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Celebrating Our Extended CNY weekend with Prata

If you're celebrating Chinese New Year, well..Happy New Year!! It's usually around this time that most shops are closed. Shopping malls will almost be like a ghost town but I dunno, nowadays, they are closed for like a day and the next day, many shops are already opened even though traditionally, CNY is celebrated over two consecutive days. Can't wait to make the moolah, eh.

Anyway, yesterday we spent the evening at our favourite prata haunt. It's at Spring Leaf Restaurant over at Bukit Timah. We took a train down Hillview and walked about 10 minutes to the railway mall. We ordered our usual murtaburger which is basically like a burger but in a prata skin with lotsa cheese and mayonnaise. If you want to make your calorie laden food worth it, you should get this. They also have the ultimate murtabak which looks huge by the way and judging from the number of times I see plates of it pass by my table, this seems popular. Strangely, there were quite a lot of Chinese people …

Late Brunch with the Girls at Butter Studio

We may be busy with our schedules but we make it a point to do gatherings and though it's not as often as the last time, we made an effort to meet up and catch up. 

The last gathering we had was last September and though it was quite a while back, we kept it going with our WhatsApp group chat. But of course the best is to meet up with each other face to face. And that's what we did in this very late  brunch but nevertheless, it was like a low key tea party for us.

The location is at a quaint shophouse beside a main road so it is quite easy to get there. The place is called Butter Studio and you can google it to know where is the location. I went here once before and loved how it wasn't crowded and you can simply chill out and catch up with your friends and even do some quiet research unlike the forever busy Starbucks outlets.

While waiting for one of our friends to come, they had these Photo Booth props at the tables and we had fun taking pictures with them. 

So our dear frien…

Welcoming in 2017 Part Two

We started the new year's eve watching the free movie at the Esplanade Park and they were showing Kungfu Panda 3. I watched part one but not part three and it was an enjoyable start of our celebration. After that, we kepo kepo (busy body) went to the Zumba workout session held by Health Promotion Board and saw how energetic the people were following the difficult to follow (at least to me..) steps to fitness. I would have messed up from step one..haha!!

So holding on to my sanity, we then walked to another area, where there was another movie screening showing X Men Days of Future Past. We didn't want to sit down and watch again so we walked around the area which started to get crowded little by little and there were people selling food, street performances and then we got hungry. Finding the toilet was not a problem because nearby the National Gallery Singapore, the place was quite empty. I pity the ushers who had to keep telling people where the toilet was..heh.


Time mo…

Welcoming in 2017 Part One

So it's been a week since we last welcomed in 2017. Hope things have turned out okay for you..or at least, quite manageable. Everyday I try to think about moving forward and not wanting to make mistakes fairly easily. Now my main motivation in life is to have a better future. Sometimes I see other people and think why can't I be as happy as them. I know behind closed doors they may problems of their own too but I'm sure each one of us has our own unique strengths to overcome the obstacles that will make us stronger than we ever were before.

Then there is another side of argument that we should be grateful for what we have already like a roof over our head, food on the table and so on. But is that all we lead be good enough only? We are also capable of achieving great things in life. I always think about how am I going to cope with the school fees and going to school after work when my body will be so exhausted. Not forgetting the tests, exams, projects etc etc…

Christmas Wonderland 2016

So the Christmas season come and go and now we're two days into the new year of 2017. But I will backtrack a bit sharing with you what we were up to last Saturday. We went to the Christmas wonderland, like we do every year, from when they first started it. But this time round, due to its huge popularity, we had to pay $8.00 for the entrance as it was expected that a lot of people will come. The crowd was well managed, actually up to a certain point, and not enough directions were put out to actually tell us where to head to. But because we had gone there a few times, we roughly know where to go, but of course we did a few wrong turns. 

Upon entry, it was actually not overly crowded despite being the Christmas eve. Also maybe because it was raining since earlier on. So we could walk around comfortably. We actually waited in anticipation in the rain for the snow machine to blow out snow bits, actually more like frosty ice, and we stood there for 15 minutes. Actually my brother saw th…