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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tough Times & The Hero in Us

I've been feeling down recently at the turn of events in my life. I felt like I was losing control and I also felt like I didn't do enough to save my situation. I blamed everyone and I blamed myself but at the end of the day, there's no point blaming people. If it happens, it happens and where do we go from here? We try to see what we can do to save ourselves from this undesirable situation, and little by little, I hope to see improvements and that things will turn around significantly.

Have you ever felt this way, where you think you have things under control and then suddenly, your life just goes spiralling down? I've gone through such episodes multiple times and it pains me every time this has to happen. Sometimes I wish why can't I do anything right. Why must this happen to me..again? Where have I gone wrong? 

Maybe there are a few reasons here and there as to why things may have gone wrong. They may not be so obvious because some things, if they want to happen, they just happen, followed by feelings of nauseousness and the blame game begins. But in opportunities like these, we seek to analyze where have we gone wrong. My brother told me it's nobody's fault and that shut my whining off for awhile. I could whine until the cows come home and the situation will not be of any better.

But that may be the very stepping stone for me to rebuild my finances again. Yes, it's the old game again where the finances have once again, dipped low again no matter how I tried to improve the situation. As mentioned, it could be stemming from reasons that aren't so obvious at that point of time that could lead to my once again, financial downfall, and now I will be more careful and more vigilant.

This episode will bring out the hero in me and in true grit and determination, I wish to turn my life around and this time, I hope it will be the last time. I know I've said this multiple of times but I also feel like I'm not giving my 100% because it involves working hard. Unless the money falls on your lap, or we're born into a rich family, the rest of mere mortals like us have to work hard all the time. So what if there are setbacks. We just have to be more creative in finding that extra income to make people pay us instead of us paying them all the time when we ourselves barely have enough to support.

That's the very reason why I didn't go to the garage sale which is like the ONLY garage sale of the year because all branded make up lines are going at such dirt cheap prices. Because of that reason too, I am not going to queue up to buy the cupcake at $4 a pop even though I've been waiting for that particular flavour and today is a public holiday so I'm not working.

Yes, it sucks big time. But I think I won't feel any better as well if I were to go to either one and then be unhappy because I'm only catering to my own happiness during tough times like these. I contribute to other people's income while I don't have enough for me and my family.

If you're going through tough times like these, just think that this is only temporary. Perhaps this is a good time to do a self reflection to see what have gone wrong and what can you do to turn things around. I will definitely get out of this situation asap and I shall be the hero/heroine to help me.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

When The World Comes Crashing Down on Me

There were many instances where I felt my world had crashed and burned to a point I entertained thoughts about how life would be like if I'm no longer around. I didn't think about how I could make the effort to turn things around as though it has come to a point where everything has become pointless. 

I've now come to the crossroad again. I thought I have things in order and I'm often scared to go back to a time I'm so poor, I had to sell my precious things off, at a mere $5 each. As though you think that was so 'peanuts', it was but it somehow added to my already small stash of cash that I have that was barely enough to top up my fare card then.

While I have not come to such a low point again, I have come close to it and I've done things that I'm not proud of. I am currently facing an undesirable financial situation, again, but I knew somehow it would catch up on me again. This month, I had to pay double my usual for the utilities bill, or risk having the electricity cut off. I had no other choice but I had to dig into my hard earned saving for the last month I made through my online shop. I was on a roll last month and I managed to save $300 after I told  myself to start saving my earnings.

Alas, the extra payment for the utilities took that earnings away and yet again, I'm back to being less financially well off. It's hard to deal with difficulties like these because it made me feel like I'm incapable of running my life. I know money isn't everything and you can have a LOT of money and still be unhappy. I'm happy if I have some money to at least last me until my next pay. I'm also trying to save up to repair my current laptop by changing the screen and I need at least $400. Now I feel like I'm going back to square one.

