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Round Up in May and Bad Customer Service

Okay, I sounded desperate in my last post and the truth is, I admit I am. But I believe that in every difficulty that we face, we come out of it stronger, wiser and better. It gives me the opportunity to review how things are going for me and what I did in the past, in a moment of folly, that made me forget about what I have pledged to do in order to make things right, for material gains instead.

If the cause of my misery, is because of this, I will not repeat the same mistake and will open my heart and my eyes more and believe that material goods, such as new bags, new shoes or makeup, can only make you a beautiful person on the outside. I must strive to be as beautiful as I am outside (though I beg to differ on that) as I am on the inside. I aim for a more enriched yet simple life of which the needs for new shoes and bags cannot compromise for. Of course, if I really need a new bag coz my bag is all worn out and there happened to be a bag DYING to be bought because it is on a huge di…

Financial Turmoil and Cyber Begging

The thing about money is that sometimes you have, sometimes you don't. It's really hard to save when I'm the only income earner and I don't get to save much and even if I get to save, I always have to make use of them coz money is never enough for me, no matter how much I have. So, in a way, I couldn't care less already because whatever money I have, it will surely be spent and mind you, it's not on me entirely but mainly for my family. But it's okay. I always feel that when you do good, things will get better someday. You will never find yourself in difficult situations all the time. Of course when you do, you can only hope for the best, try to find the best solutions, even if it is not going to be easy, and then wait for the time when things get better.

I've worked out a budget plan, while showering no less, that will allow me to minimize my bill payments up to  when I get my mid year bonus in July of which it has been announced through media today. It…

Beauty 101: Don't Let the Sun Go Down On You

I want to name this blog post as Bronze Goddess but then again, I know I will only just deliver empty promises for those who wish to be one, ha! 

Anyway, if you go to youtube and pick up tips from the beauty gurus and if you pick up your local magazine, the 'in' thing now is to look right for summer. Yes of course Singapore doesn't have summer but currently in our hot weather, we are perpetually hot, even at night :S Who cares about not having the four seasons!

So back to topic. The hot beauty product right now is of course bronzer, that will give you the sun kissed look as though you have been standing under the hot summer weather. A bronzer can also help to contour your face shape especially around your cheekbone area, under your chin, the top of your forehead and along the side of your nose. Phewh...might as well apply it around your face and that's that, right? NO! You don't want to look unnaturally tanned...or uhm...dirty.

I have provided links below to help you …

Bigotry Exists

I won't say I'm smart because the truth is that I may not be able to hold a strong viewpoint in a stand off against someone with strong opinions. But I get irked easily and can say my blood comes to a boiling point when I listen or read about people's homophobic rants or insensitive opinions on race and religion, for instance. Bigotry is alive people. They may think of themselves as smart but I just feel that they are at best being cocky and narrow minded.

I read about one person's homophobic rant on facebook before and it was truly TRULY condemning. Look, we may not agree with their lifestyle but don't treat them as though they are different species or from different planets. Coming from a minority race, it is already bad enough how the majority race looks at us sometimes as not worthy or troublemakers. And then there you are, displaying such vile form of bigotry on facebook on these people like it's their fault AIDs exist.

But in some countries, bigotry is even…

Reminiscing the Past on Repeat

Recently, my mum went to a wedding of one of her ex neighbours from kampung or village back in her childhood days. The daughter of one of the siblings got married. My mum kept talking about them up until now like it's my greatest interest of the world. But I am just trying to be a daughter with a listening ear. After her health crisis last year, I try my very best to listen to her. I know how it is like losing a parent and my biggest regret was treating him like a stranger when he was very sick. For my mum's case, she is very neurotic. It is not easy entertaining her mood swings and constantly listening to her self assurance when things don't go right because she is also stubborn enough to not listen to me. When she's pissed, she's pissed and I have to listen to her plethora of mood swings until she calms down herself. One of her pet peeves is not being paid attention to. And since I am too tired to go into arguments with her because she can really be so long winde…

