delicious food for the sake of 'health'? Trust me, if you have family members who had lost their lives because of such ravaging diseases and seeing how slowly their health deteriorated, you wouldn't blink an eye again. 

But what I always emphasize that yes, life is indeed short and we shouldn't sacrifice too much for the sake of health because once in awhile, what's the harm of enjoying the pleasures of food eh? Why do you think I have at least one buffet session per year, heh heh.

In general, I tried to eat as healthy as I can. I only eat hawker food or from food court ocasionally when my mum requests or rather, protest that she doesn't want to cook. That or …

Monday Rambles

Yesterday, I was mentioning about me trying to make a claim of quite a large amount (technically, not really but by far, the largest amount I have claimed so far) for reimbursement. I knew she was going to ask for supporting documents like dunno what from here or there and yes of course, the receipt which I admit to her later, I don't have it with me anymore but I was willing to drop the matter as seriously, it was no point pursuing it. 

But she was kind enough to actually forgo the receipt and to give her at least some supporting document to say that I had to make payment in cash. I couldn't wait to go home and find such document. I did try to find and I don't know if it is useful because that is the only thing I have but which did mention the amount payable. Hopefully, it goes through *fingers crossed*

Like I said, the eventual claim will be very useful for me including, first and foremost, paying off my loan from friends during my hard times. The rest of the money, I will…

Hoping for a Small Miracle

I am going to change the blog directions a bit to make it more personal but there is only so much of my life to blog because I'm not the life of the party sort. I am the 'woe is my life' sort..haha.

Nevertheless, I will also write articles that will interest and motivate you because being a single young woman is not easy. While there are a lot of misconceptions that we single girls have it easy compared to married women, to me life in general isn't easy. 

Anyway, I did something that..well, I won't say I'm not proud of, but I'm hoping to get something in return. If it is approved, I will expect to get quite a tidy sum that will help me out in times of need. Sure, I did entertain thoughts that if my reimbursement claim get approved, I would like to buy $100 of MAC products. But it wouldn't be appropriate. I will just use the money to pay off the money I owed people during my financial crisis and also to pay off my credit card debts.

Only thing is, I used an…

Be Your Own Boss

People make mistakes, I know but this year, I think I have made far too many. But I'm trying to cope well and though it's hard, I always think that hey, things will become better. Meanwhile, try not to make too many mistakes, ha!

I've said it before and you probably hear it in the news as well that inflation costs things to rise in price generally 20% more. While the news report that we are getting paid better, I...beg to differ though. There are still many of us who struggle with daily expenses and the rising cost of goods that we have to think of alternative venues. For me, namely borrowing. My credit limit sucks. I don't like it but what to do, some things are not within my control.

When I hear about people not working and then those who earn so much less but has a family to feed, my only thought is that how the heck these people survive. But I admire those who rise through the adversities, work hard to improve their salary standards by changing jobs or by taking extr…

Anticipation to Nothing

Argh! I thought I would be getting my elections allowance this coming payday on Wednesday but after looking at my payslip, looks like I won't! No fair. The elections was in late August :( I was looking forward to it because I wanted to stash some money for emergency. Looks like I can't. After getting the maintenance allowance last Saturday, I got some clothes. They are heavily discounted and some are pre loved that I just bought over the internet.  I don't know how they are going to be like since I didn't really get to see the clothes for myself but oh well, they're like $5 to $8 each. I normally get clothes when the allowance is in because my current pay is pathetic enough to not be able to support my family, let alone buying clothes for myself. I do make exceptions like allowing myself to buy one or two depending on whether they are heavily discounted.

During such hardship period, some people helped me get through them and I am thankful for them. But I have to pay…

Health 101: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Back to back  post! 

When you read about this post, I need to emphasize with you that in no way, am I saying you are unhealthy if you are obese or severely overweight. I just want you to know that if you think you are happy the way you are, then that is good. But this post is merely just suggesting that you may want to just take this post with a pinch of salt. 

