Hot Humid Weather

I have so many plans despite my busy work schedule but the heat is like way too much to bear. There is no air con in my house so we have to make do with fans and my mum needed two fans for herself. When we are sitting infront watching tv, we will aim the fan at us and my mum will be like..hey, u all so selfish, have the fans to yourself! But we will say the same thing to her when she does that. It's beyond tolerable! I even suffered a slight headache, no thanks to an increased workload and then the heat. I had to turn in early with the fan aimed at me so that I could sleep. Sitting down and vegging infront of the laptop is not an option in this hot and humid weather.

But recently there have been heavy downpours and the weather is much more cooling. So all is good now. I bought a new sketchpad, as inspired by a young designer and entrepreneur, to get designing for my new accessories line. I told myself I'm not gonna buy new materials until I make full use of the ones that I have including the newly bought ones which are still untouched.

Now if only I can overcome my laziness, heh..and also to stop spending time on my blackberry. I'm still exploring around and downloading apps. As written earlier, the phone is smarter than me. I recently got my bill. Not bad. After all the discounts as a hubclub member, my bill still comes in below $50. But then again, I'm also a cheapskate. I turn off the data mobile when I'm outside and only on it at home and use the wireless network. Only downside is that if I need to download app, I can't use wireless.

So far, I downloaded a cool theme and two photo apps which are also cool as my bb doesn't come with flash. They also come in different photo effects which are even cooler.

Hrm, maybe I should do a blogpost on them later especially for bb users. Ok I'm off to the gym now after two weeks of hiatus due to a wedding and the post GE duty. Gonna be trim and fit, if.
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