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Missing You

Blogging at work just isnt as fun as blogging at home. Here, it's like I am being watched. Because Rahayu is always unusually quiet at her workstation..heh. Who knows in secret, she is surfing porn?

ANyway, if u didnt know any better, my internet service has been disconnected. And this time I cant call them to plead with them to reconnect it back because now they know Im nothing but a bunch of lies. So anyway it is for the better I guess. No I dont mean my life is going to improve tremendously because I would do other things besides being on the net, it means that with the suspension, they wont add in next month's subscription since with the current outstanding amount, I am already having trouble.

2 more wks till I can finally breathe...whether temporarily or not, I dunno. So while pple have been planning on what to get with their bonus, I am looking fwd to paying my bills and get three services reconnected. Yes, 3. Not 1..not 2...but 3. Right now in my thoughts, why the heck is…

Birthdae Celebration 08

It's nice to know that amidst my life in turmoil, people still do care about me. Even though the birthday celebration was long overdue coz of other commitments, it doesnt matter to me. What matters most is that my friends are there to celebrate the moment with me and I appreciate everything about it. Every.single.thing.

Okay especially the blue Esprit top...which by the way, I am wearing it now..hehe...and ironically, I passed by an Esprit shop the other day at Vivocity and I was like thinking...hrm, it would be nice to have that as a birthday gift..haha..coz I had not been buying clothes since my last bonus in July.

And guess what?! I did! I did get an Esprit top for my birthday!! And it fits me well...*phewh* I used to shudder at the thought of getting clothes for my birthday coz I dont exactly have a body that fits nice clothes. Oh, and plus the clothes that I used to get for my birthday in the past..NEVER..fits me. Except for one skirt that I got during my 21st birthday which I …

Russel Peters Outsourced - 'Um' word

That is so true!! How come I didnt notice it?!

Russell Peters - Gay Indians

I think in all the commotion regarding the Prop 8, something fresh and funny on a gay topic. But nothing offensive.....

Poor Ol' Me

Sigh, I have to type this out or else it would keep bothering me even though I slept soundly before this already..haha. Just now I almost lashed out at a friend because I became so irritated with her even though it was still early in our meeting. I merely said 'Do you have to be so specific over everything?' and she got taken aback by it and said wat was wrong with me. Of course I didnt want to create a scene and make her feel awkward coz I was too nice a person already.

I dont want to really elaborate what happened but sometimes I wonder why does what she does. I know she has the habit of leaving the decision up to me but come on ah, this is a meeting between me and her so I also have to consider her feelings as well and not just care about mine.

Okay what happened was that she wanted to order a sandwich from Subway. Fine. And she asked if I wanted to buy the six inch or the foot long and then she said I leave the decision to she always did. And then okay, we would buy…

Poetic Dramas

Please do forgive me I get lost in my blog talking about my next favourite thing to doing nothing which is my love of soap dramas and indie films. It's just something that I like just like how some people love poetry and listening to romantic songs.

I would understand if some people cant relate to them because seriously, if you shove one verse of poetry to me, I may be clueless. Now I am going back to watching anime or animation. Normally, if someone says anime, they would associate it with a bucketful of laughter. But anime has a different twist to them depending on the genre. Currently I am watching a French anime which began like any and easy...with the children's happy faces playing along the river and then it became a bit darker as it progressed with the arrival of a new boy at the orphanage.

But anime itself is a fantasy that come to life on screen with its beautifully painted scenery and expressive characters. The eyes of a character that turned dewy may lo…

Hoping for Miracle


No Im not bright and chirpy. But it doesnt hurt to pretend that everything is alright. My internet is still up and running, thanks to my little lie, which I should not elaborate further. You know, in case of copycats..heh. But of course, like in any life stories, happiness is not meant to be forever. Trust me for being a failure this year in terms of keeping up with my bills. Everything just snowballed and I havent been in so much distress over my bills before. Yes I do lapsed in my payments before but seriously, this is bad. Aiyah, in short, I can never be trouble free. Last year, around this time too, I was struggling and had to sell of a few of my precious items and I am still reeling from the hurt of letting go of them.

I can only hope and pray that things will be okay soon. Recently I got a reply from the withdrawal board when I sent them several forms requesting to withdraw my father's retirement fund earlier based on medical grounds. Even though I had to 'pretend…

Bye 2 My Onlife Personality

As if my life is not miserable enough, they are going to take away one of my lifelines and that is my internet connection. It's like yakking the carpet under my feet and I fall flat on my face...hard.

