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Keeping Up with the Momentum in Weight Loss with A Healthier Living for Life

Body image is everything to many girls. It used to be a point where I felt so sad because all my friends from school back then were of the ideal size and I felt so disproportionate in comparison to them. Even though I dressed up a bit but I still felt like a sore thumb among them and hated my body so much.

Then at one point, in my mid twenties, I couldn't take it anymore and I decided to take the route where I had been so against. I went on pills. The results were dramatic. I also took on a healthier route even though I took the pills that was prescribed by the doctor. My pay wasn't much back then but I was willing to spend the money on them when I saw the results. 

Coupled with a healthier living and re-introducing exercise into my life, I felt like I was on top of the world and feeling brand new when my weight kept dropping until to a point a friend I had for many years, thought I was looking skinnier but unhealthy.

At that point, I felt like she was jealous. But then it was tr…

Positivity Despite the Setbacks

While in the midst of my guilt this morning recalling the amount I spent yesterday, and in the middle of writing a blog post, I came to realize that I should learn to turn it around and see the positive side of things instead by viewing them as investment to make better things that will possibly see me rake in more money through my online shop. It's something that I have set myself to do until the end and in order to sustain my  business, I need to invest in useful things that will help me to set myself apart from other local card designers in the same line as me. 

I have also began to review my inspiration book again and how I've not opened the book for more than a week even though I am supposed to read it everyday to get the 'engine' going on how I want to lead my life in line with my life purposes and goals. While I think I have got them all in my head, they are merely sketchy thoughts that I don't fully work on daily by incorporating the things I have to do to g…

Resetting My Life for a Better Purpose

I felt guilt stricken that I spent $60 the day before when all I wanted to do was spend at least $10 or at most $20 in order to qualify for the free make and take as taught by a papercrafter that I am a fan of her works. I had also gone to another scrapbooking store which I had signed up for and therefore entitled to a free make and take. This make and take is an art creation that you make on the spot as guided by the designer which you can then take home. It comes with terms and condition, for example spending a certain amount or buying certain products to qualify.

I knew that they would entitle us to a discount coupon when we collect the set of coupons. What I didn't anticipate was that I would have to spend a minimum of $60 in order to qualify for the 40% off in this store. So cunning of them, haha. And 'best' still, I carried the ATM card which my brother was supposed to hold me and which also hold most of my savings. 

The other store had a 30% off discount too and I wa…

Resuming My Studies (Module 4)

This week has been SUPER tiring and that's because I had resumed my studies which means going for night classes. In other words, dragging my ass to school after work finishes at 6 plus for another close to three hours of lectures and tutorials, hehe. But I have an awesome company and while I don't really talk much with them but they're really friendly and funny so it was a great  pleasure meeting up with them again after our break of more than two months.

Last Tuesday was the birthday celebration of one of my classmates and as she was a good friend of two of my other classmates, they wanted to throw a surprise celebration for her so they bought her a cake. That aside, it was also a happy reunion as we talked about how our first lesson with this lecturer was boring to the max which caused us all to almost fall asleep, lol! Oh gosh, how now. 

Anyway, with such an awesome company, we can pull through this and support one another as we go through another round of the module with…

A Birthday and an Awesome Friendship

Do you have friendships that are so meaningful that you just will treasure for the rest of your life? If you're lucky enough to have such friendships, please take good care of it. Friends who are not only caring but also supportive and encouraging, are meant to be treasured. For me, that friend of mine celebrated her birthday last Tuesday and we met up with her on Sunday for our annual mini celebration.

This year, she had refused gifts since she said that she is older now and a treat is suffice. I wanted to give her hongbao or red packet money but she refused to take it. Instead, I used the money to pay her for the lunch, bought some cheese fries to share while waiting for our other friend's insurance agent to finish up his paperwork and then the balance to that friend who had bought gifts to her as my share of it. Since we're going to meet another time for her birthday celebration, I would say that well, I shall give her a proper treat then. 

Speaking of birthday celebratio…

Are You Beautiful or Average

I was waiting for the video to load and they showed this in the ad and in one of the very very rare times, I did not skip the ad because I found it intriguing. Dove is well known for its beauty in all sizes types of ad where they make women feel confident about themselves, no matter what body shape they are in. Naturally as women, we have insecurities and while men do have it as well, we tend to be more emotional about it especially when exposed to constant reminders how beauty is supposed to be based on what the society at large envisions it.

