Beauty 101: Stop the Itch

I'm going to be generous and I will be doing two short beauty posts. I've mentioned several times how my skin is like super super sensitive and it used to be so bad on my legs that every time I got home form work, it would itch like crazeh!!! And they would be all reddish with big red marks and I had to cover up my legs in super long skirts. I still bear their scars though it's hardly visible when it made a comeback like three years ago. Dust might have been a huge contributor as I traveled a lot in my previous work and some of the places I went and got stuck in were super dusty as at times they would give us a spare room to work in.

I honestly did not know what to do and even visits to the doctors would stop the itch temporarily and it would come back like mad again once I didn't put the cream on. Then I didn't know how I got the brainwave to actually get to the bottom of things which is the state of my skin: dry and itchy. As the marks got blackish when the redness and swelling went down, I got myself the Nivea whitening skin body lotion.

I used it diligently every night when I got home before I sleep and after I put on the medicinal cream. At first I didn't think much of it because you see, I used to be the type where the minute I don't see quick results, I would change it pronto. But somehow I stuck with the routine and then time passed by quickly and after two months, I realized something had changed. As I looked at the lower part of my legs nearer to the ankles where the itch would start from, they looked dramatically different! They absolutely looked er..clean! No pigment scars, no itchiness, no was as if I got brand new skin.

The one that I used looked similar to that and I continued using it until they changed the formula or something and then it didn't work on me anymore. The itchiness came back again though it wasn't totally bad but this time it was due to the air conditioned environment when I changed my job. But somehow Nivea still had its saving grace because the best would still be...the cream in its original form without any fanfare.

This humble blue thin of creme, according to my friend, helped her dad in ensuring that his skin is well moisturized as he has diabetes, a condition which tend to attack the skin and makes it so super dry until it can 'break' and be susceptible to cuts and wound. I can believe her because I test tried it before and its formula is thick enough to ensure your skin stays moisturized for hours without clogging it.

With its origin dating back to the 1930s and that it was a staple beauty product in almost every household and its humble beginnings could not be compromised. But now in the market, there are so many products that you cannot step into a store without going out totally clueless on whether you got yourself the right product.

But of course, what may work on others may not work on you because everyone's skin condition and skin reaction is different from one another. Sometimes, you just have to keep on experimenting until you get the right one for you. And when you do, it is always best to stick to it as long as you can..or in my case, as long as they don't change the formula.

Currently I'm using the shea body butter. For people with super dry and sensitive skin like mine, I totally recommend body butter as its formula is thicker than lotion and get one with shea butter or cocoa butter. 

Oh, when I stopped using Nivea, I used the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream.

This is really good. The smaller tube costs less than SGD10 while the bigger one with a pump, costs less that SGD14. The marks, which used to feel rather bumpy, felt smooth like my own skin and over time, it is hardly visible though I think the next step is to use a cream for fairer looking skin. But I don't have the luxury of time so I just slap on shea body butter every morning, which I got as a gift all the way from the..ahem..UK, on the lower half of my legs. Until now, I don't itch and it keeps my skin well moisturized right until night time.

But then peeps, the best thing to do when you itch uncontrollably is to pay your doctor a visit. Sometimes, it's not just the outer layer of your skin but it can also be due to your diet and any other factors. They can give you a medicinal cream and even antibiotics to stop the itching if it is really bad. Trust me, it's better than trying loads of lotion after lotion or cream after cream but nothing seems to work. For now, I do have such a cream and the rash on my skin is no longer there and regular usage of it makes the rash looks less and less visible. 

When you have recovered, the next best thing to do is to always keep your skin well moisturized. You can identify those parts of your body that needs more attention and slather on the body butter or cream on those troubled areas so that you will spare yourself the misery of scratching here and there while leaving you ugly marks as an aftermath. Eurgh.

So good luck people!

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