Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Things will Come One Day

If you lead an honest life, good things will come to you. No matter how bad your day has been, or how your life has been so much of a downer, like me currently as I'm facing troubled times in terms of my money, I still hold on to the believe that things will get better soon. Earlier on, some stupid grandpa made a ruckus in the office coz his precious grandson forgot his lunchbox and his classroom was locked already and he could not get it back. Anyway, while I didn't expect the classroom to be locked so early and then when I called the attendant, the grandpa had already left in a hurry. So then the attendant came down made some noise that he waited and waited but the boy didn't turn up and he said don't expect him to be miraculously standing there the minute he was called.

That last action he did when he went to the office saved me in the sense that my boss managed to rectify the situation and believed me when the attendant came down to office to say that he had already been informed. It was a miscommunication and based on my time there, some grandparents are even harder to handle than the parents especially when they can be so stubborn. 

I'm also thankful my boss helped me out and then the funny thing was that when she asked me to call the grandparent about the missing lunch box in the class, for the first time I actually groaned like 'must i?!!!!' though I didn't remark on it but guess she caught on it and said 'ok I will call..give me the number'. Yay!! You have no idea how thankful I was and how she didn't reprimand me. Despite it being a miscom, I suppose I still learn my lesson that I just have to double check first. But still, grandparents..pfft.

It's really hard when I just know that life is gonna be tough ahead especially when I am currently facing financial difficulties. I do have a back up plan but it is my absolutely last and final solution when I have totally run out of options. It can help me tide over but I may have to pay a heavier price but sometimes, desperate calls ask for desperate measures...or something in that line.

Anyhoo, I just have to be positive about it and focus on my strengths and what I can do and not what I cannot do. My sports shoes have finally given way when the sole from one of them split open after years of usage and despite it being bought at the lowest price possible, at BATA no less, they did me good. They may not be high end but it's like the absolute basic sports shoes which is still good enough. With my financial difficulties at the moment, I must say it has chosen the 'perfect' moment :S but what to do, I still have to get it so that I am able to continue with my weekly gym sessions. This month is so bad that I have actually defaulted on my bill payments and I am currently still figuring a way out to pay them without putting a dent in my pocket. 

Have I told you that the M)Phosis sales is on now?! I just saw it just now when I passed by the shop but it was closing and I remembered I got a nice bag from it for almost less than half the original price. Maybe tomorrow I go and look see look see. Though I'm secretly hoping for a good buy, I also hope that the sales is not worth it coz the prices are still very high despite the discounts. That way I won't feel so bad about it for not getting anything coz I have low funds this month.

Sometimes I wonder how some people can totally splurge or get new items every now and then though not necessarily of the expensive kind. But there is also another group of people who use things until they are seriously used beyond recognition or at least used as long as it is still good enough. And this same group of people can also be the ones who earn a respectable amount of income that allows them to splurge but they choose not to and be all thrifty about it. So envious of them.

Oh well. I still count on my blessings that good things happen to good people :) Despite that minor hiccup in the office earlier on, I met my friend just now for a nice dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant and the food was fab. She also gave me a surprise valentine's day gift and I sheepishly didn't get for her anything yet though I promise I will in our next meet up. This is like the second bag she gave me this year and I thank her for it coz you have no idea that I'm such a closeted bag whore. If I have my way, I will buy scores of scores of bags of authentic brands and brag about my purchases on facebook. But narh, don't want to go that line, except the buying of scores and scores of bags part.

See, now I have 3 bags as gifts. Nice, eh? Currently I'm looking for the perfect long wallet. But I think it will be a long while since I have to feed my family too and pay my bills. Hoping for things to get better soon.

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