Flashy But Sweet

Ok, I admit I like this do I write this down gently without stirring any pots, adult film star, heh. I think I talked about him yonks ago but I just think he is good looking and super sweet, (ok fine, he has a nice BoDy too...) and he gets sweeter and sweeter every passing year. I enjoy reading his blog and he writes really well. I admit I have NEVER watched any of his adult videos, except him acting in one of the lame comedy movies, but his website also served as a place to view his videos, where access to them will require paid membership. Therefore, after reading and then feeling good, suddenly there is this flash of ad in the next instance which will show him and his goody, if you know what I mean :S

See, it's not easy to write out this post! I just feel that he is very down to earth despite his rough upbringing where his parents didn't really care about him at all. While he has the option to stray and lead a drug saddled life, he counts his blessings lik…

Beauty 101: Night Night Beauty

When I see what some people post up as their nightly beauty routine, I almost fainted. So many products!!! Sometimes I wonder do they really need so much..hrm.

Anyway, if your immediate thought is to go to bed straight (like I do), we simply don't want to go through that. No freaking way.

This was taken from a blog which quoted Kim Kardashian's secrets on how she tries to stay away from wrinkles. It can also be adapted to be part of your nightly beauty routine.

In the night, after cleansing, use a make up remover or facial cleansing wipe to simply wipe any traces of make up that was not removed completely during cleansing.Apply non clogging or light night cream to your face as your skin actually works overnight as you sleep and you can wake up to a fresher complexion. But please still remember to wash your face the next day, eh? I recommend..
 To keep wrinkles at bay, use an eye cream before going to bed. With lesser wrinkles, it helps to not let people add numbers to your age. I …

Beauty 101: Stop the Itch

I'm going to be generous and I will be doing two short beauty posts. I've mentioned several times how my skin is like super super sensitive and it used to be so bad on my legs that every time I got home form work, it would itch like crazeh!!! And they would be all reddish with big red marks and I had to cover up my legs in super long skirts. I still bear their scars though it's hardly visible when it made a comeback like three years ago. Dust might have been a huge contributor as I traveled a lot in my previous work and some of the places I went and got stuck in were super dusty as at times they would give us a spare room to work in.

I honestly did not know what to do and even visits to the doctors would stop the itch temporarily and it would come back like mad again once I didn't put the cream on. Then I didn't know how I got the brainwave to actually get to the bottom of things which is the state of my skin: dry and itchy. As the marks got blackish when the rednes…

Beauty 101: Simple Face Cleansing Routine

I have been receiving compliments on my skin which is strange coz last few posts ago, I blogged about how unpretty I felt but then later on, I didn't really care about it anymore coz I just self assure myself that hey, we're all individuals and we're pretty or even beautiful in our own ways. Actually I forgot what I write but I think it's somewhere in that line, haha.

Anyhoo, why have I been receiving such compliments like how come now I'm prettier, which even my mum commented (she hardly ever praise me) and wondered out loud too why I'm still unattached, hrm. I only know I went for a shorter haircut and I swear that long hair doesn't suit me anymore coz I guess my face shape changes already and a shorter do works better. Plus, for someone who likes to be fuss free as much as possible, it is a perfect hair cut for me.

To me, you don't need to subject yourself to a whole plethora of beauty products, unless you are a beauty reviewer or writer, and all it ta…

Beauty 101: Sleek Peach Blush Review

My go to beauty online shop released limited stock on sleek makeup palettes and blushers. I got the palette already which is raved to be highly pigmented. But I find it alright. Well, my only conclusion is that the colours are nice enough and I don't have to fork out a lot of money like the Urban Decay naked palette. While I enjoy putting on make up just like every other girl for that boost of confidence, I don't use it all the time even to work so I'm better off with budget ones than the more ex ones.Anyhoo, I got the Sleek peach colour blusher and it is quite a sizeable one which I bought it at only 12 bucks. I also like the packaging. The colour is not yet released and I didn't want to get the rose colour one because I have a similar shade. I'm actually a fan of blushers as they can give your cheeks some colour so that you don't like a zombie and that it can also help to countour your face if the right blending techniques are used.What's my verdict? I lu…

