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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ArchiFest Exhibition 2016

Last September, my brother and I checked out this makeshift exhibition pavilion called the Archifest. Who would have thought of setting up this exhibition right outside the Raffles Place MRT station, where despite the high foot traffic as it's in the CBD (Central Business District) area, I still think it was quite an interesting choice of location. Anyway, when we entered the pavilion, which looked like one where you entered a pasar malam or night market, we were greeted with few but very interesting and colourful exhibits.

The first thing we saw were hammocks where people were lying down and basically just chilling while kids were just having fun playing with them. We didn't sit on one and for me, basically coz I don't want to break the thing, lol.

So we moved on and saw various exhibits that were definitely instagram worthy, as you can see from the pictures below. But who would have thought that they were actually recycled like the clappers that you may see people using if you ever go the National Day celebration or watch it on tv. The other one that I liked and took a mini video of, is the smiley face emoji that is actually an inflatable balloon and it was hooked up to a few hand held pumps. Even though it was already inflated, people were actually still using the pumps to inflate it. 

Did I tell you it was so darn cute.

Next to it, were rows of some shiny materials that were hung up like a curtain. I guess they were also made from some recycled materials although I didn't quite take a look what the exhibit was about. The smiley face emoji was too distracting, heh.

There was a private event going on as well in another corner and if not for the event, we probably would have seen more exhibits. As my brother and I wanted to spend as little as possible (The Archifest was free by the way), we chilled out in Starbucks at Fullerton sharing a medium sized drink and a cookie, coz I can't go without cookie if we ever go Starbucks or Coffee Bean. I mean, come on, cookie and some hot drink, actually doesn't matter hot or cold. I just like cookies :)

So that was our little adventure and our spent as little as possible Saturdate, hehe. As my brother is serving his National Service, Saturday is his designated day to go out and chill but without spending too much. Especially with a sister who often finds herself broke nowadays, sigh.

I hope the pictures below from the exhibit inspire you to think creatively out of the box.

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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Life May be Unpredictable But Don't Waste it All Away

I've been a little obsessed with this indie Hong Kong movie that I found on youtube which I knew about from years ago but only uploaded in full online. It's about the friendship formed between two people fated to meet each other except that one was found out later to be a drug addict with a troubled past that comes back haunting him and therefore keeping the two friends adrift despite one's effort to make him stop with the abuse with the promises of taking him overseas on vacation. The arrival of a former girlfriend and the death of a parent sent him on a downward spiral and eventually, to his death during his hallucination when he escaped from the hospital.

I really cheered for these two but one can only help oneself to overcome the seriousness of drug abuse. They really bond well during their recreational use of drugs I suspect is ecstasy, which only the affluence, basically people like him, can get a hold on. While I really enjoyed the movie, there are some wtf moments that don't make sense at first but then I realised that these are just imageries of the lead character during high moments after taking ICE. I still think we can do without some scenes in the movie but I don't know, maybe it's done for shock value and to make the movie more artsy fartsy. When sober, he juggles with different work, like being a swimming instructor,  a model for life painting and fitness instructor to make ends meet and also practices kung fu and learns English to be a better person in life while recovering from his traumatic past. The arrival of this very handsome..heh...half Caucasian Half Chinese guy..on a business trip gave him a lot of hope for a good life but upon his mother's death, he became worse off like as though there's no hope and meaning in life and was more reliant on drugs with prompting from his older brother, to escape from the harsh realities of life.

It's a sad ending for these two while one didn't know the fate that he was going to encounter as he was under hallucination, as for the other guy, despite his promises to help his friend and stay with him always, he isn't exactly there for him when he needed him most. He could have stayed and cancel his trip back to Australia when he had to go there for awhile. His friend was hospitalised after being unconscious as he attempted to jump like an 'angel' after being made to wear like one after painted in silver by the house guests during a celebratory party. Honestly his house guests are a deranged bunch.
During such time when he could have been saved, where he was he? Lying flat down unconscious  in one corner from being drunk -_-

Life is unpredictable. You do not know where you will be heading next and who you will encounter in life. Makes me think that heck, who knows I will catch the fancy of some good looking chap like the guy in the movie, lol. One thing for sure, you do not what to mess with drugs and you do not what to waste it all away when you are actually not alone in life with people who are willing to go through the ups and downs with you if you give them the chance to help you.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

You've Got This, Girl..Getting My Act Together

When I turned 35 last Sunday after midnight, I had quite a restless night. I kept thinking about money and how much money I would have left even before payday. Well, I am still not well off but I have been trying to not spend that much except on the family because I still need to get groceries and buy for them food. I do so within my means but my mum's philosophy of feeding good quality food is sometimes taking a toll on me. But I can't argue against her 'philosophy' which is also mixed in with buying food for the fam which doesn't include healthy meals. 


I'm typing this with a sore finger so please bear with me, coz I doubt it will be very long.

I somehow told myself in my head that I should'nt be too bothered with all this and just take it one day at a time and to think positively. But at the same time, to also continue to work hard in life and not whine that life sucks and all. Positive affirmations help me to achieve balance spiritually and one thing I learnt this morning is that some people are worse off than me. 

