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Colourful Language

Sometimes kids say the darnest things and they can also be pretty cute even though they can be quite blur block at times.

Like earlier, I was attending to this kid in the sick bay and I asked him what happened so he told me that he was hit in the crotch by another kid (more precisely, head butted). But he didnt say crotch which would be more appropriate. Instead, he said that his friend hit him on his d*ck. I was like..'what?!' He paused for the moment coz I supposed he was finding another word coz he thought that I didnt know what he said.

And then he said that he came earlier and they gave him a pack of ice but it still hurt so my colleague said that he can call his mother to inform her. So I supposed his mother was trying her best to not fetch this kid back home coz it wasnt a major issue or something but he was like seriously trying to convince her. And the conversations were like..'but the thing still hurt!''It's not the long thing but the bottom pa…

Recession Be Gone

It pays NOT to be forgetful because if you do...then you can end up doing things that you wont be doing if you have not forgotten. Yup, I learnt it the wrong way when I was travelling from one convenience store to another, one petrol station to another and one supermarket to another...just to find the bloody Straits Times papers. This isnt the first time I forgot, but I always managed to get it from the nearest 7 eleven (convenience) store in the late evening.

Still, people like me needed to be taught a thing or two to get things in her head so that she wont repeat the same mistake. Physical pain always help coz my legs are still a bit sore from the walking. Im surprised how I managed to walk rather quickly at about the same speed despite walking for more than an hour. I supposed I burnt off the calories from the spaghetti I had for dinner.

I think it's just a reflection of my own self....always thinking how the heck my family going to survive for another week more before my payday…

Gloomy Economy

Let me offer you a piece of advice. If you need something that is a pretty high value, let's say in the few hundred dollar region or even more, try your best not to get it at hire purchase or get it paid in installments. It's really not worth it coz of the interests payable for each month that can span up to 48 months which is equivalent to 4 years. Sigh....Im saying this coz I got no choice but to get a new washing machine on installment basis because I dont have enough savings to get the machine even at 600 over dollars. So now I end up owing them money which amounts to almost triple the actual amount. No. Kidding.

I really thought I would get over this loan thing coz I had done this before few years back and I hate the idea of owing these people money. I mean seriously I have problems keeping up with bill payments and let alone this?!! But sigh....maybe things will get better coz this year my father will get his retirement funds even though there is a huge delay in getting …

A Sad Beginning

My condolences going out to those who died in the fire that took place in a club in Bangkok shortly after midnight on New Year's Day. It was such a scary sight looking at all the wrapped up bodies of locals and foreigners lined up for identification. In Singapore, people may laugh all they want about the stringent rules imposed on the clubs here but where safety is concerned, it is no laughing matter whether it is a foreign threat or a fire hazard. You can never be too careful. Accidents do happen but dont throw logic away when you're having fun. Seriously, fireworks in a closed and crowded premise?!

With the recent happenings overseas especially in neighbouring countries, I think Im much better here. But still, travelling is a must and eventually, I want to see the world. Anyway, when your time is up, it doesnt really matter where and how. But I dont want to die being caught in a life threatening situation whether I am begging for my life or caught in a fire. It's just a…

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year People! Whats ur resolution?...

Anyway it's gonna be another long year of suffering self discovery and life lessons so come to think of it, that is going to sound like one heck of a scary year. Oh well, life goes on and everything happens for a reason. Well, almost.

As usual, I do hope that this is going to be a better year for my family financially. Yes Im hoping that CPF gets back to us asap regarding my father's retirement fund. It's been so damn long. Do you know when was the time I applied for that thing? End of October! 4 weeks of processing? Yah right! Now I do not know if they are going to approve it or not. At least tell us's really difficult for something that you do not know of the outcome. Of course Im hoping for good news as well so that at least I know my family will be taken care of. And I dont have to be so frugal with my spending coz it's so hard to ponder over simple things that other people dont even have to think tw…