Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Pics in Feb: Valentine's Special

Valentine's Day is long over..well at actually it's just Monday. But anyway, I got an early morning surprise when I came into work today and I can just swear it's my colleague who put the chocs there and a sweet message but until today, she is still in denial.

Nevertheless, it's still a sweet gesture :)

Then the next day, I went out with a friend of mine and she gave me a surprise Valentine's day gift and I had to make it up to her by buying something equally nice as well. All I got for her was good ol' walnut brownies. Speaking of which, last weekend, my mum tried to recreate the marble cheese brownie that we ordered from an ex colleague of mine. I tell ya, it was splendid for our first attempt!!

Look at the layer of cheese!!

 Even for a family of 3, it is rather small..since we all have big appetite for things like this, haha..

Back to my friend, she got me a nice bag, for the second time this year. I feel so bad already..

I mentioned before that I am a closeted bag whore and after work, I completely forgotten to buy my mum towels as promised and went all the way to Dhoby Gaut to see what bag I can dig out from the m)phosis sale. Alas, it wasn't very nice and though I did have my eye on one of them, I had serious doubt. In the end, I walked out of the busy crowd and got myself into another sale instead. They were selling bags and clothes and Guess bags, which I suppose were from the previous seasons, were 2 DIE FOR. The prices? 2 DIE FOR. 

For someone on serious budget control this month, still can manage to fish something out of the sales *slaps forehead*

I've been wanting to look for a longer wallet. And then I saw this and I fell in love with it though there was a slight zipper problem. But it was overall still in good condition and in a nice pale pink colour. I am already an owner of a Guess wallet in black and my previous one was also a Guess bag. I'm with the tradition, heh..just like me and my phones of which the next one will always be a Nokia.

So that is it for my random pics of the month, Valentine's Day special.

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