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Monday, August 22, 2016

Birthday Meet up & a Walkabout at My Friend's New Condo Residence!

After a few months, we had another meet up  for a friend's birthday and this time, it's kinda special because we get to use the pool facilities of my friend's new crib at a new condo residence called the Riversails  Condominium. It's located just after Hougang Mall at the road leading to Sengkang and Punggol. There is also a new mini shopping centre that has a supermarket that if she chooses to occupy her unit, it's just a 5 minute walk away. I'm so happy we get to see her house, yay! After years of waiting, she finally got the keys to the condo about a month ago. There are no utilities yet, coz she's still thinking on whether to sell it, but she's free to use the facilities and oh my gosh, I wanna go back again and this time, really use the swimming pool. She agrees so...Yay!

Her unit isn't big but for her, it will be just nice. For me, if I were to retire rich, will be just nice too for me and my two cats, haha. One can always dream, right? Just like what I wrote in my previous post, if you dream it, and worked very hard, you can either achieve your dreams or get the next best thing, as long you put in the time and effort to get to your desired destination.

My friend has worked hard in life. She's now a manager at her work place which she was so excited about when she first told me back in March. Although the house was paid in half by her parents, she still has the other half to worry about. But she can so far cope with the expenses, having a better job now, although at one point, she quit her job as the environment wasn't that good for her and she went on a mini job hunting. I said mini because she spent her time travelling and just relaxing. Good thing during this dry period, she somehow didn't have to fork out money for the condo's management yet. 

Sometimes you don't need to look far to find someone to look up to. It can be your parents, friends or colleagues. And it may not be just one. As long as that someone motivates you to be better at what you do or inspire you to do things that you thought you can never do. I have mentioned this a few times but I also look up to those young entrepreneurs who work very hard each day doing what they do and having fun at the same time too. Of course, there are tough moments too which they have also shared but during such times, they persevered and things do get better for them. Just like life itself, not everything is smooth sailing.

Anyway, my friend and her son enjoyed themselves thoroughly with the water play. Me and my other friend simply chilled at a good spot under a canopy structure with rattan chairs and table for our food. Such tai tai life, haha..

Her condo residence is beautiful!! It's not as fanciful as some other residences but I like the vibes that it's giving like it's so homely you know. I can imagine after work, I can chill at the pool or even at the sides of the pool where hammocks are available for us to chill. I can go to the sky garden and soak in the view or go on the exercise machine to destress. So fun.

So below are the pictures from the meet up and also a peek into my friend's house. 

Let's hope one day I get to that stage too :) One can always hope and dream, right?


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Chasing Goals & Ambitions

I went to my friend's new condo residence and my gosh, I can stop thinking how lucky she is to have scored a unit aka bachelor pad, for herself, like it's really her proudest achievement. We didn't really stay long in her unit because it's empty and without utilities. She is still toying with the idea of selling it away, partly influenced by her father and her unreadiness to be staying alone. But judging from the condo facilities and how it pretty much felt like you are in the resort, plus the view from her home and her 'free' garden outside her windows as her unit is on the 2nd level only and her balcony has part of the condo's garden exterior. 

I will show pictures in the next post but this post is more about how I actually toyed with the idea of changing my retirement plan in the future from staying in a studio flat, for senior citizens with a lot of CPF money..heh, to a small condo unit. After spending time there, and walking around and exploring, now it just strengthen my motivation to do well in life so that I can go to the university, get a better paying job, and be able to save even more for a better future.

I know that well, in life, it's not about having a lot of money and a lot of luxury goods. We can have all those and still be unhappy. But it's about having a 'rich' life and being able to use our hard-earned money to good use by providing not just ourselves, but our immediate family, a more comfortable life. At least to me, that's how I see it. And also to us, to show to ourselves that hey, after so many years of slogging and working hard, there's something to show for. A house is also like an investment, should there be circumstances that we can't ignore financially, the house can be sold or rented for income.