Just a little info (yet again...) that I am plus size but in the much lower range because basically, due to the genetic made up in my body, I have rather big hips. I used to be a lot bigger but I decided to take actions because I am sick and tired of being in this size. So I thought that I should do something to go out of this very comfortable comfort zone and finally try to lose some weight. Trust me, it wasn't easy but I had to. I was getting out of control with the various kinds of food that I had been eating.

I know that being big doesn't mean that we're fat and lazy. There are a lot of them who are active and keep…

Beauty 101: Maybelline Mineral Foundation

I finally got my hands on the maybelline mineral foundation! I have been wanting it for so long but I wanted to wait for the special edition kind where they will normally have a nice printed cover on the casing which is free. So we will only pay for the refill.

What is fantastic about mineral powder is that (according to the box) it doesn't clog pores, contains no preservatives or oils so it is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Yes, again..fantastico!

I don't really have sensitive skin but I do have the tendencies to get breakouts so I hardly use any foundation except when I go out with friends or on weekends. But it's just rather lame to put this cheap $1.50 Chinese talc powder on my face that in the olden days, our mothers and grandmothers (or God forbids even great grandmothers) use to swear by as a beauty product.

But! I am not about to give up on it because I actually swear by it in which it works great as a loose powder and doesn't make my skin oily and keep it matte…

Random Pics in October

And I'm back with the random pics of the month!

This time it is really random, haha. Not much but I'll add on in time to come I guess.

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Dare to Dream

My internet is back on again! Yahoo! Good thing I'm not at a total loss as I still have internet connection in the form of the mobile broadband plugged into my laptop. It's been a hectic and stressful week at home with all the shouting and anxiety, all because we didn't get the maintenance allowance as expected. Money was running seriously low and I had to resort to borrowing and I kept getting calls for my overdue bills. Hellish, is the word to describe.

So irritating it was for me to wake up so early in the morn or at around midnight, checking to see if the money went in and then going back home empty handed. This is what happens when you leave behind money with the government. Sigh...

I will put this episode behind me. Lesson learnt for me too. If I need to make reimbursement claims, NEVER make it quite close to the date that I will be getting the allowance, lest the system goes bonkers again. 

This week, my heart goes to the family of the little girl who lost her life so …

Circle Line Adventures

As usual, I can't emphasize enough how some people are just so over the moon about our public transport here in Singapore. Not me, my younger brother. Gosh, you have no idea how fixated he is with them buses and trains. Boys, I guess.

Anyway, for all the minor hiccups that are happening and uhm..price hikes every now and then, you can't deny the efficiency of the public transport in Singapore. Whenever a crisis happens like the recent electricity cut off affecting the circle line, they were fast enough to send out smrt buses to provide alternative transport arriving at about 6 plus. Even then, people still complain that it was too slow and their reason was that it took time for the buses to travel as normally these buses are from the north side of Singapore. Come on peeps, don't always complain. Not everything can be ready with the snap of the fingers.

So took a tonne of photos. K, fine. Not that many because I am not a photog enthusiast plus editing photos can be quite a ki…

PK's Birthday Bash 2011

Honestly, I hardly watch movies in the movie theatres. But it doesn't mean that I am no movie watcher. I not so interested in them since their ticket prices are such killers nowadays especially on weekends. But my good friends organized a movie showing and I think it was pretty swell that we watched Johnny English Reborn coz it was fantastico! While I had a bad start to the month, at least I get to laugh out loud at his antics. Gosh he is such a moron! But in a cute and lovable way. I don't want to give away any spoilers but after we left the theatres, we would never see a old lady the same way again! She could be an assassin for all you know!

They also treated me out at Swenson's. Actually I was supposed to pay my share as well, except for the movie ticket, but due to my family crisis, they treated me there as well. How sweet :) Like I said, I can NEVER thank them enough. I got a surprise ice cream treat, complete with a candle. My wish? That I remain good friend…