Thursday, February 10, 2011


The other time in my previous blog post, I kept pondering on whether I should buy that black blouse which was selling at 50% off at Cotton On. I was debating about it coz I thought that if I were to get that blouse, I will be $15 short in the savings that I am having which is already dwindling, by the way. But the problem was that I kept thinking and thinking about it, before I sleep, after I have woken up, that it clouded my mind and not about the impending trip to the gym.  

And when I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus in the morning, I still kept thinking about it. In the end, after waiting for some time for the bus to come, I got up and went to the other bus stop opposite and went down to the damn shopping mall. There is advantage in living near by a shopping mall, heh. My final decision was that heck, I will have to somehow figure my way in getting that $15. And it's not always that I buy blouses unless they're on super discount and I've always wanted to buy it. So this was like the perfect opportunity. So might as well just get it before my brain goes on an overdrive.

Just in case you thought I played truant again by not going to the gym, I still went there. There was a bus going there anyway from the mall. How 'convenient'. In fact, I think I was the first customer coz the shop was still quite in a mess as they were putting new items on the racks display :S Oh well. 

Honestly, there were other nicer patterns but I can't fit them coz I know I'm NOT XS or S. Anyway, black is good too. I don't have one in this material so it's something good for me too as it's different from the others in my wardrobe.


I know it doesn't look much as if when you look at it, you will go 'meh..what the heck was she thinking? so plain and boring.' Did you know the original price was $29.90?! Ridi cu franko! But the beauty with this blouse is that I can use it to layer with my other pieces of clothing so it wouldn't look so plain and boring anymore. See..I figure it out in my head as I was contemplating again and again to justify if I should go get it.

And guess what? The very next day, I got more hongbao money or red packets from the Chinese New Year courtesy of the attendants and my colleagues. Sweet right?! And it more than make up for the amount spent on the blouse. And I still have the money and this time, I will safely keep them in the savings account for future use, and NOT for any more of such frivolous purchases, haha. I say I am damn lucky :)

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