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Make Up 101 : Applying Mascara

Besides my usual basic ramblings, I do hope this blog will also help women who are more on the shy side, like me of course, to be more confident about themselves. I won't promise miracle cures and make you instantly confident because ultimately, it is about whether you want to help yourself or not.

One of the things that women should embrace is cosmetics. Well, those naysayers may think that hey, putting on cosmetics will just make us look less natural. I tell ya, if you are blessed with good genes that makes you a natural hottie, then by all mean, say what you want to say. If not, a little help can go a long way.

To me, even if you are not well off, it doesn't mean you can slack and be all sloppy looking. Trust me, you don't have to spend lotsa money to look and feel good. This time round, I'm going to introduce you to mascara.

I'm sure you have sleeked on mascara before but if let's say you have not put it on eva before in your life, don't miss out on this great product. A good mascara, when well executed, will give you good looking peepers. There is NO one mascara fits all. It may take awhile to get a mascara that looks good on you depending on what kind of eye lashes we have. So be experimental and try out different mascaras and stick to the ones that suit you most and not the ones that everyone is raving about. Plus, a good mascara may not even cost much and if you are a smart shopper, you can wait until a good time where they give a few percent off certain make up products which can include mascaras. Frankly speaking, that's how I got my mascaras..haha.

Let me show you a video by a make up guru on the 101 of applying mascara

Basically, some good tips

  • Always prep your eyelashes with a good eyelash curler before applying mascara
  • Swipe off the wand of your mascara at the sides of the tube opening to remove the excess so that it won't clump on your lashes
  • Apply the wand in a zig zag manner on your lashes. Apply the coats of mascara evenly and do it several times until you get the desired volume.
  • Tilt your face down a bit when applying your lower lashes to avoid swiping on your cheeks as well.
  • If your eyelashes clump a bit, comb it through gently with a lash comb. A good tip is to use an old mascara wand.
  • To make your lashes darker looking, you can use an eyeliner and line the outer corner of your upper waterline.
For an idea of what are the affordable mascaras in the market, follow the link below. Personally, I'm using the last one. I find that it's good in giving me the volume I want which does indeed sexify my eyes. However, I need a make up remover to get rid of the mascara which I dislike coz I'm quite the fuss free type. But since I don't use it all the time, well it's not a big prob to me.

Mascara Reviews

With beautiful mascara-ed eyes, you can set hearts a fluttering..get it?

Anyway, a little effort goes a long way. If you look beautiful, you will feel more confident and beautiful  :)

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