Making Life Better for Ourselves

How we view people sometimes is based on what others have said and then we can easily come to the conclusion that well, they may carry some truth to that. Often, what we hear of may not be the right perception. We may not know the background story because we are shallow like that. We choose to act based on fiction not fact. We are quick to blame on others when some things go wrong.

The truth is, many things in life can't be changed. We can try to cope and adjust accordingly. We may be limited financially but it doesn't mean we can't strive to make a better living. But some people choose to blame the government. The truth is, they are not miracle workers. They do try their best but not to an extent like other countries such as the US where quite a large percentage of them are living on welfare handouts even though they may be capable of earning their own income.

Still people are people. I have seen and talked to people who are very ungrateful. They are very demanding even though they are given the help they need and yet they choose to take advantage of it. Why? Because their perception is that if they can milk sympathy from others, they will. If they can manipulate others into carrying out their uncalled for demands, they will. Because like I said earlier, people are people. They have a mouth they can talk.

By the way, speaking of that, I dislike people who think they are too smart for their own good. I find it hard to communicate with such people not coz I disagree with them strongly but they refuse to listen. But if I need to get it across to them, then I got no choice but to be assertive. I jz need to give them the reason why so that they know it is not something trivial. Usually I wouldn't bother arguing so much if it is going to be pointless and that the whole matter is very trivial. In other words, don't waste time, haha.

I am sorry coz it is as though I am rambling but I jz need to say that I am very troubled with what other people have been saying and the attitude that they have. I also can't stand it when you are just being nice to them but they don't see that. It feels like we are just being in their way or they refuse to listen to our logic or reasoning because they feel that they are right . Oh whatever. While of coz I don't like to be easily defeated by them, the point is, if I don't quickly diffuse the anger by apologising, it is just going to escalate.

The things we do in serving 'customers'..sigh.

Better stop now coz fingers numb from typing on the blackberry..haha.

So my friendly neighbourhood advice is to see things beyond the face value and beyond what you hear from others coz not all may be true. And also learn to be thankful with what you have already. Don't be quick to blame on others because you actually have the power within you to have a better life. And people are not perfect because we all make mistakes. We learn from them and move on instead of forever holding on to the grudge.

As political leaders and members of parliament, whether ruling or opposition party, they have the same common agenda: to make life better for us Singaporeans whether the rich or the poor. While many of the younger ones are ambitious, I feel that they have much to learn from the ground level first before they can speak up for us. They may not have the full picture yet. So people once again, vote wisely.
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