Beauty 101: Don't Let the Sun Go Down On You

I want to name this blog post as Bronze Goddess but then again, I know I will only just deliver empty promises for those who wish to be one, ha! 

Anyway, if you go to youtube and pick up tips from the beauty gurus and if you pick up your local magazine, the 'in' thing now is to look right for summer. Yes of course Singapore doesn't have summer but currently in our hot weather, we are perpetually hot, even at night :S Who cares about not having the four seasons!

So back to topic. The hot beauty product right now is of course bronzer, that will give you the sun kissed look as though you have been standing under the hot summer weather. A bronzer can also help to contour your face shape especially around your cheekbone area, under your chin, the top of your forehead and along the side of your nose. Phewh...might as well apply it around your face and that's that, right? NO! You don't want to look unnaturally tanned...or uhm...dirty.

I have provided links below to help you along with the right application of a bronzer followed by some product recommendations. They have been proof watched and tried as well and so far, nobody has given me weird stares so I guess you can safely make use of their tips and adapt them accordingly to how you wish to apply the bronzer on your face.

Just a mini clarification, a bronzer can be easily confused with a contouring powder. A bronzer is of a darker shade which will give you that rather tanned look though it can still be used to contour different parts of your face to give it some definition. However, if you don't wish to have a darker shade, you can opt for contouring powder and it's pretty self explanatory. But both require precise application. One tip though, suck your cheeks in to get that cheekbone definition and just apply along the lines. You can view the video for it.


So here are the products. As this blog is also dedicated to girls who do not have deep pockets but wish to be beautiful, I try my best to recommend products that are wallet friendly.

Sephora Sculpting Disk. Three shades in one. Value for money.

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder (Click on image to go to website)
Milani Sunset Duos Blush & Bronzer (Click on image to go to website)

Of course if you want better quality products because you believe beauty must equal to good quality which means pay more munneh, you can view the videos above and below (through the link provided) for more product recommendations. Some mentioned are also available on our local shores.

I would like to own one of these actually...

but it's not available in Singapore. What is available is this..


Bourjois Duo Effet Sculpteur (Bourjois Duo Effect Sculptor)

I would say if you want to invest without burning a holey moley in your pocket, get this instead. Currently Watson's stores are having a 20% product discount so you can get them at a special price. The colours are pretty intense and has a slight shimmer. I swatched it and it's beautiful. 

As I'm not a certified make up artist or a beauty junkie, perhaps a well written short article will be best for ya. Treat this as a starting point. 

How to Apply Bronzer

Good Luck!

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