But I'm not giving up. It's probably a lesson to me too as I admit I was quite a spendthrift last month because I went cray cray over the discounts offered in the craft supplies stores as they were giving lucrative discounts to lure us poor customers. It didn't help too that there were many new arrivals of things from my fav manufacturers and I kept buying supplies. I went a little overboard and I also spent a bit more on food for myself, which I usually didn't because I am super stingy. 

The family situation didn't help either. While my brother would practically eat anything we give, my mum would be the one fussing over what food to give him. She is going back to the time where I often buy food from outside because she doesn't feel like cooking. It's difficult to say 'no' to her because she would make it a big deal over it like we're not giving her a break from washing our clothes for us. 

While God has been kind to me by giving me orders every week, somehow I haven't come to a point where I feel like my side income is supplementing enough. However, I know I would have to work extra hard and maybe, my current undesirable financial situation would make me work towards it and be more laser focused. 

Now that my fees are settled, my next aim is to get this laptop repaired asap and I've given the timeline to be by end of next month. I guess some things have to happen to make us wake up and look at how we're dealing with life. 

Even my world has currently crashed..again...this time round, I will rebuild it at a faster rate and with a stronger determination.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Being an Adult vs Behaving Like an Adult

Sometimes I wish I am back at those time when I basically am problem free, don't have to be so majorly calculative and be paying bills and loans off. But alas, for how long can I be stuck in the past. I just have to move on and deal with the problems.

However, some people just don't seem to behave like adults and that irks me. A lot. The issue has always been with other people but they don't realize that they are also the cause, or even the ONLY cause of problem. I really dislike it when people play the 'oh woe is me' game because they make themselves become so selfish like expect people to entertain them as and when they like but they don't give the same kind of treatment to others. 

I wish these people will 'grow up'. Physically yes, they're fully grown but somehow they don't behave like one. Everyone has their problems, some much bigger than others, to a point of pain and suffering where they are totally helpless. But do these sort of people care? No. There are people who don't even know if they can even afford their next meal. Yet, there are also people who throw a tantrum when they don't get to eat what they want to eat.  

I always think that my problems are major but seeing people on the news who see death and destruction everywhere and not knowing if themselves or their loved ones will ever get to see the next day. Sometimes in between seeing these catastrophes, I do selfishly think that I've got problems of my own to deal. Well, my problems can be solved, although not all of the time, but I do believe if I think hard enough, I can somehow make some of them less problematic. 

You'll be surprised at how some adults, even with grandchildren, can behave badly towards other people and their selfishness is so overwhelming. They don't care about you because they have only one person to care about; themselves. But then, if THEY have problems, they are quick to make it into some soap drama-ish moment and you will feel bad for not helping them somehow. But then when it's over, or they get what they hope to get, they're back to being their selfish mode again and passing criticism as though other people are sooooo problematic, unlike them.

I just have one advice for these kind of people. Grow up. Soon people will just throw you under a bus, not literally but then again who knows, because they just can't take your selfish and critical attitude. Yah, you may do adult things like earning a living, paying the bills and so on, but if your attitude is lousy and childish, people couldn't be bothered anymore if ever you bring up your sob stories. Do have at least some respect for other people who have their own things to deal with, rather than just dismissing them off easily.

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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Being Grateful for Something, Not More Not Less

I watched this really heartbreaking video from India and by heartbreaking, I mean because I was so touched by how this viral video captured the poor population of India and what they do to earn a decent living to feed themselves and their families. They sell anything that can be sold, including offering cups of water, bracelets to a simple flying toy for 1 or 2 Indian Rupee. They live day by day and it's highly competitive because there are many other sellers as well who are in the same plight as them.

Along came this man who offered them 100 Rupees just by asking if they believe in God. Despite the plight they're in, they NEVER blamed God for it. They still praise God and talk highly of Him. You would think that they will be angry because most people will blame God for making them so dirt poor while other people are enjoying wealth and a comfortable living. 

