To be honest with you, I am disappointed with the results of the Aljunied GRC. It's like all the efforts to help the residents throughout the years went down the drain. They listened to us and helped us and how we repay them? We give our votes to the opposition party. Perhaps, those who voted for the opposition party may not have felt the impact strongly and they are angry about the current national issues which they blame the government for not acting fast enough to cushion the impact, I dunno. The generation born in the 70s and 80s did not experience the hardship back then in the 50s and 60s. They did not see for themselves how PAP had built Singapore into the bustling hub that she is right now.

But that is in the past. Now that Singapore is a regional hub, they want the government to concentrate on making better policies for us Singaporeans. And one way is to have an alternative voice in the parliament. They want changes with no strings attached to the bureaucracy. I hope that is the intention of the majority of voters who wanted the WP to win and not because of their grudge against PAP. Because if it is the latter, then the emotionally charged voters may stand to lose out if the pressing national issues cannot be addressed.

We just have to wait and see whether the opposition party will live up to the hype it created during the rallies for the next five years. I hope that this is not a form of political conquest in the parliament but rather, a voice for us Singaporeans. Meanwhile whether we are the PAP or the WP supporters, life still goes on and whether we like it or not, oil prices are not going to come down, flats will not be cheaper due to the ever increasing demand and that the mrt trains are still going to be crowded.

We just wait and see...

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