Beauty 101: Sleek Peach Blush Review

My go to beauty online shop released limited stock on sleek makeup palettes and blushers. I got the palette already which is raved to be highly pigmented. But I find it alright. Well, my only conclusion is that the colours are nice enough and I don't have to fork out a lot of money like the Urban Decay naked palette. While I enjoy putting on make up just like every other girl for that boost of confidence, I don't use it all the time even to work so I'm better off with budget ones than the more ex ones.

Anyhoo, I got the Sleek peach colour blusher and it is quite a sizeable one which I bought it at only 12 bucks. I also like the packaging. The colour is not yet released and I didn't want to get the rose colour one because I have a similar shade. I'm actually a fan of blushers as they can give your cheeks some colour so that you don't like a zombie and that it can also help to countour your face if the right blending techniques are used.

What's my verdict? I luv it! I thought the colour will be a bit much but it is not. Just like any other blusher, you put on layer after layer until you get the right shade of colour. Careful not to put on too much or you look like a shy panda.

If you want to look for blushers but on a tight budget, I would recommend the range by Silky Girl. If you live in Singapore you get it at Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy. They have quite a number of shades. My favourite shade is the one with the brownish tone as it is more neutral than rosy pink and suitable for every day use.

Remember to get a good blush brush that goes soft on your face so you get a nice air brushed look. Swirl around the apples of your cheeks as you smile to give your face some healthy peachy radiance just like my pic below. To countour your face, use a small rounded countouring blush and with some blusher, run it along your cheekbones. For some added shimmer, you can dab on some shimmer powder just on top of your cheekbones but not too much. You don't want your face to appear oily.

So get that nice youthful look by shopping for a nice blusher shade that suits your skin colour. Good luck!
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