Beauty 101: Night Night Beauty

When I see what some people post up as their nightly beauty routine, I almost fainted. So many products!!! Sometimes I wonder do they really need so much..hrm.

Anyway, if your immediate thought is to go to bed straight (like I do), we simply don't want to go through that. No freaking way.

This was taken from a blog which quoted Kim Kardashian's secrets on how she tries to stay away from wrinkles. It can also be adapted to be part of your nightly beauty routine.

  • In the night, after cleansing, use a make up remover or facial cleansing wipe to simply wipe any traces of make up that was not removed completely during cleansing.
  • Apply non clogging or light night cream to your face as your skin actually works overnight as you sleep and you can wake up to a fresher complexion. But please still remember to wash your face the next day, eh? I recommend..

  •  To keep wrinkles at bay, use an eye cream before going to bed. With lesser wrinkles, it helps to not let people add numbers to your age. I recommend...
 For fuss free people, this is by far, the most simplified night beauty routine I can help you with but really, years down the road, you will thank me for letting you jumpstart on this routine through this 101 article or when people start complimenting you on your glowing skin. Or you would rather spend half an hour prepping yourself before you go to bed or just five minutes of this routine? After a while, you will get used to it and not let it feel like some kind of tortured routine, haha.

I know I'm guilty of sometimes just going straight to bed and going with the barest and most minimal make up to work so that I don't have to hassle myself too much at night. But the least, I repeat, the least that you should do is to remove any traces of dirt or make up with a facial cleansing wipe. Trust me, it's like the easiest thing to do and you can do it in under two minutes. Never go to bed with a dirty face. Dirty dreams are another story.

So get into the nightly beauty routines pronto, babes!

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