Dealing with a family member's illness and mounting medical bills, ownself's illness, taking care of small children and yet, with these problems that they are dealing or have dealt with, they don't look as though they're holding the burden on their shoulders. They love their job, they love serving people with such cheerfulness and they love the fact that they are able to turn their lives around and are grateful for still being alive and being able to walk after being paralysed waist down just a year ago.

I do not like living paycheque to paycheque. I want to have money all the time and I don't like to think too far ahead in future judging from how much money I have at the moment. While that still scares me now, I just think to myself that I need to get my act together. Nobody is driving this life but ME. I need to stay strong because I'm a fighter within. I know I can do this. I know I've got this sh*t together.

But I need to do and not just think or plan or say those things only. I need to show it through my actions. People have gone to the lowest point of their life, even contemplating suicide on several occasions when things get too tough for them to deal with emotionally but they just move on and lift themselves out from despair. 

I know I can beat through the despair of not knowing if I can continue to have money until my next pay cheque. I am going to stay strong and do what it takes because 'you've got this, girl'

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy 35th Birthday to Me!!

I feel truly blessed because I have three birthday celebrations. The first one you can see from and earlier post and the second comes from last Friday with my former classmates. I'm so touched they still made an effort to get a cake from and order food for both my birthday and housewarming. 

This is something money can't buy. You can't buy the love and friendship from these people and I'm glad we have crossed paths in life. As I reflect on my birthday, I feel like at first I kept thinking about what I am lacking of which kept me awake, specifically, the lack of money. But then I thought again that I shouldn't harp on it too much. I should focus on the big wins that will help to improve the different aspects of my life. I must continue to work hard in life so that I need not go through this problem of whether I have enough for the rest of the week. I should also focus on what I currently have and not what I don't have and ensure that I make the best of what I have right now.

It's easier said than done but it's to take action and do something rather than just harping on it because it won't solve anything.

About the birthday, I still can't believe that even after we have finished schooling together, we still come together for birthday celebrations. This was the first time they ever celebrated for me because normally my birthday falls during the holiday period such as now, if we are still schooling. Look at the spread of food we had! Amazing...

The cake cutting part, yay! I seriously had no idea what to wish for. Come to think of it, I realise what I want in life is to hold on to the friendships that I have in life and the love from the family for as long as I am alive. This is what I should wish for. 

On a personal note, I also wish that things will keep improving in my life. I want to be more productive, more kind and friendlier, more hardworking and more grateful in life. You will never know when life is going to end. For as long as we are still here, we should live for the greater purpose in life.

Happy 35th birthday to me :)

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Birthday Karaoke Session & Dinner at Fika Swedish Restaurant

It has been more than a year since our last meet up and it's always ALWAYS nice to have a karaoke session because it just takes you away from reality for awhile as you get lost singing your life away, haha. The inner karaoke queen or king will just come out and it's best to sing with friends and it's often a guarantee that you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. Of course if there are one or two of them who throw shades at your singing or a bit showy on their singing skills but whatever, the point is to simple have fun.

It was also fun having to guess what each other's favourite songs are and then our attempt at singing those songs that we thought would be easy to sing to...but it's not. Singing is definitely hard work. Anybody can sing but to be able to sing well and capture the audience's attention, that's another different ball game. Here, we are just girls who wanna have fun messing slaying song after song. 3 hours are not enough, I tell ya!

After our karaoke session, which ended around 9pm, we wanted to eat at Fika cafe but when we reached, they were technically closed as they only served desserts like cakes. But we were gawd damn hungry. 3 hours of singing, mind ya. But the waiter kindly suggested we go to another outlet if we can make in time. We thought of walking which was about 15 to 20 minutes of walk although there was the uncertainty of whether we would reach on time. Here's the funny thing. One of us didn't know they had an outlet at the location where we first went while the other one didn't know they had it at another location. Anyway, we ended cabbing to the other outlet and made it in time, phews. 

Anyway, the food was bomb like it was really delish. I had swedish meatballs, like the ones you buy from IKEA restaurant, but better. I thought I made a good option apart from my usual pasta dishes coz I love me some pastas...yumm. I mean coz it was a Swedish restaurant and what better way than to get a Swedish meal.

We did some sharing among ourselves like updates on each other's lives like what we're up to. And then talking about our other friends whom we used to hang out with and hoping things will get better for them. 

It was sweet of my two friends to get me a slice of cake from there although we were eyeing the red velvet cake which the table next to ours got..and they didn't finish it, hrmph. But ours, which was a banana chocolate cake, was also the bomb coz any cake that is chocolate, is always a winner to me, haha.

It was even sweeter when the waiter said that cakes are complimentary for birthday occasions. cake! What an icing on the cake.

Here are the pictures from the night. We have nicknamed ourselves Viva Girls as in Spice Girls Viva Forever song as we are hoping our friendship remains throughout the years. Thanks for the company, we will definitely do another meet up! :)

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