Sunday, February 13, 2011

Death by Chocolate

As I mentioned on both my twitter feeds and facebook status update, I have died and gone to chocolate heaven. I was brought to a faboo (heh, the word thanks to a recent episode of 90210) chocolate buffet along with another friend of mine. It was supposed to be a secret location and it took place at One Fullerton Hotel. Yes, very the fancy schmancy. No wonder we were told to be dressed a certain way, including wearing heels. I'm not one who wears heels coz after a while it will get tiring but heck, it's not every day so will do. Plus heels elongates the legs and if you wear jeans in them, instant touch of class.

My friend also put on make up for us girls and did our hair. My skin never looked so flawless, haha, thanks to 'tonnes' of compact foundation. But we all looked good and prior to the chocolate buffet, we had a photoshoot which I wasn't very keen at first. I'm timid that way. But after a while of seeing my friends having a good times taking one photo after another, everything like fell into place. So we were all good.

I never expected to get full just by eating chocolate cakes and other chocolate related stuff. All were good though I'm not very keen with caramel. The best part? The chocolate fondue and my friend Nutty was fascinated with the chocolate fountain and how the chocolate sorta split up when we dipped our fondue into it. So fun, actually :D

Though we spent $50 on dinner and the chocolate buffet and my money went on a quick dip thereafter, I guess a little bit of splurging is okay once in awhile, when in good company. Though this means cutting back on other expenses :S Oh well, in life we have to give and take, I guess.

My friends looked so good. Nutty looked good in her off shoulder top and braided hair which didn't seem to fall out of place amazingly. Snow showed off her luscious and long curly hair which she is going to 'chop' soon and me? Well,  I wore jeans. Like as if it's the surprise of the century, haha. I don't like wearing jeans though if you wear the right fit, it will look good on you and even gives your booty a lift.

Nutty is planning the next outing in April. Good good..always looking forward to meeting up with good pals. Yesterday's theme was about the celebration of womanhood by dressing up nice and wearing pretty make up and singlehood by indulging ourselves in chocolates which have feel good endorphins. But they kept my poor friends up the whole night. 

Me? I went to chocolate heaven :)

Nutty's excitement when she found out where we going

Dipping a pineapple chunk into the chocolate

Nutty called this ant's point of view

I finished them all! I got the most compared to my friends..hehe

Other shots of me and the gals...

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