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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Keeping Up with the Momentum in Weight Loss with A Healthier Living for Life

Body image is everything to many girls. It used to be a point where I felt so sad because all my friends from school back then were of the ideal size and I felt so disproportionate in comparison to them. Even though I dressed up a bit but I still felt like a sore thumb among them and hated my body so much.

Then at one point, in my mid twenties, I couldn't take it anymore and I decided to take the route where I had been so against. I went on pills. The results were dramatic. I also took on a healthier route even though I took the pills that was prescribed by the doctor. My pay wasn't much back then but I was willing to spend the money on them when I saw the results. 

Coupled with a healthier living and re-introducing exercise into my life, I felt like I was on top of the world and feeling brand new when my weight kept dropping until to a point a friend I had for many years, thought I was looking skinnier but unhealthy.

At that point, I felt like she was jealous. But then it was true that the pills made me tired looking and 'older' because while it brought my weight down, I suffered quite a  lot from the side effects. I lost my appetite like totally and I didn't feel the need to all. Because of that too, I had trouble..erm...clearing my bowels because there was practically very little to clear anyway. 

So I stopped. Ever since then my weight has gone up and down like a yo yo. I still stopped eating  many things though. And I still kept up with exercise because I've been quite disciplined about it.

However, I couldn't stop the yo yo effects. I weighed about 10kg more than my skinnier self then, when I stopped the pills which is understandable because that's the effect. Ever since then too, I struggled to go back to that weight, sans the pills.

So then, I started hating my body again. Until now.

I read some articles and saw a recent amazing transformation that took 3 years in the making. She could have done faster but initially, she took it slow until she saw the results and began loving fitness a whole lot until she became addicted to it. I know I can never be a fitness fanatic like her, haha, because my once a week gym session is already more than enough, at least to me. So for the rest of the days, I make it up by watching what I eat and also incorporating walks and staircase climbing when I can.

The article I read wanted me to look at the root causes as to why I am still unable to drop the weight permanently. I always think, eurgh eating this cupcake won't kill me. But I didn't see the accumulation of eating such sweet sugary things over the course of a few days. If I want to eat, I will eat it but I must guarantee to myself that it is the only calorie ridden food for the day to balance it out or I will eat oatmeal too for the fibre intake. However, it always turns out to be not the only food I consume for the day.

But the thing was, I shouldn't be having that cupcake but I bought it to satisfy myself which by right, I don't need to. Infact, I bought 8 of them and I would eat two at one sitting. So it's no longer just a cupcake. Thankfully, I only managed to eat half of the lot and gave the rest to my family members after I snapped out of my need for a sugar rush.

In short, it is a psychological thing. Like the young lady who lost so much in 3 years, she said that this is a lifestyle choice which meant that it is forever. And since it will be forever, might as well get used to it because it's not going to be a one time thing. It's a matter of choosing wisely and enjoying the moment where you have made the healthier choice because this is for life.

And it's also true that your body doesn't need so much food. It's in your mind that you need to eat this and need that and then, you start being guilty for eating this and that. If I don't want to entertain myself with such time wasting thoughts, I might as well make the right decisions from the start and my body will thank me for it later and then when I see the result, I will be glad that while the journey has been tough, the end result will be sweet, but not in the sugar rush thing kind of 'sweet'.

I've been eating weet-bix for a week, where I would eat two pieces of it with a wholemeal bread sandwich with a thin layer of peanut butter on one side. I replaced my oatmeal with it which I would usually eat 3 times a week but I hated it. I mean it's healthy but you know, I've never liked it and take my own sweet time eating it. And because it's only 3 times a week, I don't really feel or see the results.

But with weet-bix which I dunk quickly in plain water before munching on it, I eat quite fast and I enjoy it. In the evening, as I have class, I would eat biscuits from the pantry or bring it to school for break because my stomach has the tendency to be all uncomfy and growl when I don't eat for few hours and it will be majorly embarassing.

I've also stopped buying chocolates as snacks and instead, buy a packet of baked cashews to eat after class or at work when I'm feeling peckish. Then last Friday, instead of choosing to eat Aunty Anne's pretzel, I chose to eat low fat yoghurt with fruits because I felt very hungry when I went about buying things for my orders.

It has only been 5 days and yesterday, I finally feel like I'm truly on the route to a permanent weight loss after so long because I feel more light weight and healthier and it's not because of the weet-bix only but because of how I psyched myself that this decision to be healthy is for life. I also feel like I can reach the weight that I got to, when I was on the pills.

Honestly, this weight is not even the ideal weight but it's the weight that I felt back then, was when I was at my most body confident which you can see from my first picture below.

