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Im testing out with my new phone!

Heartless Twits

Start of the fasting month...well, it went well but im like..gosh, why must the time be quite late before I can break fast?! Yes, Im very the impatient person..haha.It's also the time of the month where I am able to 'cheat' a bit in terms of the food that I avoid coz of health reasons and if I ever get to eat them, it's only a teensy eensy bit for the 'taste' factor. Then now, come to think of it, I want me Cheese Hotdogs!! Although I still avoid dishes with coconut milk. I dunno...the idea of seeing coconut milk mixed in with oily dishes just dont do it for me *shudders*Anyway I hope in this holy month, people take a good look at their lives and make changes that will make a difference in theirs as well as ours. It really makes me sad that heartless people still exist and worse, they show their heartlessness towards their own family members such as their parents. The society may have moved forward but unfortunately, they only think about themselves with their …


I know that I made a self imposed 'no blogging rule which will depict my rest from writing like as if I write regularly and looked forward to my much awaited break. But then, after reading articles written by other people, I realise that I dont always have to write about things that upset me in my life especially in recent times when it's not going that well for me. I mean life is much more than that. I do take in the fact that things happen for a reason and that you dont always find yourself in difficult positions all the time.
As I had finalized the application procedures for my father's estate, now it's only a matter of time of waiting for the money to be deposited into my mum's and my own bank accounts. Sometimes I dont understand why, in the age of internet and progressive technology meant to help us to do things at a more efficient and faster rate, the human procedures behind these administrative work still take a damn long time. It's like how I found out,…

Taking a Backseat

Last week, wasnt such a bad week after all...after the longest time of being in misery. I hope life will make a 360 degree turn and I will see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well, I dnnt need a mega big pot of gold...just something to finally turn a frown into a smile. I'll resume full pledge blogging once my life has eased back into comfort and I hope to write good news the next time u hear from me.