Beauty 101: Simple Face Cleansing Routine

I have been receiving compliments on my skin which is strange coz last few posts ago, I blogged about how unpretty I felt but then later on, I didn't really care about it anymore coz I just self assure myself that hey, we're all individuals and we're pretty or even beautiful in our own ways. Actually I forgot what I write but I think it's somewhere in that line, haha.

Anyhoo, why have I been receiving such compliments like how come now I'm prettier, which even my mum commented (she hardly ever praise me) and wondered out loud too why I'm still unattached, hrm. I only know I went for a shorter haircut and I swear that long hair doesn't suit me anymore coz I guess my face shape changes already and a shorter do works better. Plus, for someone who likes to be fuss free as much as possible, it is a perfect hair cut for me.

To me, you don't need to subject yourself to a whole plethora of beauty products, unless you are a beauty reviewer or writer, and all it takes is some simple cleansing routine to help keep your skin in tip top condition and also to give you that added bonus of a youthful glow. 

Now for girls on budget like me, we can't afford to buy the high end products but it's not the end of the world. We can always make an investment in products in the mid range but still as effective as in you just need half a pump or a pump of the product and all is good. It will last a few months at most and then you can buy the same product again if it works for your skin. To me, for good skin, especially cleansers, best to get one that does its job as well as it's not harsh on your skin and in the long run, will also benefit your skin.

I use the Clinique liquid soap for oily skin and has used it for years. Once upon a time, okay not so long ago in my mid twenties, I used to have really bad skin. I won't say I have good skin nowadays too but at that  point of time, it was really really bad. Words can't describe it. Then when I started using this based on my aunt's recommendation, over time my skin condition became better and I don't look back.

One pump is all I need to get cleansing. Oh, the downside to this is that after using at least two thirds of it, the soap becomes diluted as if I added water to it. So what I'm getting is just seriously liquid without the soap.

I think it comes in three ranges depending on the skin type. My skin is a combi skin but it's mostly oily and hence I use the oily skin formula. One bottle of it costs SGD 35 which to me is okay and if you pay a bit more, you can get a bigger bottle which can last, I think for up to 6 months depending on your usage.

You can get this at your local department store or this website for online order.

Clinique Skincare

Next, a facial scrub to me is essential. Basically what it does is that it helps to get rid of dead skin and impurities and makes your skin looks more polished with the added clean feeling and if you get a good scrub, it won't leave you with a squeaky tight feeling. I use the St Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish which have 2% Salicylic Acid as I get breakouts quite easily in hot humid weather. I can't totally prevent blemishes as my skin is very stubborn but I can at least minimize its appearance. It used to be so bad too like I often get it on my chin and there are like so many pimples will appear and they will leave black ugly marks.

To me, toners are not exactly a must so I usually don't use it. But it's always best to remove of excess make up that even cleansers may not be able to get rid of completely. You need to have a good cleansing milk as a before bed routine to rid your face of impurities accumulated throughout the day even if you don't use make up or use minimal of it. I'm guilty of this coz I am so tired recently but from tonight onwards, I'm going to adopt a better night time skin routine all because I have been getting breakouts recently.

Last but not least, always moisturize your skin. Even if you have very good skin already, a good light moisturizer wouldn't kill. In fact, your skin will benefit from it. I use Garnier Skin Naturals Light Moisturizing Cream with SPF 15.

Many products I try do not work on me. Seriously. But this one seems to work. It does make my skin fairer looking which I suspect is the reason why people think that I look fairer and prettier now, hrm. I still think I don't look very good but just ordinary. Still, compliments are compliments, right? :)

I try my very best to use this on a daily basis no matter how late I'm getting for work. I have mastered the art of getting ready quickly while still trying to look my best without looking too sloppy. 

To me, it's pretty gunky like it's a pretty heavy cream so the best usage of this? Less is more. Just dab on cheeks, forehead, nose, under the chin and rub them in. It doesn't absorb very quickly and then when it's absorbed, I will dab a bit more coz it will be a bit drying at first. But the good thing is, the product stays on. I walk under the sun to my workplace and other moisturizer will have melted already under the blazing morning sun but this stays on. Just a dab of tissue on my face if I prespire and I still look quite good with the moisturizer still on.

A proper diet is also good. Recent weight gain means I have to cut back on food including fried stuffs which I think could be the culprit as previously, I didn't eat them much except now. It's seriously not good for your skin. Chocolates are still okay and you can get the dark ones though you may need to adjust to the bitterness of dark chocs. Cut down on sugared drinks coz they're not good for your skin AND body. Drink more plain water to keep your skin hydrated. I know they don't taste as good as sugared drink, and I love milo, but ultimately you can overcome the psychological barrier and just drink it. Best is to drink it cold. 

Physical exercise can also help your skin because as you perspire, you detox your skin as well and then have a quick bath to rid of the impurities as a result of exercising. By even doing simple exercise routines on a daily basis, even a simple brisk walking, can help to make you become younger looking as a result of the detox effect.

So just some tips on maintaining a good proper cleansing routine just so that you have better looking skin. It takes discipline but you can do it! Remember to begin with the end in mind. Sometimes you don't notice but others may take notice and soon you will be receiving compliments :)

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