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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thank You, Mr Lee

I've never met the man before all my life and the only time I got to see him was last year's National Day Parade which I got to attend for the first time through the display screen. He looked so frail and had to be helped to his seat, a far cry from back then when he stood tall and stoic when giving his speeches. It was very sad indeed but kudos to him that even with his ailing health, he came to see the Nation celebrating its 49th birthday which he had never missed.

Sadly, when the Nation is going to celebrate its 50th birthday, which is a monumental celebration after 50 years of independence, he will not be around to witness the grand celebration. He built Singapore from a swampy nation to a Metropolis that you see right now. He felt accountable to the lives of the millions of people here in Singapore and took on his leadership roll very seriously, making promises to them and keeping every single one of them.

He didn't care about our youth's opinions on him who weren't around to witness our Nation transformation and to easily make seething harsh remarks about him and his government. All he knew was that he had sacrificed his life to build this nation, changed the lives of many people and improved the living conditions. We are now enjoying the fruits of his labour. Clean and green city, a stable economy, strong education and so on.

We can grumble all we want, blame other people, be in this poor state or create a vision of a better future.

Let us not let him down as we thank him for making Singapore to be an internationally recognized world class nation.

My brother and I were one of the thousands who came and queued for hours (in our case, close to 6 hours) from 12 midnight to almost 6am in the morning to pay our last respects. My feet was badly crying for help and in the last leg of our queue, where we had to wait for yet another 1 hour or so, I took shelter in the middle empty lane along with a few others before my legs gave way. My brother still stood strong although currently, he's feeling the aches and limping from the hours of standing. 

The parliament house where we would pay our last respect.

However, this was just a small sacrifice compared to our founding father. Today, the nation bid their last farewell as he made his final journey and to see people of all ages standing and shouting his name while waving the small Singapore flags even when the rain was pouring, it was a sight, hard not to be taken in.

Rest in Peace Lee Kuan Yew.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Inspirational Video "I am My Own Rescue"

Among the hullabaloo on the blogosphere of Singapore, with the so called influencers, and also some people who dipped their toes into it to get 'hits' for their blogs. As readers, we should be able to see if some things are worth reading and giving our attention to, with our already precious time. I know I am not one of those influential bloggers and if you are here reading my regular posts, I thank you for it. I like to write or blog as a way of putting words into my thoughts, share my experiences and also to share some things that are able to inspire you. 

Life can be tough and can also be cruel but if we can change the situation and make it better for our own goodness and brighter future, we will feed our minds with positivity. We will fuel our subconscious minds with the rewards we want to achieve, and knowing that we will get to that point in future by making plans and working hard towards it. 

I am in the midst of reading this wonderful book and will share some things that are noteworthy in upcoming posts so that we all can make changes in our life.

Now I remember so clearly just last year from October onwards right up to my payday in December, how I am in the brinks of near poverty. But God didn't let me fall. Nobody knew about my problems and every day I prayed hard that I would be able to buy things home for the family. I hate to be stuck in this situation ever so often that after I received money from my December salary which included bonus, I told myself that I will NOT be poor anymore. 

I had been so dirt poor before that I had to sell of things second hand for an amount that was barely $10 just so that I would be able to have money for transport to go to work the next day. Even then, every single year, I would be so broke although not entirely broke as back then, to the extent I had to sell of my own personal possessions, including my phones.

We can rise above poverty and with this strong determination, we can rescue ourselves and nobody is going to help you with that. You put your plans into motion, hoping for the best only and things will just keep coming for your own benefits.

I first watched this video from my facebook feed and I had known about the speaker but didn't know about her backstory. I suggest you spend about 6 minutes of your time watching this inspirational video how she rose from the brink of poverty to a best selling author, motivational speaker and owning companies worth multi-millions.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hanging in There - Ed Sheeran Style

When my brother told me about the story that his friend shared on the facebook newsfeed that Ed Sheeran used to be a busker, I was like..nooo...this guy is like one of the biggest stars to have come out from the UK and successfully breaking into the US market. He came to Singapore recently and based on the you tube videos posted by his fans during his performance, he is an absolutely a musical wonder! So blown away by his talent.

His passion for music is so deep that he was scoring gig after gig and often had to sleep out including in the London subway just to be able to make it to the next gig the following day.

And if you read about his strict upbringing, including no tv and no console games, and instead indulging him to watch performances by musical legend seeing how much he loved music which shaped his music career further. What is even more amazing, despite knowing half of the celebrity world both in the US and UK, and of course a multi-millionaire with his best selling albums, he is still very grounded and simply want to perform music for the masses.