Look, if at most I can afford is a resale flat, it doesn't matter either. But in life, we have to aim high. We have to chase our goals and have ambitions in life in order to progress. For now, I have to aim to have a good emergency savings, savings for further education, and savings for my own house. It will be nice if I can retire happily in a condo unit. 

But life is unpredictable. If I have worked very hard, and the next best thing I can get, is a nice looking resale flat unit, so be it. It doesn't mean I have failed. It's just that not everything we want, we can get. It's ok, life goes on. The point is that at least we have reached a milestone in life. We have done our best. If I can't get the condo unit, I still have my own house. I still have a good sizeable emergency fund. I am still in good health. 

But it's good to dream AND take action towards it. Don't just wait for opportunities to come. Show the world what you're good at and do more of them. You will never know what will happen in future but at least we don't spend our current moment waiting and waiting. Don't put yourself down that oh, you can't do it. Yes you can do it. If you failed, so what, it's all part of success. One door closes and the other door opens. 

For now, let us not lose sight of what we want out of life but at the same time, not to be too overwhelmed by it. Let's take each day one step at a time. And don't stop dreaming :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore!

Happy National Day Singapore!! It's your 51st birthday and as we're entering into the next 50 years, we can only hope that we stay united and not divided. There are many instability going on around the world. Not only do we hope for unity but safety. We may be small but we're not vulnerable.

As I was watching the National Day parade on television, where it was held in the National Stadium after a 10 year hiatus, there were many learning points besides watching the colourful array of performances. For example, giving our best in whatever we do and working hard and staying focused to achieve our dreams. 

The parade also gave special attention to our athletes who are currently competing in the Olympics games. All the best to you peeps and do our country proud :) 

A special feature also included doing the sign language to snippets of the song Count on me Singapore and Home. Me and my mum, along with the audience at the National Stadium and the Member of Parliament, were also trying our hands (no pun intended) to signing. It was actually quite fun :)

Also, because it was held indoors in a closed up area, the fireworks display were done indoors. Well they weren't as grand as the ones held outdoors which we got to watch from the bedroom windows. But I think if we were there, can still feel the atmosphere of being united and celebrating the birthday of our nation.

I can never forget the time we were there at the Marina Bay floating platform watching the National Day parade. I am not sure if my brother is able to attend next year though. He also had to return to his army camp and couldn't watch the NDP parade on tv. Sadness. Hopefully he gets to watch over the weekend when he's back.

Okay, here's the link below to Channel News Asia website to watch the recap of the National Day parade and also what goes on behind the scene.

Again, happy birthday to you Singapore!! And for many years ahead! :)

National Day

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Brother's First Book Out & Seeing Him After 3 weeks

Last Friday, after what seems like eternity though it's just 3 weeks, my brother had his first book out from his camp training in Pulau Tekong. I was basically doing the countdown in my head and it was really good to see him that day though it was hard to differentiate them because they were all wearing the same uniform and with the same haircut. He didn't call us yet so we assumed he wasn't back in the bus although we did see many of them at that area of the bus interchange. My mum randomly talk to a guy sitting down presumably waiting for his family to pick him up and he mentioned my brother's group came back already. About a minute of talking to the guy, out of nowhere my brother came to us excitedly when I was about to call him. I thought he was going to cry and my mum too though she later asked him many questions typically of a mum.

He then offered to treat us for dinner although initially he said he would pay half but then he got his GST payout and his first NS pay, surely he can afford to pay in full, hehe. So he eventually agreed after I psycho-ed him, lol.

He was so tanned and he said I looked shocked when he took off his cap in the mrt while chatting with his friend. Coz his head was shaven! hehe...He looked different with his tanned  look and shaved head. But the cute chubby cheeks still pinch worthy! I know I know..he's all grown up now.

As I'm typing this out, he had already gone off again to book in. He's quite comfortable there because he said they were being taken good care of. Also, due to his medical conditions, he didn't get to do the more vigorous physical exercise. Now his worries is when he is posted to Sembawang because he heard the people there aren't as concerned as the ones in Pulau Tekong. Plus it will be further for him to travel.

