Round Up in May and Bad Customer Service

Okay, I sounded desperate in my last post and the truth is, I admit I am. But I believe that in every difficulty that we face, we come out of it stronger, wiser and better. It gives me the opportunity to review how things are going for me and what I did in the past, in a moment of folly, that made me forget about what I have pledged to do in order to make things right, for material gains instead.

If the cause of my misery, is because of this, I will not repeat the same mistake and will open my heart and my eyes more and believe that material goods, such as new bags, new shoes or makeup, can only make you a beautiful person on the outside. I must strive to be as beautiful as I am outside (though I beg to differ on that) as I am on the inside. I aim for a more enriched yet simple life of which the needs for new shoes and bags cannot compromise for. Of course, if I really need a new bag coz my bag is all worn out and there happened to be a bag DYING to be bought because it is on a huge discount, then I may have to reconsider.

Forget my sob story for now. Yesterday, I tried to get started on my handmade accessories and my mind, yet again, goes blank like seriously, the passion is there but the creativity isn't, which is sad. You know I have been talking about this like all the freaking time and when I want to get started, I just can't. I'm unfortunately not one of those who see some things, like the guys in the cooking competition, Chopped, or the contestants on Project Runway, and have an 'aha!' moment. I'm just so...brain dead. Oh well. 

Anyway, I learn that when the passion is there, you will wanna learn from other people and be inspired by their designs and then slowly incorporate these influences into that of your own. For now, I have yet to get ideas. I only have smidgens of them but not enough. I also read an article recently about this young girl who has her own online blogshop and she reads like a minimum of 40 magazines per month to get ideas for her shop. Now that is passion.

Hopefully I can get the things going by this week...sigh. 

On to other things. I am still having the battle of the bulge :/ though I haven't experienced any weight gain lately compared to the last two months of gradual increase to the weight I started with before I restarted my gym routine. I am going to work even harder to burn the extra weight and now I give myself the duration of up to end of the year to see some results. I am not so caught up with the weighing scale coz it will still pretty much show me the same ol' same ol' 'new' weight. My only hope is before I start the next year, there is some progress. 

Now if you don't know me, I'm actually generally a nice person. There are a lot of people out there who are vocal, demanding and who don't quite give a damn and they can be so blatantly rude and annoying. Of course they are not seeing that because they feel they have a right to demand what they want and don't give a shit about what you think about them. At times, I actually do wish to be more assertive like them. But then come to think of it again, if being too assertive up to the point of being downright rude and annoying, then I don't want.

While I tend to be patient and nice most of the time, sometimes my patience can run thin. When it comes to buying things, while I think generally customer service is not too shabby in Singapore, there are moments where it can make me really annoyed and angry and I feel that such people should NOT be in this industry at all. 

I know their job isn't easy tending to customers because I tend to people to at work. But a majority of them are not from public but stakeholders. Okay before you think I'm going in circles with this talk, what annoys me most, besides the salespeople who eye you like a hawk when you are browsing, are those who don't bother to attend to you and mind their own business. I don't know about you but my habit is that I prefer they ask me what I want when I want to buy food. I don't like it when they don't bother to ask me and  pretend I'm not there. Why? Because they're hoping their colleague will attend to me instead or they don't seem interested to attend to me. 

If I am made to wait for a long time, I will walk away. What is more annoying is that other people that comes in and ask immediately, they will attend to them. But if I am there before them and I'm sure they can see me coz I don't think I'm that small and I have been standing there for a long time, and then I'm not attended to, I get super pissed. I know you are thinking, just ask lah, but I feel as part of customer service, they should ask what I want instead. 

I had two bad instances of customer service this month. One was at the Burger King. I said my order loud and clear already and I don't know why the HECK he kept cutting me off and then making me repeat what I said coz he thinks that I didn't know what I wanted. 

Then he like laughed at me coz yah, he thinks that I didn't make it clear what I wanted to order. How to when he kept cutting me off instead of LISTENING to me?! That got me annoyed and those straight up in yer face kind of people will get angry at them but I tried to contain my anger and instead, minced my words and said 'I JUST WANT ONION RINGS BK SHOTS AND GRILLED ONION BK SHOTS' and I guess he got the idea that I was pissed and tended to my order straight away.

Another very recent instance was when I was made to wait for some time for someone to take my order for the waffle. I guess coz they thought my order is so troublesome coz one of them gotta stand there and make the waffle so they would prefer taking orders of people who wanted their cakes and puffs on display. I stood there with my bags of groceries, yet again can't miss me, for a rather long time that I felt SO compelled to move off but because I had to get them as my mother wanted them.

I was particularly eyeing this one girl coz I can tell she was just pretending not to see me and stood near the cash register for orders and payment and refused to walk up to my side where the waffle makers were. Idiot, right? People who came after me were attended to straight away.

If it's not for the burnt smell of a waffle, they would have completely ignored my existence. Pardon my language but she was so stupid, she didn't know she was making a waffle there for a customer and then when the auntie who was before this writing down cake orders asked who made this, she just said she dunno.

Then the guy, who is more senior there tried to investigate about the order (there were just 3 of them, and obviously it was that blur girl who made it), asked me if it's my order and I said I didn't order yet. Then he RUDELY asked me twice, 'then what you want?!' gesturing to me like I owe them a bloody living.

You don't piss most-of-the-time calm and collected Rahayu. In my contained anger, I said very loudly my order coz I just had enough of this shit already.

I didn't notice how loud I was but he was just so rude. Then come to payment time, I was on the phone and I just paid up then that blur girl shortly gave to me $1 back after the guy talked to her and she said to me they gave me discount. I didn't even say thanks.

See, I can be a very patient and nice customer but you don't take advantage of the situation. If you had a busy day or you are just plain moody, don't show it to your customers. And work as a team. Don't push the task to other people and when this person don't want to do, that person don't want to do, we are like bloody idiots or gundus waiting around to be served.

Anyway, that's all folks for what's going on in my life in May before it comes to an end. Not doing so well. I'm still having sporadic coughs and my throat can be rather itchy and painful. But overall I'm okay.

Let's hope for a better tomorrow and don't forget despite the hardship and difficulties that we may face, there will be times when things will get better....nite nite.

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