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Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Have the Power Inside of Us like Supergirl

Let us all be fighters in our own ways. Let us take back the life that we have been wasting, turn it around and make it become better. Often we complain how fate is so cruel to us, not caring about how others have it worse, and still find time to make life better for themselves. There were thousands of migrants who had been flocking to neighbouring countries and when interviewed, their only hope was to start life anew. They risked their lives coming here for a better future, end up without food and water and died by the thousands. Therefore, we must always be grateful for the things that we have but at the same time, work hard and smart to get the things that we want not for the sake of showing off, but for a better future.

I feel guilty to the max this week for not being able to overcome my weakness and instead, fell hard for it. I still felt that way until just now but I told myself that if I don't create value in my life, I would forever remain stagnant and be victim to my own laziness. I can't complain anymore about not having enough money. I can't complain that I can never have a healthy body. Why? Because I don't put things into perspective, in which I have to do something in order to make it happen. 

They say that there is a limit as to how much you can save. But there is no limit as to how much you can earn. I can sit down here and whine all day about how my savings is running low and yet, I'm not doing anything to create value in my life. I don't know or I didn't care about what motivates me. I just live my life day by day like this, without any value creation. In other words, I'm wasting my own time, which is fast ticking away.

If you have ever felt this way, believe in yourself that you are the master of your own destiny. Time to let that power in you come out and grab each day as it comes.

I heard of this song on the radio but didn't really pay much attention to it until I watched the Supergirl trailer. Then the song came midway when she finally embraced her powers and then I thought, that song was so perfect for it and began to search on you tube for it and I found the song. I thought I would share it with you below.

Have fun listening to the song and be inspired :)

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Johor Trip 2015

A friend of mine, decided on an impromptu basis, to go for a day trip to Johor Bahru City Square. The last time we went there was in 2012 and I remembered them buying a lot of shoes, LOL.

Well, she had the same intention but I just wanted to buy some clothes because the last time I went to a big mall in Johor, we had soooooo limited time for shopping. I know that's not the whole point of the learning journey but still. I'd rather spend my moolah on them rather than well, their made-in-Malaysia products. Technically, the clothes are still made in Malaysia, right?


I guess coz we totally missed going overseas together so a quick trip would suffice. Oh yes, the whole point of us going there is to eat our favourite food and snacks. And that explains why I have the food pictures below, rather than our shopping loot.

She did get a pair of heels which look absolutely good on her ala J Lo. Coincidentally, her song came on air just as she decided to buy it. J Lo has spoken!

She had gone for an RM80 manicure and pedicure. Up to last Saturday when I met her, her nail polish still didn't cheap. It's an awesome value for money self pampering session for her.

Meanwhile, I love my food which includes a lunch at Nando's, pretzel from Aunty Anne's (way cheaper here) and Old Town white coffee and soft boiled eggs. Yum.

Other than that, we both shared the cost of Lovisa earrings that was selling for RM30 for 5 pairs. Normally, I would buy the dangly sort but they're not always practical for wear. So for the first time, I settled with studs but of course, they MUST have blings (can't help it).

While we managed to get in breezely, going home was a different thing. There were long queues but we got on the SBS Transit but because many of them went up the Malaysian buses to go to the Causeway. My friend was quite shocked to see some people barely up the bus, and the bus driver drove off already. Eek. Hence, our decision to stick to taking our own Singapore transport, LOL.

Overall, it almost ended up a disappointment but my friend saw another linkway earlier on, and we thought we would explore that side instead. That was where we got shoes and earrings. We could have explored futher but their department store was still under construction.

Oh yes, speaking of food, I got to takeaway TWO Subway sandwiches. If you don't know about this, Subway is not halal in Singapore and I don't think they have such plans in future to convert to a Halal establishment. So have no choice but to travel overseas if there's craving.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures below!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Trip Down Memory Lane to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

I had vague memories of going to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. I was so young then but just like any wide eyed children, it was definitely an exciting experience for me to still remember passing through the railway station.

Now it has closed its doors and would open during public holidays for people to come and view and also probably, reminisce the times they used to go there. Some families also brought their children to revisit this part of history.

