Getting to Know You..Getting to Know ME

Let's do a fun post. That will be me diverting your attention away from talking about how life is so so so hard sometimes..haha.

I'm just going to write about random stuffs about me that you may or may not discover about when reading this blog.

Well, I am a generally shy person, which my friend attributed it to my Virgo sign but honestly, I don't follow the horoscope coz despite the many coincidences, I don't believe in it wholeheartedly just like I don't believe in fortune telling. 

But when I do open up, people find me generally a nice person and they just enjoy my company, talking to me and giving me stuffs. I don't know how and why but they just like doing so. I like to help people and also I treat people nicely so I suppose that's why people are like fine with me. 

Okay I think you heard of those stuffs again and again, haha. So that is just a tiny intro of...what are the OTHER stuffs you may not know.

Hrm, I think most Caucasian guys are handsome, haha. Shallow me shallow me..They have this sex appeal in them that I find very er..appealing. But that is where my so called obsession with them ends.  I don't go beyond that line like befriending them and stuff though it will be just nice to get to know at least one of them. Decent one, I mean, like a friend and not more than that.

But then I'm not the sort of girl who attracts guys, Caucasians or like wise? Coz I know men like their women to be of those whom they can converse with intelligently and not some silly ol' boring talk, haha. I'm not a great conversationalist. However, I do always am interested in what people have to say. I guess it's a gift.

The last time I went to a club was like more ten years ago? And that was when I celebrated my friend's birthday but honestly the atmosphere isn't for me, even ten years later. It was quite a quickie because I was out of there very fast. My friends are bringing me to one this Saturday, if I were to follow their clues correctly that is, and they're not the sort who club hop or go there quite frequently. I guess clubs are fun but as girls, we have to be on our tippy toes, if you know what I mean.

Oh, I think you would have known by now that I love me soap dramas. But I do get bored of certain storyline sometimes not coz I have other better and more interesting dramas to watch. It's just that I think the writers have lost their mo-jo. Not everyone can be a brilliant writer from start to finish.

I thrive on you tube every single day though I find that their recent enhancements to their players suck. It's not as friendly as previously. I find myself clicking on the pause button or play button twice to get it going.

Like every other girl, I love make up but I hardly wear them. Go figure. I basically collect them but have been very very good in the sense that I don't always get them. I try to go for the budget kind but not the ones found here in Singapore.

I like wearing denim skirts as opposed to denim jeans. The latter always make my thighs fatter.

My hair is constantly frizzy despite the many ways of taming them but I just have no time to straighten my usually wavy and messy hair. I use the Loreal frizz control which does work, to a certain extent and make my hair rather va-va-voom sometimes. So okay, at least there is one solution.

Whenever I go on courses held by my ministry, people ALWAYS assume that I am a swinging single. I don't know, maybe I gave away the vibes, haha.

I'm very supportive of human rights. I am appalled by how homophobic or how racist some people can be and I totally condone that. No one should go through the trauma of being bullied. No one has the right to say how we are supposed to live our lives. 

I'm constantly trying to  lose weight, and yes I know that is not something new here. But really, it is very frustrating. But I am going to try again and not be easily beaten and I'm not doing this coz I want to be thinner. I just want to be able to fit into my skirts well again. I don't like to carry extra fats around my hips and thigh. It's frustrating coz clothes are harder to fit in. Anyway, I have started to do something about it and hopefully by the end of the year I would be able to lose at least 3 to 5 kg for a start? If Patrick Stump of Fallout Boy can do it with purely diet and exercise, why can't I? I had done it once, why can't I do it again?

I like watching non mainstream movies which I either download or watch on you tube. Even if I don't get to watch the whole thing, but if I can watch snippets of it summarizing the whole thing, I am fine with it too. Not really into movies with big names in them.

I can be such a hopeless romantic. Who knew, right? Haha..Anyway, my idea of romance? Let's see. I like it when the attention is on me. I don't think I would like a guy to dictate what kind of things I should do or the clothes I should wear. I don't mind being around a guy who I can be comfortable me and not feel uneasy.

My dress sense? I know I can't wear those long flowy dresses because I don't think I'm that feminine enough to carry the look. I like to mix and match separates. If I were to wear a dress, normally I would wear with leggings or jeans. 

Oh, another new interesting fact. I know my pop culture pretty well as I follow up on them on a regular basis. Read: Every day. I know of movies and dramas way before they come on to our telly in Singapore and on cable. 

Okay, I guess that is pretty much what I can think of at the mo...

My next post will be a bit serious one but which I guess some of you are able to relate to as well. 

So what are your quirks?

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