So if you are like me, and want to experience permanent weight loss, whatever decisions you make concerning food and exercise, you tell yourself that the choice you make, must be in line with the healthy living which is for life and not something you are willing to compromise for. And also to tell yourself that your body doesn't need this junk food but it needs food that keeps it healthy.

 2006. I was in the weight range which, even though was still on the heavier side, but I never felt skinnier before. However, I didn't like the side effects of being on the pills so I stopped taking it and my weight started fluctuating ever since.

 March 2015. I've been in this weight range for the longest time ever when I stopped the pills. While I still go to the gym and try my best to avoid unhealthy food, I still couldn't help myself at times especially with sugar loaded food. I also stopped my long walks after work (even though I had no school) taking on the excuse of the pain in my foot and didn't go to the gym for 3 weeks because I felt so lethargic.

Start of April 2015. I told myself that if I want to have body confidence and no longer want to feel so down and out, I must start with a permanent weight loss which means taking the healthier living route more seriously as it's going to be for life. So I incorporated stair climbing instead of taking the crowded escalator and walking again after work, which takes me about 20 minutes. I feel like my body is starting to change for good, slowly but surely as it takes to take shape in a good way that is. At one point, I started feeling lethargic again but out of nowhere, my colleague's remark saying that if I want look slimmer, I should walk when I told her I feel lazy to walk. Okay, it was though she was possessed when she told me that, haha.

25 April 2015. It has been 6 days since I last told myself to take healthy living seriously which means making wiser food choices and been close to a month of incorporating exercise as and when I can, example stair climbing, long walks and more intensive gym workouts. So when I was out with these girls, and another one (not in picture), I didn't feel out of place. Of course, I was not the skinniest, but to me, I'm at my healthiest and at my most body confident. I didn't also feel like my skirt was tight. I'm actually feeling good about it.

I hope this post will serve as an inspiration for all those who have been struggling with fluctuating weight. All the best!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Positivity Despite the Setbacks

While in the midst of my guilt this morning recalling the amount I spent yesterday, and in the middle of writing a blog post, I came to realize that I should learn to turn it around and see the positive side of things instead by viewing them as investment to make better things that will possibly see me rake in more money through my online shop. It's something that I have set myself to do until the end and in order to sustain my  business, I need to invest in useful things that will help me to set myself apart from other local card designers in the same line as me. 

I have also began to review my inspiration book again and how I've not opened the book for more than a week even though I am supposed to read it everyday to get the 'engine' going on how I want to lead my life in line with my life purposes and goals. While I think I have got them all in my head, they are merely sketchy thoughts that I don't fully work on daily by incorporating the things I have to do to get ahead in life.

While I was on facebook, I stumbled upon a link to an article on a Singaporean who suffers from multiple illnesses since young which have grown worse as she became an adult. From her intense suffering, she ever entertained thoughts of committing suicide. While that is against my religion, I did at one time felt so down and out that I questioned my existence on earth. Why did I ever live when I'm feeling so helpless like I don't know what else I can do as if I am on my wits end financially and how to continue to support my family if I remain like this.

I still experience down times but instead of harping on the bad things, when I got the chance to turn it around, I don't allow myself to go back to the time I was struggling like mad. I channel my efforts to make things better and be more self aware on what I should be doing.

There are people who experience worse things than us. While I think that we have our own problems to think about as well, and as much as I want to symphatize with some people's undesirable situations, I felt that they have been given the chances, sometimes multiple times, to turn things around. 

Instead, what they do is to shoot themselves in the foot and make themselves go spiralling down again. They have the mentality that they have a back up plan even though it's not a very good one especially when it involves other people who are too nice to turn down their requests.

Why do we always have to rely on other people so much when we ourselves can act independently. People are nice enough to offer help but when they keep offering, and then it amounts to nothing like you're not doing anything on your part to improve your current situation, things can turn sour from there.

I admire this Singaporean woman's spirit. Life hasn't been kind to her and yet, she chose to live a positive life like setting up a business, dolling herself up and every time she is dealt with another bad news regarding her health, she doesn't let it get in her way of continuing to take care of her loved ones who have been her pillar of support.

Read on for the full post on her courageous spirit in how she remains positive despite her poor health.

Pretty in Pain

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Resetting My Life for a Better Purpose

I felt guilt stricken that I spent $60 the day before when all I wanted to do was spend at least $10 or at most $20 in order to qualify for the free make and take as taught by a papercrafter that I am a fan of her works. I had also gone to another scrapbooking store which I had signed up for and therefore entitled to a free make and take. This make and take is an art creation that you make on the spot as guided by the designer which you can then take home. It comes with terms and condition, for example spending a certain amount or buying certain products to qualify.