I could imagine the place used to be bustling with people as they would go back to Malaysia where their hometown was or to visit long distance relatives. And also to transit here and make a living. While waiting for their train to come, they would enjoy traditional Malay or Indian cuisine to fill up their hungry tummies. 

The railway station signified the bilateral ties shared between Singapore and Malaysia. The signboards were in Bahasa Malaysia. Within the compound itself, there was unique architecture and stained glass depicting kampung life.

Below are the snapshots from our trip down to the station. Enjoy!
(click for larger view)


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Our Self Worth

Taking a tagline from Loreal, "Because I'm worth it" as we really are. But how can we know what we are worth when at times, we feel like we're so inferior compared to other women who we ourselves perceive as more attractive, more personable and so on and so forth.

I liked how this guy advised that we must first fall in love with ourselves first. How can we expect other people to fall madly in love with us when we are struggling to come to terms our own values.

You can watch the full video below. 

But the key takeaways for me

1) Value Yourself More as a Woman

We need to own it. If we know how much we're worth, we will become incredibly sexy to someone.

Confidence with a Smile. We look at people with confidence, sincerity and warmth. I picked this up from several videos that I watched from the reality drama The Profit. How this guy is a billionaire, who appears to be warm and friendly to people, when he first introduces himself. But when it comes to business, he's really a not to be messed with person because he knows what he's worth and he knows what he's dealing with. He's not cocky, just like how being too confident can make you appear arrogant. 

We give our attention to people and make them feel special through our undivided attention, body language, smile and touch. We can skip the last one if uncomfortable, just like me, but the gist is that 
we want people to like us for who we are, and it begins with this confidence that radiates from within.

 2) Invite Him into Your World; Don't Make Him Your World

Our world doesn't stop spinning as we drop everything that we have, just for him. It doesn't make sense as we start becoming a slave to him and when things don't go right, it's like we have lost our balance and we just feel like falling apart because all we ever do revolves around him.

Show them that we have a life and invite him into our world. 

The rest of the video talks about dating such as redefining dating and he offers real useful tips. If you really like the guy, playing hard to get may cause us to lose him. He also talks about how men like to appear strong instead of weak so by giving him control on how to plan the date for instance, and then telling him how much we enjoyed it, gives him a sense of accomplishment that he made us happy for all its worth.

Notice how he didn't talk about physical attraction because seriously, anyone can find love if they open their heart and not be weighed down by negative feelings towards love. Maybe nothing can come out of it at the end of the courtship but who knows, you will end up meeting more people through him and you've got yourself a friend that offers you a different perspective in life.

I hope you learn some things in this video like I did. After watching it, I find that by taking care of my body, nurturing my soul, through equipping myself with knowledge, making effort to look good and eating right, I'm not doing it for the sake of vanity or finding a new man, it's just because I value myself more as I KNOW I am worth it. I also now start to focus my gaze more straight ahead rather than walking while looking down most times because I don't really like to look at people as though they're staring at me. This bit is not easy, well, wearing make up somehow looks easier, haha, but it's to make me gain more confidence.

Let us make this year, a year of attraction for us single ladies :)

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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Finding Love When You Least Expect it

A blog post I read got me thinking and well, probably a Japanese tv movie too that I watched might have influenced this thought - that love will find us where we least expect it and provide us with happiness that we thought we will never get because of our tormented past and our self hatred.

There are people who are looking for their soul mate and there are also those, that took on a wait-and-see approach and just let nature take its course. There's also a small group, and I find myself in this group, that it can never happen to me.

I know for a fact that I've not opened up myself to the possibility of falling in love or someone finding me as a potential love interest. That's why the universe pretty much respond to me in the same manner; that it's simply not doing anything because I asked for it as I see no future in it. 

But I'm just a girl. As much as I resisted, there is a small part of me longing to be noticed. Not loved, but simply noticed. Because it will make me feel as though there is something special about me after all.Obviously, I do have thoughts that perhaps I'm just not attractive enough to elicit a 'love at first sight' moment. I see other people and I will think, no wonder they can find people. Just look at them. Look at me

Of course, the universe is also kind enough to show me another side of it that you don't have to be what the society perceive to be the ideal beauty to find true love.