Hot Humid Weather

I have so many plans despite my busy work schedule but the heat is like way too much to bear. There is no air con in my house so we have to make do with fans and my mum needed two fans for herself. When we are sitting infront watching tv, we will aim the fan at us and my mum will be like..hey, u all so selfish, have the fans to yourself! But we will say the same thing to her when she does that. It's beyond tolerable! I even suffered a slight headache, no thanks to an increased workload and then the heat. I had to turn in early with the fan aimed at me so that I could sleep. Sitting down and vegging infront of the laptop is not an option in this hot and humid weather.

But recently there have been heavy downpours and the weather is much more cooling. So all is good now. I bought a new sketchpad, as inspired by a young designer and entrepreneur, to get designing for my new accessories line. I told myself I'm not gonna buy new materials until I make full use of the ones that I hav…

Mum and me at swensons

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Beauty 101: Stila Light Up the World Eyeshadow Palette Review

I recently bought a Stila shimmer eyeshadow palette (yes, me and my make up 'conquests'). 

Anyway, look at's so pretty!!

Okay, as pretty as the colours may be, it is a tad bit disappointing coz they don't really show through just like the swatch that I did on the back of my hand. When I tried to wear it, it wasn't as shimmery as I thought it should be.

The pictures that I took with my blackberry didn't do justice to the Stila eyeshadow palette. So I grab a screenshot of it from the website that I bought it from.

Why did I buy it? Coz my friend got one for her birthday gift but of course not this one. The colours are gorgeous though I didn't try the colours personally like doing a swatch coz basically, it's not mine.  It's the giogio armani ten eye shadow palette and the packaging is so snazzy though strangely, I can't find it on the net. Oh well.

I feel that it's not the end of the world because I don't to make it feel like I'm w…

Life 101: Coping with Financial Difficulties

When I first got to know that I will be the sole breadwinner when my father was sick and could not work, it took a toll on me as my world changed. I felt restricted as I was already not earning enough and then now I have to support the whole family. But I was already paying bills as and when so I knew the routine but the fact that I won't be able to have more pocket money for myself, it stressed me out. But life goes on. I learn about money management and though the situation can get so bad, I had to resort to borrowing, I only know that things will get better and they do. So whenever I get some extra moolah, I stash it away. Of course I always dream of continuing my studies but at this point of time, it is not really possible yet because my brother is still schooling and my mum is not working. While I don't expect to have a lot of savings as being a sole breadwinner, the money will eventually go towards my family's expenditure, I still try as I might to save some loose coi…

My Experience as a CA

It was an opportunity for me to be part of the Polling Day with my appointment as a CA or Counting Assistant. I get to be in the heart of counting the balloted votes and witness first hand at a rough estimation of who may be leading. It was pretty obvious already even before counting when we sorted out the votes. Of course in my heart I was like, oh no...but then again, what can be done as the people  have voted. 

It was nerve wrecking, nevertheless, but I enjoyed the experience though one PAP CA or Counting Agent was pretty aggressive when a vote was clearly for WP but he protested to say that the vote was void as the voter (or the joker) crossed out their symbol instead of putting an X in the box given.

Anyway, lucky thing my ARO or Assistant Returning Officer of my table was very calm and collected and answered in a manner which emphasized that his decision is final. But the best part was my SARO who presided over the counting centre and he was so funny and engaging during the times …


To be honest with you, I am disappointed with the results of the Aljunied GRC. It's like all the efforts to help the residents throughout the years went down the drain. They listened to us and helped us and how we repay them? We give our votes to the opposition party. Perhaps, those who voted for the opposition party may not have felt the impact strongly and they are angry about the current national issues which they blame the government for not acting fast enough to cushion the impact, I dunno. The generation born in the 70s and 80s did not experience the hardship back then in the 50s and 60s. They did not see for themselves how PAP had built Singapore into the bustling hub that she is right now.