The thing about these people whom he videotaped, they never begged for money. They offered a product or service instead of taking the easy way out. It's like as though they don't want people to give them money, just like that. They want to give something in return for the money, like they earn it. Pretty much how two of them gave the things to the kind man even though he told them that he could keep those things and they insisted he took them.

Another thing that blew me away was how this destitute man with one eye only and a limp from an accident offered to give him back one of the notes because the guy offered him two notes of 100 Rupees. Frankly, if it happened to most of us in Singapore, we'll probably just take it coz it's free money. This, of all the people who need money, he chose to take one. Of course, the man insisted he took both as it was for him and he cried because he was touched by such a kind gesture. Again, just like the other guy who was much older, gave him some of the toys as he didn't want to take the money just like that.

That got me thinking about the huge disparities between the poor and wealthy people. How the poor, despite their living conditions and their struggle to feed themselves on a daily basis, can be much happier and more grateful with any amount that they get compared to the people living in comfort with their endless complains about the most mundane things.

Whatever money I make through my online shops, I don't make a big fuss whether it's a big or small amount. Any amount help me and my family to get by and to stash away in my savings box because I don't want to rely on my fixed monthly salary. I know I've talked about wanting to travel and see the world but honestly, if it's not within my means, it doesn't mean I'm not going to be happy for the rest of my life. If the time is right, I'm sure it will happen.

For now, it's been put on hold again as I'm trying to save up to get myself a new laptop. Not a fancy one but just one that can perform just as well for less than $1K and I'll be grateful for it because I don't have to fight to use it from my brother for school work as he needs it for his too. 

If you're constantly thinking about making it big and then your whole life is in turmoil and you're always unhappy, take a step back and start to appreciate what you have instead of just thinking about what you don't have. Life is too short and anything can happen. We just want to live a good life in good company of friends and family and living each day to the best of our abilities.

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Daily Planning for the Big Win

How many times have we just take life for granted and then wishing for some things to happen and then we spend most of our life waiting for that grand chance? We set our minds to goals and then wishing we're thinner, healthier, richer and so on but we never really sit down and write out how are we going to get there.

I'm guilty of this too and you will probably think too that this is easier said than done.When I read a recent article about how these girls in their twenties live a life where other people can only dream or wish that they would just go for it, I feel quite ashamed of myself too. I would have felt the impact even more if something had not 'konked' in my head that I don't want to waste my thirties just like how I wasted my twenties. I did, in my mid twenties, focus on one big win and which is to lose weight and to dress better. It was a small win alright but a journey that's far from over. Now I just want to be healthier for the sake of my family and not too calculative over how much I lose. 

My motivation this time round is to think ahead of the future. I want to just be more financially stable and while many think that there's more to life than just money, you will probably agree that we all need some money to advance in life, be it investing in education or a better future. Money is not going to fall from the sky and the creditors will not just let you go easily. We have to fight for what we want.

For that, it's important to take a breather and sit down and write down what we truly want. No point just have these thoughts swirl in our heads. If you're constantly on the phone, you can type out your plan and then set daily goals to keep your focus ahead. If you're someone who prefer to write things down, a planner or a notebook is apt. I know nowadays there are many women who are planner addicts (seriously, check out the #planneraddicts on IG) and they have so many creative ways of decorating their planners.

But there's another group who prefer their planners without their bells and whistle. Like write down their daily activities. If you've been doing this, whichever group you belong to, take it one level up by writing down your big goals and plan each day around them, besides your usual to do tasks. You're going to thank yourself later as you begin to achieve them in small or big ways for the eventual Big Win. It's not easy but to me, it's better than just wishing for things to happen. YOU make it happen.

Good luck!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dinner with Classmates Before the Exam Results!

This is so funny. My classmate cum organizer was trying her best to rally people to join her for dinner at Satay by the Bay and then suddenly, the email come in out of nowhere stating that we would be getting our results the next day. Talk about a mood killer!

