Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bills, Bills, Bills

Did you notice my new header? Finally I got a proper one..hah! I used to manually type in and tweak the html coding with a lot of pain and time taken to configure to make everything working out smoothly. And then now I just have to use the template designs available and while I'm at it, I become a tech goondu (or idiot, if you are an American), and suddenly I have a problem inserting my own personalized header, haha. Sometimes they say, if you make things a lot easier than they should have been, our brain will shut down slowly.

By the way, the one on the extreme right is the latest one as in, it was taken in December last year, but still latest one alright. If you say that I seem to age backwards instead, you're half right except that I get aches occasionally after a long hard day at work and then I still walk to the nearest mall (about twenty minutes away) which further add to the aching pain. All for the sake of saving some transport money and to add in a bit of an exercise. Walking is a form of stress relief for me, too.

Back to my life story. Well, previously I talked about my purchases this month, especially of all times, when I don't have much of spending power *sobs*. But knowing that I will get extra dough next month and then on top of it, I will get some cash in May from the government, it kinda gave me false hope that I can buy the things in advance, heh. So within that short period of time, I bought more things that I should have. Lucky thing I didn't go all out and bought shoes. Oh wait. Eh, but sports shoes are justified because I go to gym every week. It's a must have for me. Unlike heels. 

So my purchases are not really a problem for me as I suppose the money I get next month can help to cover the cost of my purchases. My REAL problem is that I have fallen back on my bills. 

One of the things I know I shouldn't be doing is falling back on my bill payments because it's not going to do me any good with all the accumulated outstanding bills. Though the only consolation is that I don't really owe much, except for the power supply bills as they are forever charging me so much coz it's a monopoly for them. But whatever it is, an outstanding amount is still an outstanding amount.

Therefore, in order to stop this from happening again as I jolly well know the consequences  having gone through a mess last year and the year before, all thanks to such accumulation, I will make sure I stay on top of my bill payment. If I must owe them, it shouldn't accumulate to more than two months. If I have to cut down on my spending just so that I can decrease my outstanding amount, I shall. I have to be disciplined about it because I don't want to pay extra charges from all those lawyer's letters, which to be honest, I used to get quite often until I get my act together.

So I have bought what I have wanted and all of them MUST be repaid with the bonus I get next month, which I hope will be more than last year but I can't hope for much either knowing how my colleague always steal my thunder. Whatever it is, what I have spent on will not exceed whatever  I get coz they're not that much to begin with anyway and so I will also get to keep the rest of it and concentrate on building up my emergency fund. 

Sometimes it helps being a bit more systematic when it comes to saving such as automatically stashing a certain amount into another account for example and have self control in check when it comes to spending. Well we can't be living under the rocks and refuse to spend money at all. We just have to learn to spend wisely by keeping track of our expenses. Sure I have been tempted on a lot of counts because some things are just so good to have and to hold. While I used to blame my fate of being the main provider for this family, which deprive me of my shopping needs, I thought of what's the point of blaming. I still get to buy things occasionally even if it has to be some major drop in price before I seriously consider buying. But I believe happiness is not just tagged to shopping pleasures especially if you buy them on credit and then when it comes to payment later, you find yourself short of cash and delay your payments. I mean what's the point. You're just digging a hole for yourself.

So while I'm having some hard times now, I just have to go through the motions and hopefully things will get better as of next month. I have learnt my lesson, again, to not default on my payments only to pay even more later. It doesn't make economical sense. Even if I have to, it shouldn't be a large amount and it should be paid promptly the month after. That's what I used to do, until recently and now I have to pay the price for it, literally too.

*Sigh* Sometimes, things have to happen first for you to learn your lesson.

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