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Sarcastic Social Workers

I have such a huge headache right now that I am going to retire to bed early. But I don't know if the headache comes about because some IDIOTS made me so fuming mad in the office that I can't help but rant and rant as they were so freaking irritating. Trust me, if I am angry beyond words for someone who is usually calm and collected, something must have triggered inside of me that I can just explode into a bloody mess if I can't contain myself. 

I don't understand the logic behind some people's mind over not being able to answer simple basic questions such as what is the purpose of their visit and where are they from. Two SIMPLE questions that can be answered in a jiffy but their refusal to answer made more exaggerated with their rolling eye gesture and their uncalled for demand to get the admin procedures over and done with. Like hello, asking the purpose of their visit is also part of the 'admin matters' if they want to call it that way as mentioned by the…

Knight In Armour Who Can Repair

Sigh, he strikes again. After a few days of silence, he messaged me again with a 'good morning'. He won't give up, will he? But I am not able to entertain because like I said, I don't want to give him any false hope and plus, I don't have any desire to continue communicating with him. And yes, because of utter silliness of not being able to think up of a valid reason NOT to give my number, I shall bear the consequence later. 

Anyway, whatever. My male colleague was asking me if I called the delivery guy because he knew he gave his number to me but I was like,  heck no. I threw away the number in fact. And then, I was 'blaming' him for not helping me out and he counter said that he didn't know because there was so many people attending to the reception table. I argued saying that ' should have said that no flirting is allowed! Then he defended himself by saying 'what do you want me to say?! Hello this is my don't c…

Crystall Ball, Crystall Ball

You know what, it is starting to bug me if I really will have some kind of love interest since some clever bugger (me, that is) have this wild prediction that someone will take an interest in me. And no, the delivery guy doesn't count and it's not JUST because he has a pot belly, k? It's uhm..more than that. You don't just take phone numbers from random strangers and if you do, well, Im really sure you have such a huge social life.

So I just came across this clip from a drama series in US and they went to see a gypsy and get their crystal ball predictions. Now, as much as I would love to just get my future predicted for the fun of it because I don't mind surprising myself with what the future hold for me, Im just curious how the heck my love life is going to play out. You know, fun stuffs like if I EVER going to get a love interest because as you know, I have been single all my life and strangely, it's not because not one single soul tried to ask for my number (…

Lucky or Unlucky Me

I must admit that I did something rather unpleasant, at least for me, and I don't want to be so trapped like this anymore. In other words, so stupid like what was I thinking?

Anyway, if you want to know what I am ranting about, I gave my phone number to a total stranger who was obviously trying to get to know me and in normal circumstances I wouldn't give especially if I wasn't interested. But I ended up giving as I felt bad that he gave me his. I can't say like oh, I don't think I can. It started when this delivery guy came to deliver some 20 something boxes of simply chocolate cakes and I was pretty excited as their cakes are famous in Singapore and then I would get to eat them later. But I think the guy saw my excitement when I attended to him along with my other colleagues and out of no reason, he started to do this whispering motion thing, luckily not to my ears, that if he ordered through me, I would get a free cake. Of course, I don't anticipate buying th…

Adorably Funny!!

A collection of pics I got from the internet from a blogger who picked out these cutesies. I think I jz died from an overdose of adorableness from the frakkin' animals..ha!

Universal Studios in Sentosa

12th March 2010. What an eventful day. Prior to it, I found out that I won a pair of tickets to see Adam Lambert live in the Universal Studios in Resorts World Sentosa. Love it! I asked for one chance this year to be lucky by winning that pair of tickets (which, by the way, they only gave away 40 pairs) and I got that lucky chance! woot! 

But of course, I don't think it will be a biiit too much to ask for another chance to win camera? :D Coz I just took part in another lucky draw contest though all the best for me as I bet SO MANY people will participate in it and whoever win those gadgets in the Digital Life Big Giveaway, you are indeed VERY VERY lucky! *crosses finger that I am one of them*

Moving on...

I know I took a long time to post the pictures up but I found out a nifty way to put them up. Mosaic style! I really liked the way one of the blogs that I recently read put up  her photos. Though I think hers look nicer but heck lah, it's almost about the same t…

Photo Collage

My first attempt at doing a photo collage using picasa. Nice! Of coz I can do much nicer than this..but a bit lazy..ha!