I knew that they would entitle us to a discount coupon when we collect the set of coupons. What I didn't anticipate was that I would have to spend a minimum of $60 in order to qualify for the 40% off in this store. So cunning of them, haha. And 'best' still, I carried the ATM card which my brother was supposed to hold me and which also hold most of my savings. 

The other store had a 30% off discount too and I was smart enough this time, to carefully pick my items and not to be swayed by the counter person asking me to look for more items coz since you know, it's 30% off. I did shop around again but I thought carefully on what I really wanted and in the end, picked up a small bottle of glitter glue or stickles that cost $3.95 before discount. I think she gave the look of, what..that is it? Lol..

For the first store, I felt guilty because I wasn't supposed to spend much but then I figured if I don't spend, I am wasting on a good discount. While I am thankful I didn't go overboard, $60 is still quite a big amount since I have two upcoming events that require money. One is a birthday treat for a friend and another is a shopping trip in Johor Bahru. Oh, man. I should have planned ahead. Then in the later evening, I was also supposed to check out this fast food restaurant that was recently halal-certified and therefore spent another $20. With groceries and plus a drink from Coffee Bean, I spent $100 yesterday.

I tried to console myself that it's not all the time that they offered such hefty discount and that I told myself that I am only allowed to spend a bit more especially on those more expensive items if there are discounts. And that fast food restaurant, it was new to us and we wanted to try their food for the longest time. 

Therefore now, I am concentrating my efforts on earning income and visiting my goals again. While the first week of school has left me tired when I get back home, and that I find myself spending too much time watching on this Chinese drama, even though I watched every episode multiple times, it's time to get back on track.

So today, after I woke up, I wanted to re-affirm my life purpose and goals. I haven't touched the exercise book which I had written down my life purposes, my goals and how to reach them for more than a week. This book is my inspiration book as I use it to write inspirational notes as well. I am supposed to use it, on a daily basis. But I got busy and I know that's no excuse.

From today, I shall be more aligned with my life purpose and goals by concentrating my time and energy on them better on a daily basis. I know I wrote multiple times on how focused I want to lead my life by not wasting energy on unnecessary things and even people. However, I am mostly NATO (No Action Talk Only).

I've since spent my morning on the exercise book by reading my goals and life purposes, writing two blog posts and planning my day ahead. Life is short and instead of focusing how much money I have spent the day before, I shall look forward to making what I had spent on from the shops to earn a good side income. I call it 'investment' and I KNOW this investment will rake in money for me if I allocate a good amount of time and energy on it. 

Wish you a Good Sunday ahead!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Resuming My Studies (Module 4)

This week has been SUPER tiring and that's because I had resumed my studies which means going for night classes. In other words, dragging my ass to school after work finishes at 6 plus for another close to three hours of lectures and tutorials, hehe. But I have an awesome company and while I don't really talk much with them but they're really friendly and funny so it was a great  pleasure meeting up with them again after our break of more than two months.

Last Tuesday was the birthday celebration of one of my classmates and as she was a good friend of two of my other classmates, they wanted to throw a surprise celebration for her so they bought her a cake. That aside, it was also a happy reunion as we talked about how our first lesson with this lecturer was boring to the max which caused us all to almost fall asleep, lol! Oh gosh, how now. 

Anyway, with such an awesome company, we can pull through this and support one another as we go through another round of the module with lectures, tutorials, projects, written assignments, tests and exams. That's like, me already. No no, don't think too much about it. As there is only one examinable module this time and while I usually do better for exams than tests since they carry a higher percentage, now I cannot escape with getting sub par results with ICA (tests) and projects already. So I gotta ace all the way through. Dunno how but somehow, I'll find a way to manage amidst my busy schedule. If you want something badly, like getting good marks, you will find the time to sit down and study smart.

Here are some pics from our Wednesday's tea break and our wacky poses! :)

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A Birthday and an Awesome Friendship

Do you have friendships that are so meaningful that you just will treasure for the rest of your life? If you're lucky enough to have such friendships, please take good care of it. Friends who are not only caring but also supportive and encouraging, are meant to be treasured. For me, that friend of mine celebrated her birthday last Tuesday and we met up with her on Sunday for our annual mini celebration.

This year, she had refused gifts since she said that she is older now and a treat is suffice. I wanted to give her hongbao or red packet money but she refused to take it. Instead, I used the money to pay her for the lunch, bought some cheese fries to share while waiting for our other friend's insurance agent to finish up his paperwork and then the balance to that friend who had bought gifts to her as my share of it. Since we're going to meet another time for her birthday celebration, I would say that well, I shall give her a proper treat then. 