He teaches that if you want to be successful, you just simply do what you should be doing like hustling your way to make a name for yourself, even if the beginning seems rough so that people will notice you. You can read more about him in the link below

Ed Sheeran

Currently, things aren't exactly looking up for me in terms of my online biz. But if I were to choose between passion and money, I don't think I could. I definitely need money but without passion, it can also be a drag the minute you wake up if you're about to do things that you lack in passion. 

Passion will bring in money as reward as a way of the universe responding to your hard work and dedication. If we don't get overly consumed by money, by valuing money, instead of throwing it carelessly spending it away, money can be used for good like further education, travel experience or simply bringing our family out in restaurants that we used to just pass by and thinking one day, we shall dine in there and eat good food.

Back to Ed Sheeran's story. He wanted to give up too because after doing gigs for 3 years, it really came to a point it was not going anywhere. But he didn't give up and instead tried something else to see how it worked out and it worked out fine and better than expected, to a point a famous singer tried to contact him several times.

You should really read the story and let it be your story of the day to guide you through during your slumber period when things aren't so fantastic, pretty much like mine too.

We can do this, people!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Dinner at Ramen Ten / Shin Tokyo Sushi

We wanted to eat something and on the urging of our mum, to eat proper food instead of fast food (like we usually since she was not cooking dinner, we settled for Ramen Ten. We didn't want to spend a lot of money just on food because there's no occasion for it, just casual dinner and we initially went to Pastamania. However, it was outdoor and started to rain so we changed our mind and went inside the building to eat Ramen Ten.

Still being on a budget, we were careful not to overspend and chose a bowl of Ramen with Karage Chicken, Fried Ramen with Grilled Chicken, and two sets of sushi. We are not very experimental with sushi so we chose the cooked version, which is egg mayo and tuna mayo. Nothing fancy schmancy.

There weren't a lot of people and we waited quite awhile for our food to be served, although funny enough, two times they served us with drinks and followed by food but they didn't belong to us. The service was pretty slow, so much so, my brother just out of the blue remarked 'so slow!' before catching himself saying it since normally, he wouldn't have passed such a remark.

That aside, our food was good and I guess there are probably much better Ramen out there since there are so many famous Ramen restaurants. But we didn't have a lot of choices because it's one of the very VERY few choices of Halal Ramen that we can get.

Nothing fantastic but the broth wasn't salty and nice to eat to the last drop. The ramen noodles were pretty generous and the grilled chicken to perfection. I am not sure if because of the grilling, our food took a while to be served.

If you favour spicier broth, they have such option too and I would say, they have quite a number of both spicy and non-spicy options. Don't want Ramen? They have also rice meals served bento style and with a Western fusion style.

Price wise, we spent around $44 plus including the drinks. If you want to further slash the total cost, you can go without drinks if you intend to get the non-spicy broth. I'm not sure if they serve plain water so wouldn't hurt to ask. But if you ask me, their other drinks are pretty pricy and if they really don't serve plain water, they have mineral water at $2.50.

We have the option of sitting at either the table or near the mini travellator.

The address is:

Ramen Ten Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road, #01-22 Far East Plaza, Singapore228213. Operating Hours: 11.30am – 10.00pm (Daily)

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Life Purpose & The Definition of Being Rich

Different people have different definitions of money although essentially, money is just paper that we trade off for experience, to buy essentials needed to survive, further our education and so on. Money is important but only for the things that we truly need such as for some of the reasons above and not to spend it carelessly as though there is no value to it.

The video below is truly an eye opener and I am truly impressed on how he valued money, but only based on his efforts to earn them and not to take pity on him. While he struggles to make ends meet by selling street food and is visually handicapped, he knows there are people who are more needy than him. Mostly everyone wants to be rich but does only money can make one truly rich?

I want to be rich too and while I used to share the opinions of plenty of other people that being rich is simply to have a LOT of money, it is not the means to an end. One can be rich with money but poor in values. I am sure you have experienced the likes of these kind of people.

I guess it comes with age as well that I question life more and how best I want to spend it. I realised that I've been leading my life without any definite purpose but simply as come what may. I want to lead a life of purpose and would like a strong desire for a rich and comfortable life for me and my family. To me, being rich is to be rich in moral values, experience, new skills and a good amount of savings for emergency and to further my education and invest in my online business. Comfortable meaning, to be as free as possible from money woes, knowing that I don't have to constantly worry about supporting my family financially and settling my debt.

Here's the video as promised and I hope you can learn a thing or two from him as well.

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