Just now, he went to make his specs at Own Days. Actually at first he wanted to go to a regular spectacle shop but as he needed it today, I told him to go to Own Days as he can get his specs within 20 minutes after the eye check and all. Anyway, he could claim $40.00 so the price shouldn't matter that much although we still opted for the cheapest one and also, to have it in black frame only. After so long, he finally get a new pair of specs. I am itching to get a new pair as well and I got my eyes on two of the designs from the cheapest price range. Too bad, because he has to use the receipt to claim, we can't get a second pair for 50% off in case he cannot claim.

But at least we got the $10.00 voucher so at least something. While waiting for the specs to be made, we went to McDonald's nearby just like the last time when we meet after school at the bus stop after I finish my evening class. Finally I get to eat the McSpicy with egg because there's no way I can eat that burger alone coz it's so spicy.

So with his new specs, hopefully he can get to see his targets better during his shooting range practice though he was surprised he can shoot better during night practice even without lasers. I was saying how can he not since he can be up so late almost every night whether he's schooling or working part time, lol.

I will only see him the next Friday and this will be the same arrangement for the next 5 weeks although by then, he will be in Singapore and no longer in Tekong.

Here are the pics from right after he booked out and booked in today with him in full gear. I had to skip gym today because had to help him get his specs and then helped him pack coz he can only bring one civilian bag and there's so many things to carry :s including hangers, toiletries, spare army clothing, battery charger, tissues, wet tissues and toilet rolls..phewhs. And that is just to name a few.

I hope he stays safe and healthy during his stay there for this last one week.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sending My Brother to Pulau Tekong for his BMT

I've not seen  my brother for like two weeks and it feels like an empty void inside. Perhaps me being sick had something to do with that but I dunno, the void is definitely there. I know that it's worse for him as he has to go through his national service in an island across Singapore and missing his family as well. Thankfully, he's pretty resilient and he's coping well with the new friends that he made which he mentioned through one of his daily phone calls that they have been very helpful. Now my brother is like me, who leads a sheltered life thanks to our mum, but thankfully his resilience helps him to cope and he's also not afraid to ask for help, not like me.

Can't wait for this coming Friday because he will be making his first book out from the island. It's time to spend it with the family and just now, he could whatsapp me because he now finishes at 6.30pm and he sent several messages and we chatted awhile. He got his first pay as an NS man and although it wasn't the full amount as it was pro-rated. 

Anyway, here were the pictures from the last time we saw him when we accompanied him on the island. He said that he wants to treat us in a family restaurant although actually me and my mum were planning to treat him pizza instead. I'm really anything as long as I get to have my brother around, yay!! Going to see him in his army uniform for the first time :)))

Family picture in the ferry

Drizzling while we were on board the ferry

Reached the island where he will go through his BMT 
What's in store for me?
A quick introduction to the military equipments 

Taking his oath with the rest of the fellow NS men

Lunch for the NS men and their families. Yummy chicken rice

Obviously he skipped the veggies

Goodbye! :(

The headquarters

on the way back to Changi without him 

Last goodbye after our ferry back

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Fever was at 39.6 Deg Celcius!!!...

Few days ago, I really felt like dying and no, I'm not exaggerating. It began with constant coughing where my throat felt damn itchy and bottles of water eased no pain or slow down the coughing. By the time I got down the bus at the interchange, it had escalated into fever as well and I had to sit down because I didn't have the keys to my house and my mum was out with her friend. Worse thing, she wasn't picking up her calls!! So there I was sitting there, coughing my lungs out, rocking my body, coz I was so damn hot that I don't know if I could make it. Yes, I know it's very drama but it really felt awful.

