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Our Brief Outing During the Night Festival 2016

Last Saturday, we went to the Night Festival which is held annually and the Art Museum and the National Museum facade will transform as seen from the photos below. It's always something to look forward to and the white exterior has never looked so colourful. As for the National Museum, there were actually figurine displays made up of wires and florescent lights which will 'dance' to the music being played. Actually the music sounded as though we are watching a 90s game and even one of the guys watching was like pretending he was holding a handheld console and controlling the figurines, haha.

I would say that it was interesting although much of the crowd was actually at the food area with benches where people queue for food and beer. It's also a good set up for young entrepreneurs and also as a way of promoting food from hipster cafes. People are normally hungry when walking and standing around watching these displays and performances. Oh, speaking of performance, they a…

Birthday Meet up & a Walkabout at My Friend's New Condo Residence!

After a few months, we had another meet up  for a friend's birthday and this time, it's kinda special because we get to use the pool facilities of my friend's new crib at a new condo residence called the Riversails  Condominium. It's located just after Hougang Mall at the road leading to Sengkang and Punggol. There is also a new mini shopping centre that has a supermarket that if she chooses to occupy her unit, it's just a 5 minute walk away. I'm so happy we get to see her house, yay! After years of waiting, she finally got the keys to the condo about a month ago. There are no utilities yet, coz she's still thinking on whether to sell it, but she's free to use the facilities and oh my gosh, I wanna go back again and this time, really use the swimming pool. She agrees so...Yay!

Her unit isn't big but for her, it will be just nice. For me, if I were to retire rich, will be just nice too for me and my two cats, haha. One can always dream, right?…

Chasing Goals & Ambitions

I went to my friend's new condo residence and my gosh, I can stop thinking how lucky she is to have scored a unit aka bachelor pad, for herself, like it's really her proudest achievement. We didn't really stay long in her unit because it's empty and without utilities. She is still toying with the idea of selling it away, partly influenced by her father and her unreadiness to be staying alone. But judging from the condo facilities and how it pretty much felt like you are in the resort, plus the view from her home and her 'free' garden outside her windows as her unit is on the 2nd level only and her balcony has part of the condo's garden exterior. 

I will show pictures in the next post but this post is more about how I actually toyed with the idea of changing my retirement plan in the future from staying in a studio flat, for senior citizens with a lot of CPF money..heh, to a small condo unit. After spending time there, and walking around and exploring, now it…

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore!

Happy National Day Singapore!! It's your 51st birthday and as we're entering into the next 50 years, we can only hope that we stay united and not divided. There are many instability going on around the world. Not only do we hope for unity but safety. We may be small but we're not vulnerable.

As I was watching the National Day parade on television, where it was held in the National Stadium after a 10 year hiatus, there were many learning points besides watching the colourful array of performances. For example, giving our best in whatever we do and working hard and staying focused to achieve our dreams. 

The parade also gave special attention to our athletes who are currently competing in the Olympics games. All the best to you peeps and do our country proud :) 

A special feature also included doing the sign language to snippets of the song Count on me Singapore and Home. Me and my mum, along with the audience at the National Stadium and the Member of Parliament, were also tryi…