Oh well, I try to be supportive by agreeing to go with them because I don't know, why not eh? They're my classmates after all and even though I'm not a good talker like them, haha, it's the least I can do by showing my face. 

The dinner was okay although the menu was misleading because for that price, there were like chicken satay, prawn satay, and other types of satay plus ketupat or rice cakes. But then when it came to ordering, we had to choose between chicken or prawn satay and we had to pay extra for the rice cakes. It was the only stall that was opened selling halal satay. So we got no other choice and we didn't order the rice cakes but we didn't want to be duped into pay extra.

Then we also bought fried rice and the tom yam soup which was SUPER de SPICY. The fried rice was nice but my goodness, it came with a heavy price tag. $10?!! I don't know if we're paying for the namesake because they were named after the Marina Bay icons such as the Marina Bay fried rice. 

And guess what we were talking about, or in this case, my classmates were talking, about the impending results the next day. Like how the Econs paper was such a major killer to a point my classmate left a few blanks here and there, even though we were told to answer all the questions so that we can try to squeeze out as much marks as we could. So you can imagine how tough the paper was. I just tried to answer my darn best whether or not I was right.

So I guess that explained why in the picture below, our faces looked rather glum, not that the overpriced satay weren't nice.

I guess we were also tired because we came after work and had to walk like close to 15 minutes trying to find the place from Marina Bay MRT station and through Garden by the Bay. It was quite a sight too and one of my classmates was also taken in by the sight as it was her first time there so she took photos every now and then too. So it didn't feel like we walked quite far. 

However we were thankful that there was a shuttle bus service available to bring us to the nearest MRT station, LOL. 

Then in the bus, we were talking about how our future is going to be like and what we plan to do upon graduation. My classmate suggested eh why not we go London after graduation? We thought that it was such a great idea. So if we were to pass the exam results this time, we will start saving $100 per month. That means I have to work even harder because I do want to see London since forever (fun fact: I used to read travel guides on London when I was in secondary school) and I do hope to achieve this in my life. Prays hard that it will happen :) This will be a superb motivation!

If you want to get there, I'm not sure how's the weekend crowd going to be like as we went there on a Monday. You could take either a scenic walk through the Garden By the Bay when you get down Marina Bay MRT station. Another way is to go to Bayfront MRT, wait for the shuttle bus service available on weekdays only at half an hour intervals (check the timings through google before going down) or take bus 400 which will bring you to the bus stop a short distance away from the Bayfront MRT.

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Matters of the Heart..& My Future as a Singleton

My friend who is single and which I still don't understand why because she's so widely popular & sociable,has started to question herself about the prospects of being married. She thought that formerly, she used to think that she's arrogant when it comes to matters of the heart. Now she's persuading me to think like her too, haha.

So what do I think about this er..matters of the heart? Well, I think that if it happens, it happens. But I think I have much more things in the horizon that are more important to achieve and while it's possible to be married & persuading these dreams, I think personally my hands are very full now. Now I'm the arrogant one, haha!

I guess I talked about this lots but as I turn a year older, I don't know if this will be the year I will meet the love of my life. Perhaps someone will finally take a genuine interest in me and then for once, I try not to turn the person away. Life is full of surprises, right? 

For now, I take things easy and just focus on saving for the future and I'm more excited about the actual possibilities of me FINALLY boarding the plane to my dream destination. I'm also trying to grow my  business slowly but surely and make things better not just for me only, but for my family. 

But what IF I remain single in the year ahead as well? I just have to accept it and believe it or not, I have it all planned out since this seems to be a very obvious route to take. I have decided that I will buy me a studio flat where most old people spend the rest of their CPF money on. Then, there will be volunteers making their rounds just to make sure we're still breathing. Oh yes, I want to finally have a pet cat. I need a companion, okay more like a furry companion. It's better than nothing right, LOL.

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