One hour plus later, my mum finally contacted me and she was annoyed with me coz she already told me she left home late to meet her friend and now I want her back home. I said I had no choice coz I'm like literally dying here. Then I thought she would make it a fast one and asked me to buy some things home as I told her not to come to the shopping centre as she will definitely drag her time. When I entered the supermarket, my teeth was chattering badly but 10 minutes later, it quietened down but I was still feeling unwell. I just could not wait to get out of the freezing cold. 

By then my muscles started to ache already and each step was quite painful and I had to self motivate myself to take one step at a time aka not faint. It was good to get out of the cold when I went to the bus stop but when I reached home, there was another obstacle. My mum was still not back yet!!! And she told me she is on her way home in the taxi. oh my god.

And she would take another half an hour.


At this point of time, I regret not making a duplicate set of keys for myself. Serve me right.

So there I was sitting at the staircase with the things placed at my house door waiting patiently and achingly for my mum to come back. I started to rock my body to ease the pain and once I had to get up because my neighbour was coming down the staircase where I was sitting. I will be such an odd scene to see.

Thankfully, she didn't take half an hour. I was watching the lift door like a hawk while rocking my body. Then when we reached the door, my mum said she dropped the bag and had hastily picked up the items from the cab so she was petrified that the key was lost in the cab. I was about to panic and I helped her to dig her bag and thankfully, it didn't take long for me to find the key. The bed never felt so good when you're sick.

The fever started to escalate and I believed I even hallucinated where I can't properly sleep waking up every now and then. Even the panadol doesn't seem to work very well. I had to skip work the next day even though it was an important day for P1 Registration but I was really sick. My body felt hot all over and I felt so weak. I took a shower to get ready to go to the doctor but it started to rain so had no choice but to wait until mid afternoon. Sitting at the bus stop where the bus took forever to come was not good feeling, being in the cold bus didn't help either, like wherever I am, everything was uncomfortable including the walking steps to go to the clinic. By the time, I reached the clinic, I had to wait for half an hour because the system was down.

More waiting!! More unbearable pain!! At this point, I had to rely on my willpower to mentally block the pain. Finally, they called my number and I think I must have looked a mess by the time I reached the registration counter. I told them I had fever and she took my temperature. Before this, I never had my temperature taken so I was shocked when I saw she wrote that I was having fever at 39.6 deg celcius!!! That was so critical!!!

It's a miracle I haven't fainted yet. I was hoping they would give me special concession and not make me wait the usual 2 hours. At that point of time, I felt like I was going to cry but I held it all inside until I went to the seats outside the doctors' rooms. I couldn't keep my body steady and I continued doing the rocking  motion to ease the pain. I realised my number was going to be called soon but even then it took 20 minutes which was the longest 20 minutes of my life.

The doctor measured my temperature and it went down a bit but still stands at 39.0. He was worried that I would faint and asked if I want the nurse to administer the panadol to me. I said it's ok and he asked if I would be okay to go to the pharmacy to collect. I said I can make it. Then he gave me two disposable cloth to wet and apply on my forehead. I did that and it eased the fever a bit although for once, I couldn't sit inside the pharmacy because it was cold. I had to stand outside and watch for my number being called.

After I got the meds, I had no choice but to eat one of the pills so that I could at least stand the walking distance to the bus stop and the bus journey. For the next two days, my fever remained the same despite eating many of the pills including antibiotics and I was petrified that I had to come back which means taking blood test for dengue. I hate needles!! Oh, and hospitals!!

Thankfully, on the second day, towards early morning before I report for work, the fever started to come down. The fever doesn't completely disappear though but it's in check. It's the perpetual coughing from the inflamed throat that bothered me even today. I'm still feeling weak and I feel so useless like I want to do something productive but my body just wants to curl in bed. So this will be the ONLY productive thing I've done which is typing out this blog post.

I can tolerate flu but I can NEVER tolerate fever. I know there's worse sickness out there but in terms of common illness, fever to me is the worst. You feel like you just stop functioning with aching muscles every where and sleepless night.

Please wish me a speedy recovery.

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