I know that there is life beyond the world of fantasy which is the internet and that at work also, I have internet so Im not completely cut off. But seriously, *screaming* I am going to die a slow and painful death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I know Im being so drama mama but come on, I have been in this 'world' for the last 6 years. Even relationships nowadays dont even last that long and not even a month. Mariah told me that hey, didnt I want to do more things in my life that are more meaningful? Or something in that line. Yes it's true...but....that is when I have my internet, irregardless of whether I use it or not at that time. It's like..' doing some handmade jewellery right now..oh, how did they do that design? hrm..let me go and surf net and see an example. …

Beyond Enemy Line

I just watched this first episode of a new Japanese anime set in 1800s war torn Feudal Japan. Seriously, you have no idea how 'versatile' I am in terms of what to watch. Big budget movies like James Bond dont quite appeal to me. Anyway, back to this. Different parts of Japan were at war with one another and then one of the soldier actually formed a friendship with another soldier from an enemy state when he was sent there. So when he came back, his soldiers were attacked at seas by the opposing state where incidentally, his friend was also on board the enemy ship. Then while at the HQ, the key players actually congregated together opposing the underhand tactics used by the enemy ship. But he actually defended them calling them courageous for attacking the enemy line at such close proximity by misleading them with an American flag at first.

So of course they were suspecting some things were amiss because he was obviously not on their side. And before they could react further, h…

Born Again

Indeed, life is full of ups and downs. I started off on a good note at the beginning of this year, ran into trouble, got uplifted again, trouble brews again...and so on. But the later half of this year, it just went down..down...downhill. I dont know what went wrong. I normally dont have that much of a problem paying my bills...although I struggle each time and occasionally ran into trouble. But this time round, it just got worse. I have been chased for payments right, left and centre repeatedly and they dont seem to let me off the hook easily like in the past where as long as I paid a substantial amount, I got cleared off. But now, I dont understand that with such bad economy nowadays, they have been getting more desperate in their collection of payments. Even if they have to hassle themselves in disconnecting the services several times within just a freaking month, it's like..'so what?' to them. And then each time they reconnect, I have to pay the reconnection fees.

Do th…

Lost and Found

Sigh, wanna know something?

I actually stayed VERY LATE yesterday night at work until 8.15pm. The longest I stayed was until 7.15pm. And the reason for staying late was because I had to check through as many thick files as I can to make sure all of the payment vouchers and invoices are signed before the auditors come in most likely on Monday. I was like...u gotta be kidding...16 files from 2007?!! My boss was like...we gotta finish checking the files by today and then coz of the frequent interruptions, I could only officially check them in the late evening. By the time it was 7 plus, I was frantically checking through them but I know that it was highly doubtful that I could finish them. I was SO not going to stay until 9pm! And I missed MAJIDE! This Americanised version of a popular Japanese game show. Sigh...that would be such a perfect end to a hellish working day.

And then some fella who promised that she would eventually clean her room and make it more neat and tidy finally lost so…

Twist in Tales

I feel absolutely devastated for those people who have been fighting the battle against Prop 8 because unfortunately, the proposition has been passed based on a majority voting by 52%. But hope is not lost as the fight continues on as the California Supreme Court may likely to overturn it.

Sigh...anyway, dont give up people! The battle for equality lives!!

Back to my own frakkin' life. From the time I stepped in the office, it was work work work all the way for me. Worse, after my male colleague complained that he could not do his work properly because of the teachers' arrangements for the primary 4 students to return the report books back to our general office, people had been streaming in every few minutes. I was shifted to the reception counter table (GroanS!) temporarily to help my other male colleague coz my other colleagues had other work to do and could not be interrupted. So parents have been coming in on the boys' behalf and also for various reasons and on top of th…

Prop 8 and Presidential Election

The proposition 8 is hot topic in America and around the world based on internet findings. It's either a Yes or a No and in a nutshell, those who oppose same sex marriage will of course vote on Yes which means that it will overturn the California law which will take away the rights of same sex couples of marriage which have been given to them earlier in May this year.

It is definitely a controversial and most talked about proposition and millions of dollars of donations has been poured in for both sides of the fence.

But from what has been described earlier, it is more than just allowing same sex marriage. Many people argue that it is also about recognising diverse groups of people in America and taking away their rights is infact discriminatory and not giving these people the right to freedom.

In my general opinion, no one deserves to be discriminated based on their religion, political views and even sexuality. Other people's lifestyle, though I may not agree with them, is entir…

Compromising Professionalism

The internet is a global phenomenon and whatever you post online stays online whether you like it or not even when you try to delete pictures, articles and etc that invite controversy or public attention.

I do agree that people are entitled to do whatever they want in their private life. But when you begin to post things online, where the internet is a public domain, dont be alarmed when people start giving you their two cents' worth of opinions that can change you for good or scar you for life. Of course it is easier said than done when you try to rationalise that your work life and personal life ar separate and if you ask me, I do think so as well.

But really, why choose to go into a teaching profession where the obvious is there that you become some sort of a role model for children and as someone that their parents depend on to give these children the best in education? When they see your pictures of your 'tiny' bikinis, it's really hard for them to distinguish you…