Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heartless Twits

Start of the fasting month...well, it went well but im like..gosh, why must the time be quite late before I can break fast?! Yes, Im very the impatient person..haha.

It's also the time of the month where I am able to 'cheat' a bit in terms of the food that I avoid coz of health reasons and if I ever get to eat them, it's only a teensy eensy bit for the 'taste' factor. Then now, come to think of it, I want me Cheese Hotdogs!! Although I still avoid dishes with coconut milk. I dunno...the idea of seeing coconut milk mixed in with oily dishes just dont do it for me *shudders*

Anyway I hope in this holy month, people take a good look at their lives and make changes that will make a difference in theirs as well as ours. It really makes me sad that heartless people still exist and worse, they show their heartlessness towards their own family members such as their parents. The society may have moved forward but unfortunately, they only think about themselves with their 'me first' mentality which is sad because in life, many of us cannot be where we are right now if not for the help of some people. Their parents' sacrifice for them and how they work so hard to bring them up..nothing can replace that. And then, when they become successful or have their own families, they see their old parents as a big burden on their shoulders because to them, they have their own personal or family problems to deal with already.

These people are what you call...ungrateful twits. Their existence on earth is nothing to be proud of even if they are leading a comfortable life or contribute to the society. Some of them are worse off in the sense that they are willing to drag their parents to court just so that they can scrape whatever riches their parents have like money or properties for their own personal gain.

I hope in future, people like this will have a taste of their medicine when their own children will give them hell later in their senior years. Unbelievable. But this is what you call the undesirable side of humanity.

But Im glad to know that the media is doing their best to highlight this ugly trend to educate the public in regards to the unfair treatment towards their own parents. Im also glad the government is doing something to help these seniors cope in their twilight years especially when their health do not permit them to work and yet they have to foot their own medical bills and other bills as well if they are not being looked after. And then there are kind souls as well who commit their time, energy and even money to help these people even though they are not related. They did it out of sincerity and not because they have to.

It's never too late to change. We can be a better person even if we start doing something small but in the long run, it will bring meaning to life which is not equated to just monetary gains. It's called enriching one's soul and it will give us a good feeling especially if we have lost a bit of direction in life and want to start afresh. Helping others in times of their need is a good start. If other people see this and learn from it, they help to pay it forward by being kind to others and hopefully, the world will be a better place to live in.

I know parents can be a little bit hard to understand and they may also find it hard to understand us as well. They are after all still humans and we all make mistakes no matter what roles we play. The important thing is that we learn from our mistakes in any aspects from our lives before it's too late and there is no turning back.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I know that I made a self imposed 'no blogging rule which will depict my rest from writing like as if I write regularly and looked forward to my much awaited break. But then, after reading articles written by other people, I realise that I dont always have to write about things that upset me in my life especially in recent times when it's not going that well for me. I mean life is much more than that. I do take in the fact that things happen for a reason and that you dont always find yourself in difficult positions all the time.

As I had finalized the application procedures for my father's estate, now it's only a matter of time of waiting for the money to be deposited into my mum's and my own bank accounts. Sometimes I dont understand why, in the age of internet and progressive technology meant to help us to do things at a more efficient and faster rate, the human procedures behind these administrative work still take a damn long time. It's like how I found out, to my horror, how quickly the HDB staff had gone for lunch at the nearby food court even though it's barely after 12pm forming snaking queues at the popular stalls. I guess they need to replenish their energy fuel quickly after facing irate customers in the morning? While my email to the Hougang branch days ago had still not met with a reply yet, I do wonder if it's because of the so called job stability of working in government agencies that give them the incentive to work less and making people like me who are anxious every day about the outcome of their applications wait longer.

Im not trying to put down these people because hey, Im also working to fill my rice bowl. I also know that it's not possible to finish everything in one day if one is faced with a mountain of paperwork. But do have some form of consideration for your customers or clients even though they may not be right there physically waiting for you to do the work unlike at a customer service counter. Based on past experiences, they will take a longer time to do your case files if you dont bother giving them a call to check on the updates. Basically your call will act as a wake up call to them that hey, you have been waiting for your case file to be completed rather than letting it collect dust because they think we dont bother so they take their own sweet time doing it even going beyond the stipulated one month of processing. When twice my applications on separate occasions went on until 2 months of unheard news, the usually calm and patient person that I am will start to get anxious as to whether they are doing anything about it or not.

Seriously, my life since late last year until right now is nothing short of waiting for outcomes, possibly good news. Although in my father's case, the news had been a declining loss of hope the longer he stayed in hospital, the rest of the news that I had been waiting and hoping for, had made me physically and emotionally tired. My whole family is affected and it takes a toll on my mother who, in nature, is always worrying over mindless things. Then when she gets worried for too long and waiting for news that things will get better for us in terms of improving our dire financial state, she starts to talk nonsense and become demanding like a five year old kid. I dont know if age is catching up with her now that she is 51.

I know that money does not solve all problems and may instead cause uninvited troubles (and I can foresee some coming our way already) but because of all the troubles we had to go through and my father's long battle of his illness that finally made him succumb to it, it will be a sure thing that we will be careful about our expenditures. i've always told my brother that you have to learn to spend your money wisely when you get your share of inheritance because this is our father's hard earned money which he finally didnt get to fully use. Fortunately, our earlier application to his retirement savings that we finally received monthly (after five months of waiting!) had at least made him feel that he could provide us with some form of income for himself and for our family.

His death had hit me the hardest and it is the biggest loss in my life and until now, I cannot accept the fact that he's gone. It hurts me a lot knowing what my aunt intends to do with the money that my mum will give her from the inheritance and how her sister in law also wanted a stake in it even though she had nothing to do with our family. I guess maybe it is in God's will that my brother's share which is about 58% of it will not be given out. Instead, he will get a small proportion of it quarterly as maintenance fees for his living expenses. Knowing my mum, she will probably still give but she has since cut down the amount.

Things may change once the money comes in but what does not change is the fact that my father will want nothing more than to see our family have food to eat like what he would do even though he was sick and could not walk for too long. I hope to continue with his tradition of providing for my family and if you know me well enough, you know that I put my family's needs before me first.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Taking a Backseat

Last week, wasnt such a bad week after all...after the longest time of being in misery. I hope life will make a 360 degree turn and I will see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well, I dnnt need a mega big pot of gold...just something to finally turn a frown into a smile.

I'll resume full pledge blogging once my life has eased back into comfort and I hope to write good news the next time u hear from me.

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