Speaking of birthday celebrations, although her birthday was on Tuesday, she had already been asked out to meet up with different groups of friends. That is how popular she is. You know, how some people are popular for things that well, they shouldn't be proud of, but she's popular simply because she offers such an awesome friendship. Thanks to her, I've begun to make great effort in saving so that I use some some of the savings to find priceless experience like travelling for instance and also for security. 

I believe that her life is perfect because she is such a perfect human being. I know that nobody's perfect but you can be close enough to it. Being loved by family and friends, what more can you ask for. She provides happiness to other people and I believe, she will continue to do so, in years to come and I hope that our friendship will also stand the test of time.

Some pictures from our mini celebration! :)

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Are You Beautiful or Average

I was waiting for the video to load and they showed this in the ad and in one of the very very rare times, I did not skip the ad because I found it intriguing. Dove is well known for its beauty in all sizes types of ad where they make women feel confident about themselves, no matter what body shape they are in. Naturally as women, we have insecurities and while men do have it as well, we tend to be more emotional about it especially when exposed to constant reminders how beauty is supposed to be based on what the society at large envisions it.

Surprisingly, as we mature, we think that this silly comparison may dwindle down as we get ourselves in a level that we are comfortable with. Personally, I thought only single women would feel like this, more than married women as they have found the love of their life, so basically there's less effort to dress up to impress as everything seems settled. But turns out, I was wrong. Married women, just as much as single women, have insecurities as well when they feel they may lose their husband to other women deemed to be more attractive than them or when their husband still generates interest from the opposite sex despite their marital status.

I've since been more comfortable in my own skin and concentrate on being healthier and dressing up a little bit more, even when I'm rushing. There are of course moments of insecurities but I tell myself to just let it be you know, because I'm better than that. If people can't accept it, then too bad. I also feel that a bit of make up can do wonders as well and wearing clothes that fit well can boost one's self confidence. Some women even swear by the shoes they wear, especially heels, but there are women who dislike make up but still dress to impress, whichever makes you feel good about yourself. 

But other than the physical aspect, more importantly, respect yourself, your mind and your body. Don't put yourself down because we women are capable of many many things. We are beautiful in so many ways. What's the point of having outer beauty when your inside beauty is so ugly. Don't feed yourself with negative words that tell you that you're not beautiful or not good enough for others to even open their eyes to see what we've got. We deserve more respect than that silly negative mindset.

We hold many roles in our life, as a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister and so on. On top of that, we have to hold down a job, take care of our family and even furthering our studies for a better future. We have come a long way since the time women were banned from voting, not allowed to get an education and only seen as someone to pro-create with.

We give all we've got and we're damn good at that. We work hard while trying to stay sane and keep things together.

So to all the ladies, there are no two choices about it. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. 

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hung up With Competition...& Beating Them in their Game

I was feeling quite dejected this week, feeling as though I'm losing my abilities in running an online shop successfully. I felt as though my competitors are doing so much better, and then thinking that they have more friends to spread the news around about their humble online venture as well as a wide social network. In the first place, I don't have that wide network and my group of friends is well, very very small. How widespread I can get.

But I watched a video from a local niche blogger who is doing very very well right now, as a life coach and I truly enjoy reading her personal development articles online. I would link up below. The turning point that I felt was when they did a video on her and unlike other bloggers who write just as well but mainly doing it for fame and money, she basically plunge into this because she wants to help others reach their maximum potential. The money that comes in are of course good that she's able to retire at the age of 28 only. However, money is the result of her doing what she loves. She's not after material possessions because she can't bring along with her when she dies. She would rather lead a meaningful life knowing that she has played a part in helping others succeed as well. 

So from then, I realized why am I so hung up about the competitors. Good that they are doing well. But I should think more in terms of how can I add value to my online business. I've been wanting to explore making this box card and I saw potential in making money from it. But the measurements kinda put me off. But I'm determined to make it work of course. I struggled with the tri-fold card but it has since been one of my best selling cards.

I'm hoping to make it successful too because I want to run this online shop until I die, haha. It's not something I get into to make quick bucks. I enjoy the process of running it, receiving orders, answering emails, making the product and basically keep myself busy doing something I love. Of course the passion is not always there because it can be rather tiring with the full day job and part-time night studies. But the willingness of me to wake up earlier shows how dedicated I am in making sure I bring in the orders and hopefully to take this shop to another level.

So who cares about the competition. Sure they need not be totally ignored. I should be thinking in terms of value and how else can I improve rather than be so hung up on them. Competition can either bring in the good or ugly side of your business, depending on the individual running it.

Let's hope for the best and reach our highest potential in life.

Here's the video as promised and the link below to the blog.

Personal Excellence 

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