Bills Bills Bills

You know how I often complain that I have problems paying bills and then now I actually have to be more proactive in asking for help to get the instalment plan. But of course, knowing them, I still have to pay but it's just a matter of how much I can pay or rather how much they want you to pay since they are after all, the one receiving the money. And also, at the very least, they should know that I have difficulties in paying and not because I purposely want to default payment. It's also to stop them from sending me lawyer's letters. Even my brother's hospital sent a lawyer's letter TWICE to get the money for his medical appt last year. What the heck. Im currently desperate in wanting to save up some moolah to keep for emergency use. I am also looking out for other ways to save up including following what my brother does : saving coins. Yes, Im that desperate. And I actually asked permission to borrow the digital camera from my office so that I can take some snapsh…

Food I like Part One

If you live in a multi racial country like Singapore where you can find so much varieties of food and often with great competitiveness among the popular food stalls and restaurants, and you are not caught up with the craze, something's wrong with you. Well, unless you are choosy or simply tired of eating all those good tasting food coz you have too much of it already over the years and have proof of it (e.g. fat). 

Honestly, if we can keep track of what we eat and eat in moderation, I seriously don't see any harm tucking into that plate of oily and fattening char kway teow coz it's seriously yummy judging from the hoards of people who queue up for it. And there is the emergence of food blogs where the bloggers will take pretty and mouth watering pics of food along with the review which can be a good thing for the food stalls or restaurants coz in this digital age, we often refer to the internet for the best recommendations. Last Sunday, the Sunday Times featured this phenom…

Happy Birthday to U our Dear Nuts!

Im sure I have talked about my dear friend Nats who has been very awesome as a friend all these  years. She doesn't have any air around her though she is wealthier by standards compared to well..many of us but is very willing to give us a hand during our difficult times. I appreciate having a friend like her and hope that we stay friends for as long as our knees do not turn wobbly..hehe.

Happy birthday to you Nats!!

Birthday cum Karaoke for Dear Nats

The long awaited day and night is here and it was fun meeting with the girls and i am actually glad that the four original girls are back together. Anyway, we planned for a karaoke followed by dinner for our dear friend nats. some friends are worth keeping for life and although we don't know what the future holds, we do hope for the best and such friends are still around for each other.

So after lotsa croaking of one song after another, and taking snapshots including a little birthday song for nats, we stepped out for dinner. I suggested wendy's which is a new fast food establishment. Funny thing was that, we didnt know what to order so we followed the meal choice of one our friends down to the choice of drinks. And then when we were struggling to finish the double patty burger, we blamed her..hehe. But one thing for sure is that, I will definitely be back looking at the scrumptious looking menu. Happens when you are practically surrounded by kfc and mcdonalds.
Pics below! (tak…

Mum in Black Mood Again

Hey, not bad I am pretending my phone is a blackberry while Im typing
away on my nokia's phone qwerty keyboard. While pple obssessed over
the usefulness and the sleek designs of iphone, i've always had my eye
on the blackberry. It is jz so uber cool. But like the iphone, I can't
afford the pricier data plan so forget abt it.But that's how life is. Why get into unnecessary mess eh? By the way,
jz a quick update on mum's crazy situation jz now. She was into one of
her nonsensical moment again so early in the morning already. I pity
my brother because he got the short end of the stick as he was at home
so naturally he would hear his ramblings. She was jz angry as she had
planned for me to go to this certain restaurant to buy food for them
since I jz received my pay. She didn't tell me earlier what and I had
already informed her a few times that I would be going to the gym as
per normal. i don't usually go on Saturday but yeterday I had to
because I was paying back for las…

In Greek? Not!

Orchard Road has changed a lot the past few years with the emergence of new shopping centers and it can be quite a maze walking from one to another. But! Underground linkways make shopping much easier especially when you are out roaming on a wet evening and even though sleeping in is the best option and somehow you choose to be out there instead. So fret not shopaholics!

