Friday, February 04, 2011

Random Pics in Feb Part 1

Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating the festive occasion. For those who don't, enjoy the extended weekend..haha!

Anyway, I received a hongbao, which is actually a red packet containing munneh inside and for me, it's a nice $10. Ooh, I don't celebrate it but I got it. Nice! Just nice too coz I got myself the cardigan that was on sales which I didn't get the first time round coz I passed it on to my friend instead. 

As usual, I got a whole bag of oranges. I'm used to drinking the Minute Maid Pulpy so this is a refreshing change. Plus, it contains vitamin C and in this wet weather, good to load up on vitamin C so you don't fall sick so easily. Already I was this close to getting a flu coz I was freaking cold throughout the day and night.

My mum also cooked nice food too and though I had to spend a bit on groceries, which I don't really like, I suppose if I am careful with my money, I guess I can make do with some additional items every now and then..hrm.

Well, we still gotta eat right? We can always buy food from the food court but they're so ex nowadays and not really worth it and they're not that healthy either. So best is always home cooked food and I'm sure you will think the same as well unless of course you live in a household of bad cooks :S I think if I were to have a family, I will be the wife who can't cook, haha.

hong bao from my Operations Manager

Oranges from the Vice Principals. Nice handiwork!

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