Life 101: Coping with Financial Difficulties

When I first got to know that I will be the sole breadwinner when my father was sick and could not work, it took a toll on me as my world changed. I felt restricted as I was already not earning enough and then now I have to support the whole family. But I was already paying bills as and when so I knew the routine but the fact that I won't be able to have more pocket money for myself, it stressed me out.
But life goes on. I learn about money management and though the situation can get so bad, I had to resort to borrowing, I only know that things will get better and they do. So whenever I get some extra moolah, I stash it away. Of course I always dream of continuing my studies but at this point of time, it is not really possible yet because my brother is still schooling and my mum is not working. While I don't expect to have a lot of savings as being a sole breadwinner, the money will eventually go towards my family's expenditure, I still try as I might to save some loose coins and some dollar notes just to make sure I'm not totally broke. My family still needs to eat.
To me, sacrifice is nothing already. If you read my past entries, you will know that I am upset sometimes if I get myself down when I can't get to spend as and when I like. But I don't let it get me down easily as time and time again, I remind myself that there are other people out there who can live on basic needs, on little money and they have no complains about it. Like so what if I can't get many many pair of shoes, whether they're on sale or what, if there is an opportunity for me to get, I will be able to do so. No need to feel so down about it.
If I can try to suggest some things, you can get yourself out of this financial rut. I can't promise that life will be all nice and peachy but you know, slowly we take one step at a time.
  • If you earn quite a lot and are able to stash away some savings and NOT use them, then good for you. Set aside a fixed budget for your spending. That way, you don't spend unnecessarily and will think twice on whether you want to buy that particular item or not.
  • Okay I do this. Not all sales are worth going to. Some are. Use the opportunity during the sales to buy some new clothes and shoes for you BUT still, you must set aside a budget so that you don't bust it. Honestly, this can be hard especially when everything is so good and so cheap but you have to constantly remind yourself of the situation you are in that you are NOT a rich person to begin with and you CANNOT afford to spend so much on unnecessary things.
  • If you don't earn enough like me, I suggest you find ways to earn some extra income. It could be related to your hobby or your passion for something. I have two ways. One is to find stock from wholesalers and you can sell them online or at flea markets. Another is to do some handmade stuffs. I tell ya, nowadays the trend is towards handmade stuffs like stationeries and accessories because they're so pretty and best of all, they're not generic looking. Then judging from the stores, I find them very pricey but it can be due to the rent especially if the stores are located at some grand shopping mall. Set a shop online and that way you can cut costs and gain more profits. First, sell locally and if you are more comfy and more business savy, you can sell your wares overseas, I am looking in this area but first I need to beat my exhaustion when I get back home from work, haha.
Mentally, it can be very tiring but just like life's every obstacle, it can be conquered. You just need to have a 'can-do' attitude. If people can do it, so can you. And another way to beat this mental exhaustion is to seek help. You can apply for financial assistance within your constituency. It doesn't hurt to ask for help. They may not be able to help you all the way because at the end of it, they still want you to be independent but to me, some help is better than no help right? To me, I'm still able to cope with my financial situation though yes I do have some moments when I'm struggling.
If you don't know anyone else who are in the same boat as you, I also suggest you read stories on people who were struggling at first and now they're doing fine or they are still struggling but they are coping well with it. I tell ya, these stories can be a true eye opener because they are real and then it just gives you the motivation in life during your difficult times.
And lastly, to help cope, be ALWAYS thankful for the love and support of your friends and family. If you have a lot of mooney also, it can drive a family apart so there is no such thing that if you are rich, you will be happy. Learn to also be humble and nice because in life, if you are mean to people, backstab or are generally unpleasant, chances are people won't help you. I am blessed that people do help me out and even if it is not in the form of cash, at times I do get food handouts or people treat me because I seldom turn them down unless I have to if I feel bad they keep buying for me food but don't want to accept payment.
If you believe in God, do know that God is always there watching after you and during times when you have difficulties, there will also be times when you have it easier. So don't always feel that it's the end of the road for you. Work hard, get that promotion to get more money, learn to save, set aside a budget and not bust it, try ways to find extra dough and you will cope better with the situation.
I hope for the best for you too. 


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