Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating Singlehood

As you know from my blog, I have been single for the longest time eva! Infact, I never actually had a boyfriend, not coz I don't get to have guys going up to say hi or anything, though I secretly wish it's someone I would actually wanna say hi back :S. But then at times, you have to actually have an open mind and not think too much about it and just accept an invitation with a guy whom you think that you can't actually be together but hey, nothing wrong in being friends, right?

And then like what my friend says, who knows that guy friend of yours will actually lead you to know more guys and then hey, next thing you know, you will be holding hands with a special someone :)

While having gal pals are great, it's a different feeling when you are with a guy. You get to talk about things you don't normally talk about with your gal pals, which may mostly consist of guys and fashion, for instance. I'm still waiting for such opportunity though. I know I'm a little bit on the picky side which is not a good thing and plus the fact that I'm very timid, it will be a long time that I will get to have my dream to go out with a guy to come true, haha.

But not to worry, my single readers. Being single is not always a bad thing, especially since Valentine's Day is approaching. You should be celebrating womanhood. Recently I have been dabbling with make up and I tell ya, it's fun creating different looks. It makes me proud to be a girl. Of course being a girl also means you have a tendency to be extra conscious of your looks too. Then there's always the tall and beautiful ones, skinny ones, the hourglass figure ones, etc etc...which sometimes makes us feel rather inferior. But rather than feel that way, we should embrace our womanhood, whatever size and shape we are in. More importantly, we must take good care of ourselves in terms of health and our physical appearance so that we have that natural glow from within which makes us irresistable. Being happy and positive always will also give off good vibes from us.

Soon, we will have guys wanting to be friends with us. I believe that there is time and place for most things in life and that one day, if you are on the look out for that one true love, it will surely come. But for now other than womanhood, celebrate singlehood and make use of this opportunity to make yourself happier and more positive in life and work towards making yourself more desirable, but of course not by being a bimbo. If you think that you will look better shedding a few pounds, then learn to eat right and exercise, and if you haven't touched make up in ages, learn make up to enhance your looks, and as recommended by my friend, learn from ANTM (America's Next Top Model) on what fashion style suits you and also on how to carry yourself well.

If you feel good, you will look good and it shows. You can thank me later if guys start to show interest in you.

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