If you can find someone who still find us as beautiful even if we're not looking our best, take care of us when we're sick in bed, protect us from harm, and fall in love with us every day, even as you grow old together, then that's true love.

Love can indeed find us when we least expect it. The unpleasant past that has been holding us back from trusting anyone again and our own inner demons telling us that we're not good enough and that  our life is but a waste of space on earth. That love, if we open our hearts to it, can make us better than we are right now by giving us happiness and knowing that we don't have to live in darkness and in sadness in this world that can sometimes be cold and heartless. 

I feel like I'm writing some sad manga storyline, haha, since that particular Japanese drama was based on some popular manga comic. I'm still not open to the idea of finding love but just like how the future is uncertain, perhaps I will find love when I least expect it, eh?

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Friday, May 01, 2015

The Struggles I have & The Strength to Move On

I have no right to comment on people's lives and how they manage their money. If they need advice, I can give because I don't want them to learn the mistakes I did back then in 2011 which continues to haunt me until now. At that time, prices were increasing while my pay remained stagnant. It was so hard that I was thinking why am I even on this face of the earth and feeling like a complete failure to the family because I was so hard up on cash.

Fast forward now. While I am still struggling, I have been mindful but I long to get out of this debt trap. I do. But reading inspirational stories all around, of people with the same struggles as me, it is possible to start all over again. You also have to establish what are the things that matter to you more, rather than buying for the sake of buying. And not to continue shooting ourselves in the foot by continuing to be in an even heavier debt than we are before. 

Sometimes, I understand things happen like myself, getting a laptop because the one I had just couldn't function anymore. And while I do want to get one sans cash, it wasn't possible that time and I had to be in debt for it. But I got myself an installment plan that I could afford, rather than one that becomes a burden to me. Pretty much like my phone plan and while there are people who can go without tv subscription, I needed it to keep my mum occupied as she stays at home. So I got the cheapest plan without any add ons.

We all have the abilities to make choices and yes, we do make mistakes in our choices but we can always make it up by learning from it and being more careful by planning ahead. This is to ensure that we do not suffer even more in the long run. Ultimately, we want to lead better lives and have a brighter future rather than one where we wake up in the middle of the night thinking what have we done, having sleepless nights thinking how do we find the money and so on. 

I know I will find my way out of this hole. I will continue practicing what I started earlier this year. But I'm not perfect. In April, I was a tad bit careless with money but not in some big major drain in the pocket. On the hindsight, I wouldn't say it was aimless spending. It was just that I felt the guilt because I restrained myself so much for the last three months, that I jumped at the opportunity to spend a bit more than I should when I got my bonus. 

Just like what my friend said, I don't always have to be harsh on myself. It's okay to treat ourselves if we deserve it. This month, I don't have such luck with such windfall. I've kept the balance money to be used for several months which helps me to keep sane but of course, the pressure is there not to squander the money away for useless things and to keep it in a healthy balance.

I believe that we can find money when we want to. I encouraged my brother to take up part time job when he had his school holidays but he didn't have much luck but he was also busy with extra curricular activities. However, he kept the determination to help the family knowing how we struggle at times. So when he started his school, he still wanted to find a job. He got a job at Coffee Bean upon my persuasion since F&B requires people all the time.

I don't know how he is going to do it because it is one tough industry but I believe he can do it. At first I was upset when  my mum found out and didn't allow him. However, God willing, she changed her mind but still with the kind of worries only mothers will understand. I hope he didn't feel like he was doing it because I forced him. While I was momentarily angry and said words I shouldn't have said, in the end I thought that it's up to him. He still wanted to and my mum relented. 

God bless his heart for wanting to help the family. I hope that he will still keep up with his studies, this being his final year, and I will still continue to support the family in ways that I can. 

Dear God, please give me the strength to achieve great things in life and to lighten my load and my problems, not for myself only, but for the family.

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