All in A Week's Work

Work has been rather I try to get into routine and a little bit more organized with the payment processing. Every now and then, they will pass me the payment record forms to  process, along with the current ones that I am processing AND I also have to download and give the invoices to the right people so that they can do up the forms. I'm still learning as I go along like earlier on at work, it was mad mad I tried to get things right when my boss was like asking me every now and then as she was checking through my work. She also expects me to know the answers and lucky I can answer her though I was a little bit stumped. Anyway I'm always stumped initially when she asks me questions coz I didn't want to give the wrong answers, heh.

I'm not one into number crunching but so far, I have done quite well I think. Of course I still make mistakes and not coz I err but coz I didn't know about it and my boss told me and then I just try to pick things up. But then she doesn't expect me to always be spoon fed like she does want me to know my stuffs.

Oh well, Monday she won't be coming in for work as well as the teachers so I can chillax a bit, hehe. All the important peeps won't be around so one of my colleagues was like saying, that he thinks this coming Monday, our office will be like a supermarket, haha. Enough of mad rush of people giving me the forms every now and then. I need some time off. On top of that, I also do other admin stuffs and lucky thing I've got extra help with the arrival of a new temp girl who is helping me collating and updating some data for us. Come this Monday, I've got more work for her to do, haha. *evil laugh*

Aww come on now, I ain't that bitchy. I'm not a total perfectionist down to even the pen colour and pen type like my ex colleague was :S and then she struggled to do the processing because every now and then she will just get up and disappear, play online games then come back down to do the work. I don't deny that she is efficient in many other aspects and she sets the standards where I will follow. But she tends to take her time doing stuffs in a perfectionist sort of way. Then again, you know me, anything goes as long as I don't mix things up and the work gets done on time, haha.

Still I appreciate her teaching me and setting the right but high standards. Like she said, her shoes are too big for me to fill in terms of this new job scope but it's okay. I shall do things to the beat of my own drummings (or something in that line) as long as I don't screw up big time.

Ok, enough about work talk coz it's damn boring and at times, it gives me a headache which panadol seems to be the only pain relief. How can I not have? I'm like looking at numbers non stop for few hours straight and concentrating hard so that I don't key in the wrong amount. So much paperwork. Update here, update there, stamp here stamp there, write here write there....sigh.

But! I love my new job scope :) Gives me a sense of responsibility as if my boss has just passed me a cute fat cat and I'm trying my best to take good care of it.

Oh! Oh! Guess who is back on 90210?

It's Marco!

Finally something casual besides the Soccer outfit
In this episode, he revealed himself to be poor and can't afford sushi at an upmarket restaurant, though he went along because he didn't want to be seen as poor among the rich kids. Coming from LA, it just goes to show that not everyone there is living a high life. There are still those who are struggling to put themselves through school because their parents can't afford it and makes just enough to support the family's basic needs.

You know sometimes we think that our life is hard but there are those out there whose life is even harder. Sometimes I do feel that I'm seriously disadvantaged when I see my friends buying stuffs without a care in the world while I'm hemming and hawing away whether I should just get that one pair of wedges. But then I tell myself that narh, there will always be the right time and opportunity for me to get one, if I have some spare moolah. If not, forget it. Just find another time to buy.

Then last Sat, I was slightly upset coz I didn't manage to get the top as my friend saw it first and I kinda liked it too. But then the next day, I saw something similar and it only cost me $9. It's also more wearable than the one my friend bought as it was see through all over and I'm er..not that thin to begin with so if I wear a camisole inside, I don't think it will look good on me.

So you see what I mean with the right time and opportunity :)

Okay sorry I'm trying to squeeze a few things inside one blog post. Do bear with me, haha.

Oh, a tiny update. I am going to be involved in the Polling Day tomorrow. Yipeee!!! It's going to be egg-citing and I happened to be in the hottest contested GRC between the PAP and the WP in which previously PAP won by just a slight margin. I will be up for duty since 6pm and all the way to 12 plus midnight and there is a high chance we may need to do a recount but every hour after 12 midnight, we will get overtime pay. Prior to that, we will get paid a fixed amount of $90. Ooh...more moolah.

I deserved to be paid coz after that, I have to walk home if there is no bus service after that hour..hrmph. 

Another development, I got myself a new phone last Sunday. Finally, a blackberry! Okay it's a mid range blackberry coz I is not a businesswoman. Technically, not yet coz I've been having slight migraines when I return home from work due to me concentrating on my work mac doing payment after payment :S Need time getting used to it. Okay if I'm up for it, I shall start making at least something tomorrow. Oh, back to my Blackberry.

Honestly, I prefer all the previous Nokia phones that I own. If I were to recontract my plan again, I will get a Nokia, nevermind if it's going to be touchscreen which is not my cuppa coz I just like my phones with buttons. Judging from other phone developments, most are touchscreen phones so if I have to move along with time, well then I just have to. Blackberry and iphones are smartphones and I'm er..not that smart to work them, heh. Call me old fashioned, but I am just a regular call and text person. Not really on the go facebook and tweet type. Infact, I even off the data mobile when I'm using the phone, haha. I don't even play games! Eurgh.

Basically I only like the qwerty keyboard
Don't get me wrong. I still like it, though. But I will only definitely get a Nokia next time round coz I'm more familiar with the software and everything else, which by the way is much easier to navigate. Like I say, I'm just a little bit less smart than smartphones, haha.

So look at me, I can read emails on the go..whee!! Like I can't previously with my other phone, haha...but of course, the old symbian OS just means it is much slower than this one.

I need to bedazzle it a bit. Of course getting the mid ranged one, it means that it doesn't have super cool features like a 5 megapixel camera *faints*. Then I rationalize that even my iphone carrying friends own a digicam which they use coz basically it is more reliable than the camera in the phone. So now next target is to get a digicam? I shall see. Maybe my next bonus in July. Being a cheapo, it means I get a cheap one as well. What to do when you're poor and  you earn peanuts.

Okay people, if you are a Singaporean, vote wisely tomorrow on Polling Day. Remember not to be easily swayed by whatever people put on facebook or on twitter. Ultimately you have to know some things are just not possible in their hands whether they are the ruling party or the opposition party. Oil prices are higher, demand is higher for flats which the supply cannot meet because land is scarce in Singapore and future transportation costs are definitely gonna increase as our public transport gets more diversified as more train stations are built to get us well connected around Singapore.

Vote for the right party who have plans to make things better for us Singaporeans to help us cope with the higher standard of living and not just the ones who rely on dissing other parties by picking on their weaknesses. Vote for the party who are not in it for a foothold in the political system but as a voice to speak up for us Singaporeans in terms of pressing issues.

Happy voting and er..OOH I'M SO NERVOUS. I'm more nervous about my polling day duty than voting, ha!

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