Surprisingly, as we mature, we think that this silly comparison may dwindle down as we get ourselves in a level that we are comfortable with. Personally, I thought only single women would feel like this, more than married women as they have found the love of their life, so basically there's less effort to dress up to impress as everything seems settled. But turns out, I was wrong. Married women, just as much as single women, have insecurities…

Hung up With Competition...& Beating Them in their Game

I was feeling quite dejected this week, feeling as though I'm losing my abilities in running an online shop successfully. I felt as though my competitors are doing so much better, and then thinking that they have more friends to spread the news around about their humble online venture as well as a wide social network. In the first place, I don't have that wide network and my group of friends is well, very very small. How widespread I can get.

But I watched a video from a local niche blogger who is doing very very well right now, as a life coach and I truly enjoy reading her personal development articles online. I would link up below. The turning point that I felt was when they did a video on her and unlike other bloggers who write just as well but mainly doing it for fame and money, she basically plunge into this because she wants to help others reach their maximum potential. The money that comes in are of course good that she's able to retire at the age of 28 only. However…

Dinner at Nando's + A Review

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid restaurant review

I told myself that if I at least got an A for one of the subjects I was sitting for in exams, due to my carelessness..or rather forgetfulness, I shall treat myself to Nando's. Coz I simply love this place. Their food is awesome and it's no wonder, this place is often packed although the queue isn't often not that long unless there are a lot of hungry people around. Their flame grilled marinated Peri Peri chicken is succulent and you get to choose the sauce level and if you choose it as a set, you can have two different side dishes. 

I often choose their Mediterranean rice as one of the side dishes. Their rice is soft and fluffy and it's a great compliment to their marinated boneless butterfly chicken which is always my pick because I couldn't be bothered with bones. And it's not a small pathetic looking chicken but a hearty one so it's really value for money, both with the side dishes, that costs me less that …

Why Do We Love the Bad Boys

I'm such a fanatic. If I'm into something, I get seriously obsessive with it like I got to watch it every single time. And I will watch the same thing again and again and somehow, it will latch on to me like it's the thing that excites me most and also as a form of motivation for me when I do something and I promise myself I will watch it on youtube as reward, lol.

Currently, I'm into watching this Taiwan drama that is not as well, dramatic, with silly or 'meh' storylines which I think they're writing just to make fanatics like me go ballistic because it's what we wanna see. But overall, I just like the couple. They're so cute together and yes, typically, one is a bad guy and the other, a nerdy one that falls for this bad guy.

And the thing is, he reciprocated back and then, of course there are challenges because girls who used to throw themselves at him, sabotaged the nerd thinking eurgh, thought you can do better than this and not another of your &#…

Exams Results & Tips on Scoring As When Working Full-Time

My results were released on the 24 March and about an hour before the release, my classmates started the chatter in our whatsapp group starting with the countdown. As we progressed, it got tougher and so it was nerve wrecking for all of us.

For me, I sorta like expected what grades I would get but then again, anything can happen but prior to the exams, about 3 weeks before, I started my prep. It was frustrating because two of the subjects were heavy in terms of content and me, for not having a knack for memorizing things, as well as I take time to understand theories and stuffs, it was all mumbo jumbo for me. I don't have a gift in actually truly understanding, analyzing and coming up with my own versions of theories.

In other words, I thought that I would never be one of those who scored distinctions as that would mean higher order thinking. However, before I disregard myself, for being less on the clever side, I would say that it IS possible to score As after hearing from my busin…

Singapore Design Week 2015

I went to a Design exhibit about two weeks ago and it was one of those free events that my brother and I enjoyed going. Somehow, only he seemed to know the going-on in Singapore that involve free events as such because I live under a coconut shell, haha.

Anyway, I thought it was a great discovery because of the uniqueness of design and how people interpret it to include functionality as well. Inspiration truly comes from anywhere and if you look beyond what you see, you can create a vision unlike others. I love designing too and the feeling is just surreal when you start to see the pieces come together for the final product look.

There are also exhibits that work on a tight budget and therefore, the creativity turned up a notch when they used existing recycled materials to turn them into something of function, yet aesthetically pleasing. For example, a sheltered area that can be used as a study area as well as to conduct meetings. Cool, right?

It was also an exhibition celebrating local…