But that is in the past. Now that Singapore is a regional hub, they want the government to concentrate on making better policies for us Singaporeans. And one way is to have an alternative voice in the parliament. They want changes with no strings attached to the bureaucracy. I hope that i…

Making Life Better for Ourselves

How we view people sometimes is based on what others have said and then we can easily come to the conclusion that well, they may carry some truth to that. Often, what we hear of may not be the right perception. We may not know the background story because we are shallow like that. We choose to act based on fiction not fact. We are quick to blame on others when some things go wrong.The truth is, many things in life can't be changed. We can try to cope and adjust accordingly. We may be limited financially but it doesn't mean we can't strive to make a better living. But some people choose to blame the government. The truth is, they are not miracle workers. They do try their best but not to an extent like other countries such as the US where quite a large percentage of them are living on welfare handouts even though they may be capable of earning their own income.Still people are people. I have seen and talked to people who are very ungrateful. They are very demanding even tho…

All in A Week's Work

Work has been rather I try to get into routine and a little bit more organized with the payment processing. Every now and then, they will pass me the payment record forms to  process, along with the current ones that I am processing AND I also have to download and give the invoices to the right people so that they can do up the forms. I'm still learning as I go along like earlier on at work, it was mad mad I tried to get things right when my boss was like asking me every now and then as she was checking through my work. She also expects me to know the answers and lucky I can answer her though I was a little bit stumped. Anyway I'm always stumped initially when she asks me questions coz I didn't want to give the wrong answers, heh.

I'm not one into number crunching but so far, I have done quite well I think. Of course I still make mistakes and not coz I err but coz I didn't know about it and my boss told me and then I just try to pick th…

Test Drive with the Blackberry

Hi there. I'm typing on my blackberry right now. Still trying to get the hang of it after like almost a week coz it is a little bit not user friendly. Well sometimes a phone can be smart but not really totally smart. To me the best is always a good ol' fashioned phone without the extras.
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Free Shampoo Samples

I got some free shampoo and conditioner samples which I luv luv luv coz u know me and free stuffs. Rahayupopz is synonymous with free stuffs. Okay I got slightly cheated a bit with one of them coz it felt so light like there's so little content in it :S

Anyway, here are the two sample packs..

The truth about my hair. They're not well pampered like I don't go to the salon at all, not even once a month. My idea of pampering is basically shampoo and condition, hair mask once a week and then after shampoo, I will use a leave in conditioner coz my hair will be a mess without it. I mean it will somehow still manage to be messy but it's a more controlled mess, heh. 

Oh, and if I go out, I will use an anti frizz lotion so that it won't frizz under the harsh weather conditions and the air con. I would say it does work but my hair is still very much stubborn like trying to tell me, I can do whatever I want with it but it will still be this annoying brat.

I watch youtube regularl…

Flea Market and Make Up Haul

I never thought that I would go to this flea market but I did, thanks to a friend of mine who found out about the flea market thanks to one of her friends who had set up booth there. One of the online shops that I get some of my make up stuffs from had set up 10 booths selling most of their collections here at the flea market and they're brand new, though technically it's called a flea market. But anyway, to get in the spirit of the flea market, I did eventually buy a blouse, which I think it's second hand (or how my friend termed it as...'vintage'..) and it costs me only 8 bucks.

I saw quite a few tops that look good but my friend got them first, haha. There was one which I fancied but I already told myself to get proper blouses like the wearable types where I don't have to wear another shirt or camisole underneath coz I have quite a few of them already and I seldom wear those. Let's just say, I'm the fuss free sort..haha..unless of course I feel like I…