Beauty 101: Stila Light Up the World Eyeshadow Palette Review

I recently bought a Stila shimmer eyeshadow palette (yes, me and my make up 'conquests'). 

Anyway, look at's so pretty!!

Okay, as pretty as the colours may be, it is a tad bit disappointing coz they don't really show through just like the swatch that I did on the back of my hand. When I tried to wear it, it wasn't as shimmery as I thought it should be.

The pictures that I took with my blackberry didn't do justice to the Stila eyeshadow palette. So I grab a screenshot of it from the website that I bought it from.

Why did I buy it? Coz my friend got one for her birthday gift but of course not this one. The colours are gorgeous though I didn't try the colours personally like doing a swatch coz basically, it's not mine.  It's the giogio armani ten eye shadow palette and the packaging is so snazzy though strangely, I can't find it on the net. Oh well.

I feel that it's not the end of the world because I don't to make it feel like I'm wasting money. What can be done then? I will use it with my NYX eyeshadow base in Pearl so that the shimmer will show through. I have yet to try that as I tried it with NYX eyeshadow base in Skin and the colours didn't really pop.

Anyhoo if you are still keen on getting the Stila eyeshadow palette, it is available on this local website:

 Stila Light Up the World


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