Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Personal Health Investment

While people are very much focused on investing money wise for the future, we must not forget to invest in our health either. Honestly, if you think that going veg or going organic is the way to go, it may not be necessarily so for you to live healthy for most of your life.

It still comes down to doing what is right for your body and to learn to have a healthy well balanced diet. I know I talked about this many times but it's not coz I'm trying to constantly influence people but it's a way for me to also justify why I'm doing certain things in life so that I will remain focused and not be easily swayed by other people's opinions about me. 

If you ask me, you can have your piece of cake and eat it too. I mean you can argue it's fattening coz it's hello, there are triple layers of chocolate in there. I got people telling me, oh isn't chocolate fattening? I mean seriously, say what they want to say and it's not like I snack on huge amounts of chocolate every day. It's all about having the ability to balance out your diet and to make sure you incorporate healthy food into your diet as well. 

Actually, I'm not the type of person who will tell others point blank that I am restrictive in my diet especially when it comes to certain types of food. I know how much food can taste hell lot better, like for example when you add coconut milk in them, so I completely understand if people say this food or that food is to die for coz it tastes so good as I have eaten them before and they're so delicious.

At first, I thought that I am missing out so much in life like what the heck did I get myself into when I decided that I shall stop eating certain kinds of food. I mean we're talking really good tasty food here like *slurps* laksa. But then, just today only in fact, I realized that nope, I'm not missing out. I shall call it my own free personal health investment, hehe.

But don't worry, I can only advise via my blog as to how to be healthier in terms of fitness and nutrition and that's that. Basically, I don't try to dump my opinions on others like how some other people may do to get you to change your eating habits, for example. Of course, for someone I care about, it's only natural for me to show my care and concern especially if I find them not always in the best of health. But ultimately, it's up to them coz after all, you are your own motivator to quit smoking, to start exercising or to finally start eating right. If they need my support to help them be in their best of health, of course I am willing to do so. Seriously, I have done it before and we acted as personal motivators for each other. While they have stopped, and I'm still dragging my sorry ass to the gym every weekend, if they want to jump on the bandwagon again, I can still be of help.

So yah, people may scoff at it or think I'm missing out in life, whatever it is, I guess it's just my own personal beliefs. They can think whatever they want about me like how I'm avoiding such food because I want to be skinny (which is not true) or that I'm picky (well, maybe..haha..), it's still just a personal thing for me, that's all. 

I'm just glad that though my mum thinks I'm such a weirdo coz suddenly her cooking choices are so limited, she knows how important it is for me to be in good health. She also helps out in ensuring that we eat healthily by incorporating vegetables into her cooking and not using things like MSG or flavour enhancers. Her other complain is how at times, I experience aches later on after a gym work out and make so much noise about it. Can't help it coz I have a low threshold for pain.

So please remember that people can say whatever they want like how if you don't try this food, you obviously don't deserve to live in Singapore coz we're in food haven, for God's sake. Just remember, your health is your personal investment :)

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