Okay frankly speaking, I don't know why they have the painting of the beach houses at the coastline that are commonly found overseas and definitely not in Singapore. I guess they either want to cater to foreigners who probably miss home or they manage to get these paintings at a budget price after spending a lot on the construction of the linkways. Either way, it's beautifully painted and they  have one side of the wall near the escalators complete with a brickwall and fake doors and vineyards of which, once again, I don't know what is the theme behind it except that it makes nice camwhoring moments while b…

Bloggers' Symposium by NuffNang

I actually was very glad I registered for this symposium, though I still didn't bother to check out the meaning of the word, coz I actually learnt quite a lot of nifty things which I have been practising since the time I reached home. Though I thought it would have been better if I had written down instead, I guess I can manage coz many of the things I actually know already but now I know a bit more like how not to make myself distorted while making some changes to my physical appearance through photoshop..hehe.

While the thought of being there alone seemed very scary, I actually had a chance encounter with a teacher from school. I actually saw him while queuing to register but after several glances, I believed that I might have mistaken him for someone else instead who looked very much like him like his twin brother or something. In other words, I was so hoping it wasn't him..haha.

So oh well, can't just brush aside and say 'uhm..I cant be caught dead with you right now…

Circle Line Adventures

I Skipped gym. But it might be a good thing though no matter what, I have to pay back next Saturday. Why I said it was a good thing coz I didn't expect to go to 11 stations in the new circle line opening. If i sit still in the train is one thing but getting off at every station is another. Nevertheless it was rather fun because it was free while we explored around. Some stations are rather outstanding in the architecture and design esp those with expected big crowds in the future who transit in and out of the city.

Actually i wldnt have been bothered but my younger brother is overenthusiastic abt this kind of thing. Unlike me with no career visions, i kinda can anticipate the kind of career path he wld go into provided the LTA takes him in. I suppose he will excel in the architecture coz he does good layout designs. I will b supportive in his future endeavours which means that i have to watch over his studies to make sure he doesnt stray. Dammit, such a big task ahead.

Actually, whi…

Vintage Look

In this world, nobody is perfect. In terms of looks and characteristics. Someone with such angelic innocence can be a psycho bitch at another end. Although some things can't be done much especially when they don't see how psychotic they can be, some other things can be done through photoshop.

I've always been a fan of photoshop though I don't think my skills are up to par. They're moderately fine and as long as my pictures look better, or rather less ugly, at least my insecurities are half gone.

I learnt how to make a vintage look this afternoon after the bloggers' symposium which is a very 'in' look nowadays and despite not owning a digicam (dammit!), I hope one day I can. Meanwhile, I can only rely on my camera phone and photoshop before I have some extra cash to get one which will take like forever.

Rahayu likes! :D

And now you know why i seldom post photos on my blog. Look at that face! Ok ok..shld be grateful that at least I got eyes to see and nose to…

Ugly Betty Ending Soon!

Wow, I have been watching Ugly Betty for the last few weeks andI must say the episodes are getting better and better just as it was about to end. I don't mean end as in season's the finale of the finale. Ok for those who don't follow, Ugly Betty has been cancelled because of poor ratings. And crappy reality shows are on the rise and though I don't like the really close minded broadcasting here in Singapore, one thing I am glad for is that they don't waste money and people's time showing such crap. 

People are actually speculating the ending to Ugly Betty like who she is going to end up with and what is gonna happen to her like is she finally going to realise her dreams of writing for her own magazine. She is currently working for a fashion magazine but in the recent episode, Gio (yay!) fiercely tried to drill into her that fashion is not her passion but writing is.

Well, from the beginning, I want her to end up with Daniel but after reading some commen…

My Savings Reward

Financial management is such a big headache. Im one of those people who have to pay bills from my rather small salary so I have no choice but to actually try to scrimp my way through life although if you take away my internet connection, I will probably just die. I actually don't find it enough to just scrimp but rather save money for future use and for emergencies as well which I have mentioned months before. 

I actually have somehow successfully managed to save quite a bit of amount but it's still too early and nothing so major has come up so far that demand a lot of money though I do come close to that. Currently, Im in the midst of settling my town council conservancy charges which have accumulated to quite a lot and thankfully, I have spoken to one of the officers and they will retract back the summon they had given to my father. I still have to pay the charges though. I actually asked if I could pay by instalment and they said that I have to pay at least half first before…